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23. Benjamin WOODFORD Jr. Born on January 22, 1882.
On November 26, 1925 when Benjamin was 43, he married Mamie STIVERS. Born on August 28, 1892. Mamie died on October 11, 1952; she was 60.
They had the following children:

i. Benjamin. Born on February 14, 1927.

31 ii. Mamie (1928-)

32 iii. Helen (1930-)

24. James Brooks WOODFORD. Born on June 18, 1884.
On December 10, 1909 when James Brooks was 25, he first married Rebecca DUKE. Born on October 8, 1887. Rebecca died on January 17, 1927; she was 39.
They had one child:

33 i. Anne Duke (1913-)

On October 27, 1947 when James Brooks was 63, he second married Stella Price LYONS. Born on June 30, 1897.
25. Mary Mitchell WOODFORD. Born on February 9, 1886. Mary Mitchell died on August 5, 1957; she was 71.
On December 23, 1914 when Mary Mitchell was 28, she married James L. DODGE, son of David M. DODGE (1832-1903) & Rebecca KENNEY (1835-1914). Born on May 17, 1867. James L. died on October 17, 1933; he was 66.
Note--It is speculation at this juncture that this James L. Dodge is the same as listed in the Scott Family Genealogy (p. 103).
HISTORY OF KENTUCKY AND KENTUCKIANS, E. Polk Johnson, three volumes, Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1912. Common version, Vol. III, pp. 1184-86. [Full page photograph of Mr. Dodge included with bio.] [Bourbon County]
James L. Dodge - On the old homestead estate which was the place of his nativity and which is eligibly located about three miles east of Paris, Bourbon county, Mr. Dodge is found as one of the representative agriculturists and stock-growers of his native county, where, both as a loyal and progressive citizen and as a reliable and substantial business man, he is well upholding the prestige of a name that has been identified with the annals of Kentucky history for four generations.
On his present fine homestead James L. Dodge was ushered into the world on the 17th of May, 1869, and is a son of David M. and Rebecca J. (Kenny) Dodge, both of whom were likewise natives of this county where the former was born on the 1st of August, 1832, and the latter on the 24th of August, 1835. David M. Dodge was a son of Edwin M. and Elizabeth (Seamands) Dodge, natives respectively of Clark and Bourbon counties, this state. Edwin M. Dodge, was a son of David and Dorcas (Mills) Dodge, the former of whom was the founder of the family in Kentucky, whence he came from Pennsylvania in the pioneer days and established his home in Clark County, where he continued to be engaged in agricultural pursuits until his death. The ancestors of David Dodge are as follows: His father was Isaac, son of Eli, son of Josiah, son of Josiah, son of John, son of Richard, who was the founder of the Dodge family in America. He appeared in Salem, Massachusetts in 1638. He reared a large family of children and many of his descendants are now to be found in various parts of the old Blue Grass commonwealth, as well as in other sections of the Union. Mrs. Elizabeth (Seamands) Dodge, paternal grandmother of James L. Dodge of this review, was a daughter of Manson Seamands, who served as major of a Kentucky regiment in the war of 1812 and who died in 1856; the maiden name of his wife was Newton.
Edwin M. Dodge was born in Clark county, Kentucky, about the year 1811 and was there reared to maturity under the conditions and influences of the pioneer epoch. As a young man he removed to Bourbon county and located in North Middletown precinct, where was solemnized his marriage to Miss Elizabeth Seamands. There he continued his identification with farming and stock-growing until his death, which occurred about the year 1836, and his widow subsequently became the wife of Kinzea Stone. They continued to reside in Bourbon county until their death.
David M. Dodge remained with his mother and stepfather until he had attained to the age of twenty years, and in the meanwhile he duly availed himself of the advantages of the common schools of the locality and period, the while he contributed his quota to the work and management of the home farm. In February, 1852, was solemnized his marriage to Miss Adeline Fretwell, daughter of Pascal and Maria (Hildreth) Fretwell, both of whom were representatives of old Virginia families. Mr. Adeline Dodge died in 1860, and of her four children Bettie is now the only one living; she is the widow of William Wood and resides in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana.
