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First Generation


1. William SCHOOLER.
Regarding paternal ancestry of Salathiel Schooler Jones, grandmother of John I. Jones (our subject, L. V. Hagan, Jr. writes, "The earliest Schooler found in America was WILLIAM SCHOOLER whose will was presented for probate in Caroline County, Virginia by his son Thomas in 1728; this William was a native of London, England; his son THOMAS SCHOOLER, in 1701, had taken up 590 acres of land in St. George's Parish of Spottsylvania (Essex, until 1721) County, Virginia (Deed Book 1, 1728-1732, p. 91, Land Office, Richmond, Virginia) which land subsequently was owned by JOHN SCHOOLER, a son of the above Thomas Scholer, who was b. 1705 in Essex County and m. MARTHA WHARTON; they lived in St. George's Parish, Spottsylvania County. In 1753 John and Martha Wharton Schooler purchased a parcel of land, and in 1766 deeded land to their son, Wharton Schooler (see Crozier's Records of Spottsylvania County, Va.)" [1]

2 i. Thomas

Second Generation


Family of William SCHOOLER (1)

2. Thomas SCHOOLER.

3 i. John (~1705-~1784)

Third Generation


Family of Thomas SCHOOLER (2)

3. John SCHOOLER. Born about 1705. John died about 1784; he was 79.
John married Martha WHARTON. Born about 1705. Martha died in 1796; she was 91.
They had the following children:

i. Wharton. Born in 1723. Revolutionary War.

4 ii. Benjamin Reason (1725-1795)

iii. William. Born in 1727. Revolutionary War. Resided in St. George Parish, Virginia in 1793. [2]

Fourth Generation


Family of John SCHOOLER (3) & Martha WHARTON

4. Benjamin Reason SCHOOLER. Born in 1725 in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania, Virginia. Benjamin Reason died in Near Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1795; he was 70. Buried in James Jones Graveyard. Revolutionary War. [3]
Benjamin settled in Bourbon County in 1789 on 150 acres of land. [1]
“An old Bible, owned (1956) by descendant Mary Gorham Schooler, Clintonville, Kentucky, printed in London 1791, and containing therein the name "Benjamin Reason Schooler", is said to have been brought to Kentucky by Benjamin Schooler I whose name (as Schoolner) appears in 1790 Census (tax list) of Fayette County with Patty Schooler and Horton Schoolner, all as of date January 1, 1790.” [1]


Notes from Elizabeth Watkins Genealogy: [4]

Benjamin's middle name is found only in a Family Bible Record, which was printed in London 1791 and was in later years in the posession of a descendant, Mary Gorham Schooler of Clintonville, Bourbon Co., Kentucky. He settled near Clintonville, Kentucky on 150 acres of land in 1789. On 1 Nov 1772, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia, Deed Book J 1771-1774. Alexander Spottswood Esqr, to John Schooler, of Spotsylvania Co., planter, lease 87 acres in St. George Parish. John Wharton and his wife Lizzie and Benjamin Schooler. Witnesses by Nathan Hawkins, among others. CENSUS:1790 Fayette Co., Kentucky taxlist DEATH:Benjamin and his wife were buried in a cemetery on a farm owned at that time by Mrs. Mattie Weathers. MILITARY:Benjamin served in the Revolutionary War. His name is engraved on a D.A.R. monument in Bourbon Co., Kentucky.

Benjamin Reason married DEVINE [5]. died in 1795.
They had the following children:

5 i. Benjamin Franklin (1759-1822)

6 ii. William (1760-1835)

7 iii. Salathial “Sally” (1760-1850)

iv. Wharton. Born bet1756-1763 in Spotsyvlania, Virginia. Wharton died in Fayette County, Kentucky in May 1824; he was 68. Revolutionary War.

Ancestor of several of the Bates, Haleys, Ballengers, Haggards, and McDonalds of Bourbon County, Kentucky. [1]

Notes from Elizabeth Watkins Genealogy: [4]

