Religion 21 Professor Niditch Ancient Israel Chapin 114

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To Think About:

1. How does each of these prophets deal with the calamity of imminent or actual conquest? what theological problems are posed by the Babylonian threat and eventual conquest? What is the significance of the destruction of the temple and how is this crisis explained?

2. How are old mythic themes re-used by these prophets?

3. What literary forms recur in these prophets and with what nuances?

4. How does each of these prophets employ images of creation and re-creation?

5. Discuss the scenes of the prophet's initiation in Jer and Ezek and compare to Is 6.

6. Discuss the image of sheep and shepherd employed by these prophets.

7. Is Israel treated as a whole by these prophets or are certain clear distinctions made? Significance?

8. Individualization and responsibility in 6th century B.C. literature.

9. Differences and similarities between 2 Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel.

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