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Register Report

First Generation


1. Bazil BERRY.

2 i. Bazzel (1765-1853)

3 ii. Benjamin (1772-1847)

iii. Isaac. Isaac died on August 12, 1853.

iv. Ellen.

v. Jemima. Jemima died on March 14, 1850.

vi. Polly.

Second Generation


Family of Bazil BERRY (1)

2. Bazzel BERRY. [1] Born on December 17, 1765. Bazzel died in St. Louis, Missouri on January 26, 1853; he was 87.
Parents were born in England. [2]
Bazzel married Rhoda FLOWERS. Born on August 18, 1776 in Virginia. Rhoda died in Williamstown, Kentucky on April 24, 1855; she was 78.
They had the following children:

i. Elizabeth.

4 ii. Harriet

5 iii. Nancy

iv. Mary.

Mary first married James FRYE. Born in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Mary second married Wilson LARIMORE.

6 v. Wesley

vi. William.

7 vii. James W. (1814-1891)

3. Benjamin BERRY. Born on January 17, 1772 in Hagerstown, Maryland. Benjamin died on April 3, 1847; he was 75.
Benjamin first married Miss BOWEN [2], daughter of BOWEN.
Benjamin second married Elizabeth GAULT. Born in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
They had one child:

8 i. Joel S. (1830-)

Third Generation


Family of Bazzel BERRY (2) & Rhoda FLOWERS

4. Harriet BERRY.
Harriet married Wilson LARIMORE.
They had the following children:

i. Green.

Green married JAMESON.

ii. John Wesley.

John Wesley married CARLYLE.

iii. Mary.

Mary married CARLYSLE.

iv. William.

5. Nancy BERRY.
Nancy married William TUCKER.
They had the following children:

9 i. Eliza Jane

ii. Ellen.

10 iii. Elizabeth

iv. Burwell Spurlock.

v. Green.

vi. James.

vii. Thomas.

viii. Hattie.

ix. Clark.

6. Wesley BERRY.
Wesley married GOFT (GOFF?).
They had the following children:

i. James.

ii. Annie.
7. James W. BERRY. Born on December 18, 1814. James W. died on May 11, 1891; he was 76.
James W. first married Sarah Ellen LAIR, daughter of John LAIR (1762-1827) & Sarah CUSTER (1766-1847).
They had the following children:

11 i. Rhoda Ellen (1840-)

12 ii. Sarah Frances

13 iii. Willie Mary (1854-)

James W. second married Narcissa PENN.
They had the following children:

i. Samuel. Born in 1860. Samuel died in 1876; he was 16.

ii. Laura Nell.

iii. William Fletcher. Born on May 31, 1863.

iv. Jennie. Born on October 22, 1864.

v. James Basil. Born on April 18, 1867.

vi. Frank Flour. Born on December 20, 1869.

vii. Thomas Alexander. Born on July 20, 1873.

viii. Narcissa.

