Renaissance Web Quest

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Renaissance Web Quest
Use the following web site to answer the questions below. Be specific with your answers and make sure you understand the Renaissance and what it was.

1.) What was the Renaissance?

Click: “Out of the Middle Ages”

2.) How did the Plague effect the economy of Europe?

Click: “the new middle class and the resurgence of cities” and the bottom of the page.

3.) What were ALL the characteristics of the “new middle class” in the Renaissance?

4.) How did cities change in the Renaissance? What was the most important Renaissance city in Italy?

5.) Who were the Medici?

Click: “Back to “Out of the Middle Ages”” and then click on “Printing and Thinking.”

6.) What did Gutenberg’s printing press do for books and reading?

7.) Who were the Humanists and what did they attempt to do?

Click: “how thinking changed in the Renaissance”

8.) What were ALL the ways Humanism contradicted the teachings of the Catholic Church in the period?

9.) What was the rebirth of classical studies, and its significance?

10.) How did the Renaissance change religion and “spiritual matters?”

Click: “Next Topic” and then click “Renaissance, architecture, painting, and music”

11.) How did the Renaissance change:




Download 5.88 Kb.

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