On 18 July 1782 Wharton Schooler received 100 pounds for administering the will of Leanna Wharton (Some records have listed her as Leanna Schooler, but we think that is in error.) !LAND:On 2 Oct 1787, Wharton Schooler and his wife Margaret of Spotsylvania Co., Virginia sold a tract of land to Robert Sales of same Co. Wharton was later listed as an Insolvent in 1787, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia. It stated that he owed 1.16 pounds and had removed to Kentucky. Then about 10-12 years later it was mentioned that he now lived in Fayette Co., Kentucky and was able to pay his debt. In 1787 Wharton and Margaret signed a Deed in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia. In 1795, in Fayette Co., Kentucky Wharton Schooler purchased 100 acres of land on Boon's creek. On 29 Oct 1799 Deed Book P pg 511. Richard Collins and Sarah, his wife, of Kentucky, by Henry Collins, their atto. in fact; Moses Quisenberry and Mary, his wife, of Orange Co., Va.; Wharton Schooler and Margaret, his wife, of Kentucky; John Edwards, by Wharton Schooler, his atto. in fact, and Henry Gatewood and Ann, his wife, of Spotsylvania Co., Va. (heirs of Henry Gatewood, Senior, deceased), sold to Martin Brent of Spotsylvania Co., Va. the land whereon said Henry Gatewood Senior, deceased, lately lived in Spotsylvania Co., etc. MILITARY:Wharton gave Patriotic Sevice during the Revolutionary War. He gave beef to the cause, and apparently the goverment recognized this non-militia sevice with land grants and pensions. DEATH:Will of Wharton Schooler dated 7 June 1819 and proved May 1824 in Fayette Co., Kentucky Will Book F pg 341, mentions wife, Margaret, son, Lewis, and son-in-law, Robert D. Schooler, daughters, Patsy Allen, Polly Schooler, Sarah Adams, Beulah Estes, Betsy Schooler, and Peggy Schooler.

about 1779 when Wharton was 23, he married Margaret GATEWOOD, in Spotsyvlania, Virginia. Born about 1759.

Fifth Generation


Family of Benjamin Reason SCHOOLER (4) & DEVINE

5. Benjamin Franklin SCHOOLER. Born in May 1759 in Spotsyvlania, Virginia. Benjamin Franklin died in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky on October 22, 1822; he was 63. Buried in James Jones Graveyard, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Revolutionary War.
Notes of Benjamin Franklin Schooler: [4]

The "History of Pike Co., Missouri" pg 625 states that Benjamin was listed in Spotsylvania Co., Virginia in 1787 as a delinquent taxpayer, and it was noted in the record that the had moved to Kentucky. He had moved there in 1817 and settled in Bourbon Co. After his death, his wife moved to Pike Co., Missouri with their son, Henry who settled there 30 September 1828. CENSUS:1790 Fayette Co., Kentucky CENSUS:1800 Fayette Co., Kentucky MILITARY:Benjamin served in the Revolutionary War. DEATH:Will Book G - Bourbon Co., Kentucky, buried in the James Jones Graveyard. Also listed in a family bible. His will dated 8 August 1822 mentioned his wife and children by name; beloved wife Patty, son John Schooler, son Benjamin Schooler, daughter Elizabeth Crow, daughter Nancy Schooler, daughter Sally Schooler, son Henry Schooler, and son Samuel Schooler.

Benjamin Franklin married Pattie (Patsy) FOSTER, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born in 1764. Pattie (Patsy) died in 1843; she was 79.
They had the following children:

i. John S. Born about 1805 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

On June 21, 1822 when John S. was 17, he married Sophia Staniford HILDRETH, daughter of Joseph HILDRETH & Elizabeth Ann KENNEDY, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

8 ii. Benjamin Reason (1797-1834)

iii. James. Born about 1800.

iv. Elizabeth. Born in 1788 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Elizabeth died in Clarksville, Pike County, Missouri on August 6, 1868; she was 80.

Notes on Elizabeth Schooler: [4]

Elizabeth is mentioned with her husband in the "History of Pike Co., Missouri" pg 607. MARRIAGE:Fayette Co., Kentucky Marriages first marriage recorded 26 July 1814, actual date of marriage not given. Bond was posted by Benjamin Crow and Benjamin Schooler. CENSUS:1850 Pike Co., Missouri, Calumet pg 224 CENSUS:1860 Pike Co., Missouri, Calumet pg 311 DEATH:Elizabeth's death is recorded in the "Annals of Kentucky"

On April 13, 1813 when Elizabeth was 25, she married Benjamin CROW/CROWE, in Fayette County, Kentucky. Born in 1785. Benjamin died in 1863; he was 78.

9 v. Martha “Patsy” (1803-)

vi. Nancy. Born in 1803 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Notes on Nancy Schooler: [4]

MARRIAGE: Bourbon Co., Kentucky Marriage bonds
On January 6, 1824 when Nancy was 21, she first married John FOSTER, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Nancy second married William STEVENS.

vii. Henry. Born on July 25, 1799 in Fayette County, Kentucky. Henry died in Pike County, Missouri on May 20, 1885; he was 85. Buried in Dover Ch. Cemetery, Pike County, Missouri.

