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NaCTSO Police National Counter Terrorism Security Office Non-public area

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Police National Counter Terrorism Security Office

Non-public area

Area of a station to which the public do not generally have access or to which they do not normally have access in the absence of supervision by a member of staff. Only members of staff or those contracted to provide services to light rail vehicles/trams, stations, buildings or machinery would ordinarily be expected to need access to those areas.


In relation to a light rail station, this means the person having the management of that station. This may be for a fixed period as part of a contractual service agreement.


In relation to a light rail station, means any person:

(a) Who is the owner of, or who has any right over or interest in, the station; and

(b) Whose consent is needed to use the station by any other person


Person-borne Improvised Explosive Device

Security Awareness Message

Message that makes the travelling public and those in the vicinity aware of and vigilant towards potential security threats affecting vehicles or stations.

Security Incident

Any incident of a security nature where:

  1. the police are called and:

(i) a full or partial evacuation of a station/vehicle is required before the incident is resolved; or

(ii) the initial police responders are unable to resolve the incident and call on further specialist assistance, such as Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officers, to resolve the incident; or
(iii) the incident is resolved, but remains the subject of further police investigation; or

x.police confirm the incident as an attempted or actual attack; or

y.any security related incident which attracts media interest, even if it would not be one requiring notification in line with 1 to 3 above; and

z.any discovery of firearms, ammunition, or other weapons; and

aa.any incidents of unauthorised access, or attempted unauthorised access, to non-public areas; and

ab.bomb threats; and

ac.any discovery of explosive devices, component parts of explosive devices, or articles having the appearance of such.
Security Staff

In relation to any station means a member of staff who is engaged to provide security services to that station.


Standard Operating Procedure


Means any light rail/tram station, terminus or interchange.

Suspicious Item

An item assessed as exhibiting unusual characteristics (particularly in terms of appearance or placement) and for which ownership or other legitimate purpose cannot be established readily.

Suspicious Behaviour

Any behaviour that would be perceived by a reasonably prudent individual as of a kind that ought to be investigated by a person with security responsibilities.

Threat Level

The level of threat the UK faces from terrorism at any given time.

Training Plan

A written document developed and maintained by an operator which describes the type of security training that should be undertaken to ensure staff are aware of their security responsibilities and how to respond appropriately.

Unattended Item

An item for which an owner cannot be identified readily but is, in other respects, typical of the environment within which it is located. Unattended items do not usually require a police response. However, police officers may be called when either: (a) the HOT protocol has not been applied, (b) the protocol has been applied incorrectly or (c) other doubts remain but where the item is not believed to pose an immediate threat to life.


Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device

White Powders

A 'white powder incident' is a phrase applied to the discovery of a substance (solid or liquid) where the finder suspects the presence of a chemical or biological hazard. Not all such hazards are white, or powders, and can usually be discounted quickly if subject to a rational evaluation.














14 The definition of “station” in Section 83(1) of the Railways Act 1993: "any land or other property which consists of premises used as, or for the purposes of, or otherwise in connection with, a railway passenger station or railway passenger terminal (including any approaches, forecourt, cycle store or car park), whether or not the land or other property is, or the premises are, also used for other purposes".





June 2014

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