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77. Stephen Charles DUNCAN. Born on December 15, 1833 in Henry County, Kentucky. Stephen Charles died on October 30, 1908; he was 74.
On March 5, 1863 when Stephen Charles was 29, he first married Mary E. DAVENPORT, in Missouri.
On November 11, 1870 when Stephen Charles was 36, he second married Maria Rebecca WINN, daughter of James WINN (1803-1969) & Balinda (Malinda) HUTSELL (1807-1899), in Clinton County, Missouri. Born on October 20, 1840 in Clinton County, Missouri. Maria Rebecca died on March 29, 1907; she was 66.
They had the following children:

124 i. Lucy

125 ii. Mattie Riley

126 iii. Mable

Family of Elizabeth STRODE (36) & James H. KERR

78. William H. KERR. Born in 1823 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
On September 10, 1846 when William H. was 23, he married Miram Hite HOLTZCLAW (108) , daughter of Peter HOLTZCLAW (1802-1855) & Elizabeth DUNCAN (62) (1810-1885), in Clay County, Missouri. Born in 1833 in Clay County, Missouri.
They had the following children:

i. Nannie Dee. Born on June 16, 1854 in Clay County, Missouri.

On May 10, 1876 when Nannie Dee was 21, she married Neil McGINNES, in Clay County, Missouri.

ii. Eugene. Born on April 13, 1856 in Clay County, Missouri.

iii. Peter. Born on October 31, 1857 in Clay County, Missouri.

iv. Grace. Born on November 27, 1859 in Clay County, Missouri.

v. Price. Born on December 2, 1861.

vi. Fannie. Born on December 4, 1863.

vii. William Ersken. Born on September 29, 1867.

viii. Robinson. Born in 1869.

ix. James. Born on February 16, 1873.
79. Margaret P. KERR. Born on September 5, 1824 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Margaret P. died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on February 11, 1906; she was 81.
In 1842 when Margaret P. was 17, she married John W. THOMAS, son of John THOMAS (1786-1873) & Susannah THOMAS (1793-1863). Born on April 29, 1819 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. John W. died on February 14, 1912; he was 92.
JOHN W. THOMAS, [22] farmer; P. O. North Middletown; is a native of Bourbon County, and still resides on the old homestead, where he was born. His grandfather, William Thomas, was a native of Virginia, and emigrated to Kentucky in 1796, and settled in Bourbon County. His father, John Thomas, was born in Virginia in 1786, and came to Kentucky when only ten years old. John Thomas married Susan Thomas, a cousin of his, by whom he raised eight children; his eldest son, John W., who is the subject of this sketch, was married in 1839 to Eliza Jane, daughter of Harvey Kerr, of Bourbon; she died Sept. 13, 1840, leaving one son, Edwin K., who was then only about two weeks old. John W. was again married in 1842 to Margaret P. Kerr, a cousin of his first wife. The result of this union was seven children-two sons: Douglas and William, and five daughters: Mary E., Emma, Candace, Nannie, and Alma. They are all married except the youngest daughter. Mr. Thomas owns 350 acres of land, and is a successful farmer; he bred and raised the noted trotting horse Kentucky Prince, who showed the wonderful gait of 2.32 at a three-year old. As there was no colt of his age that had ever beaten that time in the State, he was tempted by the handsome offer of $10,800 for him, a proposition he very reluctantly accepted, Mr. Backman, of New York, being the fortunate purchaser. Mr. Backman has since refused $25,000 for him. Mr. Thomas' family are all members of the Christian Church. He is a Democrat in politics.
They had one child:

127 i. Nannie Breckenridge (1853-1909)

