Research table Stage 1: ussr and Cuba

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Research table
Stage 1: USSR and Cuba
Some issues that might motivate the Soviets and the Cubans are listed below.

  • Choose four issues that you consider significant. Explain why they are significant, using evidence from the original sources (Case Study 2: Why didn't the Cuban missile crisis lead to a nuclear war?).

  • Then think of some actions to recommend that President Kennedy should take to counter or solve these issues.

Possible issues

  1. Khrushchev wants to boost his strength at home with a success against the USA.

  2. Since the Bay of Pigs invasion attempt, Castro considers Kennedy an enemy.

  3. Khrushchev wants to protect Cuba, his communist ally, from any US invasion.

  4. The US already has nuclear missiles in Italy and Turkey, so Khrushchev wants to restore the balance of power.

  5. Castro believes that Soviet weapons will stop the USA from invading Cuba.

  6. Khrushchev thinks Kennedy won’t risk military action and possible nuclear war.

  7. Castro thinks Cuba should take a stand against the imperialist enemy.

  8. Khrushchev doesn’t want a fight with the US involving firing of nuclear weapons.

  9. Khrushchev hopes the missiles in Cuba will put him in a stronger bargaining position on other issues (like getting the USA out of Berlin).


Why this issue is significant (with evidence from the sources)

Actions Kennedy can take to counter or solve this issue






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