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134. Samuel Brooks WOODFORD. Born on April 5, 1893. Samuel Brooks died on December 14, 1952; he was 59.
On November 19, 1919 when Samuel Brooks was 26, he married Katherine WEATHERS. Born on January 21, 1894.
They had the following children:

i. Betsey Brooks. Born on October 11, 1920.

161 ii. William (1925-)
135. John Thornton WOODFORD. Born on February 8, 1897. John Thornton died on December 24, 1952; he was 55.
On June 14, 1920 when John Thornton was 23, he married Frances WEIMER. Born on July 31, 1897.
They had the following children:

162 i. Marilyn (1921-)

163 ii. Sally (1927-)

iii. Nancy. Born on August 10, 1928.

On September 30, 1952 when Nancy was 24, she married James TURNER. Born on April 3, 1925.

Family of Susan CARRINGTON (92) & James Harvey CASSITY

136. William H. CASSITY. Born in 1842 in Bath County, Kentucky.
William H. married Nancy STULL. Born in 1853 in Bath County, Kentucky.
They had one child:

164 i. John Harvey (1872-1931)

Family of Samuel Lapsley STRODE (96) & Juliet Deforest CALDWELL

137. Edward Brown STRODE. Born on May 16, 1876. Edward Brown died in Ralls County, Missouri on March 1, 1959; he was 82. Buried in Barkley, Missouri.
On December 17, 1903 when Edward Brown was 27, he married Amanda CONN. Born on August 21, 1879. Amanda died in Ralls County, Missouri on February 19, 1976; she was 96.
They had the following children:

i. Edward Breckenridge. Born on August 24, 1909 in New London, Ralls County, Missouri.

On December 7, 1951 when Edward Breckenridge was 42, he married Rosie Rena HECHT, in Hannibal, Ralls County, Missouri. Born on August 6, 1911 in Mason City, Illinois.

ii. Julia Frances.

iii. Mary Nell.

iv. Robert Conn.

v. Joe. Born on July 6, 1911 in New London, Ralls County, Missouri.

On November 10, 1934 when Joe was 23, he married Christine PALLISTER. Born on May 8, 1910.

vi. Thomas Morton.

Family of William S. BRYAN (98) & Judith FIELD

138. William H. BRYAN.
William H. married Miss BARTLETT. Born in Louisville, Kentucky.
They had the following children:

i. Blanche.

ii. Florence.
139. George W. BRYAN Sr. Born on August 23, 1815. George W. died on August 8, 1849; he was 33.
On January 15, 1839 when George W. was 23, he married Elizabeth A. W. MILLER, daughter of Joseph MILLER (1788-1853) & Patsey O. E. McCLELLAND (1792-). Born in 1815 in Millersburg, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Elizabeth A. W. died in 1886; she was 71.
They had one child:

165 i. George W. (1848-)

140. Robert T. BRYAN.
The Biographical Encyclopaedia of Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio: J. M. Armstrong & Company, 1878; New Material Copyright by the Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Southern Historical Press, 1980, p. 108
BRYAN, ROBERT THOMAS, M. D., Physician and Surgeon, was born February 21, 1823, in Paris, Kentucky. His grandfather came from North Carolina, and married Miss Spencer, in the fort at Boonesborough; and his marriage is said to have been the first celebrated in the State. His father, William S. Bryan, married Judith Field, of Bourbon County. Their youngest son, Robert T. Bryan, received his early education in Paris, Kentucky, and graduated at Bethany College, Virginia, in 1844. He began the study of medicine, and graduated in the medical department of the University of New York, in 1848, under the direction of Professors Patterson, Mott, Bedford, Payne, and Draper, and at once entered upon the practice of his profession, in Bourbon County; in 1849, was married; lost his wife; in 1851, received an appointment as resident physician in Bellevue Hospital, New York; in 1853, returned to Kentucky, and settled in Fayette County; but, for the last twelve years, has resided at Georgetown; has performed quite a number of important surgical operations, established a large and valuable medical practice, and taken a high rank in his profession in his part of the State. He is an active member of the Christian or Disciples' Church. Dr. Bryan was again married, in 1853, to Mary E. Offutt, of Fayette County, Kentucky. From his first marriage, he has one living son; and by his present marriage, has two sons and one daughter.
In 1849 Robert T. first married Miss KENNEY. Born in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
They had one child:

i. Robert K. Resided in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Robert T. second married Mary E. OFFUTT. Born in Fayette County, Kentucky.
They had the following children:

i. Frank.

ii. George.

iii. Ella.