The three deceased children were Mary D., Edwin M. and William P. On the 22d of May, 1861, David M. Dodge contracted a second marriage, having then been united in the bonds of wedlock to Miss Rebecca J. Kenney, daughter of Victor M. and Catherine A. (Rogers) Kenney, both of whom were born and reared in Bourbon county. Victor M. Kenney was a son of James Kenney, who was born in Virginia, where he was reared to adult age and whence he came when a young man to Kentucky, numbering himself among the pioneers of Bourbon county. His first wife, the mother of Victor M., born the maiden name of Margaret Johnson, and after her death he contracted a second marriage. Mrs. Catherine A. (Rogers) Kenny was a daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (Spahr) Rogers, who were numbered among the early and honored pioneers of Bourbon county.
In 1856 David M. Dodge established his home on the farm now owned by his son James L., of this sketch, and as before stated, the place is located about three miles east of the thriving little city of Paris, on the Paris and North Middletown turnpike. He here gave the best of his splendid energies to the development and improvement of his property, and the tangible results of his efforts remain patent to all. He was a man of impregnable integrity in all the relations of life, was endowed with strong mentality and good judgment, and he was numbered among the best known and most highly esteemed citizens of his native county, where his death occurred, on his old homestead, on the 10th of April, 1903. He was a stanch Democrat in his political proclivities and his religious faith was that of the Presbyterian church. He did not hedge himself in with more personal aggrandizement but was liberal and progressive in his civic attitude. His second wife, Mrs. Rebecca J. (Kenney) Dodge, who survives him and remains on the old homestead, bore him four children, concerning whom the following brief record is entered: Martha V. is the wife of Charles G. Blakely, of Topeka, Kansas; David M. died when about 34 years of age; James L., is the immediate subject of this review; and Victor K. is an interested principal of the Phoenix Motor Car Company, of Lexington, this state, where he maintains his residence.
James L. Dodge was reared to maturity on the old homestead which is his present place of abode and which was likewise that of his nativity, and after availing himself of the advantages of the district school he continued his higher academic studies in the Garth Institute, at Paris, this county. He has never severed his allegiance to the great productive industry under whose influences he was reared and he is now the owner of the old homestead, to which he has added until his landed estate comprises 803 acres. The spacious residence and other buildings on the place are of the best type and this is recognized as one of the many fine farms that have given Bourbon county such distinctive prestige. As a young man Mr. Dodge began to devote special attention to the breeding and training of fine trotting and pacing horses, in which connection he gained precedence as one of the leading horsemen in the section which has ever represented his home. He still continues to own and handle a few high-grade horses and has never abated his love for the horse, but since the death of his father he has confined his energies more especially to diversified agriculture and to the raising of high-grade live stock, besides which he deals somewhat extensively in the same, making large shipments each years.
He is one of the progressive and wide awake citizens of Bourbon county, ever ready to give his influence and aid in support of measures and enterprises advanced for the general good of the community, and while he has had naught of aspiration for public office he is found aligned as a stanch supporter of the cause of the Democratic party, in whose faith he was reared. He is a member of the Presbyterian church.
On the 10th of December 1890, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Dodge to Miss Lucy H. Williams, who was born in Harrison county, Kentucky, on the 20th of September, 1869, and who was a daughter of John J. and Elizabeth (Stone) Williams. Of this union were born two children, one of whom died in infancy; the surviving child, Edgar W., was born on the 25th of November 1893. Mrs. Dodge was summoned to the life eternal on the 17th of July, 1905, secure in the affectionate regard of all who had come within the sphere of her gracious influence.
They had one child:

