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First Generation


1. William TALBOTT. Born in 1621 in London, England. William died circa 1680; he was 59.
Alan Dorschug Notes: [1]

It is not known, at this time, when our Talbott ancestors immigrated to the New World. A Samuel Talbott is mentioned in the Minutes of the Virginia Council and General Court, 1622-1624 as "(D)ept fr Sam: Talbott of 59" tob of which he had lost Mr Benets noa(t)." Another reference in the Court of James Citty the 12th of January 1626 is "Benjamin Drury & Samuel Tabott I desire you to goe w'th Henry Woodward to Warosquoyacke, & to remaine with him there, till you heare further fro' your master Mr. Stone out of England."-

A William Talbott, age fourteen,3 was transported from London to Virginia in August, 1635 on the "Globe." And in Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants there are listed William Talbotts as being transported to Virginia in four different instances: in a land grant to Captain Henry Fleete dated 1 August 1652; in a land grant to Edward Coles dated 10 October 1652; in a land grant to Toby Smith dated 10 June 1657; and in a land grant to Lt. Col. Thomas Goodrich in 1662. (Some times land grants were issued several years after persons arrived in America and it could be that four different persons (Fleete, Coles, Smith and Goodrich) all claimed the same William Talbott in order to obtain more land. The Maryland Archives contains records of a long bitter lawsuit over the ownership of Kent Island in Chesapeake Bay. William Claiborne of Virginia claimed ownership of the island as a gift from the crown, but Lord Baltimore claimed the island as part of his Maryland holdings. A William Tawbott had apprenticed himself (for passage to America) to work in a factory making wine casks on the Island of Kent in a business belonging to Cloberry & Company of England whose manager of shipping was Captain Henry Fleete. The Maryland records show that about thirty men who had testified for Claiborne against Lord Baltimore fled the island and that William and John Talbot were taken off the island by Captain Henry Fleet in the Cloberry ship to Lancaster County on the north side of the Rappahannock River in 1652. A William Talbott of Rappannock County, Virginia is said to have married Mary Sharp prior to 1676 and to them three sons were born: William who married Katherine Lewis, John and Thomas. William Talbott received a patent for one hundred fourteen acres of land in Rappahannock County adjacent to Col. Goodrich, land formerly owned by Thomas Paddison on 8 April 1674. It is known that William Talbott, our ancestor, purchased one hundred thirty-three and one-half acres of land at the head of Rappahannock Creek on 29 October 1698 from William Stewart.7 Our William Talbott was married to Katherine Lewis Moss, daughter of William and Ann Lewis. William Talbott died in 1713, intestate; and his widow, Katherine, asked the court of Richmond County, Virginia for representatives to appraise her husband's estate (Richmond County was formed from Rappahannock County in 1692).

Samuel, b 1688/89, Rappahannock County, VA; d 1726; m Elizabeth

*Benjamin, b 1690+, d 1726, m. Hannah Neale.

On 2 September 1719, Samuel Talbott, above, of Sittenbourne in the County of Richmond, son of William and Katherine, gave to his brother, Benjamin, all rights to a parcel of land containing sixty-six and three-fourths acres at the head of Rappahannock Creek which had been purchased by his father, William, from William Stewart, provided Benjamin Talbott would have an heir. If Benjamin Talbott should die without issue law-fully begotten, the said land and premises were to be returned to the said Samuel Talbott.

Benjamin Talbott and Hannah, his wife, rightfully produced their first born, William Talbott, before 1722; and in a deed dated 5 February 1723, Samuel Talbott for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings money of Great Brittain to him in hand paid by his brother, Benjamin Talbott, gave Benjamin complete title to the one hundred and thirty-three and one-half acres of land his father, William had purchased from William Stewart.

Benjamin Talbott

Benjamin Talbott, born circa 1690, was the second son of William and Katherine (Lewis) Talbott. He married Hannah Neale, daughter of Daniel and Ursula (Presley) Neale.

Benjamin had inherited all of the land of his father, William, because he had an heir and therefore Benjamin's brother, Samuel, relinquished his share of the land. In 1726, both Samuel and Benjamin died suddenly, about five days apart, probably from an epidemic, and Hannah was left a widow with four boys to raise.

Benjamin is mentioned in his brother's will, written 16 December 1726 as receiving a"horse, his best suit of wearing clothes, and four chairs."
Benjamin Talbott made his last will on 24 December 1726 which reads: In the name of God, Amen, I, Benjamin Talbott of the Parish of Sittenbourne and County of Richmond being very sick of body but of sound sense and memory, praise be given to God for the same do constitute and ordain this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following: Imprimes: First and Principally, I recommend my soul to Almighty God who gave it and my body to be decently interred at the descretion of my executors hereafter named.

