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Register Report

First Generation


1. Thomas BOULDEN. Born about 1570 in England.

The Boulden family was among the earliest settlers in this country. The name has various spellings: Bolden, Boldin, Boulding, and perhaps even Bolton.

Various researchers have attempted to trace the family to modern times, and each has made a contribution. The most complete record of the early generations, to my knowledge, is in the Delaware DAR Volume 5, found in the Historical Society of Delaware in Wilmington. I have borrowed freely from that, and from others. My major contribution is the connection with the Bouldens of Bourbon and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky. Since these are my ancestors, my interest is in tracing the Boulden lineage in this direction.

The first of this family in this country was Thomas Boulden, or Bouldin, who was born about 1570 in England. Possibly his parents were Thomas and Elinor Aston Boulding who were married in Warwickshire, England, on November 27, 1578. Alex Brown, in his "First Republic in America," said, "Of those sent under the Company Charter in 1609-1615 among others was Thomas Bouldin." (p. 613) "Thomas Bouldinge" came to Elizabeth City, Virginia, in the ship, "The Swan," in 1610. (Boyer's Ships Passenger Lists)

As was the custom, immigrants could receive head rights or patents for land for settling here, and bring others as well. The following patents are abstracted in Nell Nugent's Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. I, p. 6:

Thomas Bouldin, of Eliz. Citty, Yeoman & Ancient Planter, 200 acs. about 1 1/2 mi. up Southampton Riv., 20 Jan. 1624, p. 43. E. upon sd. Riv., W. upon the maine land, & S. upon land of Mary, his wife. 100 acs. for his per. right & 100 acres. in the right of Richard Birchett, an old planter, which hee hath given, granted &c. unto sd. Thomas as by indenture betwixt them dated 19 Jan. 1619.

Mary Bouldin, an Ancient Planter, wife of Thomas Bouldin, 100 acs. about 1 1/2 mi. up Southampton Riv. in the Corp. of Eliz. Citty, 12 Jan. 1624, p. 42. Nwd. upon land of Thomas Bouldin, her husband, S. upon the Deep Cr., E. upon sd. Riv. & W. upon the maine land. For her first per. devdt.

Hotten's List of Emigrants to America notes that Richard Bolton, aged 28, came to Virginia on the Mary and James in 1710. He was living in Elizabeth City in 1623 and claimed and planted 50 acres. In 1621 Rev. Francis Bolton came to Elizabeth City as pastor, and was later a pastor at Jamestown. He then returned to England. Some speculate that all three were brothers.

The following references are from The Original Lists of Persons of Quality, 1600-1700 by Hotten:

Page 255. Musters of the Inhabitants in Virginia 1624-5 Elizabeth Cittie...Thomas Bouldings, his Muster. Thomas Bouldings age 40 in the "Swan" 1610.

Page 274. Corporation of Elizabeth Cittie 1626. Mary Bouldin 100 acres planted by Pattent. Thomas Bouldin 200 acres planted.

Little else is known about this early settler and his wife. Family tradition says that Thomas married the sister of Pochantas, the daughter of chief Powhatan, but this cannot be proved. The "Mary" mentioned above, certainly does not sound Indian. However, several Indian names can be found in the family tree, including "Powhatan Boulden." This definitely suggests some intermarriage with a descendant of Powhatan, the Indian Chief, or at least a member of the Powhatan tribe.

Thus far we do not know the children of Thomas and Mary Boulden. It is assumed that one was William Bouldin.

* * *

William Boulden, son of Thomas and Mary, lived for a time in Gloucester County, Virginia, and later in Maryland. The Richmond Times Dispatch of June 22, 1913, printed this item of interest:

...In 1668 William Bouldin took up 880 acres in Abingdon Parish, a small creek dividing him from the land of Col. Augustine Warner. In 1652 William Boulden had 174 acres in Glouster between Propotank Creek and Dragon Swamp. These Bouldens, in our opinion, are the ancestors of Thomas Boulden who built the second frame house in Charlotte County and took up land there before 1732 and was the ancestor of Powhatan Boulden...