34 i. Alice Brooks (1916-)

26. Samuel Brooks WOODFORD. Born on April 5, 1893. Samuel Brooks died on December 14, 1952; he was 59.
On November 19, 1919 when Samuel Brooks was 26, he married Katherine WEATHERS. Born on January 21, 1894.
They had the following children:

i. Betsey Brooks. Born on October 11, 1920.

35 ii. William (1925-)
27. John Thornton WOODFORD. Born on February 8, 1897. John Thornton died on December 24, 1952; he was 55.
On June 14, 1920 when John Thornton was 23, he married Frances WEIMER. Born on July 31, 1897.
They had the following children:

36 i. Marilyn (1921-)

37 ii. Sally (1927-)

iii. Nancy. Born on August 10, 1928.

On September 30, 1952 when Nancy was 24, she married James TURNER. Born on April 3, 1925.

Family of Elizabeth DUNCAN (18) & Ephraim SMITH

28. Elizabeth Ann SMITH. Born on January 8, 1845 in Clay County, Missouri. Elizabeth Ann died in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri on December 27, 1934; she was 89.
On July 16, 1866 when Elizabeth Ann was 21, she married John Oscar SMITH, son of Nicholas SMITH III (1823-1855) & Amanda M. ALLISON (1824-ca1905), in Missouri. Born on October 7, 1845 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. John Oscar died in Clay County, Missouri on December 6, 1897; he was 52. Buried in Faubion Chapel Graveyard.
John Oscar Smith was born October 7, 1845 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. He was the eldest of three children born to Nicholas III and Amanda M. Allison Smith. John O. lost his father in 1855 when he was just ten years old. It must have been a struggle for Amanda, the 29 year old widow, to provide for her two remaining children. The 1860 census shows that John O. was by then a ward of Willis P. Collins, an officer of the court. Perhaps this 15-year old was apprenticed to Collins to learn skills of farming, although John later became a carpenter like his father.
On July 5, 1866, John Oscar married Elizabeth A. Smith (see Smith line "A"), in Clay County, Missouri. Why John O. Smith went to Missouri from Kentucky is unclear, perhaps there was a connection between the two lines of Smith families, or because of mutual familiarity with the Duncans of Paris, Kentucky who had relocated from Bourbon County. There may have been a connection with the Civil War as there was much action along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. A marriage certificate was filed for record on July 16, 1866. Whereby, 'William Warren, a minister of the gospel, solemnizes the rites of matrimony between John O. and Bettie A. Smith, both of this county." This marriage brought together the two Smith lines.
This union produced eight children: Edward (1868), John Oscar Jr.(1871), Mary Margaret (1873), Claude E. (1876, author's grandfather, see separate section ), William D. (1877), Julia Elizabeth "Lizzie" (1881), Eleven T. "tow" (1884), and Ephraim "Ephie" (1889).
On November 7, 1868, John Oscar and 'Elizabeth A. Smith,' his wife, sold a 98 acre plot of land in Bourbon County, Kentucky to his mother Amanda Allison Smith for $625. This property was the allotment of "Dower" from John's grandmother Nancy Shawhan Smith, the widow of Nicholas II. John O. was obviously severing ties with Bourbon County, Kentucky as he had moved on to Missouri.
The 1870 census verifies that John O. and Bettie A. were living in Liberty Township, Clay County, Missouri with a two year old son, Eddie. The 1880 census (see Exhibit "8b" in Appendix "A") shows John and Bettie A. and five children living in Platte Township next to her widower brother Ephraim Jr. and his three year old daughter Lola. Living in an adjacent house was their 68 year old widowed mother Elizabeth Duncan Smith. Bettie Al's brother Bazil (29) and sister Sallie (24) had never married and were still living with their mother. Ephraim Smith Sr. had just died and was enumerated on the mortality schedule of 1880.
Throughout John Oscar's lifetime, he attempted several different occupations. Besides farming and the carpentry of his youth, records show that in the 1870s he ran a restaurant. In 1891, he was appointed Postmaster at Linden, a small town north of Kansas City. This was where several Smith family members moved after leaving their farms.
Clay County Cemetery records show that John Oscar Smith, born in Bourbon County, Kentucky on October 7, 1845, died in Clay County, Missouri, December 6, 1897 at age 52. He was buried in the Faubion Chapel Graveyard located in Gallatin Township, eight miles southwest of Liberty. A gravestone, barely readable, still stands. Bettie A. was buried beside her husband but has no grave marker.
Edward Bazil ("Strawberry") Smith, eldest son of John O. and Bettie A., married Anna Kimbrell, a milliner or trimmer of hats, on August 13, 1891. He got the nickname "Strawberry" because he grew them in Kansas in his later years. They had four children. Eddie's younger brother Levy (Eleven T.) lived with them until his premature death in 1906. The 1910 census indicates that Edward and Anna had divorced. Edward died at Bethany Hospital at Wyandotte County, Kansas on January 26, 1953 at the age of 85.
John Oscar Smith Jr. married Vida C. Breckenridge, a girl from a neighboring farm, on February 18, 1894, in Platte Township, Clay County, Missouri. They rented their house and took in a boarder named Charles Russell, who was possibly a relative of the John B. Russell who married John Oscar's sister Mary Margaret. John O. Jr. and Vida had one child named Edith.
Mary Margaret Smith married John Benjamin Russell on January 28, 1890 at Smithville. They had three children: Ethyl, Ellis (Mike), and Iola, who died young. Mary Margaret died April 26, 1907 at only 34 years of age. Mary Ann Meares of Smithville (see acknowledgments) is the daughter of Ellis Russell.
Claude E. Smith ( was the author's grandfather, see separate page.)
William D. Smith married Etta Elizabeth Mosby on August 15, 1900 and had two daughters, Jessie Mardell and Wiletta E. He died in 1965 in Linden, Missouri at 88 years of age.
Julia Elizabeth "Lizzie" Smith married Arva Hudson, a mechanic and blacksmith. They lost several children but two survived, Elmo and Mary. They took in brother Claude's middle daughter Ruth (author's mother) when his wife Ella May died in 1912. Lizzie's 75 year old mother Bettie also lived with them until her death in 1934. At some point she was widowed or divorced and remarried a man named O'Dell. The Death Certificate shows Julia O'Dell had been a housewife and clerk. She died at Osawatomie, Kansas on March 23, 1963 at 1:50 PM of multiple pulmonary emboli.
Eleven T. Smith died on January 6, 1906 at the age of 22. He was single.
Ephraim Smith died on March 21, 1906 at the age of seventeen, just two months after his brother Levy. The gravestone at Barry Cemetery near Gladstone bears the inscription: "Eleven T. and Ephie -- Children of J.O. and Bettie A. Smith."