Item: I give and bequeath unto my loving wife, Hannah Talbott, a horse, and a suit of clothes, four chairs, a hand saw, broad axe and sword. I give to be equally divided between my four sons, William, Benjamin, Daniel and Samuel Talbott, all which my brother, Samuel Talbott, left me before his decease.

Item: I give unto my son, William Talbott, a pair of pistols, holsters and breastplate.

Item: I give my four sons William, Benjamin, Daniel and Samuel Talbott two cows each to be delivered to them when they attain the age of twenty years and further my will is that at the deathof any or either of them that their share is to go to the survivors.

Item: I give to Presley Neale my yellow suit of clothes.

Item: I give to my loving wife all the rest of my estate, my land and one negro woman named "Molly" and after her decease to go to my son William and in case the negro woman hath any children my will is that my three other sons have each of them one if she have so many, and if not, that my son Benjamin have the first born, Daniel the next and Samuel the last and if she have any more to go to my son William and his heirs.

Item: I constitute and appoint my well beloved wife and my loving friend, Wharton Ramsdell, whole and sole executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former and other wills heretofore by me made. In testimony thereof I h~ye hereunto setmyhand and seal the 24th day of December 1726.

It was just three years after Samuel and Benjamin died (in 1726) that Hannah, Benjamin's wife, died. The four boys: William, Benjamin, Daniel and Samuel, were taken to Fairfax County, Virginia to be raised by their uncles, the Neales. Hannah's estate was appraised and recorded in Richmond County 6 August 1729 as having a total value of betweenl2 five and six hundred dollars. A few of the items inventoried were:

4 head of sheep

4 sows

11 shoats @ 3s

3 shoats @ is

1 old feather bed & bolster

2 old cotton sheets & bedstead

1 old table, gorm, old chest

1 gold ring, shirt buckle

2 negro woman named Molle

1 cider cask, 2 old tubs

3 cows @ 30s

3 heifers @ 25s

1 steer

1 bull



*William, b before 5 Feb 1722, Richmond County, VA; m Leanna Mason, dau of French Mason

Benjamin, b circa 1722.

Daniel, b circa 1774; m (1) Ann West, (2) Ann Moss.

*Samuel, b circa 1726; m Mary Magdaline Demoville 1752; d 31 Dec 1777.13


Samuel Talbott

Samuel was born circa 1726, the son of Benjamin and Hannah (Neale) Talbott. His parents died when he was young and he and his brothers were raised by their Neale uncles.

Samuel Talbott was married in 1752 to Mary Magdaline Demoville, daughter of Samuel and Rose (Neale) Demoville. Samuel Talbott's mother, Hannah Neale Talbott, and Samuel Talbott's mother-in-law, Rose Neale, were cousins.

In 1756, Samuel and Mary Magdaline Talbott bought two hundred and two acres of land from her brother, Sampson Demoville and his wife, Betty, in Fairfax County, Virginia, for seventy pounds current money;17 and in 1759, they sold the land for eighty pounds to Richard Simpson. In 1767, Samuel Talbott purchased four hundred acres of land on Elk Licking Run in the County of Loudoun, Virginia; and in 1772, he sold the land. On 18 May, 1774, Samuel Talbott of Fairfax County, VA bought three hundred acres of land 9 in Fairfax County for two hundred and twenty-five pounds current money.

Family lore is that Samuel Talbott died at Valley Forge while fighting for George Washington during the Revolutionary War. He is said to have died 31 December 1777. 20

In "Talbott Family History" by Presley Talbott, it is stated: Many of the men of the same area were known to be in the Revolution, friends of the Talbotts. December 6, 1777, the British advanced on Washington's army at Whitmarsh in the suburbs of Morgantown, having left Philadelphia. On the 8th, the British advanced and were attacked by Colonel Daniel Morgan and his rifle corps and Colonel Gist and his Maryland militia. Twenty-seven in Morgan's corps were killed or wounded. On the 9th the British retreated to Philadelphia, and Washington broke up his encampment at Whitmarsh and in the midst of deep snow marched to his winter quarters at Valley Forge arriving the 19th. Samuel Talbott died there twelve days later on Tuesday, December 31, 1777.--

