Related Issue I: To What Extent Should Nation Be the Foundation of Identity? Chapter 1: Understandings of Nation and Nationalism

Expressions of Nationalism among Ukrainians

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Expressions of Nationalism among Ukrainians

Taras Schevchenko


Orange Revolution

Ukrainian Dance

Status of Ukraine today

Expressions of Nationalism among Métis

Métis National Council

Louis Riel


Back to Batoche Days

Métis flag

Expressions of Nationalism among Acadians

Congres mondial acadien

Le grand derangement - deportation


Acadian flag

Ave Maris Stella

Expressions of Nationalism among Canadians

The Maple Leaf

Canadian Flag

National Anthem

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games emblem

Canadian Peacekeeping operations

Chapter 3: How Can Nationalism Develop?

To what extent is nationalism shaped by various factors?

Nationalism and the French Revolution

As a result of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era, the development of nationalism grew quickly throughout Europe, and old methods of running countries were widely challenged. The French Revolution was fuelled by political, economic, and social factors, as the peasant classes began to demand changes to the ways in which French society was structured.

Historic and social factors that shaped French nationalism

Abolition of the Feudal System

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

March on Versailles


Financial crisis by 1787

France’s participation in a series of wars

Catholic Church

Ideas of the Enlightenment

Ideas of the Enlightenment

Constitutional Monarchy

Jacobins and Girondins

War with Austria

National Assembly

Tennis Court Oath

Storming of the Bastille

Reign of Terror

Ancient regime

Three estates

Republic of France

Execution of Louis XVI

Levee en Masse (Conscription)

French Nationalism during the Napoleonic Era

Napoleon id Declared Emperor

Napoleon Builds His Empire

The continental System

The Hundred Days

The Battle of Waterloo


St. Helena

War with Russia

In 1799, the Napoleonic Era began when Napoleon became the leader of France. He immediately introduced some stability to the country. Napoleon furthered the ideas of liberalism and nationalism that had developed during the revolution and spread these ideas throughout Europe. As a result, people in other countries began to demand similar changes. Groups of people who shared similar languages and cultures began to desire national self-determination rather than being controlled by large empires that rarely had the people's best interests in mind. People wanted their own countries to exist on land that had been inhabited by their ancestors for generations, and they wanted autonomy both in terms of politics and culture.
A Contemporary Example of Nationalism: Kosovo: And Independent State

Kosovo, a province of Serbia, declared its independence in February of 2008, sparking violence and international debate over the legitimacy of its independence claims.

Chapter 4: Nationalism and Collective Consciousness

To what extent do people’s experiences with nationalism vary?

Feelings of nationalism can be internalized within a group of people so that a collective consciousness toward nationalism exists among a nation's members. People may take the characteristics of the country or nation about which they feel nationalistic and make these characteristics part of their collective identity.
Exploring Canadian Identity

Canada's attitude toward embracing differences and promoting integration rather than assimilation has had an impact on how citizens view Canadian nationalism and identity. Typically, Canadians do not outwardly display nationalistic feelings as strongly or as often as Americans.

Canadian National Anthem

Canadian Railway

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Vimy Ridge

Exploring Canadian Perspectives

Quebecois Nationalism

Maitres chez nous

The Quiet Revolution

Jean Lesage

Rene Levesque

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