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28. Mary DUNCAN. Born on September 21, 1787 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Mary died in Kentucky in 1818; she was 30.
MARY DUNCAN, [8] born September 21, 1787, married (as his first wife) March 13, 1810, John Breckenridge of Bourbon county, who was born October 7, 1785, son of Alexander and Magdolene (Gamble) Breckenridge of Virginia and Bourbon county, Kentucky. Alexander Breckenridge was a Revolutionary soldier at the Battle of King's Mountain, and died 1813 on his farm a few miles from Paris on the Winchester Road, now the farm of Charlton Clay. John Breckenridge purchased land on the Hume and Bedford Road and built a brick home. His first wife, Mary Duncan, died 1818 and on February 3rd 1820 he married Ann Weir Brooks, daughter of Abijah and Nancy (Strode) Brooks of Clark county, who was born August 11, 1798. By his first wife John Breckenridge had a son, James A. Breckenridge, who died young, and a son, Oliver Hazard Perry Breckenridge, born September 25, 1813, who married Nancy Ellis and had a daughter, Sally Breckenridge, married Prof. J. W. Ellis and had John Breckenridge Ellis, well known Missouri author.
On March 10, 1810 when Mary was 22, she married John BRECKENRIDGE, son of Alexander BRECKENRIDGE (1743-1813) & Magdalene GAMBLE (1745-), in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on October 7, 1785 in Virginia.
They had the following children:

i. James A.

70 ii. Oliver Hazard Perry (1813-)
29. Seth DUNCAN. Born on December 29, 1788 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
SETH DUNCAN, born December 29, 1788, married Jane Penn (daughter of Joseph Penn, Revolutionary patriot, of Bourbon county, by his first wife, Charlotte Aker), moved to Henry county prior to the birth of his son, Joseph, in 1823. Family tradition is there were four children: a-JOSEPH, born 1823, married his first cousin, Juliet Jane Duncan (see children of James Duncan Jr.); b-CHARLOTTE DUNCAN, married John Quisenberry; c-JANE DUNCAN, married John W. Stewart, July 30, 1846, and d-SALLY; also probably e-SUSAN who married Mr. Collins.[2]

[2] "The Rollins Family," by Mrs. Josephine R. Barnard; Clark County, Ky., Notes.

about 1813 when Seth was 24, he married Jane PENN, daughter of Joseph PENN & Charlotte AKER, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
They had the following children:

i. Charlotte.

Charlotte married John QUISENBERRY.

ii. Jane.

On July 30, 1846 Jane married John W. STEWART.

iii. Sally.

iv. Susan.

Susan married COLLINS.

71 v. Joseph (1823-1888)
30. Captain William DUNCAN. Born on March 29, 1790 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. William died in Missouri on May 21, 1851; he was 61.
WILLIAM DUNCAN, [8] born March 29, 1790, served in the War of 1812, married March 24, 1813, Jemima S. Scott and removed to Platte county, Missouri. His wife was the daughter of Samuel Scott of Bourbon county. She died in 1837 and he was evidently married a second time. Among his children were WILLIAM and THEODORE, both of whom saw service in the War Between the States, and LOUISE, who was born 1824 and married at the age of thirteen years Gibson T. Owen who went from Henry county, Kentucky, to Missouri, and in 1846 these were the parents of two daughters and one son; and a daughter, Mary Ann, who was mentioned in a letter dated 1846 as having married and was then the mother of two daughters and one son.[1] The Kentucky Register, in obituaries published by G. Glenn Clift, gives the following: "Mrs. Elizabeth Dunn, relict of C. Dunn, and daughter of Captain William Duncan of Clay county, Mo., died in Fayette county, Ky., residence of Benjamin Scott, June 15, 1835." William Duncan, in his letters, also mentioned niece, Elizabeth Breckenridge who married, November 17, 1837, Thomas Brasfield, his cousin, John and Asa Ecton, cousins, and Elizabeth Ecton, niece.

[1]Letters written by William Duncan.

On March 24, 1813 when William was 22, he first married Jemima S. SCOTT, daughter of Samuel SCOTT, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Jemima S. died in 1837.
They had the following children:

i. William. Born in Clay County, Missouri.

ii. Theodore. Theodore died on June 27, 1861 in Jackson County, Missouri.

iii. Elizabeth. Elizabeth died on June 15, 1835 in Fayette County, Kentucky.

On June 28, 1831 Elizabeth married John F. A. DUNN, in Clay County, Missouri.

iv. Mary Ann.