Family of Susannah STRODE (37) & George Wallace THOMAS

80. William Henry THOMAS. Born on January 20, 1818 in Middleton precinct, Bourbon County, Missouri. William Henry died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1900; he was 81.
WILLIAM H. THOMAS, [23] farmer and distiller; P. O. Paris, born in Middletown precinct, Jan. 20, 1818; son of George Thomas, who was born Aug, 7, 1798, in Bourbon County; he was a son of Moses and Elizabeth (Whaley) Thomas, both of Virginia, to whom were born: James, Mary, Annie, George, Elizabeth, Robert, Harry and Sallie, all of whom lived to be grown. The mother of W. H. was Susan Strode, born in Middletown, daughter of James Strode. W. H. was the eldest of his father's children; James, Elizabeth, Alfred B. were next in order; James resides in Saline County, Mo.; is a farmer; Elizabeth resides in Missouri, wife of F. M. Hutchinson; Alfred B. married Mattie Talbot, and resides in this county; George W. is a farmer and resides in Oregon; W. H. was brought up a farmer; on Dec. 1, 1838, he married Nancy Keller, born March 5, 1821, in this precinct; she is a daughter of Captain Abram Keller, who commanded a company in the war of 1812; he married Margaret Anderson, daughter of William, who married a daughter of Colonel Hinkson. Abram Keller was born 1777, in Pennsylvania, son of Solomon, the Indian fighter. In 1B44, Mr. Thomas settled on the James Talbot farm, where he remained until 1849, when he located on the farm he now owns, call the Jacob Spear's farm. Mr. Thomas began on nothing; his wife had twenty-five acres of land; he now owns 700 acres and a distillery, which he has been running since 1851. The house Mr. Thomas resides in, was built by Thomas Metcalf, who after became Governor of the State. The father of W. H. died March 22, 1852; he was a race-horse man, and carried on farming; he at one time owned two of the fastest horses in Kentucky; "Brown Kitty" was one of the most celebrated. Mr. Thomas has four children living, viz: Keller, Doniphan, Ida G. and George. Margaret died 1858; she was the wife of John B. Talbott; she left one daughter, Nannie, who married John C. Morris; Anna deceased, she married T. W. Anderson; Clay died at twenty-four years of age in 1878.
On December 1, 1838 when William Henry was 20, he married Nancy KELLER, daughter of Abraham KELLER (1777-1834) & Margaret ANDERSON (1784-1866). Born in 1821. Nancy died in 1886; she was 65.
They had the following children:

128 i. Keller (1845-1914)

ii. Doniphan.

Doniphan married Elizabeth THOMPSON.

iii. Ida M. Born on July 5, 1854 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Ida M. died on March 6, 1883; she was 28.

Ida M. married Charles GARRETT, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

iv. George. Born in 1855 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. George died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1909; he was 54.

George married Emma TALBOT. Born on April 5, 1856 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Emma died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on April 22, 1877; she was 21.

129 v. Margaret (-1858)

vi. Anna.

Anna married Thomas William ANDERSON, son of John Miller ANDERSON (1795-1866) & Helena POPE (1808-1891). Born in 1833. Thomas William died in 1906; he was 73.

vii. Clay. Born on February 22, 1852 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Clay died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on April 24, 1878; he was 26.

81. Margaret THOMAS. Margaret died in 1863.
Margaret married John TALBOT.
They had one child:

i. Nannie. Born on March 31, 1860.

Family of Nelson STRODE (39) & Elvina RASH

82. William Dillard STRODE. Born on July 23, 1837.
On March 18, 1858 when William Dillard was 20, he married Martha B. HUNT. Martha B. died on March 4, 1915.
They had the following children:

i. John William. Born on December 24, 1858. John William died on September 10, 1915; he was 56.

ii. Frances Ella. Born on December 3, 1860. Frances Ella died on January 8, 1926; she was 65.

Frances Ella married HIEATT.

iii. George Clayton. Born on June 7, 1862.

On November 13, 1889 when George Clayton was 27, he married Jennie EUBANK. Born on September 14, 1865. Jennie died on October 19, 1919; she was 54.

iv. Annie Kate. Born on December 16, 1864. Annie Kate died on July 20, 1899; she was 34.

