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Each participant must write a

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Each participant must write a one-page journal containing critical reactions and observations regarding the texts read for each class. This paper is a vital part of the seminar’s work, thus students will have to make up for any of the papers missed by the next coming class. The journals should also contain two thought-provoking questions which can be used through the in-class discussions and debate.

  1. Students will regularly be tested on both the primary and secondary materials assigned for the individual classes, and the grades for the quizzes will contribute to the final grade given for the course.

  2. The midterm exam will review the knowledge of primary and secondary materials handled up to that point. There is a final take-home due class 11. Topics for this paper should be sent to the instructor for approval by April 26!! the latest. Guidelines for take-home essays will be provided during the first week of classes. Those who fail to hand in their proposals and/or papers in time will lose grade points from the grade to be given for the paper.

  1. The final grade will be based on the contribution of the student to individual classes (20%), on the result of the quizzes and journals (20%), and also on the two major exam papers (60%). Regular class attendance and participation are prerequisites to achieve a 5 as a final grade.

  2. Plagiarism in any form will result in an incomplete grade for the course, and will also draw with it further measures of academic discipline.

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