Deed Bk. 56, 492-493

Nov. 7th, 1868

John O. Smith to Amanda M. Smith

Know all men by these presents that I John O. Smith, of the County of Clay in the State of Missouri have this day, for and in consideration of the sum of six hundred and twenty five dollars to me in hand paid by Amanda M. Smith of the same County and State (the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged) bargained and sold, remised, quit claimed and conveyed and do by these presents, bargain and sell remise, release quit--claim and convey unto said Amanda M. Smith, her heirs and assigns forever all my right, (illegible) interest and estate whether legal or equitable, present, future, contingent, provisionary or in remainder of in or to following tract, piece or parcel of land, situate in the county of Bourbon in the State of Kentucky, towit; Beginning at the ash tree, thence S3 1/2 W32 poles to (2) the stake; thence S37 E23 poles S44 E13.50 poles to 3. S39 E 23.44 poles to 4. South 40 3/4 E 55.80 poles to 5., Trabue’s Corner, thence S30 1/2 W 17.12 to 6. thence S32 1/2 W 22.24 poles to (66), thence S 89 1/2 E 57 poles to 7. the two box elder stumps, Dan’l Shawhan’s corner, thence north 39.47 (?) 93.76 poles to a stake. Thence north 39 1/2 W 99 poles to the middle of the Licking at (6). thence down the said stream South 50 W 17 poles, South 63 1/2 W 16 poles to the north bank of Licking at M. thence South 24 W 19.50 poles to the beginning. Containing 98 acres 2 roods (?) and 10 poles. The said tract piece or parcel of land so bounded and described being the allotment of dower to Nancy Smith, widow of Nicholas Smith, late of said County of Bourbon deceased, which Nicholas Smith deceased was the grant father of me, the said John O. Smith. To have and to hold the premises hereby conveyed, together with all and singular tenements, hereditaments thereunto belonging to in any wise appertaining to unto the only proper use, benefit and behalf of said Amanda M. Smith her heirs and assigns forever. In testimony whereof, I the said John O. Smith, have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this seventh day of November A. D. 1868.

John O. Smith, seal
Memorandum--The words & figures “North 39.47. 93.76 poles to a stake thence after the 4th word of the 27trh line of the 1st page of this died, intermined before the signing and sealing of this deed.
John O. Smith, seal
State of Missouri, County of Clay, City of Liberty

I D.C. Allen, Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Kentucky, duly appointed and Commissioned by the Governor thereof for the State of Missouri, and authorized to take acknowledgements of Deeds and other writings, do certify that this deed from John O. Smith to Amanda M. Smith was this day produced to me in my office in the City of Liberty aforesaid, by the said Grantee, and by him then and there acknowledged before me to be his act and deed, for the purposes thereon mentioned. Given under my hand and seal of office this seventh day of November A. D. 1868.

D. C. Allen, Commissioner
State of Kentucky

County of Bourbon

I Jas. M. Hughes Clerk of the County Court of said County, do certify that on the 1st day of February 1869 the foregoing deed was produced to me in my office for record. Whereupon said deed which is duly stamped legally with the certificates therein endorsed hath been duly admitted to record in said office. Given under my hand the day and year aforesaid.
J. M. Hughes, clk.
They had the following children:

i. Edward. Born in September 1868. Edward died in Bonners Springs, Wyandotte County, Kansas on January 25, 1953; he was 84.