Annie Kate married CLARKSON.

Family of Samuel BROOKS (40) & Elvira SCOTT

83. Alice BROOKS. Born on November 2, 1858. Alice died on September 4, 1925; she was 66.
On October 29, 1879 when Alice was 20, she married Benjamin WOODFORD, son of John Thornton WOODFORD (1812-1892) & Elizabeth Hawes BUCKNER (1821-1904). Born on October 24, 1856 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Benjamin died on September 10, 1940; he was 83.
BENJAMIN WOODFORD, [24] farmer; P. O. Paris; is the seventh child and fifth son born to John T. and E. H. Woodford; he was born on the homestead farm, Oct. 24, 1856, and was raised to farming pursuits; he received the advantages of common school, and that afforded by the schools at Paris. Oct. 29,1879, he married Alice Brooks, born in this precinct, daughter of Samuel and Elvira (Scott) Brooks. The following year he moved to Fleming County where he purchased a farm, but he has since sold out and located in this county on the Harrod's Creek Turnpike, where he purchased a farm, and since 1832 (date cannot be correct--REF) has there resided. Has one child, Elizabeth H.
They had the following children:

130 i. Elizabeth Buckner (1880-1947)

131 ii. Benjamin (1882-)

132 iii. James Brooks (1884-)

133 iv. Mary Mitchell (1886-1957)

v. Nancy “Nannie” Clay. Born on November 5, 1887. Nancy “Nannie” Clay died on October 5, 1892; she was 4.

vi. William Taliaferro (Never married). Born on July 7, 1889. William Taliaferro died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on January 12, 1944; he was 54.

vii. Joseph Scott. Born on January 12, 1895. Joseph Scott died on April 28, 1945; he was 50.

134 viii. Samuel Brooks (1893-1952)

135 ix. John Thornton (1897-1952)

x. Archer. Born on June 11, 1899. Archer died on September 10, 1955; he was 56.

On July 29, 1936 when Archer was 37, he married Edith PAULI. Born on September 6, 1899.

Family of Samuel BROOKS (40) & Mary GASS

84. Elizabeth BROOKS.
In October 1867 Elizabeth married Joseph MITCHELL, son of Thomas MITCHELL. Born on May 24, 1822. Joseph died in 1842; he was 19.
JOSEPH MITCHELL, [25] farmer and stockraiser; P. O. Paris; was born in Paris, May 24, 1812. He is a grandson of William and Mary Wilcox Mitchell, who were natives of Pennsylvania, and einigrated to this State, locating near what is now Paris, shortly after the battle of Blue Licks. He was a tanner bv trade, and it is supposed that he worked one of the first tanneries in the county. The Mitchell family emigrated first from Scotland to the north of Ireland, from which place they emigrated to America. They belonged to the Old Scotch Church, what is now denominated as Scotch-Presbyterian, and were very strict in regard to their religious ideas of worship. To William Mitchell and wife were born four children; the eldest was William, who settled in Mason County; Thomas was the father of our subject, who located in Paris; James settled in Indiana; Jane was the only daughter. She married James Graham, and settled in Indiana also. William Mitchell lived an honorable and upright life, and died a Christian, which life he lived for many years. Thomas Mitchell, the father of Joseph, was born in this county, and early in life learned the blacksmith's trade, but did not follow this vocation long, but learned the saddler's trade, which business he followed for many years. He, too, like his father, lived agreeable to his profession, being a member of the same church. His death occurred in 1836. His companion in life survived him until 1849. Their union was blessed with four children, William being the eldest; Joseph, Mary and Thomas. Of the above, William settled in Paris, and engaged in the grocery business, where he lived until removed by death in Dec., 1867. He left a family of seven children. Mary married George Irvine, and first settled in Indiana, but finally removed to Kansas, and there died, leaving three children. Thomas settled in Lexington, where he now resides. he is cashier in the First National Bank of that place. Joseph, our subject, was raised in Paris, and at the age of twelve., he entered the store of N. B. Ryan as clerk; at the age of twenty-three he became a partner with his employer, in 1845, under the firm name of Ryan & Mitchell, which association lasted until 1861. In 1865 he removed to the farm he now owns, consisting of 430 acres, situated on Winchester Pike, near Paris, where he has since been engaged in farming and stockraising, making a specialty of short-horns and Cotswold sheep. The farm Mr. Mitchell owns was settled by the Breckinridges. Since 1863, Mr. Mitchell has been President of the Northern Bank of Paris, and for many years a member of the Presbyterian Church. He has been twice married; first, in 1847, to Sarah M. Ryan, who was born in Paris, daughter of Newton B. and Ann Griffing. Her family (the Ryans) were natives of Virginia. Mrs. Mitchell died in 1857, leaving two children: Newton, and Sarah M., who married James L. Gay, of Woodford County. His second marriage was consummated Oct. 1867, to Elizabeth J. Brooks, who was born in Clark County, daughter of Samuel and Polly (Gass) Brooks; both were early and representative, families of this county. One daughter by last marriage, named Mary.