Notes on Mary Ann Duncan: [13]

According to Julia Spencer Ardery's book on the Duncans of Bourbon County, Kentucky, Captain William Duncan's daughter Mary Ann was mentioned in a letter dated 1846 as having married and was then the mother of two daughters and one son.

On August 15, 1839? Mary Ann married James FORD, in Clay County, Missouri.

v. Louisa. Born in 1824 in Clay County, Missouri.

On January 26, 1837 when Louisa was 13, she married Gibson T. OWEN, in Clay County, Missouri.

vi. John G. Born in 1830 in Clay County, Missouri. John G. died on March 5, 1851; he was 21.

On August 5, 1838 when William was 48, he second married Sarah RATLIFF, in Clinton County, Missouri.
They had one child:

i. James. James died in 1856.

On January 25, 1838 James married Permelia DUNCAN, daughter of Capt. James DUNCAN Jr. (26) (1782-1841) & Nancy MUSICK (1793->1847). Born on November 9, 1821 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
31. Major Jeremiah DUNCAN. Born on May 11, 1792 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Jeremiah died in Missouri on October 5, 1876; he was 84.
Notes on Jeremiah Duncan: [13]

Rendered service in the War of 1812 and the Mexican War; represented Bourbon county in the Lower House of the Kentucky General Assembly in 1845; was an extensive importer and breeder of pure-bred short-horn cattle.

MAJOR JEREMIAH DUNCAN [8] [2] was born May 11, 1792, rendered service in the War of 1812 and the Mexican War; represented Bourbon county in the Lower House of the Kentucky General Assembly 1845; was an extensive importer and breeder of pure-bred short-horn cattle. On October 14, 1820 Major Duncan was married to Hannah E. Scott, who died May, 1823, sister of his brother William's wife, and daughter of Samuel Scott. His death occurred October 5, 1876. Issue: One son, CAPTAIN JAMES S. DUNCAN, born April 22, 1823; educated at Harrodsburg, Ky., and Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; married Decefhber 14, 1843, Mary C. Williams (daughter of Major George W. Williams, lawyer and man of prominence in his profession) and died August 17, 1849; his wife, born 1825, died 1899; issue: (a) WINIFRED DUNCAN, married 1865, James Keith Ford, born October 23, 1844, had one child, died in infancy; (b) HANNAH DUNCAN, born 1848 died 1917, married October 30, 1873, William M. Taylor, born 1846 died 1893, left three sons, viz: J. Duncan Taylor, born 1881, married Lillian Ogden and died 191-8 at Sandlake, New York, leaving daughter, Sarah, wife of Henry Watson Marble, editor, of Fort Scott, Kansas, had daughter, Sarah, she married Mr. Manette; William Taylor married Maria Worthington but left no issue; Louis Webb Taylor born 1886 married first Leslie Turney, born 1887 and died 1936, leaving one son, Amos Turney Taylor, born July 6, 1913, married Betty Brouse Roberts and these have a daughter, Mary Martin Taylor, born January 6, 1940. Louis W. Taylor married second Sue Jordan, of Paris, Ky.; (c) KATHERINE (KATE) DUNCAN, born 1844, died 1915; married December 5, 1865, William P. Chambers born June 13, 1842, at Louisville, Ky., and in 1859 became identified with business interests of Paris, died 1898; left one son, James Duncan Chambers, born October 28, 1881, married lone MacLean, had two children, William and Dorothy. (d) JAMES (JIMMIE) ANNA DUNCAN married George R. Bell September 26, 1867 and had two sons, James Duncan Bell born August 18, 1869, married Gertrude Trimble Renick, these are in possession of the beautiful portraits of Captain James and Mary (Williams) Duncan, shown in this publication, and have contributed numerous valuable family documents to the Duncan Tavern Museum; the second son, Jeremiah (Jerry) Bell, born 1871, was accidentally killed at age of thirteen years.

[2]Perrin's History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Ky.; Collins History, Vol. II, p. 640; Court Records.