No official record has been found of his participation in the war; however on 15 June 1778, Mary Magdaline Talbott, William Payne and Thomas Langston posted a bond of two thousand pounds "the condition of this obligation is such that if the above bound Mary, administrator of all goods, chattels and credits of Samuel Talbutt, deceased ....22 In the administration of his estate in 28 April 1779, Fairfax County, Virginia, Mary Magdaline Talbott received her dower's portion of her husband's estate which included several Negro slaves, a black horse, one bay and colt, furniture, silver teaspoons, stone soup plates, Queens china and other household items and livestock. 23 Mary Magdaline Talbott died in 1791; her will is as follows: In the name of God, Amen I, Mary Magdaline Talbott, of the County of Fairfax and Parish of Truro professing a sound mind and memory do appoint and constitute this my last will and testament in the manner and form hereafter expressed. First, I recommend my soul to God through the merits of his son, Jesus Christ and well knowing that my body is but dust, and after, I desire that it may be decently (by my Executors) buried so return to what I was taken from, as to what God has been pleased to bless me with I give as follows, viz: I give and bequeath to my son, Rodham Talbott, a horse called "Lightfoot" and a featherbed and furniture belonging to it.

I give and bequeath to my loving daughter, Hannah Talbott, a Negro woman called "Peg" also two feather beds with their furniture and one bed quilt enclusive; also a cherry tree chest with drawers together with a mare called "Pink" and her riding saddle also a large looking glass and her large trunk.

I give and bequeath to my loving daughter, Catherine Johnson, one horse called "Monkey" and a bed that she is now in possession of with a quilt for a bed that she also has also furniture for that bed. I desire may be given her out of the house also her riding saddle and a large trunk that she is in possession of together with a small trunk. I give and bequeath to my loving daughter, Anna Talbott, one Negro boy called "Dennis" and one mare called "Fanny" and her riding saddle also two beds with their furniture and a bed quilt enclusive also one large trunk and two small ditto.

I give to my son DeMovii Talbott my large family Bible he having possessed the greatest part of his father's estate cannot expect more.

I give to my son, Samuel Talbott, forty shillings Virginia currency to be paid by my Executors hereafter mentioned as a small proof that I have not forgotten him though he is far removed from me long since. The slaves that I hold as my dower, if I am insisted to dispose of them, I desire may be equally divided among all my children.

It is my will and desire that all the rest and residue of my estate be equally divided between my sons Rodham and Sampson and my daughters Hannah, Catherine and Anna, and lastly I do appoint my sons Demovil Talbott and Rodham Talbott Executors to this my last will and testament revoking all other wills by me heretofore made given under my hand and seal this seventh day of February 1791.

Mary M. Talbott

In presence of:

Hunter, Morris Fox,

Thomas Sinclair, Richard Gunnel124

The above will was presented in the Court by Demovil and Rodham Talbott, Executors named, Fairfax County, Virginia 19 September 1791.--

In the inventory of her estate presented to the County of Fairfax 17 April 1792, her son, Demovil Talbott, the Executor, mentions that her son Samuel Talbott was in Kentucky.


*Demovii, b July 25, 1754; m (1) Leanna Talbott, his cousin; (2) Margaret (Peggy) Williams; d 16 April 1839, Bourbon County, KY. (See Fifth Generation, Demovil Talbott and Leanna Talbot, page 25). Samuel, b 17 March 1756, Fairfax County, Virginia, m Constantine Regan (2) Mary O'Daniel; d 1798.

Presley, b 9 April 1758; d 1776. Nancy, b 2 December 1760; d 1774.

Jemina, b 15 Oct 1762; d young.

Rodham, b 15 Feb 1764; d 7 Sept 1855, Shelby County, Ohio.

Sampson, b 27 Nov 1767; m (1) Cassandra Jarboe (2) Jane Kenton

(3) Mary Kenton; d in Miami County, Ohio.

Hannah Neale, b 11 Jan 1770; d 1792.

Catherine, b 3 Dec 1772; m Johnston; d2~793.

Ann, b 27 May 1774; d 1825, Paris, Kentucky.



