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1. Peter STILLE.
Theā€¦information pertaining to the Stille' family has been excerpted and rearranged from letter dated July 20, 1953 and other notes written by L. V. Hagen, Jr. - q.v. "The first member of the Stille' family of which we presently have knowledge was PETER STILLE'(A), a French Huguenot who fled France for Sweden. Two sons, Olaf and Axil Stille', both b. in New Amstel, Sweden, emigrated to New Sweden (Wilmington, Delaware) during the colonization period. It has been impossible to learn from which of these brothers our Kennedy line descends; but it is believed to descend from Axil, since our line is more closely identified with the Maryland area of Axil, while Olaf's family seem to have lived in the Philadelphia-New Jersey area. By the mid-1700s the Stille' families were numerous in both areas."
1. Olaf Stille', a soldier of Queen Christiana, arrived at Fort Christian, New Sweden with two children on February 9, 1643 - see Hacord's Annals of Pennsylvania, footnote by Rev. Dr. Collin. Olaf. in 1658, was appointed by the Dutch to deal with the Indians; and later he settled between Ridley and Cram Creeks in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, on a farm called Techorehasse (Techoherasse) where he d. in 1666.
2. AXIL STILLE' (1), a miller, in 1641 arrived at New Sweden aboard the Charity, and he settled first at Upland in Chester County, Pennsylv ania. In 1661 and 1673 Axil received grants of land in Cecil County, Maryland; and in 1674 he was naturalized into Maryland, and d. before 1688.
The proven ancestor of ESTHER STILLE' (and of our subject John I. Jones) was JACOB STILLE'(3) b. 1687; m. Rebeckah Calloway(?); his will is filed in Christina Hundred, dated September 4, 1771 and probated February 6, 1774 - see Delaware Collection of Wills, Book K, pp. 74 and 114; he is probably the son of JOHN STILLE' (2) whose f. was AXIL STILLE' (1), supra. John Stille' (2) m. a Miss Moore; and, in 1689 he received a grant of land in Harford County, Maryland. Jacob Stille' (3) was Church Warden of Holy Trinity (Old Swede's) Church, Wilmington, 1733; he received four grants of land in Frederick County, Maryland, 1744-1753. The family of Jacob and Rebecca Stille' is recorded in the published Church Book of Holy Trinity, Wilmington, Delaware, 1890. [1]

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