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21. John McDowell SHAWHAN (Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). John McDowell was born in Mason County, Kentucky, on May 6, 1806. John McDowell died in Fayette County, Indiana, on March 1, 1866; he was 59.
John has been described as a tall, graceful, austerely handsome man, stern but kind. He was a very wealthy and influential member of the community, owning 600 acres of prime Rush County, IN land and another 600 acres in Iowa at the time of his death. He was quite active in breeding blooded horses, maintaining a race track on his land near Falmouth, Indiana; he once owned a famous race horse and stud named "Tom Hal". His daughters were also expert horsewomen, winning many prizes for their skills at fairs in the area. In 1852 he built a large home which boasted the distinction of having a ballroom on the second floor, reached by a beautiful curving staircase; a billiard room and a music room were also featured, with interior trim largely of solid walnut and cherry. John was well-known for his charitable works and was a large donor to the formation of Fairview Academy, forerunner of Butler University. One of his nephews wrote about a visit to "Uncle John's Home".
"Uncle John took Pa to the large cellar (I followed, of course) where in War Times (Civil War) he had stored 75 barrels of Good Old (I regret to say that Uncle John visited it too often). Uncle, with a black boy or two, showed us around the barn and the horses. They bred mostly harness horses, a few trotters, and had a half-mile track, for they trained their horses regularly. Garrett, "Hoosier", the oldest son, would take a string of horses down to Mobile, Alabama, race sell them, and come home for more. When the War broke out, it caught Garrett down at Mobile with a string of horses; he never came back remained in the South. His (Garrett's) old Uncle Joe (John's brother Joseph) called all his brother's family "rebels" over it. Uncle John cried as he told Pa about it. The Shawhans had set their slaves free before coming to Indiana. Some begged to come along, so they kept them."
During the Civil War, since John Shawhan was so closely related to Kentucky slave-owning cousins, and an elder son, Joseph, resided in Cynthiana, KY, he found his Indiana neighbors hostile towards him -- for a time his life was in danger. The son, Joseph Shawhan, was not allowed to return to Indiana, but a cousin, Henry Lail, of Cynthiana, was visiting John's family because of his attachment to Mary Shawhan, John's daughter. When local officials sought to conscript young Lail into the Union Army, John paid several hundred dollars to hire a substitute to go in his place.
On June 18, 1828 John McDowell married Sarah PARRISH, daughter of Zachariah PARRISH & Phoebe GARD, in Indiana. Sarah was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 27, 1808. Sarah died in Rush County, Indiana, on August 11, 1883; she was 75.
They had the following children:

81 i. Phoebe Jane (1829-1853)

82 ii. Joseph Newton (1832-1876)

83 iii. Mary Elizabeth (1839-1921)

84 iv. Daniel Parrish (1841-1932)

85 v. Garrett Benjamin (1843-1905)

86 vi. Ellen (Elsie) A. (1848-1925)
22. Robert Fleming SHAWHAN (Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Robert Fleming was born in Mason County, Kentucky, on September 24, 1808. Robert Fleming died in Morgan Valley, Jasper County, IA, on July 14, 1893; he was 84.
The migrations of Robert Fleming were typical of many of the hardy pioneers of the 1800s. Born in Mason Co., KY in 1808, he moved to Co., IN with his parents in 1825. There he married Ann Minor, also originally from KY, and fathered several children. In the 1850s he moved to Iowa, first to Jasper Co., then to Polk Co.; he afterwards migrated to Nebraska and Kansas before returning to Marion Co. IA where he died. During the Civil War, he served as a Musician (drummer), a , in Co. E., 14th Iowa Infantry, from Sep. 28, 1861 to Nov. 25, 1863; his monthly pay was $14.73, with a clothing allowance of $3.96, and subsistence of $5.40 -- total amount $24.09. He was also granted 40 cents/day for use of horse and arms, and 25 cents/day for rations and forage.
On March 3, 1830 Robert Fleming married Ann (Alley) T. MINOR, daughter of Walter MINOR & Mary, in Rush County, Indiana. Ann (Alley) T. was born on October 18, 1812. Ann (Alley) T. died in Marion County, IA, on November 1, 1903; she was 91.
They had the following children:

87 i. Minor Moore (1831-1923)

ii. Daniel. Daniel was born in Indiana on September 21, 1833.