Notes on Henry Schooler: [4]

History of Pike Co, Missouri, pg 625 contains articles on Henry Schooler and says that he left Kentucky September 3,1828 and settled in Pike Co., Missouri 30 September 1828. It also tells about the Reunions they held of Old Settlers of Pike Co., and Henry was listed for the one in 1882 as being 83 years of age. His son William H. Schooler was also listed as being 42 years of age. In an article mentioning his daughter Catharine B. it states that she came to Pike Co.. with her parents in 1828, when she was 5 years old. Henry was a carpenter, having learned the trade in Kentucky in 1818. He worked at this trade and farming almost all his life. He and his wife lived together over 54 years. Henry is listed in "Kentuckians in Missouri" Sprague 1985. CENSUS:1850 Pike Co., Missouri, Calumet pg 223 MARRIAGE:Bourbon Co, Kentucky marriage bonds, the bondsman was William Boggass. DEATH:Pike Co., Missouri Cemetery Records.
On March 14, 1822 when Henry was 22, he married Susanna BOGGESS, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born in 1807. Susanna died in 1876; she was 69.

viii. Samuel. Born about 1805 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Samuel died before January 21, 1864; he was 59.

Notes on Samuel Schooler: [4]

CENSUS: 1840 Pike Co., Missouri CENSUS:1850 De Sota Parish, Louisiana pg 199 CENSUS:1860 Polk Co., Texas, Moscow MARRIAGE:Bourbon Co., Kentucky Marriage bonds Bondsmand was Joseph Briggs DEATH:Rice A. J. Schooler petitions to be appointed administer of the estate of Samuel Schooler 19 Aug 1864. They are second cousins.

On April 26, 1829 when Samuel was 24, he first married Rebecca BIGS, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born in 1806. Rebecca died before 1860; she was 54.

after 1860 when Samuel was 55, he second married Martha EMBREY.

ix. Richard [4]. Richard died before 1822.

x. Lewis [4]. Born about 1790. Lewis died before 1822; he was 32.

Notes on Lewis Schooler: [4]

CENSUS:1820 Clark Co., Kentucky pg 94

Lewis first married Rebecca STEPP.

Lewis second married Nancy. Born about 1783.

xi. Suzie. Suzie died before 1822.

Suzie married George THOMAS.

6. William SCHOOLER. Born in 1760 in Spotsyvlania, Virginia. William died in Clark County, Kentucky in 1835; he was 75. [6] in 1779-1780 Revolutionary War. [7]
Notes of William Schooler: [4]

After 1760, the Virginia Council offered stong inducements to get people to settle in the new county of Augusta. Many families flocked to these new lands. Among them were Harrisons, Schoolers, Vances, Crawfords, Springers and other friends and relatives. After settling in what was thought to be Augusta County, Virginia, it transpired that they were in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. As population increased, counties were divided and divided again so that some people found themselves in four different counties without ever leaving the farm. About 1785, many of these related families moved from Pennsylvania to Kentucky. They located in Cynthiania, Harrison County. They went down the Ohio River to Limestone (Maysville) and along the Licking River to Cynthiania and Paris. Among them were the Schoolers. They were probably drawn to Kentucky by the land grants given for war service. "The Kentucky Gazette" of 8 September 1787 noted that Mr. Schooler of Harrison's Station on Licking Creek was fired on by Indians on the 5th of September. George Mason and Mr. Glascock were fired on by the Indians while cutting wood on Licking Creek on 7 September. Mason was fatally wounded." On 10 July 1795, William Schooler is mentioned as a 'teste' in court documents in Harrison Co., Kentucky in the will of Robert McKittrick, Sr. -Bundle #9, Suit #263 in 1798 William Schooler and wife Elizabeth vs. Lawrence Harrison -- charge of slander for claiming that Elizabeth committed adultery Michael McLaughlin. Lawrence had made the claim in public on 1 Oct 1796 apparently in hopes of breaking up William and Elizabeth. The court appointed two arbitration groups, but neither could apparently reach a decision as to whether Lawrence should pay the plantiffs for damages to the tune of a few hundred pounds of money. The outcome of the defamation suit is not clear, but William and Elizabeth requested subpoena of many of their neighbors. -Bundle #37, Suit #1036 John Yarnall vs. William and Charles Schooler -- defendants signed a statement on 20 Oct 1806 promising to pay the plaintiff with 125 gallons of whiskey. On 28 Nov 1799 in Harrison Co., Kentucky Deeds. John Harrison and wife Mary Ann of Jefferson Co., Kentucky to William Schooler and wife Betsy (Formerly Harrison and sister of the said John) and Elizabeth Schooler, infant dau. of Willam and Betsy of Harrison Co. right to 140 1/2 acres on Mill Creek a branch of south fork of Licking, and then to Elizabeth Schooler. Said Mary Ann being a representative of Benjamin Johnson Sr. MARRIAGE:William and Elizabeth's marriage is mentioned in the Harrison Co., Historical Magazine Vol 55 pg 85-94. CENSUS:1800 Harrison Co., Kentucky pg 260 CENSUS:1810 Tax List Harrison Co., Kentucky.

