Request for confirmation of two dates for submission by the South African Arts Lobby (S. A. A. L) for 2008, before years end

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South African Arts Lobby.

From: Anthony Milne Facilitator S.A.A.L.

To: Chairperson

12 November 2007

Request for confirmation of two dates for submission by the South African Arts Lobby (S.A.A.L) for 2008, before years end.

This letter serves to notify the Port:(olio Committee of Art, Culture and Heritage of the establishment of S.A.AL. In the last two years three letters have been sent to your office, the last received by Tamara Gayi, only not to receive a reply.

I am hoping that the committee will secure for S..A.A.L. two dates for next year for submissions of national lobby to parliament. The two dates: the first in June/July and the 8econd in September/October. We are hoping that these two dates will be provided this year before the close of Parliament. These date will secured annually as S.A.A.L submission dates. As spokesperson, I would be .honored to introduce SAAL to the committee in person in a short 10 minute presentation if required.

S.A.A.L. - Motivation.

S.A.A.L. has been established as an independent and sectoralled lobby for criticisms, suggestions and lobby from the Art community in South Africa. Currently due to the lack of willingness to engage the sector in its own right and the proliferation of non -consultative foreign arts Policy, the arts finds itself shrinking rather than expanding in some areas and sub-sectors.

S.A.A.L. wishes to offer the 'Arts community a platform to engage via dialog and criticism the challenges facing the sector and the achievement of consensus in bottom line delivery targets. .

'Development and democracy have one thing in common, without participation there is no deliver!.

Institutional Stakeholders and Artist participation and representation at S.A.A.L.

S.A.A.L. is to invite institutional steak-holders to submit articles on co-operation and developmental delivery targets. CWUSA (the creative workers Union of S.A. a COSATU affiliate) is keen to forward an 'Arts Development Charter'.

Currently there is a lack of institutional co-operation due to our immaturity as an emergent democracy and competition for delivery. Similarly, artists, the corner stone of the sector, are not being engaged on policy and delivery, as the authority in their respective fields ii1 their own rights. S.A.A.L. wishes to provide a service to both artists and Institutional stakeholders on delivery targets in the sector.

S.A.A.L Services to the Arts.

S.A.A.L. provides an independent platform for submissions annually from 2008 by Art institutions and Artists respectively.

  • Submissions received by post, e-mail or verbally will be compiled in the original form to be compiled to be disseminated to the relevant government and political parties to Parliament.

  • Submissions in their original form will be printed and made available to the Arts and interested parties via the library system nationally ( in each province).

  • Statistics and communications.

  • A statistical summary of all annual submissions will be made available to Parliament on the second submission date annually.

  • Via electronic and printed media, developments in policy and constitutional enactments / amendments will be made available to the larger Arts community as a service by S.A.A.L.

  • Conferences and campaigns.

It is the intention to facilitate conferences to coincide with the first Parliamentary submission date. Conferences will be held in each province to facilitate verbal submissions and mandates.

  • Two campaigns have been well received among the Arts community:


Monitory and Sect oral Determination functions of S.A.A.L. S.A.A.L. hopes to in time facilitate the independent monitory functions of the Arts in S.A. on behalf of the Artist and Art institutions. Secroral determination, currently a burning issue in the Arts, is to be forwarded. This year an open letter to the State President in this regard, to meet the A.NC's December policy conference, is to be issued.

To conclude.

I hope that the Portfolio Committee for Arts, Culture and Heritage will secure two dates for presentations for S.A.A.L. in 2008.

The first in June/July, the second Sep/Oct.

I look forward to receiving confirmation of the dates and will be available should the committee be able to meet with me before years end.

I look forward to your reply.

Anthony Milne Facilitator S.A.A.L.

Yours sincerely
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