88 iii. Mary (1836-)

iv. Nancy. Nancy was born on April 6, 1840. Nancy died in Runnels, IA, on January 17, 1860; she was 19.

89 v. George William (1842-1907)

90 vi. John Robert "Poke" (1845-1909)

vii. Joseph. Joseph was born in Indiana on August 30, 1848.

91 viii. Isom Clarence (1852-1930)

ix. Anna. Anna was born in IA on May 11, 1855. Anna died in Runnels, IA, on June 7, 1860; she was 5.

92 x. Richard Johnson (1858-1931)
23. George M. SHAWHAN (Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). George M. was born in Mason County, Kentucky, on July 14, 1811. George M. died in Sigourney, IA, on January 15, 1852; he was 40.
On December 29, 1836 George M. married Hannah LOWE, daughter of Joseph LOWE & Sarah McCAULEY, in Rush County, Indiana. Hannah was born on April 18, 1818. Hannah died on August 31, 1883; she was 65.
Descendants of Robert Lowe
Generation No. 1
1. ROBERT1 LOWE was born January 23, 1765 in Cheshire, England, and died October 1, 1808 in Booths Creek, Marion Co.,(W)VA.. He married ELIZABETH SWEARINGEN April 17, 1791 in Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD., daughter of CHARLES SWEARINGEN and SUSANNAH STULL. She was born May 29, 1765 in Washington Co., MD., and died January 6, 1848 in Boothsville, Marion Co., (W)VA..
Three brothers, Robert Lowe, Cephas Lowe, and Charles Lowe, were said by John Booth Lowe of Shinnston, WVA., son of Robert Lowe, to have come from England to the New Jersey settlements, and from New Jersey they emigrated to Ellicott's Mills, near Baltimore, Maryland. In the year 1808, Robert Lowe and his family left Ellicott's Mills and emigrated to what later became known as Boothsville, Harrison Co., (W)Virginia. Robert died by drowning later in the same year (1808) in Booths Creek.

Cephas Lowe, moved to Ringould Manor, near Hagerstown, Maryland, where many of his descendants still reside.

It is not known to a certainty what became of the other brother, Charles Lowe, but it appears likely that he emigrated to Indiana. All the Lowe brothers were Quakers, but like many other of the younger members of that religious organization, they drifted away and became members of other denominations. In many instances members of the Quaker church were excommunicated on account of infractions of church laws and regulations, and this may have been the case with the Lowe brothers.

It is said that Robert Lowe's father was a General in the English Army.


2. i. MARIA2 LOWE, b. February 25, 1792, Maryland; d. 1867, Zanesfield, Ohio.

3. ii. SUSANNAH LOWE, b. August 17, 1793, Washington Co., MD.; d. October 27, 1842, Marion Co., (W)VA..

4. iii. HON. JOSEPH LOWE, b. August 29, 1795, Washington Co., MD.; d. March 3, 1879, English River, Keokuk Co., Iowa.

5. iv. CEPHAS LOWE, b. July 23, 1797, Ellicott City, Maryland; d. November 21, 1888, Clearmont, (W)Virginia.

6. v. CHARLES SWEARINGEN LOWE, b. September 24, 1798, Ellicott City, Maryland; d. April 3, 1842, White Co., Indiana.

vi. ELIZABETH LOWE, b. January 7, 1800, Maryland; m. ELIJAH SMITH, February 2, 1830.

7. vii. JOHN BOOTH LOWE, b. February 8, 1802, Maryland; d. June 29, 1876, Simpson Creek, Harrison Co.,(W)VA..

8. viii. DRUSILLA LOWE, b. August 30, 1803, Ellicott City, Maryland; d. May 15, 1855, Saltwell, WVA..
Generation No. 2
2. MARIA2 LOWE (ROBERT1) was born February 25, 1792 in Maryland, and died 1867 in Zanesfield, Ohio. She married THOMAS DICKINSON June 7, 1810, son of JOSEPH DICKINSON and ELIZABETH NUZUM. He was born November 13, 1788 in Berks, Pennsylvania, and died May 19, 1879 in Bellfontain, Ohio.