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Footnotes (Continued)

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William married Mary SHARP, daughter of John SHARP.
They had one child:

2 i. William (ca1645-1713)

Second Generation


Family of William TALBOTT (1) & Mary SHARP

2. William TALBOTT II. Born circa 1645. William died in 1713; he was 68.
Indenture Between William Stewart and William and Catherine Talbott: [2]

THIS INDENTURE made the 20th day of October in the yeare of our Lord God 1698 Between William Stewart of the County of Westmoreland of the one part & William Talbott & Catherine his Wife of the other part. Witnesseth that the said William Stewart for & in consideracon of the sum of Six thousand pounds of good sound tobacco in caske hath given & made over unto the said Wm: Talbott and Katherine his Wife his heires & assignes forever, all that parcell of Land scituate lying and being in the County of Richmond conteyning One hundred thirty & three acres & a halfe being the one halfe or moyety of a parcell of Land purchased by the said William Stewart & Morgan Williams and now in the tenure & occupacon of the said Wm. Stewart with all the rights & appurtenances with all profitts & hereditamts thereunto belonging and also all the right & demand whatsoever of him the said Wm. Stewart & his heires; To have & to hold the said parcell of Land and the premisses hereby granted with all & singular its rights unto the said Wm. Talbot & Catherine his Wife his heires to the only proper use of the sd Wm. Talbott & Catherine his Wife his heires & assignes forever and the said Wm. Stewart for himselfe his heirs the said parcell of Land unto the said Wm. Talbott & Catherine his Wife against him his heires & all & every other persons lawfully claiming any right shall & will warrant & forever defend by these presents, And the said Wm. Stewart doth agree that he hath full power to sell the hereby granted premisses and that he the said William Talbott & Catherine his Wife his heires & every of them may at all times forever hereafter lawfully & quietly hold & enjoy the said Land with all its rights without any lawfull trouble or disturbance of him the sid William Stewart his heires or any other person lawfully claiming under him, And further he the said Wm. Stewart will at the reasonable request of the said Wm. Talbott & Catherine his Wife & at his or their proper cost & charge in the Law acknowedge every such reasonable assurance as shall be reasonably advised for the better assurance of the before sold premisses and also make acknowledgemt of this present Deed of Bargaine & Sale before the Worshipfull his Majties Justices of the peace at the next Court that shall be held for the County of Richmond in Testimonie whereof the said Wm. Stewart hath hereunto sett his hand & seale the day & yeare first above written Signed sealed & delivered in presence of Richd:


Wm. Stewart

Tho: Dickenson

Recognitr in Cur Com: Richmond 1st die Febry: Ano: Dom: 1698 et record: 15th die

TO ALL XPIAN people to whom these prsents shall come, Wm. Stewart of the County of Westmoreland sendeth Greetings. Whereas John Peirce by his obligacon bearing date the first day of July 1691 became bound unto Morgan Williams & Wm. Stewart joyntly & severally in the sum of Thirty three thousand pounds of tobacco condiconed for the performance of Covinants comprized & menconed in a certaine Indenture of Bargaine & Sale of a certaie parcell of Land scituate lying & being in the County of Richmond, the one halfe or moyety whereof is now by the said Wm. Stewart bargained & sold unto Wm. Talbott & Catherine his heirs & assignes. Now the said Wm. Stewart for their better enjoying of the said premisses with all & singular the appurtinances thereunto belonging hath as much as in him is assigned & made over and doth by these prsents full clearly & absolutely assigne and make over unto the said Wm. Talbott & Catherine his Wife their heires & assignes forever the said recited obligation and all & every the sum or sums of tobacco therein conteyned & menconed and the benefitts & advantages thereof to be had & made and the sd Wm. Stewart doth granted to & with the sd Wm. Talbott & Catherine his Wife his heires & assignes that he the said Wm. Talbott his heires & assignes shall in lawfull manner at his cost & charges in all things at all times hereafter sue for levey & enjoy all sums of tobacco benefitts & advantages whatsoever wch may be gotten by virtue or maner of the said recited obligacon in the name of the sd William Stewart his heires without any manner of non suit release trouble or interruption of the sd Wm. Stewart his Executrs: or assignes, And the said Wm. Talbott & Catherine his Wife do agree with the sd Wm. Stewart that they will save & keep harmless the said Wm. Stewart his heires & assignes from all manner of costs & charges that may arise by maner of any suit upon or by reason of the said obligacon. In Witness whereof the sd Wm. Stewarthath hereunto sett his hand & seale this 29th of Octbr: Ano: 1698.

