Report on Equity Sounding Canada Council for the Arts

Increased visibility and recognition

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Increased visibility and recognition

Along with critical mass, participants noted a growing recognition among creative peers, critics, and the public of the vibrant and compelling artistic works being created by diverse artists in Canada. This is reflected in the media, through award nominations, through scholarship and pedagogy, through festival programming and in policy discussions. Language and discourse around equity and difference has also evolved, which is a positive occurrence.

Increased public engagement and market development

Participants noted that shifts in Canadian demographics have resulted in an ever-increasing demand for artistic work that reflects the diversity of Canadian audiences. Several participants spoke about the leadership role that equity-seeking arts groups are taking in developing alternative presentation and touring networks, nurturing community presenters and cultivating new audiences.

Participants also reported on the success of culturally diverse, Aboriginal and disability artists on the international stage and highlighted the active role that equity-seeking artists are taking in connecting Canada to growing world markets in such regions as East Asia, South Asia, South America and the Middle East.

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