She was buried at Goshen Friends Cemetary near Zanesfield, Ohio


i. ELIZA3 DICKINSON, b. November 20, 1810, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; m. BENJAMIN BUTLER, August 1, 1833, Logan, Ohio.

ii. ROBERT L. DICKINSON, b. March 15, 1812, Logan, Ohio; d. May 19, 1887; m. REBECCA STEVENSON, January 24, 1833

iii. SUSAN DICKINSON, b. June 16, 1813, Logan, Ohio;m. BENJAMIN BUTLER, August 10, 1831.

iv. MARY DICKINSON, b. January 6, 1815, Logan, Ohio; d. August 1815, Logan, Ohio.

v. JOSEPH NELSON DICKINSON, b. March 27, 1816, Logan, Ohio; d. July 16, 1895, West Liberty, Ohio; m. MARY ANN CORWIN, January 21, 1838.

vi. MARGARET DICKINSON, b. September 17, 1817, Logan, Ohio; m. GEORGE CORWIN, April 17, 1837.

vii. HANNA DICKINSON, b. December 28, 1818, Logan, Ohio; m. JAMES STAFFORD, April 30, 1846, Logan, Ohio.

viii. MARTIN MARMON DICKINSON, b. February 20, 1820, Logan, Ohio; m. MARGARET REA, August 6, 1842;

ix. GARDNER L. DICKINSON, b. December 18, 1821, Logan, Ohio;.

x. DUNCAN MCARTHER DICKINSON, b. December 3, 1822, Logan, Ohio; d. June 1, 1902; m. JULIA ANN CARPENTER, July 27, 1845, Camden, Missouri.

xi. JOSHUA M. DICKINSON, b. February 18, 1824, Logan, Ohio; m. MARTHA BRONSON, July 23, 1846.

xii. MARTHA DICKINSON, b. March 25, 1825, Logan, Ohio; m. JOHN JACKSON, April 12, 1846;.

xiii. ANNA DICKINSON, b. August 15, 1826, Logan, Ohio; d. October 10, 1832, Logan, Ohio.

xiv. LEWIS DICKINSON, b. November 20, 1827, Logan, Ohio; d. September 21, 1887, Ridgway, Ohio; m. (1) MARY ANN BECK, March 4, 1852; m. (2) ELIZABETH ROSEBROOK, September 2, 1864.

xv. SAMUEL S. DICKINSON, b. February 17, 1829, Logan, Ohio; d. Abt. 1907; m. MALINDA SUTTON, March 21, 1850;

3. SUSANNAH2 LOWE (ROBERT1) was born August 17, 1793 in Washington Co., MD., and died October 27, 1842 in Marion Co., (W)VA.. She married RAYNEAR (OR RYNEAR) HALL September 7, 1815 in Harrison Co., (W)VA.. He was born May 5, 1788 in Monongalia, (W)VA., and died August 12, 1862 in Fairmont, (W)VA..


i. JORDAN3 HALL, b. Abt. 1816, (W)Virginia;.

ii. ASA HALL, b. Abt. 1817, (W)Virginia.

iii. ISSAC COURTNEY HALL, b. Abt. 1818, (W)Virginia;.

iv. ELIZABETH HALL, b. Abt. 1820, (W)Virginia; m. ABRAHAM HUNSAKER.

v. JOHN NEWTON HALL, b. Abt. 1820, (W)Virginia; m. MAHALA.

vi. CHARLES SWEARINGEN HALL, b. Abt. 1822, (W)Virginia.

vii. REBECCA HALL, b. Abt. 1823, (W)Virginia; m. JOSEPH MORRIS,.

viii. EPHRAIM B. HALL, b. Abt. 1825, (W)Virginia;

ix. NATHAN HARRISON HALL, b. July 23, 1826, Marion Co., (W)VA..

x. MOSES ALLEN HALL, b. July 23, 1826, Marion Co., (W)VA.; d. July 25, 1875, Iowa City, Iowa; m. FIDELIA MARTIN..

xi. ROBERT FELIX HALL, b. Abt. 1827, (W)Virginia;.

xii. RAYNEAR MILTON HALL, b. Abt. 1829, (W)Virginia; .

