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First Generation


1. John SNELL.

2 i. John

Second Generation


Family of John SNELL (1)

2. John SNELL.
John married Elizabeth.
They had one child:

3 i. John (-1786)

Third Generation


Family of John SNELL (2) & Elizabeth

3. John SNELL. John died on June 5, 1786 in Orange County, Virginia.
Posted By: Katherine Dick Benbow

Subject: Re: John Snell (d ca 1785 in VA)

Date: February 02, 2000 at 12:34:44

Forum: Snell Family Genealogy Forum

According to the genealogy published in Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine, April 1930, Volume XI, #4, article on "Snell Families in Virginia," by Hallock P. Long, LL.B.:
John Snell, Jr., d. June 5, 1786, Orange County, Va., "planter of St. Thomas Parish." In 1734, named as executor of father's will in Spotsylvania County. Witnessed deeds in 1734, 1738, and 1739, in St. George's Parish, Spotsylvania County. In 1739, "John Snell, Planter, of Orange County, and Philadelphia, his wife," executed deeds to lands in Spotsylvania County. He is recorded in 1747 and 1759, as leasing lands in Orange County. His will dated May 20, 1785, filed Sept. 28, 1786, in Orange County, names his widow, eight children, and one grandson. He married, prior to 1739, Philadelphia (probably Foster), who died about 1800, in Scott County, Kentucky. His issue living in 1785, as shown by his will were as follows:

(1) John, d. 1820, issue in Scott Co., KY

(2) Philemon, d. 1797, issue in Albemarle Co., VA

(3) Robert F., d. 1827, issue in Orange Co. VA

[Image](4) Edsome, b. bet. 1762 and 1767, in Revolutionary War, 1776,

taxed 1788-9, Orange County, with 1 male and 1 female.

(5) Patsy, m. 1776, William Collins, Orange County, VA

(6) Philadelphia, m. Phillips

(7) Catherine, m. 1794, Haskew Foster, Orange Co.

(8) Sarah Garnet, unmarried in 1785.

This is an old genealogy, and so there may be corrections, additions, etc. It does not list descendants for daughter

Philadelphia. It does show John Snell (d. 1786) as assumed son of John Snell, probably son of another John Snell, who is first recorded in Gloucester County. This genealogy is less than certain about the line and the origin of the line. Perhaps someone can provide you with further information on it. If you cannot find this genealogy, e-mail me with an address, and I will send you a photocopy of the first few pages, which is where this line appears - the "first Virginia line." I descend from the "second Virginia line," which traces to Thomas Snell of Plymouth County, MA. His son Josiah married Anna Alden, granddaughter of John and Priscilla Alden.

before 1739 John married Philadelphia FOSTER.
They had one child:

4 i. Philemon (-~1797)

Fourth Generation


Family of John SNELL (3) & Philadelphia FOSTER

4. Philemon SNELL. Born in Orange County, Virginia. Philemon died about 1797 in Albemarle, Virginia.

5 i. Lewis (~1760-1820)

Fifth Generation


Family of Philemon SNELL (4)

5. Lewis SNELL. Born about 1760 in Orange County, Virginia. Lewis died in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky on February 19, 1820; he was 60.
Lewis married Mary KIRTLY. Born in 1763 in Culpeper, Virginia.
They had the following children:

i. John. John died before 1853.

On November 30, 1826 John married Rebecca KELLER, daughter of Abraham KELLER (1777-1834) & Margaret ANDERSON (1784-1866).

6 ii. James (-1853)

7 iii. Elisabeth (1781-)

iv. Taverner. Born in 1797 in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky.

v. Joseph.

On September 25, 1814 Joseph married Rebecca MILLER.

vi. Newton. Newton died before 1853.

vii. Sarah G.

In 1802 Sarah G. married Samuel LOGAN, in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky.

viii. Lucretia.

Lucretia married Charles WILLIAMS. Born in 1809 in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky.

8 ix. Nancy (1790-1863)

x. Mary.

In 1811 Mary first married James THOMAS.

Mary second married Enos DANIELS, in Jefferson, Missouri.

Sixth Generation


Family of Lewis SNELL (5) & Mary KIRTLY

6. James SNELL. James died in 1853.
On September 2, 1833 James married Margaret LAIL, daughter of George LAIL (1802-1850) & Sarah Elizabeth "Betsey" SHAWHAN (1807-). Born about 1821. Margaret died in Webb City, Missouri in 1928; she was 107.
They had the following children:

i. Maymie.

Maymie married J.G. WILBUR.

ii. Newton.

Newton married Elizabeth.

iii. John. John died in died young.

iv. Sarah. Sarah died in died young.

v. Betsey.

Betsey married Jacob KELLER.
7. Elisabeth SNELL. Born in 1781 in Culpeper, Virginia.
In 1803 when Elisabeth was 22, she married James JAMESON.
They had one child:

9 i. James K. (1807-)

8. Nancy SNELL. Born in 1790. [1] Nancy died in 1863; she was 73.
In 1811 when Nancy was 21, she married Abraham FRY, in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky. Abraham died in 1843.
They had the following children:

10 i. I.N. (1824-)

ii. Minerva.

