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Are there things that I cannot burn?

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Are there things that I cannot burn?
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has rules and regulations prohibiting the burning of the following items:

If I own a business, can I burn?
Businesses who desire to conduct open burns must obtain a permit through the local Kansas Department of Health & Environment office as well as following Ottawa County guidelines:

  1. Pre-registering with Ottawa County Emergency Management and obtaining a registration number identifying that individual or business.

  2. On the day they wish to burn, call Ottawa County Dispatch with their registration number and obtain a Burn Notice Number (BNN)

The North Central District Office is located at 2501 Market Place; Suite D in Salina (785) 827-9639. Businesses can also visit. KDHE’s website: http://www.kdheks.gov/befs/dis_offices/nc.htm to print out the permit and send it in.

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