Signed sealed & delivered in presence of



Wm. Stewart

Richd: WhiteB

Recognitr: in Cur: Com: Richmond 1st die Febry: Ano: Dom: 1698 et recordr: 15th die

Test Wm. Colston, Cl Cur

At a court held for Richmond County the 6th day of May 1713


John Tarpley Thomas Fitzhugh )

Charles Barber Austin Brockenbrough )

Gent Justices

Joseph Duke


Katherine Talbot came into Court and made oath that William Talbot departed this life without making any will so far as she knows or believes and on her motion and giving Security for her just and Fairthful administration of the said deceds Estate, Certificate is granted her for obtaining Letters of Administration i due form. ---

James Irgo, Joseph Belfield, Thomas James and Henry Bruce or any three of them Sometime between this and the next court, are appointed to appraise all and singular the estate of William Talbot deced, which shall be presented to their view (the said estate to be appraised in money) and make Report thereof to the said next court. Capt. Edward Barrow or any other Justice of ye peace for this county is Requested to adminster an oath to the appraisers for their true appraisement of the said deceds Estate and also to Katherine Talbott ye administratrix for her true discovery thereof. ---

Katherine Talbot, John Champe and John Talbot came into court and acknowledged their bond for the said Katherine Talbots Just and Fairthful adminstracen of the Estate of William Talbott deced, and it was admitted to Record.


At a Court held for Richmond County the third day of June 1713


Alexander Donipan Jonathon Gibson

Gent Justices

Charles Barber Richard Talliafero )


The appraisement of the estate of William Talbott deced being this day returned, It is ordered that the same be Recorded.


True Extracts from records of my court.

Teste: E. Carter Delano,

Dep: Clk.

O.B.6, pp 88-91-107


William Talbott, Jr., was the son of William and Mary Sharp Talbott. Our first reference to him thus far is from October 1661 when Robert Hopkins, and his wife, Katherine, gave "William Talbut Junr. one Brown heifer wth swallow tayle in her right Eare & a cropp in ye left Eare & a hole the male Catle to be for ye use of ye Father of ye sd Child during his life & after ye death of ye father both male & female to William Talbut ye younger & his said heires forever..." This gift was not recorded until August 11, 1677, after the death of William Sr. (ORCD&W 1677-1682, p. 135) [1]
William married Katherine LEWIS, daughter of William LEWIS & Ann.
They had the following children:

i. Samuel.

Richmond County Deed Book #8


Lease and Release. Feb. 5-6, 1722 from Samuell Talbot of Parish of Sittenburne in R, planter, to Benjamin Talbot of same, planter, for 3500 pounds of good tobacco, all that parcel of land and plantation containing about 133.5 acres, being the one half or moiety of a parcel of land formerly purchased by William Stewart of R decd and Morgan Williams, and by the said William Stewart sold to Willm Talbot and Catherine, his wife, father and mother of the said Samuell and Benjamin, parties to these presents, mentioned by patent of Oct 29, 1698, and after the death of the said William Talbot, became the freehold and inheritance of the said Samuel Talbot, party to these presents first names. The 133.5 acres is in Sittenburne, and bounded by the head of Rappahanock Cr, and now in the tenure of said Benja Talbot.

Signed - Samuell (his T mark) Talbot

Edwd Hinkley

John (his mark) Yeatman

James Willson

Recorded Feb 6, 1722.

Elizabeth Talbot, the wife of the said Samuell Talbot, appeared in court and

relinquished her right of dower.


Will of Samuel Talbert/Talbutt of Richmond Co., VA

In the name of God Amen I Samuell Talbert of the parrish of North Farnham and County of Richmond being very sick of body but in sound sence and memory thanks be Given to God for the same Doe Constitute and ordain this to be my Last wille and Testament in maner and forme following (vizt) -

Impr mis - First and principally I recomend my Soul to Almighty God who Gave it and my Body to be decently interrd at the discrecon of my Executrix hereafter named and as for my worldly Estate which it hath pleased almighty God to his great goodness to Endow me with I freely part with and dispose of as followeth -

Item I give and bequeath unto my Brother Benjamin Talbutt my best suit of wearing cloths and four chairs.

Item I give unto my Loving wife Elizabeth Talbutt all the rest of my estate whatsoever both real and personall and further my will is that my said wife Elizabeth Talbutt be whole and sole Executrix of this my Last will and Testament acknowledging this and none other hereby Disanulling all former and other wills heretofore by me made in Testimony whereof I have hereto sett my hand and seal the 16th day of December 1726.

Samll (his mark "T") Talbutt {Seal}

sealed and dd in the prsence of

Robt (his mark)


At a Court held for Richmond County



the first day of February 1726/7

This will was proved in open court by the oaths of Thomas Gearing one of the witnesses thereo and admitted to Record.

Test - M:Beckwith Cl. Cur.

A copy - Teste: E. Carter Delano
3 ii. Benjamin (1690-1726)

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