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Title of Study: Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Aboriginal Women and Girls in Canada


Teresa Edwards, Senior Researcher

Director of International Affairs and Human Rights

Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC)

1 Nicholas Street, 9th floor

Ottawa, ON K1N 7B7

Tel: (613) 722-3033 ext. 235

Toll-free: 1-800-461-4043
Amy Nahwegahbow, Assistant Researcher

Andrew Bomberry, Assistant Researcher

Morna Boyle, Assistant Researcher

Jayme Hass, Assistant Researcher

We are inviting you to take part in a research study. Before you decide to participate, it is important for you to understand why this research is being done and what it will involve. Please take your time to read this form carefully and discuss any questions you may have with the research team.
Purpose and Procedures
The Native Women’s Association of Canada is currently conducting research on the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of Aboriginal women and girls in Canada. This survey is meant for Aboriginal women who have been directly affected. This research will examine:

  • impacts on Aboriginal women and girls;

  • service gaps and priority areas to be addressed;

  • local, regional and national prevention activities;

  • key Informant perspectives;

  • relevant qualitative and quantitative statistics.


You will be asked to participate in an interview which may take up to 1 hour. To keep your answers private, we will not be recording your name on the questionnaire or notes.

Voluntary Participation/ Right to Withdraw

Your participation in this study is your choice. You may refuse to participate, discontinue participation, or skip any questions that you do not wish to answer at any time. We will return or destroy the information that we collected during the interview in front of you, should you no longer wish to participate.

Potential Risks and Benefits

There are no direct risks involved in taking part, although some questions are very personal and sensitive. The survey asks about how you're experience in being sexually exploited and trafficked. It also asks one question about your experiences with sexual abuse. You may choose to not answer some questions. If this is the case please select. “Prefer to not answer”

If any question upsets you, or triggers any memories that you wish to discuss with a professional, please contact the Crisis Line for emotional support and counselling. 
Within Ottawa - 613-722-6914, Outside Ottawa - 1-866-996-0991

You will not receive any direct benefits for taking part in the study. However, participants will receive a $20 gift certificate for compensation for their time. Also, your participation will help inform both NWAC and the Canadian Women’s Foundation Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada in their preparations to identify and provide key solutions for a national anti-trafficking strategy for addressing sexual exploitation of Aboriginal women and girls in Canada.

What you tell us during this study will be kept confidential. We may present general findings about the study, but your name will not be linked in any way to this information. Only the person from the Research Team will be interviewing you and will be recording notes on the information you provide. The information from the interviews will be stored in a locked cabinet at the Native Women’s Association of Canada office.


Feel free to ask any questions about your rights as a participant during, or after the interview, with the Researcher. Once you have had all of your questions answered and you are sure that you want to be in this study, then please sign the Consent below.

Consent to participate (Participant)

I have read and understood this form. I have had opportunity to discuss the research with a member of the Research Team and have had my questions answered to my satisfaction. The risks and benefits have been explained to me. I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I may withdraw at any time prior to the end of the Interview.

I freely consent to participate in this study. I understand that information regarding my personal identity will be kept confidential.
I (check) _____ consent to participate in the research study “Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Aboriginal Women and Girls in Canada”.

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Signature of Participant Date

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