Related Issue I: To What Extent Should Nation Be the Foundation of Identity? Chapter 1: Understandings of Nation and Nationalism

Case Study: Fiji: Different Understandings of Nation-State

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Case Study: Fiji: Different Understandings of Nation-State

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Chapter 2: How is Nationalism Expressed?

To what extent do expressions of nationalism create a sense of nation?

Expressions of nationalism

People can choose to express their nationalism in a variety of ways, including through:

Celebrations of identity; political actions; the writing and telling of history; artwork (painting, sculpture, illustration, and graphic design); literature (novels, plays and poetry); multimedia (television, websites, movies, animation, and video games); magazines and newspapers; and songs, music, and speeches
People express their nationalism consciously, meaning that they are aware of what they are doing and why, and subconsciously, meaning that they are not fully aware

Expressions of nationalism are often motivated by the desire to reinforce feelings of belonging in the people of a nation

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