From Gloucester County, William and his family moved to Baltimore County, Maryland, that part which was later to become Cecil County. The "Maryland Historical Magazine" of June 1932 has an article by Louis Dow Sisco entitled, "Baltimore Co., Land Records of 1671." It includes this item:

P. 38-41 of the present record Liber IS No. IK are the following items placed on the record apparently in 1691 in the former Liber IC No. A which afterwards was transcribed to the book now existing...

Will Augst 1671 William Bouldin of Bohemia River bequeathing all his Maryland and Virginia property to Mary Thwaite and to her sons William and Thomas Thwaite who were born in Bouldin's house in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va. She was to be their guardian and to control their tuition and the bequeathed estate. Wit: John Gardiner, Geo. Brocas, Roger Fretwell, William Brocas.

Cecil County came into being in 1674, and from the early days the Bouldens can be found on Scotchman's Creek and later on Back Creek. These items are in the Inventories and Bonds 1675-1692:

Bond by Alice Foster, Admr'x of Richard Foster 1675 deceased; John Hyland and John Boulding Surety.

Administrator's Bond Thomas Browning, Ann his wife, William Boulding (signed William Bouldin) and John Bavington . 1694.

Inventory of Robert Boldin's estate 1698.

William Bouldin was a member of the North Sassafras Parish, which was established in 1692. This item is in the parish register: "At a vestry meeting at the house of William Bouldin the 9th day of December Anno Dominii 1697, Mr. Richard Sewell, Col. Thompson, Mr. William Ward, Mr. Mathias Vanderheyden, Mr. Henry Riggs, Mr. Edward Laddemore present." Plans were made to build the new church.

William Bouldin's wife was Sarah Gold, according to a reference in the IGI File. We lack any supporting documentation. However, we can be fairly sure that one son was William Bouldin described below.
* * *

William Bouldin was born between 1663 and 1669. (In various depositions given later on William was not consistent about his age) He married Thomasin Nash, daughter of Richard Nash and Ann Blunt Nash of Kent County, Maryland. According to a later deposition, she was born about 1673. Yet, in a later deposition, William stated that his father in law was Edward Jones. Perhaps William remarried. The St. Stephens Parish Register of Earlville, Cecil County, contains many references to the Bouldin family. From these references we can surmise that these were the children of William and Thomasin:

1. Richard Boulding was born on December 5, 1693. He was baptized on October 24, 1697, by Richard Sewell. He maried Mary Hewes, daughter of Owen and Mary Hewes on January 17, 1716. He died in 1740. (St. Stephens records) One known child was Mary Bolden, daughter of Richard and Mary, who was born on November 19, 1717. (St. Stephens records)

2. Elizabeth Boulding was born on July 3, 1696. She was bapized on October on October 24, 1697, by Richard Sewell. The church record later states that Thomas Beedle and Elizabeth Boulding, "spinster," were married by Rev. Sewell on January 13, 1717.

3. Mary Boulding was born on January 2, 1698.

4. William Boulding, twin, was born on June 29, 1704.

5. Elexander Boulding, twin, was born on June 29, 1704.

6. Thomas Boulding was born on January 15, 1706. He married Ann Clark on January 29, 1733. She was the daughter of Richard Clark of New Castle County, Delaware. (Delaware Calendar of Wills 1622-1800) Thomas was elected Vestryman of the church on April 19, 1742. In 1744 Thomas and Ann and family left Maryland and moved to Charlotte County, Virginia. Their plantation was called "Golden Hills," and some Bouldins supposedly still live there. Thomas and Ann had these children: James, Joseph, Ephriam, Wood, Thomas, Richard, William, Mary and Francina. Col. Thomas Bouldin, was a very prominent man in Virginia. He was sheriff, Colonel in the Militia, and held several public offices. His sons, James, Richard, Thomas and Wood, were all in the Revolutionary War. Further information on this line can be found in Colonial Families of the Southern States of America, by Hardy.

