Remembering Entails Knowing

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Remembering Entails Knowing

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(Published in Synthese, penultimate draft)

Abstract [Word Count: 102]

In his recent book, Sven Bernecker (2010) has attacked the following prominent view: (RK) S remembers that p only if S knows that p. An attack on RK is also an attack on Timothy Williamson’s view that knowledge is the most general factive stative attitude. In this paper, I defend RK against Bernecker’s attacks and also advance new arguments in favor of it. In section 1, I provide some background on memory. In section 2, I respond to Bernecker’s attacks on RK and develop a new argument for RK. In sections 3 and 4, I develop two more new arguments for RK.
Keywords: memory, remembering, belief, knowledge, Bernecker, Williamson

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