Related Issue I: To What Extent Should Nation Be the Foundation of Identity? Chapter 1: Understandings of Nation and Nationalism

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Exploring American Identity

American Revolution

Melting Pot

The American Dream

Documents at the Core of an American Identity

Civil War

Chapter 5: Exploring Loyalties

To what extent do contending loyalties need to be reconciled?

An individual can identify with and be loyal to many different ideas, groups, and nations at the same time.
Some loyalties are related to the understanding of nationalism of various nations; others are related to non-nationalistic values and beliefs
Contending Loyalties

Sometimes, a person's feelings of nationalism for the country he or she lives in may conflict with feelings of nationalism he or she has for another country or nation. Making decisions about which loyalties take precedence can be difficult

Contending Nationalist Loyalties in Canada

Canada is a nation of nations. Loyalty to Canada and expressing Canadian nationalism can be difficult because people sometimes struggle to define what it is to be Canadian.

Contending Loyalties of French Canadians

Because the French culture is in the minority in Canada, the Francophone population in Canada often feels it is essential that their culture be distinct from the rest of Canada in order to preserve it. Quebecois nationalism has been a force in Canada for decades as the French population struggles to maintain its place in Canada despite many challenges. Feelings of Quebecois nationalism are often internalized within the Quebecois population, and it is part of their identity.

French Canada's fight for the preservation of their culture and language has long been a part of Canadian history. Some Quebecers believe that Quebec's separation from Canada is the only way to preserve their unique culture. Quebecers often think of themselves as a nation within Canada, and their loyalties to the province often conflict with loyalties to Canada. In addition, there are conflicting loyalties within the province of Quebec.

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