7. Samuel Boulding was born on January 7, 1709. He died on February 27, 1714.

8. James Boulding was born on September 4, 1712. More below.

* * *

James Boulding, son of William and Thomasin Nash Boulding, was born on September 4, 1712. He married Elizabeth Phillips, daughter of Nathan and Jane Phillips of Cecil County. Nathan Phillips wrote his will on May 24, 1748; and it was proved on June 1, 1748. He left part of his estate to James Boulden.

On August 9, 1736, James Boulding and Elizabeth, his wife, and William Boulding, Jr., his brother, rented 130 acres of land, part of a tract called "The Three Bohemia Sisters" from Anna Margreta Vanderheyden, oldest daughter of Augustine Herman. (Deeds Vol. V, Folio 209) In 1770 James bought some of that land from William Pearce. (Deeds Vol. 11, Folio 196)

Sometime after that transaction, James and Elizabeth and family moved a few miles east of Cecil County, to Pencader Hundred in New Castle County, Delaware. On June 29, 1778, he and his son, Nathan, took the Oath of Allegiance. In 1781 he bought some land. (Deeds Vol. D-2, Folio 337)

James wrote his will on January 4, 1783; and it was proved on February 17, 1784. Here is an abstract:

James Boulden, Sr. Pen. Hd. M.7. Wife, Elizabeth Boulden; sons, James, Thomas, Nathan and Elisha Boulden; John and Hannah Faries; Robert Lowrey; Sarah Boulden, widow of son Elijah; children of son Jesse, dec'd; children of dau., Augustina; children of son, Elijah, dec'd; dau., Rachel. Exec. son, James Boulden.

Elizabeth Boulden wrote her will on January 8, 1784; and it was proved on April 4, 1785. Here is an abstract:

Elizabeth Bolden. Pen. Hd. M. 91. Dau., Rachel; sons, Nathan, Elisha, Thomas and James; son-in-law, Richard Bolden; grandson, Nathan; grandchildren, Benjamin and Abigail, children of son, Thomas; children of son, Jesse; children of son, Elijah, dec'd.; children of dau., Augustine, dec'd. Exec. son, James Bolden.

Here, then, are the known children of James and Elizabeth Phillips Boulden, though not necessarily in the correct order:

1. Nathan Boulden was born on February 22, 1737. (St. Stephen's Church Records) More later.

2. Jesse Boulden was on the Cecil County tax list for 1766. He was granted a license to operate an ordinary (tavern) in 1769 and 1771. He died there by August 24, 1772. That is when Robert Thompson, Jr., and Benjamin Bravard were appointed appraisers of his estate. They returned their report on January 26 1773. Next of kin listed were James Boldin, Nathan Boldin and Elijah Bolden. Administratrix was Mary Boldin. The Balance of Final Distribution of Estates on March 6, 1774, lists Mary as the widow. She received one third of the estate and the rest went to his daughter Susannah, Sarah, Elizabeth and Augustina Boulden. Mary later married a John Smith. This writer believes that the daughter, Sarah, married her first cousin, Thomas, son of Nathan Boulden. They are ancestors of this writer.

3. Augustina Boulden was born on October 21, 1741. She married her first cousin, Thomas Boulden, Jr., son of Thomas Boulden, Sr. Thomas Jr. was a Captain in the Revolutionary War. Augustina had children, and died by the time her parents wrote their wills.

4. James Boulden, Jr., was born in 1747, according to his obituary. He married Rebecca Thompson, daughter of Ephriam Thompson of Cecil County on October 27, 1785. He was listed in the 1790 census. He died on September 9, 1826, in Pencader Hundred at his home in "Indianfields." His wife died in April 1828.

