Religion 21 Professor Niditch Ancient Israel Chapin 114

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To Think About:

1. In what ways is Moses a folktale hero? Trace the pattern of his rise to become leader of Israel.

2. Compare Exodus 3, 19-20 to theophanies and/or scenes of covenant-making in Genesis. Discuss differences between and similarities to Gen 15 and 17.

3. Do you notice the stylistic technique of repetition in the account of the release from Pharaoh? Some scholars point to sources in the plagues account (discussed in Hyatt, 96-101, on reserve).

4. Can you find all or some of the following motifs in the Exodus account (particularly in Exodus 15) and in the poems about Baal and Anat? Can you find them in the Enuma Elish? In the Psalms listed in your assignment?
Challenge to the god




Enthronement (deity picture in pose of king, often enthroned on top of a mountain)


5. How many versions of the crossing of the sea can you find in Exodus 14, 15?

6. Think of God as a divine warrior who rescues Israel. In this role does Yahweh act like other Near Eastern deities? How are God's victories recalled, re-enacted, and celebrated in later Israelite songs, festivals, and rituals? Remember the Psalms assigned in this section, Joshua 4 and the description of the first Passover feast in Exodus. In what ways does the creation of the people Israel remind you of myths about the creation or re-creation of the world? Hint: think about the motif pattern outlined in #4 above and especially about the role of the sea.

Law in the Hebrew Scriptures
IV. October 5, 10, 15

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