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Kent State University Request for Overload

This form does NOT need to be completed if you meet the following criteria:

2.500 – 2.749

1 semester credit hour

2.750 – 2.999

1-2 semester credit hours

3.000 – 4.000

1-3 semester credit hours

This form is to be used to request approval for overload hours for all semesters and probation limitations. Students meeting the above criteria for an automatic overload for fall and spring semesters can register automatically.

  • All students requesting an overload for the summer terms or who are on probation and requesting more than 15 credit hours must first seek approval from their advising office before registration.

  • Requests for overload not meeting the above criteria or for more than 21 credits will be blocked at registration unless approval is obtained from the student’s advising office.

Complete the form below and deliver it in person to your advising office.

Please be aware your advising office may require you to submit additional information before the request can be reviewed.

Name Banner ID#

Kent e-mail Phone Cumulative GPA

I request a total of ____ credit hours for (indicate term and year) Fall 20____; Spring 20____; Summer 20____

Please explain the reason for this request ­­

You must complete page two of the form providing your entire intended schedule

for the semester, as well as your signature in order for your request to be reviewed.

Kent State University Request for Overload

Below please list all classes you plan to take in the semester you are requesting an overload.

Course Name (w/Session, if Summer)


Course Number


The college advising office will contact you via your Kent State e-mail within two business days of receiving this request. If you do not receive notification within that time, please contact your advisor.

I understand if my request for a course overload is approved, I am responsible for registering myself for the additional hours. Please be aware you are unable to add a course after the second week of the semester.

Student Signature Date
College Approval Date
Result of Request (please circle): Approved or Denied Date

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