Reminders: Read for 20 minutes nightly!

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Reminders: Read for 20 minutes nightly!


Directions for Choice Board

  • You must do one Science and one Math from your group.

  • You may choose an activity from any other group.

  • Each student must turn in one activity per day for a total of 8 assignments over a 2 week period.

  • Draw an X through an assignment when you have completed it. Complete an assignment only once during a 2 week period

hird Grade Homework

Week of February 28, 2011- March 4, 2011

Tigers (Fowler)

Alligators (Fisher)

Group 3& 4 (Lewis)

Cheetahs (Fowler)

Octopi (Fisher)

Group 2 (Lewis)

Flowers/Dragon Slayers (Fowler)

Badgers (Fisher)

Group 1 ( Lewis)

Free Choice

Social St.

Susan B. Anthony was arrested for voting when it was against the law for women to vote. Write a short essay giving your opinion about this fact.

Social St.

On a 3 separate index cards, write Eleanor Roosevelt, Frederick Douglass, and Thurgood Marshall. Then list one fact and one opinion about each person.

Social St.

Choose at least 3 historical figures that you have been learning about in Social St. Then research 5 important events from the 20th century. Create a timeline of these events. Divide the timeline into years and decades, organize the events in the order in which they happened.

Social St.

Use newspapers and or magazines to find out important events that have happened within the last year. Then put these events on a timeline, dividing the timeline by months.


Identify plants and animals that live near your home. Make a list. Choose one of the plants or animals. Make a word web describing its habitat. Then write a description of the plant or animal’s habitat, including some of the terms in your word web.


Choose an animal, and write a story about what happened to it when its environment changes. Explain the cause of the change, such as climate, fire, or an upset in the balance of living things. Underline important words (adjective) that describe things in your story.


Choose an animal that is disappearing from Georgia, and find out why it is in trouble. Then make a bar graph. On it, show how many of these animals are alive now in Georgia. Show how many were alive 10 years ago and 20 years ago.


Write a travel brochure for one of the regions in this lesson. Describe things visitors will enjoy about that region. Include a description of the plants and animals that can be found there.

ELA: Read a nonfiction book you like. Compare and contrast two things in the book. List some ways they are alike. List some ways they are different.

Ex. Lakes and Oceans

Alike Different

ELA: Narrative Writing

Write a story about characters who go on a hike. Write a title for your story.

ELA: Write an explanatory paragraph. Tell why air, water, sunlight, and soil are important natural resources. Do research if you need information.

ELA: Compare and Contrast

Three Little Pigs

.Reread the story The Three Little Pigs. Now, explain how the “House of Bricks” was different from the “House of Sticks” or the “House of Straw.”Why do you think the “House of Bricks” remained standing?

Math: Why are 1/10 and .1 of a number the same? Explain your answer with an illustration and a paragraph.

Math: Imagine you had 20 carrots. If you wanted to give 3/10 of your carrots to your friends, how many carrots would you give them? How would you show this with a decimal?

Math: A student has a variety of fruit. Three-tenths of the fruit are apples, and 0.4 of the fruit are strawberries. What decimal of the fruit is apples or strawberries?

Math: With an illustration, show which is greater: 6/10 or .5. Explain your findings in a paragraph.

Please review skills and homework with your child every night.
Skills for the Week

Reading: Strategy: Monitor Comprehension kill: Compare and Contrast

Vocabulary: word parts/contractions

Language Arts: main and helping verbs

Math: Fractions

Science: Habitats

Social Studies: Rights and Freedoms for Everybody

Directory: cms -> lib -> GA01000924 -> Centricity -> Domain
Domain -> Georgia Department of Education Title I schoolwide/School Improvement Plan
Domain -> Resources on the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis
Domain -> Main idea that your essay supports. It is similar to a topic sentence for a paragraph, only it speaks for the entire essay. A very complex thesis statement may take up a whole paragraph
Domain -> Ap drawing/Painting Summer Assignments 2015-2016 Daily sketching/art journaling
Domain -> Nahs jv schedule 2013 indicates waiting for confirmation from other team
Centricity -> Homeland to mean the European country that explored and conquered tropical lands. Portugal, Spain, Britain (England), and France were the major homelands we will learn about. Old World, New World We will use Old World
Domain -> Scholarships for new americans and for minority students
Domain -> Ap world History Summer Assignment 2016
Domain -> A frican-American History
Domain -> Ralph J. Bunche Middle School Student Government Association Mission Statement

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