Religion 21 Professor Niditch Ancient Israel Chapin 114

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To Think About:

1. On the basis of Deut. 4-11, Judges 2:11-22, and 2 Kgs. 17 outline the view of God's role in history held by the preservers of Deut-2 Kgs.

2. What is the significance of Deut 12?

3. Trace the theme of love in Deuteronomy. What are the possible meanings of the love metaphor?

4. How do the allusions to blessings and curses in Deut fit a covenantal theology?

5. Deut 4-11 contains a series of sermons. What creates this sermonizing style (tone? point-of-view? vocabulary?)?

6. How does the presentation of legal materials in Deut differ from the presentation of laws in Ex, for example?

7. Deut 26;5-10 is an ancient cultic formula. Discuss its possible origins (date, setting, etc.). What is its function in Hebrew mythology? its interest to Old Testament historians?

8. In Deut 13:12 ff., you will see an explanation of herem, the ban, a war ideology to be discussed in detail in relation to the conquest of the land. What sort of worldview is implied by a banning mentality? Note that Yahweh can employ "holy war" himself as a means of punishing an unfaithful Israel.
Joshua and Judges
VII. October 29, 31, Nov. 2, 5

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