5. Thomas Boulden was born about 1754, according to a later deposition. He married a Bunker, daughter of Benjamin Bunker. Thomas and his wife had three children: Benjamin, Richard and Abigail.

6. Elisha Boulden was on the Cecil County tax list for 1766. His will was proved in New Castle County on February 13, 1821. He named his sons Jesse, Elisha and Samuel; and a deceased daughter, Sarah.

7. Elijah Boulden was on the Cecil County tax list for 1766. He married Sarah Ford, and they had six daughters: Ann, Martha, Bethia, Alamintha, Elizabeth and Charlotte. The youngest child was no more than ten years old in 1784, for an item in the will of James Boulden states that the mother was to live on her plantation for six more years until the children were sixteen. (Orphans Court Records, Liber T, Folio 298) Elijah died prior to his father's will of January 4, 1783.

8. Rachel Boulden married a cousin, Richard Boulden.

* * *

Nathan Boulden, son of James and Elizabeth Phillips Boulden, was born on February 22, 1737. (St. Stephens Church Records) He married Sarah ? , and they lived out their lives in New Castle County, Delaware. When the Revolutionary War came along, Nathan signed the Oath of Fidelity.

Nathan Boulden wrote his will on September 28, 1802: (WB P., Vol. 1, p. 141)

In the name of God amen. I Nathan Boulden of Pencader Hundred New Castle County and the state of Delaware, being weak in body and mindful of my mortality but of perfect sound and disposing mind and memory to make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say. Item, I do order and it is my desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon as conveniently may be after my decease by my executor hereafter named. Item, I do give and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Boulden the sum of two hundred pounds cash. Item, I do also give and bequeath to my said wife Sarah Boulden one negro woman named Frances to serve her during her said Sarah Boulden's natural life. Item, I give bequeath and devise to my youngest son Nathan Boulden to him and his heirs forever the plantation or tract of land in which I now live with all the buildings and improvements thereunto belonging or in any way appertaining upon he the said Nathan Boulden yielding and paying to my son Jesse Boulden the sum of five hundred pounds, payable as follows to wit. One hundred pounds in one year, one hundred pounds in two years, one hundred pounds in three year, one hundred pounds in four year and the remaining one hundred pound in five years after my decease, each payment to be clear of interest until payable. Item, I do also give and bequeath unto my said youngest son Nathan Boulden one yoke of oxen, one milch cow, one plow horse and one feather bed, bedstead and bedding; all of the said articles to be of his choice of them which are on the farm. Item, it is my will and desire, and I do allow that the remainder of my personal estate after the above legacies and expenses are paid be equally divided amongst my children now living, to wit. My sons, Thomas, James, Levi, Jesse and Nathan Boulden and my daughters Cassandra James and Rachel Moore. Item, I leave and it is my will that negro Isaac shall be free in four years and negro Jacob in six years from this date. Item, lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my son Levi Boulden sole executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all forms will or wills by me made. As witness my hand and seal this twenty eight day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two.
Nathan Boulden
Signed sealed and acknowledged to be the last will and testament of Nathan Boulden in the presence of us who at his request have subscribed our names.
William Dunlap
Alexander Vail
James Boulden

The above will was proved in court on October 12, 1802.

Sarah Boulden wrote her will on March 2, 1807: (WB Q, Vol. 1, p. 526)

