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Research Paper Outline
Henry VIII

I. Introduction

Thesis- Henry VIII ’s brilliance, which fueled his ego, led him to test the limits of his power and desires forever changing English, and by extension world, history.
II. Biography

Early Life

1st Marriage

Political, Literary Successes

DEFINGING MOMENT-Split with Catholic Church & Marriage to Anne Boleyn

Later marriages


III. Historical impact

Role of a ruler vs. church AKA. Separation of church and State

Role of King

Establishment of the Anglican church

IV. Conclusion

Thesis Ver. 2- The talented but overconfident Henry VIII changed world history by beginning the separation the English government from the church helping to establish the concept of secular governments.


Charles Darwin

I. Introduction

Thesis- Through various works on the progression of species, most notably The Origin of Species, Charles Darwin changed the way the world looks at history and the human and animal kingdoms.
II. Biography

- Early Life, Education

- Travels on HMS Beagle

- Formulation of evolutionary theory and “fitness” in species.

- DEFINGING MOMENT-Publishing of and debate over The Origin of Species

-Later works & theories- “Descent of Man”, “Inscetivorous Plants”

- Death
III. Historical impact

- Helped establish the idea of science excluded from the church aiding in the progression of “pure science” the forbearer of modern scientific practice

-Crated the concepts that laid the ground work for natural selection and by extension genetics

IV. Conclusion

Thesis Ver. 2- The brilliant naturalist Charles Darwin changed the direction of contemporary science with his groundbreaking work The Origin of Species, laying the groundwork for modern scientific theory and practice.

Alfred Hitchcock

I. Introduction

Thesis- Through his early work in silent films Alfred Hitchcock learned visual subtlety and through his later directing and writing perfected all film techniques making the most influential director of all time.

II. Biography

Early Life- Mother issues, authority/police issues

Silent/German Films


1940’s- 39 Steps, Rebecca

Control of all aspects of film

DEFINGING MOMENT- Late 50’s North By Northwest, Vertigo, Rear Window, Psycho, perfectly blending characterization, camera work and artistic schemes to make some of the greatest films ever made.

1960’s- Marnie, The Birds, Frenzy

End of his life
III. Impact on the World

Impact on later director, Spielberg, Tarantino, DePalma, Wes Craven

IV. Conclusion

Thesis Ver. 2- Through many years of experimentation and practice the brilliant and meticulous Alfred Hitchcock mastered the art of filmmaking, impacting the art forever.


The Who

I. Introduction

Thesis- Through their raw talent and innovation under leader Pete Townsend, The Who changed the landscape of popular music by legitimizing hard rock, inventing the rock opera and branching into film.

II. Biography

-Early Lives- Birth and Childhood in repressed post-war England

-Formation of the band in the Mod scene

-Release of early albums My Generation, A Quick One- Their first use of an extended concept song, and the rise of Townshend as group leader.

-Who Sells Out album released, First full concept album

DEFINGING MOMENT- Composition, release, tour and film release of Tommy the “first” Rock Opera.

-Failure of Lifehouse Rock Opera leading to the release of Who’s Next, considered the group’s masterpiece.

-Later albums, Quadrophenia, Who By Numbers etc.

-Death of Keith Moon, 80’s Albums, Death of John Entwhistle, Endless Wire

III. Impact on the World

Impact on other groups (The Clash, Police, Pearl Jam, Greenday etc.) and on music, theatre and film.
IV. Conclusion

Thesis Ver. 2- Under the leadership of guitarist Pete Townsend, the gifted members of the Who were able to create musical concepts, such as Tommy and Quadrophenia, spanning various media and making an indelible mark on popular music.

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