Ella married William S. ROGERS, son of Benjamin F. ROGERS (1815-) & Mary Elizabeth SPEARS (1823-). Born in Fayette County, Kentucky.

Family of Tyre Malone INGELS (99) & Susan CHILDERS

141. James Finley INGELS. Born on December 9, 1866. James Finley died on April 18, 1934; he was 67.
James Finley married Mary Catherine TALBERT. Born on October 7, 1860. Mary Catherine died on June 5, 1935; she was 74.
They had one child:

166 i. Mary Elizabeth (1897-)

142. Henry INGELS. Born on April 1, 1871 in Pendleton County, Kentucky.
Henry married Helen STEWART. Born on July 17, 1875.
They had the following children:

i. Ray. Born on August 26, 1897.

Ray married Aleen NEAL.

167 ii. Earl (1901-)

Eighth Generation


Family of George W. DUNCAN (102) & Hannah A.

143. Frank Reed DUNCAN. Born on June 12, 1870 in Clay County, Missouri. Frank Reed died in Canon City, Fremont County, Colorado on June 6, 1938; he was 67. Buried in Canon City, Fremont County, Colorado, Lakeside Cemetery.
On August 27, 1891 when Frank Reed was 21, he married Susie Elizabeth WADE, daughter of Pleasant WADE & Margaret Ann LAMB, in Clay County, Missouri. Born on October 19, 1874 in Clay County, Missouri. Susie Elizabeth died in Canon City, Fremont County, Colorado in 1953; she was 78. Buried in Canon City, Fremont County, Colorado, Greenwood Pioneer Cemetery.
Susie was a member of the First Baptist Church, Canon City, Colorado. "She came to this church from Oak Grove, Oklahoma, and was recieved here on 5 Mar 1911." Frank Reed Duncan, age 29, is listed as head of household in the 1900 Federal Census, Burnham Township, Pawnee County, Oklahoma. Frank and his father, a widower, George W. Duncan, homesteaded in Oklahoma's Cherokee Strip, probably after oil was discovered there in 1897. In 1895 they were still in Missouri, where daughter Margie was born. In 1899, when daughter Mabel was born, they were already settled in Oklahoma. This suggests that they did not participate in the orignial 1893 landrush—although there is an R. George Duncan listed as one of those who registered his claim in 1893 in the Land Rush office in Enid, Oklahoma (It is possible this is George W. Duncan, or a cousin of his). Susie Duncan's stepfather and mother, and her two half-brothers, Eugene and Harry, also settled in Burnham township.
Note: Per grandson Robert C. Starr, Frank was a resident of the Oddfellows Home in Canon City, CO—perhaps shortly before his death.
They had the following children:

i. George Sharp (1892-1942)

ii. Margaet Rupe (1895-1943)

iii. Mabel Santa (1899-1983)

iv. Susie Frances (1902-1960)

Family of Archibald HOLTZCLAW (107) & Amanda WILKERSON

Ada married James C. DYER.
They had the following children:

i. Edmund

ii. William Allen

iii. Lee A.

iv. Laura

v. James

145. Mattie HOLTZCLAW.
Mattie married Ed HARLAN.
They had one child:

i. Opal
146. Elisha Higbee HOLTZCLAW.

