Request for Proposals, use the format below and provide all of the information requested to be considered for review

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2015 CVNHP Water Trail Grants


Applications must comply with the terms of the Request for Proposals, use the format below and provide all of the information requested to be considered for review.

  1. Summary Page

On a single page, please provide the following information in the order shown:
Project Name/Title:

Project Category: 2015 CVNHP Water Trail Grants

Contact Information:

Name of Contact Person:

Authorized Signatory and Title (if different from Contact Person):


Mailing Address:

Telephone Number:

E-mail Address:

Eligibility: Please list all of your organization’s current Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership (CVNHP) and Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP) grants. Any organization with an existing award that has overdue workplans, reports or other deliverables is ineligible and should not apply. All new projects will be required to submit a workplan within 60 days after award notifications are made and projects must be initiated no more than six months after award notification. If these deadline specifications are not met then awards will be forfeit.
Amount of Grant Request: (up to $7,500)
Organization Mission Statement:
Significance of the Water Body to be Interpreted: (3-5 sentences)
Brief Project Summary: Please describe your project in 3-5 sentences
Project Outcome/Deliverables: Please briefly describe measurable project outcomes (3-5 sentences).
Application Questions

Please answer the following questions in order, using no more than 3 pages combined (12-point (or larger) Times New Roman font (or equivalent), minimum 1 inch margin on all sides). Complete applications should be no longer than 5 pages in length (1 summary page, 3 pages for application questions/answers, 1 budget page). Additional pages (except letters of support and participation) will not be reviewed.

Include both the questions and your answers in the narrative, which should describe your project as directly and concisely as possible. The review committee will evaluate your application based on your answers to these questions, according to the criteria listed in the Request for Proposals.

  1. Describe the extent to which the proposed project involves active participation from youth and students in the research, development and implementation of a water trail in their community.

  1. List the individuals (volunteers, board member, and/or staff) and partners (organizations, state agencies, and municipalities) that will be involved in the proposed project. Briefly describe their background and qualifications. Explain how your work with other partners will enhance the effectiveness of CVNHP funding. The following areas of expertise should be listed:

  • planning (i.e. interpretive, or recreation planning);

  • environmental education;

  • water safety;

  • cultural resources;

  • invasive species spread prevention.

  1. L
    EXAMPLE of how actions and tasks should be listed on application:

    Supports OFA Action 9.6: Support initiatives that promote sustainable recreational activities that feature the natural, cultural, and historical resources in the CVNHP.

    Task 9.6.1: Develop and/or improve natural and cultural heritage interpretative trails using wayside exhibits and other informative media.

    Supports OFA Action 9.9: Connect, promote, and improve cultural and natural heritage sites through interpretation.

    Task 9.9.4: Support pilot projects that utilize emerging interpretive technologies.

    ist the associated actions and tasks described in the Cultural Heritage and Recreation chapter of Opportunities for Action that the project addresses.

  1. Reimbursement for project expenses is based on task deliverables (e.g. press release, meeting notes, publication of an online guide, etc.). Use the table format below to identify specific deliverable benchmarks for your project. Identify target dates for each deliverable leading towards your project completion deadline. If the project ends after December 31, 2015, please explain the rationale.

EXAMPLE: Project Outline and Payment Schedule


Task Description






Press release announcing the grant award and convene a meeting of the project’s advisory committee, including young people

Announce the grant and lay out the objectives and plan for the water trail

Press release and meeting notes in electronic format




Work with committee to research and compile relevant cultural and natural heritage information

Draft text for the water trail guide; identify graphics; locate appropriate signage locations.

Initial interpretive guide content and GPS locations of directional sign locations in electronic format




Design guide and directional signs

Finalize guide text and graphics; design guide; purchase directional signage for the trail

Draft of interpretive guide and design of directional signs in electronic format




Produce final design and print interpretive guide, install directional signs

Print the guide and install directional signs

Final report, including: pictures of installed directional signs, 30 copies of the final guide, press release announcing the project’s completion



C. Budget Table and Justification

Please use the format below for your budget table.

  • If the CVNHP/LCBP request is part of a larger project, please indicate the estimated total project value and the funding sources.

  • All expenses should be placed into one of the following major categories:

    • Direct Costs – subcategories include: Personnel (including fringe benefits), Supplies, Contracts, Equipment, and Travel.

    • Indirect Costs – include general office and operating expenses, insurance, bookkeeping, etc. Please refer to the Request for Proposals for more information about indirect costs and eligible expenses.

    • Non-federal match – While matching funds and in-kind support are not required, proposals that include a non-federal match may be considered more competitive in the grant review process. Applicants should be aware, however, that because optimal matching support may make your proposal more competitive, any match proposed will be embedded in the contact as a requirement.

  • If your project includes several tasks, it is helpful for each task’s budget to be broken out separately from the other tasks.

  • List additional specific expense categories where appropriate, as indicated.

  • If there is more than one source of funds to be used in supporting this task, budget items should be divided by funding sources as shown in the budget table. At a minimum, show which items will be covered by the CVNHP/LCBP grant and which items will be part of your matching contribution (if any). List other sources of funding (if any) that are not being used as match (such as other federal funds) following your budget table as shown.

  • In addition to the budget table, please include a brief justification for each line in your budget, as in the following examples:

  • Project Coordinator: supports staffing for oversight of project activities, 100 hours @ $25/hr.

  • Volunteers: 200 hours @ $15/hr.

EXAMPLE Project Budget Table Format and Justification (Dollar values for illustration only.)


CVNHP/LCBP Grant Request


Matching Contribution




Project Coordinator












Directional Signs




Printed Guides













  • Project Coordinator: 80 hours at $25 per hour to coordinate meetings, tasks, research, exhibit and brochure content.

  • Designer: 50 hours at $40 per hour to design interpretive guide and signage.

  • Volunteer hours ($20 per hour/100 hours) for committee members to attend meetings, review content and oversee the projects.

  • $1,000 for brochure creation, development, printing, and online interface with Raid various websites and social media sites.

  • $3,500 for the fabrication and installation of three wayside exhibits.

D. Letters of Support

Attach any letters of participation and support to your application e-mail. Up to three letters of support may be included in your application. Please be sure that the letters are signed by the appropriate authors. Letters of support received separately from the application will not be included in the application review. See the Request for Proposals for more information.
E. Submission Process

  • Please submit and electronic copy of your application with attached letters of support via e-mail to

  • All applications must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 5, 2014.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The application and budget should be submitted in Microsoft (Word, Publisher, Excel, etc.), or in a comparable format.  Original applications formatted as a PDF will not be accepted, however, copies of letters of support may be submitted as PDF documents. Paper copies of applications will not be accepted.
Direct all questions to Jim Brangan via telephone: 802-372-3213, or e-mail:

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