Report on Equity Sounding Canada Council for the Arts

(1) Increase its investment in equity-seeking arts communities

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(1) Increase its investment in equity-seeking arts communities:

  • Allocate additional funds to its equity priority, particularly given the wider range of equity groups now under its purview

  • Ensure that well-performing equity-seeking arts organizations have access to operational support

  • Continue to offer strategic funding through the Equity Office to fill gaps in the current arts ecology such as: professional development, mentorship, creative development and networking

  • Implement other targeted funding mechanisms: for example, support to diverse arts administrators, an Equity “Flying Squad” or “Compass”- style initiative and incentives for mainstream presenters to partner with equity-seeking communities to present diverse work as part of their core programming

  • Explore and, if viable, launch a Disability Arts Program (potentially modeled on the Inter-Arts Program) to support the research, creation and production of disability art works

  • Empower the Equity Office with the necessary influence and resources to implement Council-wide equity policy and deliver strategic funding programs

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