Elisha Higbee married Lizzie REECE.
They had the following children:

i. Charles Dudley

ii. Archie Lee

iii. Leonard Earl

iv. Alvin

v. Helen

vi. Inez May

Family of Seth “Tay” DUNCAN (110) & Carrie WILKERSON

147. Joseph Jefferson DUNCAN.
Joseph Jefferson first married Maud BEELER.
They had the following children:

i. Emma Price

ii. Charles Eldon
Joseph Jefferson second married Mollie SALYERS.
148. Seth William DUNCAN.
Seth William married Nellie N. MOORE.
They had one child:

i. Harold Lee

Family of Elizabeth Ann SMITH (117) & John Oscar SMITH

149. Claude E. SMITH. Born on February 29, 1876 in Smithville, Clay County, Missouri. Claude E. died in Inglewood, California on October 21, 1953; he was 77.
On April 14, 1898 when Claude E. was 22, he first married Ella May HUGHES, daughter of Robert Wilson HUGHES & Sarah Catherine CONWAY, in Linden, Clay County, Missouri. Born on August 24, 1878 in Parkville, Platte County, Missouri. Ella May died in Linden, Clay County, Missouri on July 15, 1912; she was 33.
They had the following children:

i. Ruth Meriam (1902-1958)

ii. Opal Oletha (1899-1965)

iii. Helen Katherine (1905-1995)

circa 1915 when Claude E. was 38, he second married Clara HOPPES, in Omaha, Nebraska.
They had one child:

i. Everett Hoppes (Adopted) (1911-1990)

Claude E. third married Lulu Belle.
150. William D. SMITH. Born in October 1877 in Missouri. William D. died in 1965; he was 87.
On August 15, 1900 when William D. was 22, he married Etta Elizabeth MOSBY.
They had the following children:

i. Jessie Mardell

ii. Wiletta E.
151. Julia Elizabeth “Lizzie” SMITH. Born on March 12, 1881 in Smithville, Clay County, Missouri. Julia Elizabeth “Lizzie” died in Osawatomie St. Hospital, Miami County, Kansas on March 23, 1963; she was 82.
circa 1901 when Julia Elizabeth “Lizzie” was 19, she married Arva E. HUDSON.
They had the following children:

i. Elmo

ii. Mary

Family of Keller THOMAS (128) & Martha ANDERSON

152. Anna E. THOMAS. Born on December 6, 1868 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
On December 9, 1891 when Anna E. was 23, she married William Gerrard TALBOT.
They had the following children:

i. Marie Dudley (1900-)

ii. Martha Anderson (1900-)

iii. William Garrard (1909-)

153. T. William THOMAS. Born on December 4, 1870.
In 1902 when T. William was 31, he married Edith COHEN.
They had the following children:

i. Jean E. (1903-)

ii. William Keller (1905-)
154. Nancy Clay THOMAS. Born on July 12, 1875 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Nancy Clay died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on March 3, 1939; she was 63.
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume

Mrs. Clay Thomas Ewalt.

DAR ID Number: 105955

Born in Bourbon County, Ky.

Wife of Joe H. Ewalt.

Descendant of Abraham Frye, Maj. John Hinkston, John Strode, Moses

Thomas, and Thomas Pope, as follows:

1. Keller Thomas (b. 1844) m. 1866 Martha Anderson (1844-1902).

2. William Henry Thomas (1818-1900) m. 1838 Nancy Keller (1821-86); John

Miller Anderson (1795-1866) m. 1829 Helena Pope (1808-91).

3. George Thomas m. 1817 Susanna Strode; Abraham Keller (1777-1834) m.

1799 Margaret Anderson (1784-1866); William Pope (b. 1785) m. Mary Fair


4. Moses Thomas m. Elizabeth Whaley; Jacob Keller m. Elizabeth Frye (d.

1837); James Strode (b. 1765) m. 1791 Margaret Forman; Thomas Pope m.

Phyliss Ann Bland.

5. Abraham Frye m. Agnes Ann Frye; John Strode m. Mary Bayles (b. 1739).

Abraham Frye served, 1778, as private in the 1st battalion of Cumberland

County, Pennsylvania militia, Capt. Charles McClay's company. He was born

in Pennsylvania; died in Fallowfield, Pa.

John Hinkston (1740-1810) served in the warfare of Kentucky. He was

captured by the Indians, but made his escape. A station is named after

him. He was born in Virginia; died in Kentucky.