Family of Benjamin BERRY (3) & Elizabeth GAULT

8. Joel S. BERRY. Born on February 24, 1830 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & County, Chicago, 1882, p. 537
JOEL S. BERRY, farmer and breeder of Short-horns, etc.; P. O. North Middletown; is a, native of Bourbon County, and was born Feb. 24, 1830. His great-grand parents were of English birth. His grandfather Bazil Berry, and his son Benjarnin, migrated from Maryland, their native state, about the year 1790, and settled in Bourbon County, Ky. Benjamin was born at Hagerstown, Maryland, in 1772, and was first married, shortly after his arrival in Kentucky, to Miss Bowen, a sister of Benjamin Bowen who is well known in the northern part of this County. By this marriage there were ten children. He next married Elizabeth Gault, of Chambersburg, Penn.; the result of this union was two children, one daughter Amanda, who is now the wife of Dr. N. Cannon, of Scott County, Ky., and one son, Joel S. who is the subject of our sketch. He remained at the homestead and assisted his father in the duties of the farm until his father's death, which occurred on the 3rd of April, 1847. Joel was educated at the country schools in his immediate neighborhood, and on the 6th of January 1853, was married to S. Kate, daughter of John Butler, a native of Virginia. This union was blessed with nine children, two dying in infancy. There are living two sons, Walter G., and James Patterson, and five daughters, Alice M., who is now the wife of C. W. Cannon or Missouri, L. Florence, Carrie W., Sallie K., and Annie L. On Sept. 10, 1878, Mr. Berry lost his wife, and on Feb, 1, 1881, was again married, to Miss Mary K. Ware, who was born in South Carolina, but raised in Atlanta, Ga., by an uncle. She was one of the ladies that were sent from that city by Gen. Sherman in 1864, under his general order, that all the women and children should leave the city, that were able to do so. Mr. Berry has been speculating in short-horns for twenty-five years, and for the past few years has been a successful breeder of the same.. He has also been a breeder of trotting and saddle horses and Cotswold sheep for the past twenty-eight years. Mr. Berry owns 380 acres of land, is one of the representative farmers of his county; has always been a very active and energetic man and ever alive to the progress and advancement of his end of the county. He was instrumental in building the North Middletown and Winchester, and North Middletown and Owingsville Pikes; was for fifteen years, President of the first named road, and for two years President of the other. Mr. Berry was also one of the principal laborers in getting up the stock, and effecting the organization of the North Middletown Deposit Bank, in 1869 ; he has been a director of the same since its first organization, and in January, 1881, was elected President of that institution, a position he still occupies. He has been a prominent member of the I.O.O.F., and was one of the charter members of Williams Lodge, No. 113, at North Middletown, and was the first member to pass through all its chairs. Mr. and Mrs. Berry and his five eldest children, are all members of the Christian Church, in which he has filled the, office of Deacon for many years. Politically he belongs to the dominant party of his State, and is ever ready, at State or national elections to cast his ballot with the Democratic party.
On January 6, 1853 when Joel S. was 22, he first married Sarah Catherine BUTLER, daughter of John BUTLER. Born in Virginia. Sarah Catherine died on September 10, 1878.
They had the following children:

i. Walter G.

ii. James Patterson.

iii. Alice.

Alice married C. W. CANNON.

iv. L. Florence.

v. Carri W.

vi. Annie L.

Joel S. second married Mary K. WARE. Born in South Carolina.

Fourth Generation


Family of Nancy BERRY (5) & William TUCKER

9. Eliza Jane TUCKER.
Eliza Jane married Charles OWENS.
They had the following children:

14 i. Mary Jane

ii. William.
10. Elizabeth TUCKER.
Elizabeth married Alpheous FURNISH.
They had one child:

i. Nancy.

Nancy first married BARCLAY.

Nancy second married Charles PUGH.

Family of James W. BERRY (7) & Sarah Ellen LAIR

11. Rhoda Ellen BERRY. Born on January 13, 1840.
Rhoda Ellen married Rev. W.W. CHAMBERLAIN. W.W. died on November 24, 1904.
They had the following children:

i. James William. Born on July 21, .

ii. Orphah Francis.

15 iii. James Poynt (1869-)

12. Sarah Frances BERRY.
In November 1866 Sarah Frances married Thomas W. HARDY.
They had the following children:

16 i. Lena Thomas

ii. Charles Miller. Resided in Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky.

Charles Miller married Estella PENN.

iii. Albert.

iv. Julia Ella.

13. Willie Mary BERRY. Born in October 1854.
Willie Mary married Claude CANTRILL.
They had the following children:

17 i. Gertrude

18 ii. Lillian

iii. Claudia.