In the name of God amen; I Sarah Boulden of the Hundred of Pencader of the State of Delaware, being of sound mind knowing that all must die do make and ordain this instrument as my last will and testament, revoking all former wills and bequests by me made. First after payment of my just debts and funeral expenses out of my estate I allow my executor to retain in his hand one hundred and fifty dollars the interest of which I wish paid in yearly and every year to my daughter- in-law Margaret Boulden widow of James Boulden during her natural lifetime and at her death I allow the same to be divided...(?) and share alike amonst her present children which may at the time of her death be alive. Secondly I give and bequeath to my grandson Jesse Ford the sum of fifty two dollars to be left in the hands of his uncle Jesse Bouldin and be by him applied to his use as he may think he requires it. Thirdly I give and bequeath to my grandson Jesse Bouldin, son of Thomas Boulden the sum of thirty dollars to be applied by my executor to his use as soon as possible after my death. Fourthly, I give and bequeath my daughter-in-law Sarah Boulden, wife of Thomas Boulden, my black silk gound and to my grand daughter Maria Boulden the rest and residue of my wearing apparel together with my calico bed quilt. Fifthly to my son Nathan Boulden I bequeath my black boy Oliver until he arrives at the age of twenty eight years at which time I allow him to be freed from slavery. Sixthly and if my son Nathan shoud make a charge against my estate for any expenses whilst sick in his house in such case only do I will and allow my executor to charge him for two years and six months wages for keeping his house at any price to be left optional with any two or three competent judges. Seventhly my bed and bedding wholly I give and bequeath to my grandson Nathan Moore, son of William Moore. Eightly the residue of my estate that may remain after the above legacies are paid I give and bequeath to my two daughters Casandra James and Rachel Moore and lastly I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my son Levi Boulden to be the executor of this my last will in witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 2nd day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seven.Sarah Bolden

Signed sealed and promised to be her last will and testament in the presence of
Jacob Glenn, Sam'l H. Black

Here, then, are the known children of Nathan and Sarah Boulden, though not necessarily in the correct order:

1. Thomas Boulden. More later.

2. James Boulden married Margaret ? . He had died by the time the mother wrote her will in 1807.

3. Levi Boulden was born in 1767. He married Jane Black on July 14, 1791. He became the Inspector of Customs in Delaware City. They are buried in the Pencader Presybterian Church Cemetery, Glascow, Delaware.

4. Rachel Boulden was born on October 17, 1772. She married William Moore on May 31, 1796.

5. Jesse Boulden was born in 1774. He married Hannah Griffith on March 20 1800. She was born on February 24, 1782, the daughter of Griffith and Elizabeth Griffith They had 12 children: Eliza, Sarah S., Thomas, John, Charles, George W., Levi, Mary, Harriot, Matilda, James and Jesse. Jesse died in 1855. (Boulden family Bible Record)

6. Nathan Boulden, Jr. was the "youngest son." He first married Elizabeth Thomas, daughter of John and Eleanor Thomas. He married Mary Ford on June 8, 1802.

7. Cassandra Boulden married John James.

* * *

Thomas Boulden, son of Nathan and Sarah Boulden, moved to Kentucky in the early 1800s. Later, W.H. Perrin included a biographical sketch on the Bouldens in his History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, page 503, published in the 1880s:

Thomas Boulden came to this country with John Smith, settled at Jamestown, and married a sister to Pocahontas, (see Emma Willard's History of U.S.) ...Thomas Boulden (his descendant) visited Kentucky early in the present century, returned to the State of Delaware, removed his family to Kentucky, and settled in Bourbon County, south of Paris; he subsequently died, as did his wife, in Millersburg. His wife, Sally Boulden, was his cousin and native of Pennsylvania; their children were John, Jesse, Ephraim, James George, Nathan, Sally, Polly and Cassandra.

This reference is interesting in that Perrin, who published his history in 1882, interviewed some of the Boulden's and got this family tradition from them. Yet they were aware of Thomas Boulden, the ancestor, and his alleged connection to Pocohantas. Reference is made to Emma Willard's history of the U.S., and this writer has read the book, but cannot find any such reference to the Bouldens there. Perrin indicated that Sarah Boulden was from Pennsylvania, but more likely here father was Jesse Boulden of Maryland, brother to Nathan Boulden of Delaware. For a time there was a boundary dispute between Pennsylvania and Maryland, which may have led to the confusion. As indicated by Perrin, Thomas and Sarah Boulden were first cousins.