about 1779 when William was 19, he married Elizabeth (Betty) HARRISON [8, Date of Import: May 30, 1999], [9], daughter of Charles Jr. HARRISON (~1717-1786) & Sarah SMITHERS (1719-), in Cynthiana, Harrison, Kentucky. Born in 1760 in Virginia. Elizabeth (Betty) died in Harrison County, Kentucky before 1808; she was 48.
Notes on Elizabeth Harrison: [4]

BIRTH:Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 55, No. 1 Jan 1947 pp 85-94. Elizabeth was still living in 1799 but by 1808 was deceased.

They had the following children:

10 i. Benjamin Harrison (1780-1834)

11 ii. John (1782-1839)

12 iii. Elizabeth (1784-1863)

iv. Charles Harrison. Born in 1786 in Harrison County, Kentucky. Charles Harrison died in Boone County, Indiana in January 1842; he was 56.

Notes on Charles Harrison Schooler: [4]

Charles Harrison Schooler moved to Logan Co., Ohio 1810 following his brother Benjamin Harrison Schooler and then in 1833 he owned land in Boone Co., Indiana. In a 16 Feb 1807 Harrison Co., Kentucky Deed, Charles Schooler of Harrison Co. sold to John Neff 111 acres on Mill Creek part of Benjamin Johnson entry. Witnesses: William McKinson, William Schooler, and Jacob Powers. MARRIAGE:Harrison Co., Kentucky Marr. Rec. Bondsman, Evan Jones MILITARY:Served in War of 1812 in his brother Benjamin's Militia Company.
On February 10, 1809 when Charles Harrison was 23, he married Temperance (Tempa) JONES, in Cynthia, Kentucky. Born about 1784.

v. William. Born in 1790 in Harrison County, Kentucky. William died in Bartholomew County, Indiana in 1858; he was 68.

Notes on William Schooler: [4]

CENSUS:1840 Bartholomew Co., Indiana Germantown pg 78 CENSUS:1850 Bartholomew Co., Indiana, Germantown pg 434 MARRIAGE:Harrison Co., Kentucky Marriage Records, Bondsman Leonard Stump MILITARY:He served in the War of 1812 in his brother Benjamin's Company. LAND:On 18 Jan 1826 William and Elizabeth sold 60 acres of land to John Marr, which was part of the tract of land that they lived on. On 31 Oct 1832 in a Harrison Co., Kentucky Deed, William Schooler and wife Elizabeth of Bartholomew Co., Indiana sold to Nancy Whitson and John Whitson of Harrison Co., Kentucky 75 acres, beside the tract that they sold to John Marr. In March 1861 Elizabeth of Bartholomew Co., Indiana sells her interest in the estate of her father, Leonard Stump, on Mill Creek to George Stump of Harrison Co., Kentucky.

On January 3, 1816 when William was 26, he married Elizabeth STUMP [8, Date of Import: May 30, 1999], in Cynthia, Harrison County, Kentucky. Born in 1800.

13 vi. Richard (1791-~1840)

7. Salathial “Sally” SCHOOLER. Born on November 28, 1760 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Salathial “Sally” died in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky on April 8, 1850; she was 89. Buried in Near Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky.
Notes on Salathiel Schooler: [4]

Salathial and James settled in Bourbon Co., Kentucky and are mentioned in the "History of Scott, Harrison, Bourbon, and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky" by W. H. Perrin DEATH:Salathial died at the home of daughter Sarah Talbott on Paris Pike near Clintonville, Bourbon Co., Kentucky. She is buried beside her husband and nearby is their daughter, Mary W. Jones. Nearby are her parents, Benjamin Schooler and Devine and her brother Benjamin Franklin Schooler. FHC #6048628.