Fifth Generation


Family of Eliza Jane TUCKER (9) & Charles OWENS

14. Mary Jane OWENS.
On October 13, 1868 Mary Jane married George W. BRYAN Jr., son of George W. BRYAN Sr. (1815-1849) & Elizabeth A. W. MILLER (1815-1886). Born on July 19, 1848.
GEORGE W. BRYAN, [3] lawyer and Police Judge of Millersburg; P. O. Millersburg. The Bryan family, as settlers of Bryan's Station, and from their close connection by marriage with Daniel Boone, bore no unimportant part in the early history of Kentucky. Daniel Boone, in 1755, when about twenty years of age, married Rebecca Bryan, whose family, as well as Boone's, were living at that time near Wilkesboro, N. C. On Sept. 25, 1774, Boone with his family emigrated to the country which he had previously (in 1769) explored as far as the Kentucky River, and thither Morgan, James, William and Joseph Bryan, brothers of Boone's wife, shortly followed with their famihes. They shared with the other adventurous spirits all the dangers and hardships to which they were subject. In 1779, with emigrants principally from North Carolina, these four brothers settled the Bryan Station neighborhood, and built the fort that is now historic. It would require much space to recount the narrow escapes of these famihes from the murderous tomahawks of the lurking, skulking savages, or the personal deeds of prowess and heroism and the struggles and privations of these brave men and women. From Joseph Bryan are descended the family now residing in Fayette County. This branch spell their name with a "t," and in this way Bryan’s Station has been and is improperly called Bryant's Station. From Morgan Bryan are the Bourbon County family; he was born May 20, 1729, and married MaryForbes. From this marriage sprang George Bryan, sr., who fought in the Revolutionary war, and at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. He emigrated with his father from North Carolina, and was married in the fort at Bryan's Station to Elizabeth Neal Rogers, in May, 1780, being the first marriage solemnized in the State of Kentucky. Roasted corn was handed around to the wedding guests in lieu of cake, and mush and milk took the place of ices on this and similar occasions. He was married a second time fifty years later, to Mrs. Cassandra Miller, and died upon the 22d day of November, 1845, in Springfield, Ill. A singular incident concerning Mr. Bryan’s life is the fact that he suffered from a severe attack of whooping cough when over eighty years of age. To his wife, Mary, was born William S., March 17, 1785, at Bryan's Station. He was one of the first settlers of the City of Paris, where he spent the greater part of his life. He was by occupation a saddler and harness-maker, and amassed quite a fortune by strict attention to business. "Uncle Billy," as he was familiarly called by his acquaintances, was always ready to assist a friend in need, and at his death the majority of his estate had gone to pay surety debts. He married Judith Field, Jan. 25, 1811, and to them were born three sons: William H, Geo. W. and Robt. T., and a daughter, Eliza; Wm. H., the eldest son, married a Miss Bartlett, of Louisville, Ky.; by her he had two daughters-Blanche and Florence. He was a merchant in New York, Millersburg, Louisville, and Chicago, where he now resides with his family; Eliza became the wife of Frank Tucker, of Bourbon County, and died without issue shortly after marriage; Robt. T., the youngest son, graduated in the classical department of Bethany College, Va., in 1844, and in the medical department of the University of New York in 1848. He married a Miss Kenney, of Bourbon County, in 1849; by her he had one son, Robt. K., a dentist by profession, in Georgetown; he married a second time in 1853, to a Miss Mary E. Offutt, of Fayette County; by her he had three children: Frank, who is associated with his father in the practice of medicine at Georgetown, Ky.; George and Ella, who married Wm. S. Rogers, of Fayette County; George W. Bryan, the second son of Wm. S. Bryan, was born Aug. 23, 1815, and married Elizabeth A. W. Miller, Jan. 15, 1839; he was a merchant in New York and Millersburg, principally in the latter place; he identified himself and his interests with the house of his adoption, and after a useful and an honorable career, died of Asiatic cholera on the 8th of Aug., 1849. He had three children; the two older died young; Geo. W., the youngest, was born July 19, 1848: he graduated in the classical department of the Kentucky Wesleyan College, in 1869, and the law department of Columbia College, New York, in 1872; he is a lawyer by profession; has been elected Police Judge of his native town (Millersburg) three consecutive terms. He has twice traveled over the European countries. He and family are the only representatives of their branch of the Bryan family in Bourbon County. He was married to Miss Mary E. Owens, daughter of Charles and Eliza J. Owens, on the 13th day of October, 1868.


The Biographical Encyclopaedia of Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio: J. M. Armstrong & Company, 1878; New Material Copyright by the Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Southern Historical Press, 1980, pp. 113-114
BRYAN, GEORGE W., Lawyer and Farmer, was born July 19, 1848, in Millersburg, Bourbon County, Kentucky. He was the youngest of three children, and his parents were George W. and Elizabeth A. W. (Miller) Bryan, both natives of the same county. His father was a merchant, and died in 1849. His grandfather, Joseph W. Miller, was also a merchant of Bourbon County. He spent most of his boyhood in school, and received a fine education. He graduated in the Kentucky Wesleyan University, at Millersburg, in 1869; and, in 1870, entered the Columbia Law School of New York City, where he graduated in 1872. In the Fall of that year, he was admitted to the bar in Bourbon County, and at once entered on the practice of his profession at Paris, still residing in Millersburg. He is a Democrat in politics. Religiously, he is connected with the Methodist Church. Mr. Bryan was married, October 13, 1868, to Miss Mollie E. Owen, a native of Scott County, and daughter of Charles Owen, a farmer of that county.
They had one child:

i. Charles.