11 iii. Elizabeth

iv. James.

v. Abram.

vi. Lewis. Born in 1820. [1]

Seventh Generation


Family of Elisabeth SNELL (7) & James JAMESON

9. James K. JAMESON. Born on November 3, 1807.
J. K. JAMESON, [2] farmer; P. O. Paris; born Nov. 3, 1807, in Harrison County, son of James Jameson, a native of Virginia, and emigrated to Harrison County, Ky., prior to 1800; his father a native of Ireland. His wife's maiden name was Elizabeth Snell, daughter of Lewis and Mollie Snell, whom were natives of Virginia. Ten children were born to James Jameson, but five of the number came to maturity, of whom James was one; he remained with his father until he was married, which was in March 25, 1832, to Mary L. Hutchison. She was a daughter of James Hutchison and Elizabeth Edwards. Mr. Jameson located on the farm he now owns in 1832, and since has been a constant resident; he has 333 acres of land. His wife died June 19, 1879, having born. him eleven children; but three are living, viz : John W., Louisa J. and Mary. She (Mrs. Jameson) was a member of the Christian Church, of which Mr. Jameson is also a disciple. Two of his children now deceased lived to be grown, viz: Belle, who married William Davis; by him had one daughter, Sallie B., who married Lee Champ; Nannie, the other grown daughter, married Joseph McClintock, of Harrison County.
On March 25, 1832 when James K. was 24, he married Mahala HUTCHINSON, daughter of James HUTCHISON (-1835) & Elizabeth EDWARDS (~1769-1824). Born on April 7, 1810. Mahala died on June 9, 1879; she was 69.
They had the following children:

12 i. Belle

ii. Nannie.

Nannie married Joseph McCLINTOCK. Born in Harrison County, Kentucky.

Family of Nancy SNELL (8) & Abraham FRY

10. I.N. FRY. Born on May 15, 1824.
I. N. FRY, [3] farmer; P. O. Paris ; the Fry family came from Virginia and settled in Bourbon County prior to 1800. The parents of the above were Abram and Nancy (Snell) Fry; both were natives of Kentucky. The maternal grandfather of I. N. was Lewis Snell, who was an early settler in Harrison County. Abram Fry settled on the farm now owned by his son, I. N., at no early time, and run a small distillery for several years on his farm. He died in 1843; his wife survived him until 1863, having borne six children, viz: Minerva, Elizabeth, James, Abram, Lewis and I. N., who was born May 15th, 1824, on the farm he now owns, where he has since remained. In July, 1852, he married Enfield Talbott, daughter of Daniel Talbott; has three children, John, James, and M. T. His farm consists of 240 acres.
In July 1852 when I.N. was 28, he married Enfield TALBOTT, daughter of Daniel TALBOTT.
They had the following children:

i. John.

ii. James.

iii. M.T.

11. Elizabeth FRY.
On March 6, 1839 Elizabeth married William A. Jackson THOMAS, son of Robert THOMAS (1788-1818) & Sally THOMAS (~1790-1861), in Kentucky. Born on March 19, 1816 in Montgomery County, Kentucky. William A. Jackson died after 1882; he was 65.
History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882, p. 583.
JACKSON THOMAS, farmer, P. O. Shawhan; was born in Montgomery County, Ky., March 19, 1816, son of Robert and Sarah Thomas, both of whom were natives of Virginia, who came to Kentucky in their childhood. Robert was a farmer and also a trader, operating with flat-boats down the Mississippi River, and dealing chiefly in flour, whiskey and tobacco; he died in New Orleans in 1818, leaving a wife and four children: Eveline, Moses, Jackson and Robert. Mrs. Thomas removed with her family to Bourbon County, where died in 1862. Our subject, being orphaned by the death of his father, began life on his own account as soon as he was able to work and has ever since been engaged in farming, at present owning 125 acres of good land, upon which he has a pleasant and attractive home; he was married March 6, 1839, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Abraham and Nancy Fry, whose parents were among the early settlers of Kentucky. Mr. Thomas has been blessed with six children, three of whom are living: Eveline, Minerva and Eliza, all being married. Mrs. Thomas and daughters are members of the Christian Church, and he is a Mason and a Democrat.
They had the following children:

i. Eveline.

ii. Minerva.

iii. Eliza.

Eighth Generation


Family of James K. JAMESON (9) & Mahala HUTCHINSON

12. Belle JAMESON.
Belle married William DAVIS.
They had one child:

i. Sallie

1. Bourbon County, Kentucky, 1850 census.

2. History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & County, Chicago, 1882, pp. 474-475

3. History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & County, Chicago, 1882, p. 464.

Elizabeth spouse of 2


Sallie child of 12

William spouse of 12


Philadelphia spouse of 3


Abraham ( - 1843) spouse of 8

Abram child of 8

Elizabeth 11

I.N. (1824 - ) 10

James child of 8

James child of 10

John child of 10

Lewis (1820 - ) child of 8

M.T. child of 10

Minerva child of 8


Mahala (1810 - 1879) spouse of 9


Belle 12

James spouse of 7

James K. (1807 - ) 9

Nannie child of 9


Mary (1763 - ) spouse of 5


Margaret (~1821 - 1928) spouse of 6


Betsey child of 6

Elisabeth (1781 - ) 7

James ( - 1853) 6

John child of 6

John ( - <1853) child of 5

John ( - 1786) 3

John 2

John 1

Joseph child of 5

Lewis (~1760 - 1820) 5

Lucretia child of 5

Mary child of 5

Maymie child of 6

Nancy (1790 - 1863) 8

Newton child of 6

Newton ( - <1853) child of 5

Philemon ( - ~1797) 4

Sarah child of 6

Sarah G. child of 5

Taverner (1797 - ) child of 5


Enfield spouse of 10


Eliza child of 11

Eveline child of 11

Minerva child of 11

William A. Jackson (1816 - >1882) spouse of 11


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