On December 14, 1820 when Jeremiah was 28, he married Hannah E. SCOTT, daughter of Samuel SCOTT, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. [15]
They had one child:

72 i. James Scott (1823-1849)

32. Sarah J. DUNCAN. Born on December 8, 1793 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Sarah J. died in Clay County, Missouri on September 19, 1876; she was 82.
SARAH J. DUNCAN, [8] born December 8, 1793, died September 19, 1876, married May 21, 1829 John (Jack) Grigsby, born February 2, 1799, removed to Missouri, died October 20, 1865; left issue: a-FRENCH GRIGSBY, married Mollie Bright, no issue; b-JAMES LEWIS GRIGSBY,- born January 1835, died August 7, 1892, married first Louisa Cravens and had (a) Sarah Frances Grigsby, born October 30, 1861, died November 3, 1935, married William Byrd Hodgkin, born July 24, 1865, died December 11, 1935, had Elizabeth Hodgkin, born October 25, 1894, married Floyd Wilkerson Clay of Winchester, Ky., and (b) Lewis Eugene Grigsby married Emma A. Miller, he died 1932 and she 1930, no issue. James Lewis Grigsby married second-Cravens Outten, widow, and sister of first wife, no children by this marriage, married 3rd Talitha Quisenberry, born January 12, 1852, and had three children by this marriage, viz: (a) ELIZABETH Q. GRIGSBY born March 1, 1884, married October 20, 1909 Thomas Stanley Clay born November 20, 1885 and these had Stanley Elizabeth Clay born July 8, 1914, married October 1, 1938 Miller Adams Welch and Mary Eleanor Clay born February 8, 1917 married January 1, 1938 William Ingram Goodwin who have William Joseph Goodwin born June 3, 1942; (b) ELLA FRENCH GRIGSBY born May 18, 1885, married March 23, 1907 John Hudson Hardwick and had three sons viz: Theodore Hudson Hardwick born February 13, 1908 married August 29, 1931 June Bush Hunter and these have Barbara Bush Hardwick born March 1, 1934, and John Hudson Hardwick born October 22, 1935; John Harold Hardwick born January 12, 1910 married May 21, 1938 June Lanford Warden and these had John Harold Hardwick Jr., born January 10, 1940 and Robert Duncan Hardwick born October 31, 1942; Lewis Eugene Hardwick born March 20, 1913, married September 18, 1938 Mary Emily Downton and these had Pearce Downton Hardwick born June 18, 1940 and Eleanor Dana Hardwick born April 7, 1942; (c) GERTRUDE GRIGSBY born January 28, 1893, married February 15, 1917 Robert Raymond Reid and these had Robert Raymond Reid Jr., born November 12, 1927 and Talitha Reid born June 22, 1930.
On May 21, 1829 when Sarah J. was 35, she married John GRIGSBY, in Missouri. Born on February 2, 1799 in Kentucky. John died in Missouri on October 20, 1865; he was 66.
They had the following children:

i. French.

French married Mollie BRIGHT.

73 ii. James Lewis (1835-1892)

33. Eleanor DUNCAN. Born on January 1, 1795 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Eleanor died in Clay County, Missouri on July 14, 1875; she was 80.
ELEANOR DUNCAN [8] born January 1, 1795, married January 23, 1817 Eddy Linn Breckenridge, born December 7th, 1788, son of Alexander and Magdolene (Gamble) Breckenridge of Bourbon county, Kentucky. Eddy Linn Breckenridge served in the War of 1812 and later moved with his family to Clay county, Missouri, October 29, 1829. He died July 1st, 1875.
On January 23, 1817 when Eleanor was 22, she married Eddy Lynn BRECKENRIDGE, son of Alexander BRECKENRIDGE (1743-1813) & Magdalene GAMBLE (1745-), in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on December 7, 1788 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Eddy Lynn died in Clay County, Missouri on July 14, 1875; he was 86.
Notes on Eddie Lynn Breckenridge: [13]

Eddie Lynn Breckenridge (or Eddy Linn Breckenridge) served 60 days in the Kentucky Militia under Captain Richard Watson during the War of 1812. In his pension records, his widow, Eleanor Duncan Breckenridge, described her husband as follows: "6 ft. 1 in. tall, blue eyes, dark hair."

They had the following children:

i. Robert. Born in 1825 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

ii. Silas E. Born about 1829 in Clay County, Missouri.
34. Stephen Clarles DUNCAN. Born on October 17, 1797 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Stephen Clarles died in Clinton County, Missouri on April 6, 1877; he was 79.
Notes on Stephen and Nancy Duncan: [13]

In the 1870 Federal Census; Twp. 56, Range 30, Clinton County, MO, Stephen Duncan is listed as the head of household, age 72, a farmer born in Kentucky, with real estate valued at $7,500 and personal property valued at $1,000. Living with him are wife Nancy L., age 56, born in Kentucky, and children P. (Pembroke) S., male, age 24; Martha, age 22, and Nannie, age 14, all born Missouri. In addition, there are three black females in the household — Eliza, age 30, a domestic servant, Ada, age 08 and Cora, age 02, all born in Missouri.