xiii. SETH AMOS HALL, b. Abt. 1831, (W)Virginia.

xiv. MARY JANE HALL, b. Abt. 1832, (W)Virginia.

xv. JAMES NELSON HALL, b. Abt. 1833, (W)Virginia; d. Abt. 1833, (W)Virginia.
4. HON. JOSEPH2 LOWE (ROBERT1) was born August 29, 1795 in Washington Co., MD., and died March 3, 1879 in English River, Keokuk Co., Iowa. He married SARAH MCCAULY February 14, 1816 in Harrison Co., WVA., daughter of JAMES MCCAULY and JANE. She was born Abt. 1798 in Harrison Co., WVA..

At nine years of age, Joseph went with his parents to W. Virginia. When 13, being the eldest son, support of the family devolved upon him by the death of his father. At 19 years old the second war with England began and he enlisted, serving honorably as a Sergeant in Capt. G.T. Wilkinson's Company, commanded by Lt. Col. Issac Booth. He enlisted Aug.13, 1814 when a resident of Harrison Co., (W)VA. and was discharged Feb.22,1815 at Norfork, VA.

He left VA. and moved his family to Indiana in the spring of 1822 and took an active part in the formation of Rush Co. later that year. He afterwards represented the county in both the Senate and House of Representatives for a period reaching from 1832 to 1845. Later in the year 1845, he moved to near Springfield, Warren Township, Keokuk Co., Iowa, where he, his wife and six younger children were enumerated in the 1850 federal census. He was farming then and had $960 in real estate.

In 1850 he was elected to represent Mahaska and Keokuk Counties in the Iowa Senate. In 1857 he removed from his farm and settled at Sigourney, IA.

By 1860 Sarah Lowe had died. By that time Joseph was postmaster of Sigourney, IA. and was living in Sigourney Township, Keokuk Co., IA. with four of his children. He died Mar. 3, 1879 in English River Township, Keokuk Co., Iowa.

Children of JOSEPH LOWE and SARAH MCCAULY are:

i. MARIAH ANN3 LOWE, b. December 7, 1816, Harrison Co., WVA.; m. BENJAMIN PLUMMER SHAWHAN.

ii. HANNAH MARY LOWE, b. April 18, 1818, Harrison Co., WVA.; d. August 31, 1883, Keokuk Co.,Iowa; m. (1) GEORGE M. SHAWHAN, m. (2) MR. REEVES,

iii. AUSBORNE E. LOWE, b. September 16, 1820, Harrison Co.,VA.; d. February 29, 1896, Sigourney, Iowa; m. (1) SARAH JANE WYCKOFF, November 3, 1842, Rush Co.,Indiana; b. Abt. 1822, Ohio; d. May 31, 1851, Sigourney, Iowa; m. (2) LAVINIA HARDY, December 1852, Sigourney, Iowa; b. June 1829, Indiana.

AUSBORNE E. LOWE: was Senior Warden of the first Masonic Lodge in Sigourney, Iowa, called "Hogin Lodge #32" organized by James L. Hogin, Grand Master of the state of Iowa and grandfather of John Hogin Sr. whose son(?) Russel Hogin married Ausbourns' sister, Nancy Adeline Lowe.


Fact 1: 1850, Farmer with $2,000 in real estate

Fact 2: 1860, Farmer with $10,800 in real estate and $4,000 in personal property

Fact 3: 1870, Agricultural implements dealer with $2,000 in per. property but no real estate.

Fact 4: 1880, Town Assessor of Sigourney, Iowa
iv. JAMES B. LOWE, b. September 29, 1826, Rush Co., Indiana; m. FRANCES ANN WRIGHT, June 28, 1863..

v. ELIZABETH LOWE, b. March 28, 1830, Rush Co., Indiana; m. HENRY SHUFFELBARGER, November 14, 1848; b. Abt. 1821, Virginia.

vi. SARAH PAULINE LOWE, b. December 30, 1833, Rush Co., Indiana; m. MR. PRINCE/PRINE, WFT Est. 1847-1880..

vii. REBECCA LOWE, b. 1836, Rush Co., Indiana..

viii. JACOB A. LOWE, b. March 4, 1840, Rush Co., Indiana; m. HESTER A. HIGGINS, May 1, 1861.

ix. ROBERT F. LOWE, b. Abt. 1841, Rush Co., Indiana..

