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Request for Proposal
This Request for Proposal (RFP) is being sent to individuals and/or firms interested in submitting a proposal to lead and facilitate a strategic planning process for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. Proposals for providing these services will be received until 4:30 p.m. on August 1, 2012. The proposals must be delivered to:

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

3900 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44115

Re: Strategic Planning Services
Late submittals will not be considered. Questions regarding this RFP should be directed to Ms. Mary Ann Hogan, OED Consultant by e-mail at:

Questions related to the RFP will be answered through July 25, 2012. The RFP is organized as follows









The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio created and operating under Chapter 6119 of the Ohio Revised Code.  Originally named Cleveland Regional Sewer District, it was created in 1972 to assume ownership, operation and management of wastewater collection, treatment and disposal facilities serving the member communities in the Cleveland metropolitan area.

District Administration is located at 3900 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115.  This location includes the departments of Engineering & Construction, Operations & Maintenance Administration, Human Resources, Finance, Customer Service, Law, Administration and External Affairs, and Information Technology.

In addition to the District Administration Building, the District owns and operates three wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) and an Environmental and Maintenance Services Center (EMSC):

  • Easterly WWTP, located at 14021 Lakeshore Boulevard, Cleveland, 44110;

  • Southerly WWTP, located at 6000 Canal Road, Cuyahoga Heights, 44125 (near the Interstate 77/Interstate 480 intersection);

  • Westerly WWTP, located at 5800 West Memorial Shoreway, Cleveland, 44102 (near Edgewater State Park); and

  • Environmental and Maintenance Services Center (EMSC), located at 4747 East 49th Street (north of the Southerly WWTP).  Include the departments of Sewer System Maintenance & Operations (SSM&O), Water Quality & Industrial Surveillance (WQIS), Analytical Services, and Fleet Services.

Additional information about the District, its history and operations is available at the District’s Internet site at

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District has been operating under a 2009-2013 Strategic Plan which can be accessed via our website at Services to lead and facilitate the District’s strategic planning process are required to ensure that the mission, vision, goals and areas of strategic focus continue to be properly aligned. The outcome from these services will be a clear, concise strategic plan document that includes all necessary elements to meet the organization’s commitment to fulfill obligations in the areas of: wastewater treatment; stormwater management; and, capital improvement.
The scope of work shall consist of, but not be limited to, the process as outlined below. The individual or firm should base its proposal on the described deliverables.
The District will be evaluating each proposal on the approach to the project. The District will consider alternative creative approaches that provide value to the District for this project.

The process would result in the following deliverables:

  1. Mission Statement

  2. Vision Statement

  3. Measurable Financial and Strategic Objectives at Director Level

  4. Evaluation and Control Methodologies

Deliverable 1Refine the Mission Statement

Facilitate discussion and develop a Mission Statement that defines our business, identifies our customers, explains how we will serve them and highlights the District’s contribution to the environmental health of the region.

Deliverable 2 – Refine the Vision Statement
Facilitate a discussion and develop a revised Vision Statement that will reflect the organization in three to five years.
Deliverable 3 – Develop Individual Director Goals with Associated Metrics
Facilitate a discussion to:

  • Gain clarity on strategic areas of focus

  • Define decision-making criteria for identifying District priorities

  • Create organizational and director level goals

  • Identify metrics/key performance indicators

Deliverable 4 –Provide evaluation and control methodologies
Facilitate a discussion to:

Transfer of Records
All records and deliverables shall be the property of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.
All responses to Requests for Proposals should be complete and must include all of the information requested by the District. If errors are found in the response to the RFP, or if the response fails to conform to the essential requirements of the RFP, the District, in its sole judgment, shall determine whether that Response to RFP is accepted.
Each copy of the Response to RFP shall be bound in a single volume where practical. All documentation submitted with the Response to RFP shall be bound within that single volume.
If your response to this RFP includes any comment in addition to the specific information requested in this RFP, include this information as a separate appendix to your response.
Firms are encouraged to organize their proposal by following the criteria outlined below. Individuals or firms are required to submit the following information in the proposal:

  1. General Information:

  • Briefly state your understanding of the work to be done and make positive commitment to perform the work.

  • Identify your principal strengths.

  • Give the names of the persons who will be authorized to represent you or your firm and all applicable contact information.

  • State whether or not you or your organization has been involved in any litigation or administrative agency review within the past five (5) years arising out of your performance. Explain fully if it has been involved in any litigation.

  1. Experience and References:

  • Provide past performance information

  • Provide at least three (3) examples of previous work that demonstrates your experience on projects of similar size, scope, and features as those required on this project.

  • Provide at least three (3) references that you have successfully performed for of similar size, scope, and features as those required on this project.

  1. Approach:

  • Provide a section describing in detail the approach to be used to produce the deliverables of this project.

  1. Project Team:

  • Provide information about the ability of professional personnel employed by your firm.

  • Provide names, qualifications and experience of firm’s project manager assigned to this project.

  • Provide names, qualifications and experience of the firm’s primary project manager in each relative discipline for providing the services described in the scope of services.

  • Any personnel added to the project team or changes of personnel in significant roles shall be subject to advance approval by NEORSD.

  1. Estimated Level of Effort:

  • Include hours by task and hourly rates by staff classification.


The following is the proposed schedule of the major milestones in the RFP process. The District reserves the right to modify the schedule as needed based on unforeseen events or organizational need.

  • July 11, 2012 RFP released

  • July 25, 2012 Last date to submit questions

  • August 1, 2012 Proposal due to District by 4:30 p.m. local time

  • August 15, 2012 District will notify the short-list of top qualified firms

  • August 22, 2012 Proposal presentations and consultant interviews for the three top qualified firms

  • August 29, 2012 Selection and Contract negotiations begin

Evaluation of Proposal
The District’s Executive Director and Senior Staff reserve the right to make the final determination as to the individual's or firm’s ability to provide the services requested herein, before entering into any contract.
Selection and Notification
A Selection Committee composed of designated members of the Senior Staff and Organization & Employee Development will determine the best individual or firm. The selection process will include an interview with the top three candidate individuals or firms. Selection will be based upon the following criteria:

  • Experience, qualifications, and commitment of proposed key project personnel (20%)

  • Experience and past performance of the of the firm of similar projects (20%)

  • Method of Accomplishing the Scope of Work (40%)

  • Written quality of proposal (10%)

  • Quality of the interview and oral presentation of proposal (10%)

The District will notify the selected individual or firm in writing. This work may be contracted in whole or in part at the sole discretion of the District. In general, the contract will comply with applicable laws and standard provisions and shall contain the following terms:

  • Detailed scope of services

  • Schedule for providing services, detailing activity and estimated time required

  • Hours and costs of services should be identified such that the proposal clearly defines where and when work is to be performed. This will allow for proper tracking of project milestones.

Proposals shall be properly addressed with the name of the individual or firm and the description “Strategic Planning Services” written on the outside of the package. Proposals (one original hard copy and one electronic version of the proposal, readable in .doc or .pdf format) are to be submitted to:

Mary Ann Hogan

Organization and Employee Development Consultant

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

3900 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2504

Re: Strategic Planning Services

Deadline for submission of proposals is 4:30 p.m., August 1, 2012. Late submittals will not be considered. All questions regarding this RFP shall be directed to Ms. Mary Ann Hogan by calling (216) 881-6600 or by e-mail to: Questions related to the RFP will be answered through July 25, 2012.

Proposals may be mailed or hand delivered. If sent by mail, the responsibility of timely delivery is entirely up to the sender.

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