Research Project: Camp X and World War Two

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Research Project: Camp X and World War Two
This activity gives you a choice on how you wish to present the information you have gathered on Camp X. This is your opportunity to showcase your talents in a creative way and get to know more about Camp X, Canada’s premier secret agent school during World War Two.
From the list provided below pick 4 activities that fascinate you. Each activity must come from a different intelligence category. Once you have researched Camp X, create a portfolio to showcase your work.

A) LOGICAL: Draw a plan of Camp X

Prepare a time line of events 1941-1946

Do a mind map

Create a mobile

Develop a glossary of terms

Write a news report

Critique a documentary on Camp X

Read a novel and write a book review

Research an agent’s career

Write an agent’s letter home or journal entry

Critique a Camp X web site

Create a board game
Write a biography of a person associated with Camp X

Interview an agent

Write an obituary of a fallen agent

Video a scene from a black and white movie

Write a newspaper report

Create a debate on the effectiveness of Camp X




photo album

3 D model of the camp

model aeroplane (Lysander or Halifax)

political cartoon

storyboard for a movie or documentary


song or poem

rap song

critique based on music from the era

a game based on “name that tune”

In your final product be sure to:

  • include at least four sources, including at least two electronic sources.

  • include a bibliography using proper format.

  • include at least four pages of notes taken from at least four sources. Make sure you indicate the sources and pages taken. Always put your notes in point form and in your own words.

  • explain the role and nature of Camp X in bringing about the “knockout blow to the axis powers” during the war.

  • design an effective layout that makes use of space, colour and images to present the information.

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