5. CEPHAS2 LOWE (ROBERT1) was born July 23, 1797 in Ellicott City, Maryland, and died November 21, 1888 in Clearmont, (W)Virginia. He married ELEANOR HUGHES November 14, 1816 in Harrison Co., (W)VA.. She was born August 23, 1796 in New Jersey, and died April 11, 1886 in Clearmont, (W)Virginia.


i. ANN ELIZA3 LOWE, b. Abt. 1817, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; m. ABRAHAM COON.

ii. ROBERT LOWE, b. July 20, 1818, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; d. June 6, 1905; m. RUHANA DUNCAN, b. May 24, 1830, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; d. January 3, 1903.

iii. MINERVA LOWE, b. December 26, 1821, Harrison Co., (W)VA. m. JOSEPH REED, b. Abt. 1818, Virginia..

iv. MALINDA LOWE, b. Abt. 1823, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; m. JAMES LANHAM.

v. MARY ELLEN LOWE, b. August 8, 1830, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; d. August 23, 1845, Harrison Co., (W)VA..

vi. OLIVE A. LOWE, b. October 18, 1838, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; d. January 23, 1878; m. JAMES TORREY.

6. CHARLES SWEARINGEN2 LOWE (ROBERT1) was born September 24, 1798 in Ellicott City, Maryland, and died April 3, 1842 in White Co., Indiana. He married ELIZABETH DICKEY November 10, 1825 in Fayette, Indiana. She was born Abt. 1810 in Kentucky, and died July 17, 1868 in White Co., Indiana.


i. MARGARET3 LOWE, b. Abt. 1828, Fayette, Indiana; d. Abt. 1853.

ii. HUGH LOWE, b. March 30, 1830, Fayette, Indiana; m. (1) ELEANOR M. WILSON, March 4, 1852, Fayette, Indiana; b. November 26, 1831, Fayette, Indiana; d. October 9, 1873; m. (2) MARY E. BUSSELL, May 29, 1877.

iii. JOSEPHUS LOWE, b. April 11, 1831, Fayette, Indiana; d. July 22, 1881, Monon, White Co.,Indiana; m. SUSAN CLARISSA BERKEY, March 21, 1852, White Co., Indiana; b. October 9, 1840, White Co., Indiana; d. September 1, 1904, White Co., Indiana.

iv. WILLIAM D. LOWE, b. April 23, 1834, White Co., Indiana; d. March 10, 1903, White Co., Indiana; m. (1) CATHERINE, b. December 17, 1840, White Co., Indiana; d. January 4, 1868, White Co., Indiana; m. (2) MAGGIE WILSON, Abt. 1869, White Co., Indiana; b. Abt. 1848, White Co., Indiana; d. 1924, White Co., Indiana.

v. LARKIN LOWE, b. June 26, 1836, White Co., Indiana; d. November 1, 1907, White Co., Indiana; m. SCELNIRA PHILLIPS, b. May 23, 1840, White Co., Indiana; d. April 30, 1924, White Co., Indiana.

vi. GUSTAVUS LOWE, b. September 5, 1838, White Co., Indiana; d. June 1, 1907, Monon, White Co.,Indiana; m. SERENA PHILLIPS, b. October 4, 1842, White Co., Indiana; d. November 2, 1913.

vii. SAMUEL D. LOWE, b. Abt. 1841, White Co., Indiana; d. Abt. 1926; m. PRISCILLA BALL, October 5, 1864, Georgetown, Lewis Co.,WVA.; b. 1844; d. Abt. 1925.
7. JOHN BOOTH2 LOWE (ROBERT1) was born February 8, 1802 in Maryland, and died June 29, 1876 in Simpson Creek, Harrison Co.,(W)VA.. He married (1) RHODA SMITH September 18, 1828 in Harrison Co., (W)VA.. She was born March 8, 1808 in Harrison Co., (W)VA., and died March 30, 1849 in Marion Co., (W)VA.. He married (2) SUSAN ROBINSON FOREMAN March 11, 1852 in Middlebourne, W.Virginia. She was born December 1815 in Harrison Co., (W)VA., and died March 30, 1871.