STEPHEN DUNCAN, [8] born October 17, 1797, married September 17, 1797 in Bourbon county Lucy Browning, born April 9, 1809, moved to Henry county, Ky., and later to Saline county, Mo., where she died May 26, 1836. There were seven children of this marriage. Stephen Duncan married second 1839 Nancy Nicholson (daughter of John Nicholson) born in Trimble county, Ky., October 15, 1814, died April 13, 1875, probably in Clay county, Mo. There were eleven children of this union, only five living to attain majority.
On September 17, 1822 when Stephen Clarles was 24, he first married Lucy BROWNING, daughter of William BROWNING & Lucy McCLANAHAN, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on April 9, 1808 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Lucy died in Saline County, Missouri on May 26, 1838; she was 30.
They had the following children:

74 i. Thaddeus Clastentine Sylvestapaul (1824-1863)

ii. James William. Born on December 26, 1825 in Henry County, Kentucky. James William died on August 9, 1911; he was 85.

On December 25, 1849 when James William was 23, he first married Sarah E. GRAY.

James William second married Lugetta HARTWELL.

James William third married Mary WOOD.

75 iii. Sarah Ellen (1827-)

iv. John Seth. Born on November 28, 1829 in Henry County, Kentucky. John Seth died in California.

76 v. Lucy Jane (1833-)

vi. Mary Ellen. Born on July 5, 1836 in Henry County, Kentucky.

Mary Ellen first married Peter A. KINCADE.

On February 5, 1851 when Mary Ellen was 14, she second married John D. BRANHAM [16], in Henry County, Kentucky.

77 vii. Stephen Charles (1833-1908)
On February 25, 1839 when Stephen Clarles was 41, he second married Nancy NICHOLSON, daughter of John NICHOLSON, in Trimble County, Kentucky. Born on October 15, 1814 in Missouri. Nancy died in Missouri on April 13, 1875; she was 60.
They had the following children:

i. Martha. Born on January 13, 1840 in Missouri.

ii. Henry Clay. Born on June 2, 1841. Henry Clay died in 1925; he was 83.

On May 23, 1865 when Henry Clay was 23, he married Elizabeth TALBOTT, in Missouri.

iii. Octavia Kay. Born on June 2, 1842 in Missouri.

iv. Pembrook Sommerset. Born on April 22, 1844 in Missouri. Pembrook Sommerset died in 1922; he was 77.

Pembrook Sommerset married Mary M. SEVERS.

v. Martha Ann. Born on December 7, 1845 in Missouri.

On October 9, 1873 when Martha Ann was 27, she married J. W. GLOSSIP, in Clinton County, Missouri.

vi. Benjamin. Born on August 28, 1847 in Missouri.

vii. Lucreta Cloy. Born on August 28, 1847.

viii. Emily Charlotte. Born on June 16, 1849.

ix. Oscar Fitzgerald. Born on August 25, 1850 in Missouri.

x. Nancy Georgette. Born on September 6, 1854.

Family of James STRODE (14) & Margaret FOREMAN

35. Polly STRODE.
Polly married William CLARKSON.
They had one child:

i. Elizabeth.

Elizabeth married William STRODE, son of James STRODE (14) (1765-1830) & Margaret FOREMAN (1775-1859).
36. Elizabeth STRODE.
On August 19, 1816 Elizabeth first married James H. KERR, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born about 1791 in Fayette County, Kentucky. James H. died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on July 22, 1831; he was 40.
They had the following children:

78 i. William H. (1823-)

79 ii. Margaret P. (1824-1906)
Elizabeth second married Martin ELLIOT.
37. Susannah STRODE.
On February 11, 1817 Susannah married George Wallace THOMAS, son of Moses THOMAS & Elizabeth Remy WHALEY (1755-<1846). Born on August 7, 1798 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. George Wallace died on March 22, 1852; he was 53.
They had the following children:

80 i. William Henry (1818-1900)

ii. Nannie.

In 1879 Nannie married John C. MORRIS.

