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Professor Gerald SOLIDAY HUHI 6396: Historical Inquiry

Fall 2015 Three-Day Loan

Call No. Author Title

E175 A67 Appleby, Joyce, Telling the Truth about History

1994 et al.
D13 N45 Burke, Peter New Perspectives on Historical Writing (2nd ed.)

D16.2 C32 Cantor, Norman How to Study History

& R. Schneider
HV6761 Davis, Natalie The Return of Martin Guerre

F7 G82
D16 F53 Fischer, David Historians' Fallacies

HN13 N48 Hunt, Lynn The New Cultural History

D13 T62 Tosh, John The Pursuit of History (5th ed.)

DVD 1085 Vigne, Daniel Le retour de Martin Guerre (1996 director’s cut

dir. of 1982 film)
Directory: ~soliday

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