On August 13, 1891 when Edward was 22, he married Anna KIMBRELL, in Clay County, Missouri.

ii. John Oscar. Born in January 1871 in Clay County, Missouri.

On February 18, 1894 when John Oscar was 23, he married Vida C. BRECKENRIDGE, in Clay County, Missouri. Born in Clay County, Missouri.

iii. Mary Margaret. Born on September 16, 1873 in Smithville, Clay County, Missouri. Mary Margaret died in Smithville, Clay County, Missouri on April 26, 1907; she was 33.

On January 28, 1890 when Mary Margaret was 16, she married John Benjamin RUSSELL, in Clay County, Missouri.

38 iv. Claude E. (1876-1953)

39 v. William D. (1877-1965)

40 vi. Julia Elizabeth “Lizzie” (1881-1963)

vii. Eleven T. Born on May 23, 1884. Eleven T. died on January 6, 1906; he was 21.

viii. Ephraim. Born on March 13, 1889 in Missouri. Ephraim died in Clay County, Missouri on March 21, 1906; he was 17.

Ninth Generation


Family of Elizabeth Buckner WOODFORD (22) & William Perry WORNALL

29. Ben Woodford WORNALL. Born on June 13, 1909.
On May 31, 1947 when Ben Woodford was 37, he married Katherine HARDIN. Born on January 25, 1913.
They had one child:

i. Perry Woodford. Born on October 25, 1948.

30. William Perry WORNALL. Born on June 24, 1904 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. William Perry died on May 9, 1949; he was 44.
On August 25, 1926 when William Perry was 22, he married Maria Gay PAYNE, daughter of Mathew Rume PAYNE & Marguerite Rebecca LYNE, in Augusta, Kentucky. Born on January 28, 1908 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Maria Gay died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on November 19, 1993; she was 85. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky.
They had the following children:

41 i. Marguerite Lyne (1928-)

42 ii. William Perry (1931-)

Family of Benjamin WOODFORD Jr. (23) & Mamie STIVERS

31. Mamie WOODFORD. Born on December 26, 1928.
On June 19, 1954 when Mamie was 25, she married James Holley DENISON Jr.. Born on November 16, 1921.
They had the following children:

i. James. Born on April 20, 1955.

ii. Susan Scott. Born on September 22, 1957.
32. Helen WOODFORD. Born on December 16, 1930.
On January 17, 1953 when Helen was 22, she married Robert Stanley SMOOT Jr.. Born on June 22, 1928.
They had the following children:

i. Daniel Woodford. Born on April 8, 1954.

ii. Steven Alan. Born on July 19, 1957.

Family of James Brooks WOODFORD (24) & Rebecca DUKE

33. Anne Duke WOODFORD. Born on May 16, 1913.
On October 6, 1945 when Anne Duke was 32, she married Angelo EAGON. Born on May 7, 1909.
They had the following children:

i. James Woodford. Born on September 7, 1946.

ii. Katherine Meredith. Born on April 4, 1948.

iii. Anne Duke. Born on April 16, 1949.

Family of Mary Mitchell WOODFORD (25) & James L. DODGE

34. Alice Brooks DODGE. Born on October 11, 1916.
On October 13, 1938 when Alice Brooks was 22, she married Edward REYNOLDS. Born on November 21, 1915.
They had the following children:

i. Rebecca Dodge. Born on April 9, 1941. Rebecca Dodge died on November 22, 1941.

ii. Betsy. Born on November 4, 1942.

iii. James Dodge. Born on October 26, 1945. James Dodge died on May 27, 1946.

iv. Alice Woodford. Born on December 31, 1947.

Family of Samuel Brooks WOODFORD (26) & Katherine WEATHERS

35. William WOODFORD. Born on January 31, 1925.
On September 23, 1950 when William was 25, he married Kent Forman HILL. Born on July 11, 1929.
They had the following children:

i. William Archer. Born on January 29, 1951.

ii. Martha Stevens. Born on April 17, 1953.

iii. Katherine Foreman. Born on January 29, 1955.

Family of John Thornton WOODFORD (27) & Frances WEIMER

36. Marilyn WOODFORD. Born on March 18, 1921.
On April 3, 1943 when Marilyn was 22, she married Gordon MARTIN. Born on August 20, 1920.
They had the following children:

i. Joel. Born on September 11, 1945.

ii. Alice. Born on May 16, 1948.

iii. Christopher. Born on April 20, 1955.

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