81 iii. Margaret (-1863)

Family of John STRODE Jr. (15) & Ruth CONSTANT

38. Sally STRODE. Born on February 7, 1798.
In 1819 when Sally was 20, she married John CLINKINBEARD, son of William CLINKINBEARD. Born about 1795.
ISAAC CLINKENBEARD-Will Book M, page 414-Land purchased of Benjamin Forman and Everett Palmer; William and Isaac Clinkenbeard, sons of my nephew, John Clinkenbeard; son of my brother, William, deceased; Nancy Cloud, wife of Prior B. Cloud; late Nancy Pullin; James L. Brown for the three daughters of my nephew, Lucus Clinkenbeard, deceased, son of my brother, John Clinkenbeard, deceased; namely, Mary Ann; and Elizabeth; and Lucinda; Poly Jacob Wilson and Eliza ane Wilson, daughters of my niece, Druzella Smith, daughter of brother, William; Polly Jacob, wife of Isaac Wilson, and Eliza Jane, wife of Tarlton Wilson; Polly Forman tract to niece, Polly Stip, wife of Frederick Stipp; to niece Jane Smith, wife of John Smith, daughter of brother William, deceased; nephew, Jonathan Clinkenbeard, son of brother, William; Isaac Stipp, son of Frederick Stipp. Executors: Nephew, John Clinkenbeard and John Smith. Written May 17, 1845. Proved March, 1846. Witnesses-A. Adams, James Scott, J. L. Brown. [17] Note: This is placed here temporarily until a difinitive connection can be made.--REF
They had one child:

i. William A. Born on June 24, 1820.

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & County, Chicago, 1882, p. 538

WILLIAM A. CLINKINBEARD, farmer; P. O. North Middletown; was born June 24,1820, and is a son of John and Sallie (Strode) Clinkinbeard; his grandfather, William Clinkinbeard, emigrated from Maryland, and was one of the first settlers of Strode's Station, in Clark County. He raised two sons and three daughters. The second son, John Clinkinbenrd, was born about the year 1795, and was married in 1819 to Sallie, daughter of John Strode, whose father was the first settler of Strode's Station. By this marriage there were only seventeen children, and fifteen of them were raised to maturity. The oldest son, William A., who is the subject of our sketch; was married Sept. 2, 1847, to Harriet B., daughter of James W. Rice, spoken of elsewhere in this work. Our subject and Harvey W. Rice were the first importers or Cotswold sheep to this State; they purchased them of Col. Ware, near Winchester, Va., and was the first stock ever shipped over the Baltimore, & Ohio railroad. The a sheep cost them an average of $75 per head. Mr. Clinkinbeard and wife are members of the Christian Church.

On September 2, 1847 when William A. was 27, he married Harriet B. RICE, daughter of James W. RICE (1804-1847) & Patsy BOYLE.
39. Nelson STRODE. Born on October 18, 1813. Nelson died on July 30, 1895; he was 81.
On May 26, 1836 when Nelson was 22, he first married Elvina RASH. Born on February 5, 1819. Elvina died on November 12, 1844; she was 25.
They had the following children:

82 i. William Dillard (1837-)

ii. John T. Born on December 8, 1838.

iii. Elizabeth Ann. Born on February 28, 1840.

iv. James R. Born on November 14, 1842.
On June 8, 1845 when Nelson was 31, he second married Susan WELDON. Susan died on November 16, 1869.
They had one child:

i. Edward R. N. Edward R. N. died on November 16, 1869.

Nelson third married Fannie HOWARD. Born on January 29, 1815. Fannie died on December 29, 1889; she was 74.

Family of Anne Nancy STRODE (16) & Abijah BROOKS

40. Samuel BROOKS. Born on December 25, 1802. Samuel died on August 4, 1875; he was 72.
On February 7, 1854 when Samuel was 51, he first married Elvira SCOTT, daughter of Robert SCOTT (1769-1836) & Ann GALLOWAY (1769-), in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on January 6, 1814. Elvira died on December 18, 1888; she was 74.
They had the following children:

i. Ann Weir (Died as Infant). Born on April 30, 1855.

ii. Joseph Scott (Never married). Born on August 13, 1856. Joseph Scott died on December 12, 1930; he was 74.

Joseph Scott Brooks moved to Missouri. [18]

83 iii. Alice (1858-1925)
Samuel second married Mary GASS.
They had the following children:

i. Sally.

Sally first married HILDRETH.

Sally second married Matthew STONE.

ii. John G.

John G. first married Margaret KENNEY.

John G. second married Elizabeth PECK.

84 iii. Elizabeth

iv. James.

James married Anna MAGOWAN.

v. Abijah. Civil War.

