Related Issue I: To What Extent Should Nation Be the Foundation of Identity? Chapter 1: Understandings of Nation and Nationalism

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Parti Quebecois


Mario Dumont

Jean Charest

Pierre Trudeau

Stephen Harper

Contending Loyalties of Aboriginal Canadians

Within Canada, members of the Aboriginal populations sometimes struggle to reconcile their loyalties to their own nation and to Canada. At one time in Canada's history, the government tried to assimilate First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people into the predominant white cultures. Many First Nations feel they must maintain a feeling of nationhood among their members within the borders of Canada.

Meech Lake Accord

Elijah Harper

Inuit Perspectives

National Loyalty and Dual Citizenship

Non-nationalist Loyalties

  • Religious Loyalties and Civic Loyalties –

  • Conscientious Objection in Canada

  • Regional Loyalties in Canada




Global Loyalties

The benefit and well-being of the global community is the focus of many international organizations. For example

Oxfam International

World Wildlife Fund

Doctors Without Borders


Environmentalism and Contending Loyalties

Humanitarianism and Contending Loyalties


Collective consciousness




Sovereignty association

Curriculum Objectives

1.6 develop understandings of nation and nationalism (relationship to land, geographic, collective, civic, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, political, spiritual, religious, patriotic)

1. 7 analyze the relationship between nation and nation-state

1.8 analyze how the development of nationalism is shaped by historical, geographic, political, economic and social factors (French Revolution and Napoleonic era, contemporary examples)

1.9 analyze nationalism as an identity, internalized feeling and/or collective consciousness shared by a people (French Revolution and Napoleonic era, Canadian nationalism, Quebecois nationalism, American nationalism, First Nations and Métis nationalism, Inuit perspectives)

1.9 evaluate the importance of reconciling contending nationalist loyalties (Canadian nationalism, First Nations and Métis nationalism, ethnic nationalism in Canada, civic nationalism in Canada, Quebecois nationalism, Inuit perspectives on nationalism)

1.11 evaluate the importance of reconciling nationalism with contending non-nationalist loyalties (religion, region, culture, race, ideology, class, other contending loyalties)

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