Also No. 82512.

John Strode, a patriot, built Strode's Station, which, in 1780, was

besieged by Indians. He was born in Virginia; died in Clarke County, Ky.

Moses Thomas (1756-1821) was a private in Capt. John Payton Harrison's

company, 2nd regiment of Virginia troops. He was born in Loudoun County,

Va.; died in Bourbon County, Ky.

Thomas Pope served in the navy as a mariner. He was born in Virginia;

died in Lancaster County, Ky.
On November 19, 1903 when Nancy Clay was 28, she married Joseph Hedges EWALT, son of Joseph Henry EWALT (1828-1877) & Henrietta HEDGES (1839-1917). Born on July 16, 1865 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Joseph Hedges died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on January 4, 1956; he was 90.
HISTORY OF KENTUCKY AND KENTUCKIANS, E. Polk Johnson, three volumes, Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1912. Common version, Vol. III, pp. 1357-1360. [Bourbon County]
JOSEPH HEDGEs EWALT.-In view of the nomadic spirit that has grown to animate the American people to so great an extent, it is pleasing to find in any community representatives of old and honored families whose names have been long and prominently identified therewith and to find such scions worthily and successfully carrying forward the industrial enterprises of the sections in which they were born and reared. This is significantly true of Mr. Ewalt, who is numbered among the essentially representative agriculturists and stock-growers of Bourbon county and who owns and resides upon the fine old homestead plantation which figured as the place of his nativity.
Joseph Hedges Ewalt, an honored representative of one of the sterling pioneer families of Bourbon county, was born on his present homestead in Centerville precinct, that county, on the 15th of July, 1865. He is a son of Joseph Henry and Henrietta (Hedges) Ewalt, both likewise natives of Bourbon county, where the former was born November 27, 1828, and the latter, August 6, 1839. Joseph Henry Ewalt was a son of Samuel and Cynthia (Pugh) Ewalt, both of whom were natives of Bourbon county, where the former was ushered into the world August 12, 1792, and the latter on the 30th of March, 1795. Samuel Ewalt was a son of Henry Ewalt, who was born in Germany, on the 27th of January, 1754, and who was a lad of eleven years at the time when his parents, John and Sarah Ewalt, severed the ties that bound them to their fatherland and emigrated to America. They established their home in what is now Bedford county, Pennsylvania, and there they passed the residue of their long and useful lives. Henry Ewalt was reared to maturity in the old Keystone state, and it was his to render gallant service as a soldier in the Continental line in the war of the Revolution. On the 10th of December, 1777, about one month prior to his twenty-fourth birthday, he was commissioned ensign of the Sixth Company of the First Battalion of Pennsylvania Militia, and it was with this command that he played well his part in the great conflict through which oppression was hurled back and the boon of liberty gained. He married Mrs.. Elizabeth (Frye) Keller, widow of Jacob Keller and daughter of Abraham, Sr., and Agnes Ann Frye. Abraham Frye, Sr., was born in Frederick county, Virginia. He was a member of Captain Charles McClay's company of the First Battalion of Cumberland county (Pennsylvania) militia during the Revolutionary war.
In 1788 Henry and Elizabeth Ewalt removed from Pennsylvania to Kentucky and numbered themselves among the pioneers of Bourbon county. Their original homestead was that now owned and occupied by their great-grandson, Joseph H. Ewalt, whose name initiates this article. Here Henry Ewalt and his wife continued to reside until they were summoned to that "undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns," and they contributed their quota to the development and upbuilding of this now opulent section of the Blue Grass state. On the 4th of August, 1788, John Hagin, of Mercer county, deeded to Henry Ewalt two hundred acres of land north of Cooper's Run, Bourbon county, for a consideration of one hundred and ten poundsabout five hundred dollars-and on this homestead Henry Ewalt died in September, 1829. Elizabeth Ewalt died in 1837. Their remains are interred in the family burying ground on the old homestead. The property has never passed out of the hands of the Ewalt family, by which it has thus been retained for nearly a century and a quarter.