On August 17, 1782 when Salathial “Sally” was 21, she married James JONES, son of Thomas JONES & Affia ASHURST, in St. George Church Of England, Fredericksburg, Virginia. Born on March 26, 1758 in Fredericksburg, Stafford County, Virginia. James died in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky on June 3, 1839; he was 81. Buried in James Jones Graveyard, Bourbon County, Kentucky.
The paternal grandparents of John 1. Jones (our subject) were JAMES JONES b. 1758 in North Carolina, d. June 3, 1839 near Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky, i. James Jones graveyard which is on farm now (1954) owned by William Stipp, Sr., westerly of intersection of Clintonville and Ironworks Roads, m. August 17, 1782 in (old) St. George Church of England at Fredericksburg, Virginia, to SALATHIAL (probably a form of Sallie, and a Biblical name) SCHOOLER who was b. 1761 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia d. April 8, 1850 at home of daughter Sarah Talbott on Paris Pike near Clintonville, i. beside her husband. A nearby grave is that of Mary W. Jones (their unmarried daughter), b. February 26, 1797, d. November 24, 1882. Two other graves thereat, marked only by fieldstones, are said to be the resting places of Salathial Schooler's parents - Benjamin Schooler 1. m ------ Devine; both d. 1795. Another pile of stones is said to mark the grave of their son Benjamin II. "James Jones was put in Revolution at Yorktown under Washington; he migrated to Kentucky, locating (on Baughman's Creek near Athens) in Fayette County in 1789 movjng to Bourbon County in 1799; he (and wife) joined Stoney Point Regular Baptist Church, 1837; he acquired about 800 acres of land at Jones Crossroad in Bourbon County (the original land was purchased from Dr. Henry Clay and Archiebald Bedford); and he had a small cigar factory in Clintonville." - L. V. H. Jr., 1953. According to Perrin (1882, q.v.), James Jones was the first to manufacture tobacco in Bourbon County. In 1883, on the back of a Thomas Jones funeral ticket, Cynthia Rebecca Jones Wright (1842 - 1915) wrote, "The Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, Oct. 19, 1781 - my great-grandfather, James Jones and his brother William Jones were there - also my great-grandfather, Benj. Penn, went through the Revolutionary War." Before the war, James Jones worked as an overseer on a relative's plantation in North Carolina. The log cabin which James built (or acquired from his father-in-law, Benjamin Schooler, Sr. according to Mary S. Gorham, 1953) as a home in Bourbon County still stands on the place, now (1954) owned by Mrs. Mattie Lou Stipp Weathers, back from the intersection of Clintonville and Ironworks Roads; the graveyard is on the hill above the house on the farm of William Stipp. Before his death, James added extras to his house, including cherry and mahogany furniture; some bearing shipping addresses from New Orleans are treasured by the family. The inventory of James Jones (Bourbon County Will Book 2, p. 387) shows the estate to be appraised at $8,732, as of July 2, 1839. [10]
The ancestry of James Jones(supra), grandfather of our subject John I. Jones, is narrated by L. V. Hagan, Jr. thus: - "There is not a great deal to be found on the forebears of James Jones. who was the son of THOMAS and AFFIA ASHURST JONES, and who was grandson of WILLIAM JONES of North Carolina and a native of Wales. Will of William Jones mentions his son Thomas Jones and a maiden daughter, Elizabeth Jones (see North Carolina Calendar of Wills). Affia Ashurst, mother of James Jones, was a native of Savannah, Georgia, and a half-sister of Josiah Ashurst, who settled early in Bourbon County and became the ancestor of the Ashurst family thereabouts; several children of Josiah Ashurst married their half cousins - children of James and Salathiel Schooler Jones." - q.v. It is not known definitely when THOMAS JONES came to Kentucky; but before 1799 he was located in Paris, was an original trustee of Bourbon Academy, and was proprietor of the Paris Mills on east side of Stoner Creek as shown by early plats of Paris." (Sketches of Paris, by Keller & McCann (1876), at p. 7 notes that on February 20, 1797 he, with James Duncan and Charles Smith, were "appointed Commissioners to let out and superintend the building of a new courthouse", which was to last for 75 years; and at p. 16 it is noted that in 1805 the residence of Thomas Jones was a two-story log building on the west side of High Street near the then outskirts of "the compactness of the town", presumably about where Cherry Street now shows on the Hardin-Ardery map (1951) of Paris.) "Thomas Jones, before coming to Kentucky, served in the Revolution from his native state of North Carolina; and, at outbreak of War of 1812, he received a civil commission as Warehouseman in Paris. He was buried in the old Paris Cemetery, located where the Ice Plant later stood; all signs of this early cemetery have now disappeared, although many graves were moved to the new cemetery on Sixteenth Street. His will, dated October 4, 1811, was probated at the July, 1813 term of the Bourbon Court. The will of Affia Ashurst Jones is also on file thereat." [11]
He migrated to Kentucky, locating on Baughman's Creek near Athens in Fayette Co. in 1789 and moving to Bourbon Co. in 1799. He and his wife joined the Stoney Point Regular Baptist Church in 1837. James acquired about 800 acres of land at Jones Crossroad in Bourbon Co., Kentucky and he had a small cigar factory in Clintonville. MILITARY:James Jones served in the Revolution at Yorktown under Washington. DEATH:Will for James Jones dated 15 October 1835 and probated 6 January 1840 in Bourbon Co., Kentucky, names children; Patsy Foster, Polly Jones, Betsey Jones, Wharton Jones, William Jones, Nancy Ashurst, Thomas Jones, and Sally Talbott. It also mentions his wife Sally. Another source lists his death date as 12 December 1815, but it must be wrong. [4]
They had the following children:

i. Wharton. Born on May 21, 1783 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Wharton died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on July 21, 1845; he was 62. Buried in James Jones Graveyard.

Notes for Wharton Jones: [4]

In 1816 Wharton joined the Stoney Point Regular Baptist Church.

On February 1, 1806 when Wharton was 22, he married Cassandra TALBOT, daughter of Capt. John TALBOT, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

14 ii. William Schooler (1784-1846)

iii. Patsy Schooler. Born on April 23, 1787 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Patsy Schooler died in Stoney Point, Bourbon County, Kentucky on August 15, 1845; she was 58.

Notes for Patsy Schooler JONES: [4]

MARRIAGE: Bourbon Co., Kentucky Marriage bonds for marriage to Jesse Foster Bondsman was Wharton Jones.
On August 24, 1822 when Patsy Schooler was 35, she first married Jesse FOSTER, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

On March 25, 1836 when Patsy Schooler was 48, she second married John HODGE.

iv. Nancy B. Born on December 10, 1789 in Baughman’s Creek, Fayette County, Kentucky. Nancy B. died in Georgetown, Kentucky on November 11, 1881; she was 91.

On June 24, 1822 when Nancy B. was 32, she married Robert ASHURST, son of Josiah ASHURST (~1768-1820) & Rebecca (Rebeckah) KENNEDY (~1773-1855), in Bourbon County, Kentucky. [4] Born about 1785 in Baughman's Creek, Fayette, Kentucky. [4]

15 v. Thomas (1792-1883)

vi. John. Born on April 10, 1794 in Baughman’s Creek, Fayette County, Kentucky. John died on October 17, 1819; he was 25.

about 1821 when John was 26, he married Paulina ASHURST, daughter of Josiah ASHURST (~1768-1820) & Rebecca (Rebeckah) KENNEDY (~1773-1855), in Baughman's Creek, Fayette, Kentucky. [4] Born about 1798 in Baughman's Creek, Fayette, Kentucky. [4]

vii. Mary Ware. Born on February 26, 1797 in Baughman’s Creek, Fayette County, Kentucky. Mary Ware died in Clark County, Kentucky on November 24, 1882; she was 85. Buried in James Jones Graveyard, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

In 1836 she joined the Stoney Point Baptist Church but withdrew “in haste and indignation in 1859.” [12]

CENSUS: 1850 Bourbon Co., Kentucky living with her sister's family. [4]

viii. Benjamin. Born on September 13, 1799 in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Benjamin died in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky on September 14, 1824; he was 25.

Benjamin married Armanda HALL.

16 ix. Sarah Devine (1802-1891)

x. Elizabeth Ann. Born on April 3, 1804 in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Elizabeth Ann died in Clark County, Kentucky on June 5, 1895; she was 91. Buried in Scott Farm On Winchester-Mt. Sterling Road.

CENSUS:1850 Clark Co., Kentucky pg 94 CENSUS:1860 Clark Co., Kentucky pg 934 CENSUS:1870 Clark Co., Kentucky, Blue Ball pg 12 [4]
On September 13, 1841 when Elizabeth Ann was 37, she married Robert SCOTT. Born about 1798. [4]

xi. Rebeckah (Rebecca) Howerton (Died young). Born in 1806 in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

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