Our first reference to Thomas and Sarah is found in the 1800 census of New Castle County, Delaware. Two Thomas Bouldens are listed, but the more likely one has this data: (p. 237)

4 Males 0 - 102 Females 0 - 10
1 " 10 - 161 " 26 - 45
1 " 26 - 45

Listed on the same census page were Jesse Bouldin, Sr., and Nathan Bouldin, Thomas' brother and father.

If the census information above and below is accurate, Thomas was born before 1765, and Sarah was born sometime after that. We assume they were married about 1785.

Thomas Boulden paid $1840 to Jesse Enlow for 240 acres in Nicholas County, Kentucky, on March 23, 1807. (DB A, p. 245) The farm was located on the road from lower Blue Lick to Millersburg. What happened to this land is not clear. No further deed transaction is noted.

By 1810 Thomas Boulden and his family were apparently living in Bourbon County, for they are listed in the 1810 census as follows: (p. 71)

1 Males 0 - 101 Females 0 - 10

1 " 10 - 161 " 10 - 16
3 " 16 - 261 " 26 - 45
1 " 45 +

The Biographical Review of Johnson, Massac, Pope and Hardin County, Illinois of 1893 mentioned that Thomas Boulden was "a mechanic and well-to-do for those times, and died in Millersburg, Bourbon County, Ky. The children of Grandfather Boulden were Jesse, John, Ephraim, Nathan, Sarah and Cassandra." (p. 498) As we shall see, some children were not named in this report:

Little else is known about Thomas and Sarah at this time. Sarah was living in 1829 when she witnessed a daughter's wedding. Here are their children, as listed by Perrin:

1. Jesse Boulden was born about 1788. He married Margaret McKee in Bourbon County on February 27, 1815; and Thomas Bouldin was bondsman. According to Perrin, Jesse served in the War of 1812, and had two children. The History of Nicholas County, Kentucky called Jesse Boulden "The first Hatter" of Carlisle. (p. 156) On September 21, 1818, Jesse Boulden and Peggy, his wife, sold lot 62 in Carlisle, "where he lives" to Joseph Mitchell. (DB E, p. 245) Jesse is shown in the 1820 census of Nicholas County. It indicates one female 10-16, one male and one female 26-45, and one male 45 or over. The latter male may have been the father of Margaret. Jesse died in 1825, and his estate was inventoried in May of that year. (WB G, p. 277) It was recorded on May 20. (Order Book H, p. 208) Order Book K, p. 271, notes that Sarah Jane Boulden, orphan of Jesse Boulden, aged above 14, chose Jesse's sister for her guardian. Order Book L, p. 68, ordered that Thomas Sadler be appointed guardian for Jesse Thomas Boulden. Sarah Jane Boulden married Thomas Sadler on November 4, 1833, in Bourbon County. Jesse Sadler was bondsman.

2. Ephraim Boulden was born in 1790, according to his death record. He was in the War of 1812. His pension application (W.O. 16006) contains this information: He was a Private in Capt. Edward Whaley's Company in Kentucky. He enlisted on September 10, 1814, and was discharged on March 9, 1815. His residence in 1850 was Millersburg, Bourbon County, Kentucky. The soldier's first wife was Nancy Talbott. He married Mary Baker, the present widow, on May 18, 1837, in Mason County, Kentucky.

On May 6, 1820, Ephraim sold lot 24 in Carlisle to Jonathan Talbott. (DB E, p. 245)

Perrin's history notes that Ephraim Bouldn first married Nancy Talbott, daughter of Reason Talbott of Bourbon County, and they had a son, Jesse Henry Boulden. He was born on August 2, 1825. After the death of Nancy, Ephraim married Mary Baker, daughter of Major John Baker of Mason County, and they had four children: Rezin B., born May 7, 1838; John W., born August 21, 1841; Nannie Jane; and Holman T. Boulden.

