Related Issue I: To What Extent Should Nation Be the Foundation of Identity? Chapter 1: Understandings of Nation and Nationalism

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Parti Quebecois


October Crisis

Pierre Trudeau

Brian Mulroney

Refendums in Quebec

Henri Bourassa

First Nations Nationalism

First Nations and Metis nationalism has increased in the past few decades, and along with it, demands for political parity, treaty settlements, and compensation for past wrongs against Aboriginal peoples have also increased. First Nations and Métis people have worked hard to overcome attempts at assimilation and to instill pride and interest in their culture and history among their youth as well as among people who are not First Nations or Métis. Although the Inuit do not face the same issues in terms of reconciling differences and conflicts over treaties, maintenance of their culture and preservation of traditional ways of life are issues that threaten Inuit nationalism.

Ovide Mercredi

Mathew Coon Come



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