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US History Links:
American Heritage Magazine, searchable online archives
AmDOCS, primary sources sorted by time
Biography of America, Annenberg Center at the University of Pennsylvania
Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records- Images of over two million Federal land patents issued between 1820 and 1908 for Eastern Public Land States.
Digital History, a collection of online resources from the University of Houston
Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
History Matters, from George Mason University - great documents and web links by time period
History Now, an online American History Journal
Historical Census Browser- searchable data 1790-1960
Historical Text Archive
Internet Archive Landmark Cases, documents relating to key Supreme Court cases
//The Nation// Digital Archive (Since 1865)
National Museum of African American History and Culture
Organization of American Historians Magazine of History, searchable by topic
Pennsylvania History Magazine - archives back to the 1930s
Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 20th century archives availabl
Pennsylvania Veterans Museum, in Media, PA
Presidential Timeline of the Twentieth Century, from the University of Texas at Austin
Teaching American History Podcasts, leading historians discuss current scholarship
Time Magazine Picture Collection
Lecture- The Electoral College in US Presidential Election
New York Public Library Digital Gallery (free and open access)
Primary Sources Sites:
100 Milestone Documents, key documents from US history
Africans in America - Historical Documents
American Rhetoric, major speeches (some in audio and video format)
Archiving Early America, colonial America resources
Artifacts and sounds from American popular culture, an ecclectic collection going back to pre-civil war era
Avalon Project, law, history, and diplomacy documents from 1600s-present
Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers, includes papers from 1897-1910 from the Library of Congress collection
The Dirksen's Center's Editorial Cartoon Collection- 20th century cartoon collection
Duke University Digitized Collections, good collections, one very good one of women in the Civil War
Footnote- open source where people post documents online.
Google News Archive Search, try this for 20th century topics
Harvard University Library Open Collections Program, digital collections about women in the 19th century, immigration, and the history of diseases
Historical Text Archives- interesting collection
Google News Archive Search
Historical Maps Online, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Chronologyof US Historical Documents
Images of American political history- great images for documentaries and exhibits
Library of Congress: American Memory- a must for everyone
The Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign Commercials 1952-2004 lots of videos, campaign commercials, and images
Making of America from Cornell University, lots of 19th century newspapers and magazines
Making of America from Michigan University
The National Archives- a must for everyone
National Gallery of ArtArt resources
Penn State Digital Collections, Penn State's archive - interesting links for Pennsylvania History
Pennsylvania State Archives, a must for PA topics
World War II oral histories- from the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh
Presidential Inaguration - diaries, letters, speeches, tickets, and photographs
Public Papers of the Presidency- documents from Hoover to G. W. Bush
Resources by Topic
Pre-Columbian America:
American Indian Heritage Teaching Resources
National Museum of the American Indian- Education Resources

Colonial America:
Archiving Early America
Africans In America
American Journeys- archives of accounts of explorers to America
Colonial Williamsburg
Salem Witch Trials: Documentary Archive
Salem Witchcraft Hysteria- Interactive
Digital Quaker Collection, Earlham School of Religion
Atlantic Slave TradeDatabase

The American Revolution:
Declaration of IndependenceExhibit from the Library of Congress
Secrets of A Revolution- Articles in //US News and World Report//
The American Revolution
The American Revolution Center
The Federalist Papers

American Presidency:
The American Presidency - The Smithsonian
The American Presidency Project University of California at Santa Barbara
Atlas of U. S. Presidential Elections
The Avalon Project - The Papers of the Presidents

A New Nation:
American Slave Narratives
Slavery in Pennsylvania
George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress 1741-1799
Lewis and Clark Exploration maps from the University of Virginia
Thomas Jefferson Online Resources at the University of Virginia
The Papers of James Madison (Univ. of Virginia)America in the 1850's- An Archive of E-Texts (Assumption College)
American Slave Narratives- WPA project archives
Dred Scott Digital Project
The Crisis of the Union, University of Pennsylvania
Samuel J. May Anti-Slavery Collection, Cornell University
Slavery & Abolition in the U.S.: Select Publications of the 1800s, from Dickinson College

The Civil War and Reconstruction:
The Lincoln Institute
**A House Divided**
Documenting the American South
Harper's Weekly: Explore History
The American Civil War Homepage
The Centennial Exhibition- Philadelphia 1876
The History of Jim Crow
The Valley of the Shadow
The Trial of John Brown documents
Letter from an Iowa soldier
Making of America Projectfrom Cornell University
Lecture- A series of lectures about Abraham Lincoln from the Lincoln library
Civil War Resourcesfrom Rutgers

Growth and Transformation / Imperial America:
Harper's Weekly- archives of America's most popular magazine
Child Labor in America 1908-1912
Papers of Thomas Edison, Rutgers University
Ellis Island
Virtual Tour of a Tenement
Herbert Hoover Library
World War I Document Archive, Pre - 1914
"Stars and Stripes:" the American Soldiers' Newspaper, 1918 - 1919, Library of Congress

Immigration to the United States, 1790 - 1930, Harvard University

1920s, Great Depression and New Deal:
Talking History Radio Archive
Voices from the Dustbowl R- Library of Congress
FDR Cartoon Archive
Harlem: 1900-1940
New Deal Network
Virginia Schools in the Great Depression
Advertising Archives 1900-1950, Duke University Special Collections
Voices from the Dustbowl, Library of Congress
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
Eleanor Roosevelt Papers (Eleanor Roosevelt and Human Rights Project)

WWII and the Early Cold War:
Remembering Pearl Harbor(National Geographic)
U.S.S. Arizona Memorial (National Parks Service)
Densho, Archive of Japanese Internment Accounts
Japanese Internment Letters, Smithsonian Institution
Churchill Speech Interactive
The Decision to Drop the Bomb
Harry S. Truman Library
Dwight D. Eisenhower Library
John F. Kennedy Library
Lyndon B. Johnson LibraryFemale War Correspondents in World War II, Library of Congress
Veterans History Project, Library of Congress

Decades of Change:
Rutgers University Oral History Archives(WW2 --> Vietnam)
Civil Rights Document Project
Martin Luther King Center, Atlanta, GA
Levittown: Documents of an Ideal American Suburb
Little Rock Central High Memory Project
NYT: A Different War (Vietnam)
Revisiting Watergate
Richard M. Nixon Presidential Materials
Gerald R. Ford Library
Jimmy Carter Library
Ronald Reagan Library
National Security Archivefrom George Washington University
The Sixties Project, University of Virginia
White House Recordings of Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower

Post Cold War:
George H. W. Bush Library
Clinton Presidential Materials Project
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Domain -> Chapter 29: The Cold War Era and the Emergence of a New Europe
Domain -> Ap european History Chapter 28: World War II outline
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