Regulation of the european parliament and of the council

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Chapter IV sets out certain requirements regarding the conduct of Member States with regard to agreements covered by this Regulation.

Article 13 requests Member States to provide information with respect to meetings which take place under the auspices of covered agreements. Furthermore, Member States are requested to inform the Commission of any request for dispute settlement lodged against themselves under the auspices of their agreements as soon as they become aware of such request and to co-operate with the Commission as regards the activation of dispute – which they would be allowed to lodge against another third country party to such agreement – or consultation mechanisms under an agreement.

Article 14 provides that Member States may indicate whether any of the information they provide in accordance with Articles 8 and 11 is to be considered confidential and whether it can be shared with other Member States.

Article 15 creates a new committee which shall assist the Commission in the management of the Regulation and stipulates the procedures under which this committee shall operate. This provision can be revised to bring it in line with the future regulation adopted pursuant to Article 291 TFEU on the control of the Commission's exercise of implementing powers.4 In the event that the present proposal is adopted before the regulation on the control of the Commission's exercise of implementing powers enters into force the Commission envisages that it will be automatically updated to refer to the regulation adopted pursuant to Article 291 by operation of that proposal.5

Article 16 provides that this Regulation enters into force 20 days following the day of its publication, which means that Chapter II applies to agreements in force before that date.

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