Joseph Mitchell was one of the very godly elders in the Paris Church. He was a very conscientious servant of God. On May 18, 1824, at a meeting of the session he opposed taking an offering in the church on Sunday. He believed that no church business should be transacted on Sunday. One of his sons, David, died at Washington College in Virginia just as lie was entering upon the ministry.
Joseph Mitchell died in 1842. Dr. L. H. Blanton paid him this tribute:
"In the case of Mr. Mitchell, I can not discover that he was absent a dozen times, until near the close of his life, when the infirmities of age came upon him. He departed this life in 1842. For half a century he was an active elder and during the whole time d'scharged the duties of Stated Clerk with uncommon skill and accuracy. I doubt whether there are many Sessional Records that go up to our Presbyteries which will compare with those of the Paris Church while Mr. Mitchell was Stated Clerk."
They had one child:

i. Mary.

85. Mary BROOKS.
Mary married Christopher Field CLAY, son of Brutus Junius CLAY (1808-1878) & Amelia FIELD (1812-1843). Born on November 20, 1835 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
They had the following children:

i. Brutus J. Born in 1868.

ii. Nannie Woodford. Born in 1874.

iii. Samuel Brooks. Born in 1876.

iv. Sadie Brooks. Born in 1876.

v. Christopher Field.

vi. Martha Davenport. Born in 1879.

Martha Davenport married Thomas Moore BUCKNER, son of William Thomas BUCKNER (1848-1936) & Anna Clay WORNALL (1855-1917). Born on September 16, 1881.

HISTORY OF KENTUCKY AND KENTUCKIANS, E. Polk Johnson, three volumes, Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1912. Common version, Vol. III, p. 1253. [Bourbon County]

THOMAS M. BUCKNER.-A representative of the great basic industry of agriculture in Bourbon county, Kentucky, Thomas M. Buckner is a native son of this county and he is a scion of a fine old southern family founded in Virginia in the early colonial days. He was born on the 15th of September, 1881, and is a son of William T. and Anna C. (Wornall) Buckner, the former of whom was likewise born in Bourbon county, and the latter is a native of Clark county. Concerning the Buckner family further information is given in the sketch of William T. Buckner, father of Thomas M. and also in the sketch of Walker Buckner, an uncle of the subject of this review, which appears on other pages of this work.

After availing himself of the advantages afforded in the public schools of his native county, Thomas M. Buckner pursued his higher academic training in the W. L. Yerkes Academy, at Paris, Kentucky, and in the Bingham Military School, at Asheville, North Carolina. He was matriculated in the historic old University of Virginia, at Charlottesville, in which he was graduated, and from which he received his degree. After his graduation Mr. Buckner returned to Bourbon county where he initiated his independent career as a farmer and stock-grower. Shortly after his marriage, in 1904, he established his home on a farm about seven miles northeast of Paris, on the Harrod's Creek pike. He has made the finest of improvements on his place and has brought the same up to a high degree of cultivation. He is a member of the Kappa Alpha college fraternity. Both he and his wife are prominent and popular figures in connection with the best social activities of the community.

