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When I am not allowed to burn?

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When I am not allowed to burn?
There are several instances when you are not allowed to burn or requested not to burn. Such reasons can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Wind speed – wind speeds must be 15 mph or below – this is a regulation from the State of Kansas and is strictly followed.

  • Weather forecast / Fire Index

  • Other burns out of control

  • After dark – unless special permission has been granted by the local Fire Chief.

  • Fire District issued “burn ban”

How do I obtain special “after dark” permission?
You must contact your local Fire Chief to obtain permission to burn after dark. If you have questions on whom your Local Fire Chief is you may contact the Ottawa County Emergency Management Office at 785-392-3600 or the Ottawa County Dispatch Center at 785-392-2157 and they will advise you who your local fire chief is.
What do I do if the fire gets out of control?
If you have a fire that gets out of control, dial 9-1-1! Be sure to give the dispatcher as much information as you can, especially if you are burning in an area that might be difficult to find.
When in doubt about any burning regulation or allowed materials for burning, call your Local Fire Chief or the Emergency Management office at 785-392-3600.
Local Fire Chiefs:

Ada: Jeff Shafer Glasco: Mike Brayton

Bennington: Mark Whitesell Longford: Von Kramer

Culver: Dennis Frain Miltonvale: Richard Schultz

Delphos: Jim Klein Saline #5: David Turner

Minneapolis: Mike Smith Simpson: Larry Heidrick

Tescott: John Nelson
Emergency Management Coordinator: Marie Ballou – 785-392-3600

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