Samuel Ewalt was born and reared in Bourbon county, and he contributed his quota to the reclamation and development of the home farm, while his educational advantages were limited to the primitive schools of the pioneer epoch. He became the owner of a large and valuable landed estate in Bourbon county and was one of the most successful planters of this section of the state, where he was influential in public affairs. He married Cynthia Pugh December 24, 1817. She was the daughter. of Joseph and Elizabeth (Hunt) Pugh. Joseph Pugh, in Bedford county, Virginia, in the spring of 1777, was commissioned a lieutenant
in the Fourteenth Virginia Regiment, upon Continental establishment. Cynthia (Pugh) Ewalt died September 28, 1833. His second marriage. was to Eliza Porter Smith, of Harrison county, on June 7, 1834. She was born August 27, 1799, and died February 29, 1852. Samuel Ewalt died August 28, 1878.
Joseph Henry Ewalt, the sixth in order of birth of the children of Samuel and Cynthia (Pugh) Ewalt, was reared to maturity on the old homestead plantation and was afforded such advantages as were offered in the common schools of the locality and period. On the 18th of December, 1856, was solemnized his marriage to Sophia M. Spears (born September 6, 1838), who died August 27, 1857. On the 10th of December, 1863, he wedded Henrietta Hedges, a daughter of Samuel (see sketch of Joseph Hedges on other pages of this work) and Rebecca (Moran) Hedges, members of well known pioneer families of Bourbon county. Rebecca (Moran) Hedges [born August 26, 1815, died February 9, 1893,] was the daughter of Edward B. and Letitia (Clay) Moran and granddaughter of Samuel and Nancy (Winn) Clay. Samuel Clay enlisted in the Revolutionary war in 1777, when less than sixteen years old, and followed General Greene throughout the campaign of the Carolinas.
Joseph Henry Ewalt well upheld the prestige of the family name and continued to be numbered among the representative agriculturists and stock-growers of his native county, until his death, which occurred on the 15th Of August, 1877. He was a man of strong character and most generous impulses,-direct. kind-hearted and sincere,-and no citizen commanded a fuller measure of popular confidence and esteem. His wife still survives hill' and has attained to the venerable age of seventy-one years (1910). She resides on the old homestead with her son Joseph H., and this place is endeared to her by the gracious memories and associations of the past. Her husband lived until his death, and virtually his entire life was passed on the ancestral estate, of a considerable portion of which Ile became the owner. The homestead, as now constituted, comprises two hundred and fifteen acres, and is one of the well improved an" valuable farm properties of the county Joseph Henry Ewalt was a staunch adherent of the Democratic party and ever manifested a lively interest in public affairs, though he never desired or held political office. He was affiliated with the Masonic fraternity. Hiswidow has been a devoted adherent of the Christian church for over fifty years. Concerning the four children the following record is entered: Joseph Hedges, the eldest of the number, was born July 15, 1865, as has already been noted in this context; Rebecca Ann, who was born January 11, 1867, died on the 17th of the following September; Lily, who was born April 20, 1869, died November 15, 1885; and Lettie Clay, who was born December 31, 1870, died April 15, 1874. Thus the subject of this review is the only surviving child.
Joseph Hedges Ewalt found his early experiences compassed by the scenes, incidents and work of the home farm, and after duly availing himself of the advantages of the public schools of his native county he continued his studies for three years in the Kentucky University, now known as Transylvania University, at Lexington. Later he completed an effective course in the celebrated Eastman Business College, at Poughkeepsie, New York, in which institution he was graduated as a member of the class of 1884. He then went to the city of Delaware, Ohio, where for the three ensuing years he held the position of bookkeeper for the Delaware Wagon Company, one of the leading industrial concerns of that place. In March, 1887, Mr. Ewalt returned to the fine old homestead, and here be has since been actively and -successfully engaged in agricultural pursuits and stock-raising, in which latter department he has gained special prominence as a breeder of high-grade Short-horn cattle and Southdown sheep. He is progressive in connection with his business activities and avails himself of the best modern facilities in carrying forward the various departments of his farm industry. Everything about the attractive old homestead bears evidence of thrift and prosperity, and he has every reason to find satisfaction in the fact that he has not wavered in his allegiance to the vocation under whose influences he was reared, as his success has been of unequivocal order, the while his course hag been such as to retain to him the high regard of the community in which virtually his entire life has been passed.