Family of Rhoda Ellen BERRY (11) & Rev. W.W. CHAMBERLAIN

15. James Poynt CHAMBERLAIN. Born on July 17, 1869.
James Poynt married Meddie LAFFERTY, daughter of John A. LAFFERTY (1832-1905) & Frances Elizabeth HENRY (1839-).
They had the following children:

i. Cecil Marion.

ii. Joseph Marvin.

iii. Leland Poynt.

iv. Owen Lafferty.

v. Edna Francis.

Family of Sarah Frances BERRY (12) & Thomas W. HARDY

16. Lena Thomas HARDY.
Lena Thomas married J. Newton RENAKER. Resided in Winchester, Kentucky.
They had the following children:

i. Eugene.

ii. Everett.

iii. Hewlett.

iv. Edward Allen.

v. Leora Hardy.

Family of Willie Mary BERRY (13) & Claude CANTRILL

17. Gertrude CANTRILL.
Gertrude married John N. SHROPSHIRE.
They had the following children:

i. Ruby Cantrell.

ii. Frank.
18. Lillian CANTRILL.
Lillian married William BARCLAY.
They had one child:

i. Mary Frances.

1. “Berry Family” by James Halford Berry, 441 South 6th St., San Jose, California

2. Ben Keairns, “Bowen” Genealogy Tree. Ben Keairns, 1658 Shady Grove Lane, Florence, Kentucky 41042-1062.

3. History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & County, Chicago, 1882, p. 502

Mary Frances child of 18

William spouse of 18


Alice child of 8

Annie child of 6

Annie L. child of 8

Bazil 1

Bazzel (1765 - 1853) 2

Benjamin (1772 - 1847) 3

Carri W. child of 8

Elizabeth child of 2

Ellen child of 1

Frank Flour (1869 - ) child of 7

Harriet 4

Isaac ( - 1853) child of 1

James child of 6

James Basil (1867 - ) child of 7

James Patterson child of 8

James W. (1814 - 1891) 7

Jemima ( - 1850) child of 1

Jennie (1864 - ) child of 7

Joel S. (1830 - ) 8

L. Florence child of 8

Laura Nell child of 7

Mary child of 2

Nancy 5

Narcissa child of 7

Polly child of 1

Rhoda Ellen (1840 - ) 11

Samuel (1860 - 1876) child of 7

Sarah Frances 12

Thomas Alexander (1873 - ) child of 7

Walter G. child of 8

Wesley 6

William child of 2

William Fletcher (1863 - ) child of 7

Willie Mary (1854 - ) 13


Miss UNNAMED spouse of 3


Charles child of 14

George W. Jr. (1848 - ) spouse of 14


Sarah Catherine ( - 1878) spouse of 8


Claude spouse of 13

Claudia child of 13

Gertrude 17

Lillian 18


Cecil Marion child of 15

Edna Francis child of 15

James Poynt (1869 - ) 15

James William child of 11

Joseph Marvin child of 15

Leland Poynt child of 15

Orphah Francis child of 11

Owen Lafferty child of 15

Rev. W.W. ( - 1904) spouse of 11


Rhoda (1776 - 1855) spouse of 2


Alpheous spouse of 10

Nancy child of 10


Elizabeth spouse of 3


UNNAMED spouse of 6


Albert child of 12

Charles Miller child of 12

Julia Ella child of 12

Lena Thomas 16

Thomas W. spouse of 12


Meddie spouse of 15


Sarah Ellen spouse of 7


Green child of 4

John Wesley child of 4

Mary child of 4

William child of 4

Wilson spouse of 4


Charles spouse of 9

Mary Jane 14

William child of 9


Narcissa spouse of 7


Edward Allen child of 16

Eugene child of 16

Everett child of 16

Hewlett child of 16

J. Newton spouse of 16

Leora Hardy child of 16


Frank child of 17

John N. spouse of 17

Ruby Cantrell child of 17


Burwell Spurlock child of 5

Clark child of 5

Eliza Jane 9

Elizabeth 10

Ellen child of 5

Green child of 5

Hattie child of 5

James child of 5

Thomas child of 5

William spouse of 5


Mary K. spouse of 8


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