The 1850 Bourbon County Census, p. 235, list Ephraim Boulden 55, hatter, born in Delaware; Mary 36, born in Kentucky; Rason 12; Nannie 8; and Holman 4. On page 262 was Jesse H. Boulden 25, Varilla 20, Henry 3, and Nannie 1.

According to Kentucky's death records, Ephraim Boulden died on April 15, 1853, in Millersburg, age 63. The record notes that he was born in Delaware, the son of Thomas and Cassandra Boulden. No doubt an error was made, for the mother was Sarah.

3. "John Boulden was a native of Bourbon County, Ky., having been born near Millersburg in 1794," notes a sketch in the Biographical Review of Johnson, Massac, Pope and Hardin County, Illinois. (p. 498) John was in the War of 1812, and according to Perrin, he settled in Indiana. John Boulden was listed in the 1830 census of Wash- ington County, Indiana. The above biographical sketch says that John was a tanner by trade, moved to Indiana as a young man, and married Mary Benard, a Virginian born in 1788. They moved to Pope County, Illinios in 1817, and reared two sons and five daughters.

4. James Boulden died a bachelor, probably before the 1810 census.

5. George Boulden married Julia Ann Lee on May 22, 1832, in Bourbon County. Her father George Lee, signed. George wrote his will on December 19, 1841; and in it he mentioned his wife Julia, his son George Thomas Bouldin, and his father and mother- in-law George and Polly Lee. Also he mentioned his property in Millersburg and in Montgomery County. Julia Bouldin and George Lee were appointed executors, and witnesses were William Peyton and Matthew Taylor. ├ČThe Western Citizen├« newspaper of Paris noted on December 24, 1841, that George Bouldin had died of pleurisy after nine days. The will was proved in the April Court of 1842. According to family records, and the will above, George and Julia had one son who lived to the age of 22. He was the George T. Boulden 17, who appeared in the 1850 census, page 259. The Death Record notes that George T. Boulden, 23, clerk in Millersburg, died on November 31, 1855.

6. Nathan Boulden was born in 1803 and died on May 1, 1861, according to his gravestone in the Old Millersburg Cemetery, in Nicholas County, near the Bourbon County line. He married Elizabeth "Betsey" H. Young, by whom he had two children, William T. and Mattie A. They are listed in the 1850 census as Nathan Boulden 47, Elizabeth 32, William 14, and Martha 10. Elizabeth's tombstone reads "H. Boulden, B. June 6, 1817, D. Mar. 18, 1859. Devoted Wife and Mother."

7. Sarah or "Sallie" Boulden married John "Jake" West of Cincinnati on March 31, 1831, in Bourbon County. Her mother, Sarah, gave consent. Sallie died of cholera in 1832, at the residence of James Nicholas, below Cynthiana, as she was returning on horseback from Cincinnati. (Perrin)

8. Polly Boulden died young.

9. Cassandra Boulden was born about 1807. She married Patrick Hagan, a native of Ireland, in Nicholas County on November 15, 1829. Ephraim Boulden was bondsman, and Sarah, the mother, gave permission. Presumably, Thomas, the father was dead by this time. Patrick, "whose brother, Dr. Hagan, an editor of a paper, at Natchez, was killed in a duel, resulting from some article published in his paper. Hagan removed to St. Charles, Mo., and was drowned from a steamboat while on a trip with horses to Kentucky. His widow returned to Kentucky and afterward married John K. Ashurst, of Bourbon." (Perrin) She was listed in the 1850 census, next to her brother Ephraim, as Cassandra Hagan 43. Cassandra died on September 25, 1884. This writer is a descendant of Patrick and Cassandra Hagan.

* * *

This is to acknowledge the work of the late L.V. Hagan, Jr., who made the first concerted effort to compile the Boulden records. We have used those records as a guide, and added to them. Compiled by James G. Faulconer, 5200 Oakbrooke Drive, Kettering, OH 45440. January 14, 2000. (JFaulconer@AOL.Com)

Thomas married Mary.
They had one child:

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