85 vi. Mary

86 vii. Nancy
41. Dr. John Strode BROOKS.
John Strode married Mary KERR.
They had the following children:

i. Annie E.

Annie E. married James H. KERR.

ii. Jennie.

Jennie married M. A. KENNEY.
M. A. KENNEY, [19] farmer; P. O. Paris; was born March 31, 1836, in Bourbon County, Ky., and is one of the substantial, well respected farmers of the county. He was educated in his native county and brought up a farmer. He now owns a fine farin of 373 acres, known as "Locust Grove." He is not a specialist, but grows a general variety of crops. Politically he is a Democrat, but has never sought political preferment, choosing rather to devote his time and attention to improving and beautifying his home, of which he has every reason to be proud. July 3, 1867, he was married to Miss Jeanie Brooks, daughter of Dr. John Brooks. They are the parents of four children. In church and school affairs Mr. Kenney is a liberal supporter, he and his family being members of the Presbyterian Church.

iii. Addie.

Addie married Charles THROGMORTON.

iv. Sallie.

87 v. Fannie

vi. James A.

vii. Lillie.

Lillie married A. B. HUDSON.

viii. John.
42. Robert S. BROOKS.
Robert S. married Samantha YOUNG. Born in Boone County, Kentucky.
They had one child:

88 i. Amanda E. (1840-1917)

43. Mary Ann BROOKS. Born on December 15, 1792. Mary Ann died in Clay County, Missouri circa 1865; she was 72.
On May 8, 1809 when Mary Ann was 16, she first married Joseph DUNCAN (27) , son of Capt. James DUNCAN (1750-1817) & Elizabeth STRODE (13) (1759-1825), in Clark County, Kentucky. Born on January 14, 1786 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Joseph died in Clay County, Missouri on October 6, 1837; he was 51.
JOSEPH DUNCAN, [8] born January 14, 1786, married May 8, 1809, Polly Brooks, born December 15, 1792, daughter of Abijah and Nancy (Strode) Brooks, removed to Glasgow, Kentucky, where a son, Thomas Duncan, was born 1824, and from thence in 1833 to Clay county, Missouri. Joseph and wife, Polly Duncan, died within forty minutes of each other and both were interred in the same grave October 1837. Their son, Thomas Duncan, married his cousin, Mary Ellen Hall, daughter of John Depriest Hall.
They had the following children:

69 i. Elizabeth (>1810-)

ii. Nancy. Born in 1810 in Clark County, Kentucky. Nancy died in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

about 1829 when Nancy was 19, she married John SCRIVNER.

iii. Mary. Born in 1813. Mary died in October 1837; she was 24.

iv. Abijah. Born in 1815.

Abijah married Amelia CAROLINE.

v. James. Born on November 15, 1816 in Montgomery County, Kentucky. James died in Platte County, Missouri on January 6, 1878; he was 61.

On March 4, 1850 when James was 33, he married Sarah TRACY, in Andrew County, Kentucky.

vi. Ellen Sarah. Born in 1820 in Kentucky. Ellen Sarah died before 1885; she was 65.

On May 26, 1859 when Ellen Sarah was 39, she married Aaron HYATT.

vii. Thomas Benton. Born on April 27, 1824 in Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky. Thomas Benton died in Clay County, Missouri on October 29, 1915; he was 91.

On November 4, 1852 when Thomas Benton was 28, he married Mary Ellen HALL, daughter of John DePriest HALL (1800-1865) & Nancy DUNCAN (63) (1811-), in Clay County, Missouri.

viii. Judith Ann. Born on March 27, 1827 in Barren County, Kentucky. Judith Ann died in Clay County, Missouri on May 2, 1895; she was 68.

On June 17, 1847 when Judith Ann was 20, she married John N. STRODE, in Clay County, Missouri.

ix. Martha Jane. Born on August 7, 1831 in Barren County, Kentucky. Martha Jane died in Platte County, Missouri on September 20, 1915; she was 84.

On December 22, 1854 when Martha Jane was 23, she married John M. THATCHER, in Clay County, Missouri.

x. Joseph. Born on August 1, 1833. Joseph died in Smithville, Missouri on July 1, 1913; he was 79.

about 1855 when Joseph was 21, he first married Amanda CLARDY.

On December 25, 1884 when Joseph was 51, he second married Elizabeth Larimore MUNSY.

On November 11, 1841 when Mary Ann was 48, she second married Nicholas FORTUNE.

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