On the 28th of April, 1904, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Buckner to Miss Martha Davenport Clay, who is likewise a native of Bourbon county, where she was born on the 4th of October, 1881, She is a daughter of Christopher F. and Mary (Brooks) Clay, representative citizens of this county. Mr. and Mrs. Buckner have no children.

86. Nancy BROOKS.
Nancy married Buckner WOODFORD, son of John Thornton WOODFORD (1812-1892) & Elizabeth Hawes BUCKNER (1821-1904). Born in 1845. Buckner died in 1915; he was 70.
They had the following children:

i. John.

ii. Elizabeth.

iii. Samuel.

iv. Buckner.

Family of Dr. John Strode BROOKS (41) & Mary KERR

87. Fannie BROOKS.
Fannie married W. S. MORGAN.
They had the following children:

i. Brooks.

ii. Coleman.

iii. Sallie.

Family of Robert S. BROOKS (42) & Samantha YOUNG

88. Amanda E. BROOKS. Born on March 25, 1840. Amanda E. died in Smithville, Missouri on July 5, 1917; she was 77. Buried in I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Smithville, Clay County, Missouri.
about 1860 when Amanda E. was 19, she married Jeremiah Thomas DUNCAN (68) , son of Capt. James DUNCAN Jr. (26) (1782-1841) & Nancy MUSICK (1793->1847), in Clay County, Missouri. Born on May 23, 1841. Jeremiah Thomas died in Smithville, Missouri on April 26, 1917; he was 75. Buried in I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Smithville, Clay County, Missouri.
They had the following children:

i. Oswald P. Born on June 2, 1860 in Clay County, Missouri. Oswald P. died in Clay County, Missouri on April 22, 1909; he was 48. Buried in I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Smithville, Clay County, Missouri.

ii. Fannie. Born about 1866 in Clay County, Missouri.

iii. Maude. Born about 1869.

Family of Abigail Hastings BROOKS (44) & David HOPKINS

89. Annie HOPKINS. Born in 1830.
In 1847 when Annie was 17, she married Tarlton C. LAUGHLIN.
They had the following children:

i. Tarlton C.

ii. Nannie.

Nannie married Dr. NEELY.

iii. Julian.

Family of Ann Weir BROOKS (45) & John BRECKENRIDGE

90. Elizabeth BRECKENRIDGE.
Notes for ANN BRECKENRIDGE: [27]

Ann Breckenridge was a cousin of General John Cabell Breckenridge, Vice President of the United States.

Elizabeth married Lafayette ARDERY, son of John ARDERY (1780-1853) & Elizabeth McCONNELL (1785-1833).
They had one child:

i. William Breckenridge.

91. Abijah B. BRECKENRIDGE. Born on February 1, 1839 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & County, Chicago, 1882, p. 553
A. B. BRECKENRIDGE, farmer; P. O. Paris; is a scion of the old Breckenridge family, which has been prominent in the affairs of Kentucky ever since its admission to the Federal Union. His grandfather, Alex. Breckenridge, came from Virginia at quite an early period and located where "Greybeard," Samuel Clay, now lives. His son, John Breckenridge, was six years old when the family came to Kentucky. He married Ann, daughter of Alex. Brooks, and reared several children, among whom was Abijah B. Breckenridge, to whom this notice is paid. He was born Feb. 1, 1839, and was married in 1857 to Miss Amanda Boone, daughter of James Boone, who has borne him three children, viz.: Jas. B., born July 24, 1861; George A., born Aug. 19, 1870; and Abijah, born Dec. 24, 1873. Mr. Breckenridge owns 140 acres of land, upon which he raises the usual variety of crops; he also pays considerable attention to handling stock. Mr. Breckenridge was originally a Whig, but upon the general "break-up" of parties on the eve of the war, voted the Bell and Everett ticket, since which time he has been an ardent Democrat. Himself and wife accept the tenets of the Christian Church as the rule of their religious practice.
In 1857 when Abijah B. was 17, he married Amanda BOONE, daughter of James BOONE.
They had the following children:

i. James B. Born on July 24, 1861.

