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The following describes some, but not all of the requirements and exemptions associated with the Kansas open burning regulation.
­Residential Exemptions: For residential, premises that contain five or less dwelling units, open burning is allowed when:

  • Burn barrels are used for burning ­domestic trash only.

  • Local City ordinances pertaining to burning must be followed. (Check with you local city clerk to see what their ordinances are.)

General Public Exemptions: The general public can open burn when:

  • Cooking or for ceremonial purposes, on public or private land used for recreational purposes.

Business Exemptions: If you are a business, then burning requires a KDHE permit along with an Ottawa County Burn Registration. Including for the following:

  • Trees and brush from non-agricultural land clearing.

  • Other items may be allowed upon review and with use of an air curtain destructor.

Agricultural Exemptions: Before burning proceeds, the individual is required to register with Ottawa County Emergency Management and receive a burn registration number then contact the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office at 785-392-2157 with the following information:

  1. Registration Number of person responsible for burn;

  2. Contact information for the person supervising the burn

  3. Exact location of intended open burning operation

  4. Type of material being burned;

  5. Time of burning operation including beginning time and estimated time burn will be completed;

  6. Any other information requested by Dispatch.

Agricultural open burning includes:

Other guidelines: A person shall not burn heavy smoke producing materials including heavy oils, tires and tarpaper.

  • Avoid cloudy days or with a low cloud cover.

  • Burn during daylight hours and don’t add material 2 hours prior to sunset.

  • Wind speeds should be between 5 to 15 mph/

  • Don’t create a traffic hazard with burning.

  • Supervise your fire until it’s out.

  • Be courteous of neighbors – houses and businesses within 1,000 ft of a burn must be notified.

Below are common questions received regarding open burning:

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