Research Project: Early Civilizations

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Research Project: Early Civilizations

You will explore an aspect of one of the ancient Near Eastern civilizations. Through a structured research process, you will develop a more detailed and complex understanding of your topic. You will present your research in an analytical essay that defends a thesis answering your research question. You will have help and feedback throughout this process to allow you to develop and refine your research skills.


Individual handouts will guide you through each step of the Research project. Success will depend on following the guidelines provided and meeting each deadline. Below is an overview of the key components.

1. Topic Selection and approval.

2. Research using Note Cards; Create Preliminary Bibliography (3-4 sources, MLA format).

3. Analytic Research Question.

4. Typed Background Essay and Bibliography with Research Question as title.

5. Working Hypothesis.

6. Expand research and sources (7-15 by the end; scholarly sources; encourage outside libraries).

7. Thesis Statement.

8. Typed Formal Outline with Citations and Bibliography - THIS IS A KEY STEP!

9. Typed Rough Draft with Bibliography.

10. Typed Final Research Essay and Annotated Bibliography (7-15 sources); turn in all earlier steps as well.

RESEARCH CALENDAR -- Review frequently to track deadlines.


Review Chapter Two in History of the World, which surveys many cultures of the Ancient Near East. Go down to the library and preview available sources. You may be intrigued by a general topic area that interests you (warfare, gender roles) or a specific person, event, or place or question.


Art Government Military Tactics Social Classes

Gender Roles Education Famous Individuals Technology

Religion Economy Environment Housing

Settlement Patterns and more…


Sumerians Assyrians Babylonians Egyptians

Phoenicians Persians Hebrews Hittites and more…


Library: Use of time, visible progress, asking appropriate questions, on task, initiative.

Research Process: Note Card format and effort, meeting deadlines, completes each step.

Research Products: Background Essay, Formal Outline, Final Essay, Annotated Bib.

Download 8.38 Kb.

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