ii. George A. Born on August 19, 1870.

iii. Abijah. Born on December 24, 1873.

Family of Mary LANE (46) & Timothy CARRINGTON

Susan married James Harvey CASSITY. Born in 1808 in Bath County, Kentucky. James Harvey died in Bath County, Kentucky in 1861; he was 53.
They had one child:

136 i. William H. (1842-)

Family of Ruth STRODE (47) & RANDALL

93. James Foreman RANDALL.

i. Eleanor.

Eleanor married Edward L. STRODE, son of Parker W. STRODE (95) & Ella LUCAS.

Family of Priscilla STRODE (48) & Ehud TURNER

94. Angelina TURNER.
Angelina married Colonel Ward H. LAMON.
Law partner to Abraham Lincoln. [5]
They had one child:

i. Dolly.

Dolly married CARNAHAN.
A son of General Carnahan who was killed at the battle of Keneshaw Mountain. [5]

Family of Joseph STRODE (49) & Eleanor RANDALL

95. Parker W. STRODE.
Parker W. married Ella LUCAS.
They had one child:

i. Edward L.

Edward L. married Eleanor RANDALL, daughter of James Foreman RANDALL (93).

Family of Edward Brown STRODE (52) & Elizabeth Woodson WATSON

96. Samuel Lapsley STRODE. Born on April 12, 1846 in Ralls County, Missouri. Samuel Lapsley died on December 12, 1931; he was 85. Buried in Barkley, Missouri.
On February 24, 1870 when Samuel Lapsley was 23, he married Juliet Deforest CALDWELL, in Ralls County, Missouri. Born on January 28, 1844. Juliet Deforest died on September 18, 1934; she was 90.
They had the following children:

i. William Crawford.

ii. Mary Emma.

137 iii. Edward Brown (1876-1959)

iv. Robert Caldwell.

v. George Croghan.

vi. Samuel Lapsley.

vii. Cora Millon.

97. George Croghan STRODE. George Croghan died on July 10, 1864.
George Croghan married Mary CORWIN.
They had one child:

i. Dickerson Edward. Dickerson Edward died on December 17, 1940.

Dickerson Edward married Annie Sam LEAR.

Family of George BRYAN (53) & Elizabeth Neal ROGERS

98. William S. BRYAN. Born on March 17, 1785 in Bryan’s Station, Kentucky.
On January 25, 1811 when William S. was 25, he married Judith FIELD.
They had the following children:

138 i. William H.

139 ii. George W. (1815-1849)

140 iii. Robert T.

iv. Eliza.

Note: This marriage is speculation based upon the reference in Perrin, p. 502, and the ages of their parents--REF

Eliza married Frank B. TUCKER, son of John B. TUCKER (1786-1838) & Mary DAY (1793-1850).

Family of Bryan INGELS (54) & Jaily OLDHAM

99. Tyre Malone INGELS. Born in 1843. Tyre Malone died in 1910; he was 67.
Tyre Malone married Susan CHILDERS, in Pendleton County, Kentucky. Born in 1846. Susan died in 1924; she was 78.
They had the following children:

141 i. James Finley (1866-1934)

ii. Bryan. Bryan died on October 26, 1935.

In 1925 Bryan married Gladys Elizabeth KISER, daughter of James Thomas KISER (1863-1949) & Jimmie Bell WILLETT (1867-1943). Born on April 3, 1905.

142 iii. Henry (1871-)

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