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Bulloch Hall’s

Young Lady’s Tea Camp 2016
Where history comes alive for young girls

Welcome to Young Lady’s Tea Camp, an experience for young girls 6-10 years old. Young ladies will learn about customs and clothing, make 19th century crafts, plan and give a tea party and more on the grounds of Bulloch Hall,

We offer one camp session: June 20-24, it starts at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 1:30 p.m.

Camp limited to 10 young ladies.

Campers are to bring their lunch.
Camp is $200 per child Cancellation policy: full refund up to one month prior to camp, ½ refund up to two weeks prior to camp date, under two weeks, non-refundable.

Or $175 for “Family” FOB members’ daughters

Registration Form
Child’s name and age______________________________________________
Parent or guardians name __________________________________________
City ______________________________State _____________ZIP_________
In case of emergency, contact_______________________________________
Phone Numbers__________________________________________________
Does your daughter have any allergies or special needs we need to be aware of:


Fill out form completely; make checks payable to FRIENDS of BULLOCH, INC.
Credit Cards# ________________________________Expiration date________
Visa ________MC______AMEX ______Discover_______
Return registration form and payment to: Bulloch Hall, P.O. Box 1309, Roswell, Ga 30077
Your child will receive the very best of care by our teachers and counselors while attending Camp. In spite of our attention and care, incidents can and do happen, therefore we ask you to sign this release of responsibility for any mishap that may occur. Parent/guardian ___________________________Date__________
Helpful hints: Please leave toys at home, we stay busy and toys can get lost. Camp is for the child/children listed above only, we do not have enough supplies for visitors or trade-outs.
Bulloch Hall takes photos at camp, which we use for publicity and our newsletter. I give Friends of Bulloch, Inc. permission to use photos for Camp publicity. Parent/guardian initials________
Bulloch Hall is owned and operated by the City of Roswell’s Historic & Cultural Affairs Division of the Recreation & Parks Department with support from Friends of Bulloch, Inc,

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