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Resources for Teachers


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Nevada Historical Society, 1650 N. Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89503

Nevada Historical Society

Resources for Teachers
A partnership with the Nevada Historical Society will help teachers meet their educational goals. The Historical Society’s galleries, outreach programs, and events support a variety of classroom needs including lesson planning and alternative, interactive learning opportunities. The Historical Society is the state’s oldest museum, and the largest and most complete repository of materials related to the history of Nevada and the Great Basin. From its beginnings in 1904, the Historical Society has dedicated itself to preserving and interpreting Nevada’s history through its collections of objects, photographs, manuscripts, and library materials. The five galleries in the permanent exhibition tell the different stories of how people have lived here more than 13,000 years. The Changing and Entry galleries offer a fresh look at a wide range of Nevada themes from art to artifacts.
This packet has been developed to assist teachers in the preparation of Nevada history lesson plans and with planning for field trips. The Nevada Historical Society provides a variety of ways to serve the educational goals of Nevada teachers. Field trips to the Historical Society provide a means of alternative, interactive learning through objects and presentations by live interpreters, and our galleries were designed in conformance with State and local history curriculum standards.
We hope you will read through this material and make the Historical Society a part of your annual history programming. We invite you to contact the education department at 775-688-1191, ext. 223 for additional information or to schedule tours. Or visit our website at (click Division of Museums and History, then Nevada Historical Society).
Note: The Nevada Historical Society’s educational programs serve the Washoe County and northern Nevada area. For educational museum programs in southern Nevada, contact the State Museum and Historical Society, 700 Twin Lakes Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107, (702) 486-5205.

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