As a man of strong intellectuality and well fortified opinions, Mr. Ewalt has been influential in public affairs of a local character, and lie is ever ready to lend his co-operation in the promotion of enterprises and undertakings that tend to advance the general welfare of the community. Though showing no predilection for official preferment, he clings to the faith in which he was reared and is a stalwart in the camp of the Democratic party. Both he and his wife are members of the Christian church and are earnest and liberal in the support of the various departments of its work.
This review would stultify its consistency were there failure to make special note of the prominent position held by Mr. Ewalt in the time-honored Masonic fraternity, of which he is one of the most influential members in his native state. He has completed the circle of both the York and Scottish Rites, in which latter he has attained to the thirty-second degree, being affiliated with the Grand Consistory, A. A. S. R., in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. He has not only passed the various official chairs in each of the four subordinate bodies of York Rite Masonry, in which his maximum affiliation is with Cynthiana Commandery, No. 16, Knights Templar, at Cynthiana, Kentucky, but he has also been called to high official station in the state organizations of these bodies. Thus it may be noted, that he is at the present time Grand Senior Warden of the Kentucky Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons, and thus in line of advancement to the supreme office, that of Grand Master. He is Past Grand High Priest of the Kentucky Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons; Past Grand Master of the state Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters; and Past Grand Commander of the Kentucky Grand Commandery of Knights Templar.' In 1912 he will, in course of regular events, succeed to the exalted office of Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the state, the highest position in the gift of the ancient-craft Masons of this jurisdiction. Upon his advancement to this position he will be one of only eight persons who have served as head of each of the Grand Bodies of York Rite 'Masons in the state of Kentucky. He is also affiliated with the adjunct bodies, the Order of the Eastern Star and the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, in which he is identified with Oleika Temple, at Lexington, Kentucky. Mr. Ewalt has been a close and appreciative student of Masonic history, traditions and both the esoteric and exoteric phases of its work, and few are better fortified in such knowledge. He holds membership also in the Knights of Pythias and the Kentucky Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. Five of his ancestors served in the Revolutionary war.
In the historic home of William Garrard Talbot, at Mount Lebanon, Bourbon county, on the 19th of November, 1903, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Ewalt to Miss Nancy Clay Thomas, who was born in this county on the 17th of July, 1875, and who is a woman of culture and most gracious personality, being thus a charming chatelaine of the beautiful home over which she presides.
Mrs. Ewalt is the daughter of Keller and Martha (Anderson) Thomas, both of whom were born in Kentucky, the former on the 12th of October, 1845, in Bourbon county, and the latter on the 20th of February, 1844, in Harrison county, both being representatives of old and honored families of the Blue Grass state. Mrs. Thomas died in Bourbon county on the 29th of August, 1902, and Mr.Thomas now resides in the home of his son Henry A., in the city of Pontiac, Michigan. They became the parents of five children: Henry A., Anna, William, Nancy Clay and George, and of the number, William and George are deceased. Anna is a resident of Bourbon county, the wife of William Garrard Talbot, of whom mention is made on other pages of this work. Mrs. Ewalt is the great-great-granddaughter of Moses Thomas, one of the 1779 pioneers of Kentucky. Keller Thomas, her father, enlisted in the Confederate army at the age of sixteen years and served under General John Hunt Morgan. His daughters, Mrs. Ewalt and Mrs. Talbot, are enthusiastic members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The latter served two years as president of the state organization. Mr. and Mrs. Ewalt have two charming little daughters, Anne Thomas, born October 13, 1904, and Josephine Hedges, born July 4, 1906.
They had the following children:

i. Ann Thomas (1904-)

ii. Josephine Hedges (1906-1996)

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