Children of JOHN LOWE and RHODA SMITH are:

i. INFANT3 LOWE, b. Abt. 1830, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; d. Abt. 1830, Harrison Co., (W)VA..

ii. DAVID SMITH LOWE, b. January 6, 1831, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; d. March 13, 1915, Sullivan, Illinois; m. SARAH FRANCIS ROACH, b.. Abt. 1835, Lewis Co.,(W)VA.; d. April 25, 1912, Sullivan, Illinois.

iii. ROBERT BOOTH LOWE, b. November 10, 1832, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; d. July 23, 1850.

iv. JOSHUA SMITH LOWE, b. September 18, 1834, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; d. November 29, 1911, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania; m. SUSAN JANE BROWN, b. Abt. 1836, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; d. Abt. 1883, Shinnston, WVA..

v. JOSEPH LOWE, b. March 23, 1837, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; d. January 16, 1849, Harrison Co., (W)VA..

vi. JOHN LOWE, b. April 12, 1839, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; d. January 5, 1919, Shinnston, WVA.; m. HESTER HIGGINBOTHAM, b. March 3, 1840, Greene Co.,Pennsylvania; d. April 9, 1891, Simpson Creek, Harrison Co.,(W)VA..

vii. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LOWE, b. August 6, 1841, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; d. June 30, 1903, Webster Springs, WVA.; m. SARAH MATILDA HIGGINBOTHAM, January 6, 1865; b. Abt. 1845; d. December 19, 1900.

viii. CHARLES SMITH LOWE, b. January 3, 1844, Harrison Co., (W)VA.; m. MARY C. RECTOR.

Children of JOHN LOWE and SUSAN FOREMAN are:

ix. DORA ELPHRADA3 LOWE, b. May 29, 1853, Shinns Run,Harrison Co.,WVA.; d. May 4, 1861, Shinns Run,Harrison Co.,WVA..

x. MARTIN LUTHER LOWE, b. September 9, 1857; m. EMMA A. HARRISON; Martin may have had another spouse named; Elizabeth Kramer Higginbotham--
8. DRUSILLA2 LOWE (ROBERT1) was born August 30, 1803 in Ellicott City, Maryland, and died May 15, 1855 in Saltwell, WVA.. She married ABRAHAM RIGHTER October 11, 1821 in Harrison Co., (W)VA., son of JOHN RIGHTER and SARAH BIGLER. He was born January 27, 1802 in Harrison Co. (W)VA.


There is a discrepency in Drusilla's birth and death dates. According to the "Family Records of Harrison Co., WVA. (LOWE)", she was born October 3, 1803 and she died May 18, 1856. This info was obtained through the Family History Center of the L.D.S. church; film no. 163784 &163785.


i. JOHN BIGLER3 RIGHTER, b. June 18, 1823, Saltwell, WVA.; d. December 3, 1885, New Geneva, Pennsylvania; m. EMILY JANE ATKINSON, December 13, 1847.

ii. ELIZA RIGHTER, b. November 1825, Saltwell, WVA.; d. September 4, 1882.

iii. INFANT RIGHTER, b. 1827, Saltwell, WVA.; d. 1827, Saltwell, WVA..

iv. JACKSON MARION RIGHTER, b. August 6, 1829, Saltwell, WVA.; d. Abt. 1912; m. (1) LUCY MARTIN, January 1, 1852;; m. (2) MARTHA ELLEN FELTS, January 8, 1867.

v. ABRAHAM LOWE RIGHTER, b. July 20, 1832, Saltwell, WVA.; d. September 22, 1863; m. SYLVANIA VINCENT..

vi. SARAH RIGHTER, b. Abt. 1834, Saltwell, WVA..

vii. HANNA RIGHTER, b. March 23, 1836, Saltwell, WVA.; d. May 14, 1920; m. GEORGE C. BROWN.

viii. ELIZABETH RIGHTER, b. March 6, 1840, Saltwell, WVA.; d. WFT Est. 1854-1934; m. JOSEPH NEEPER.

ix. SUSANNA RIGHTER, b. February 11, 1843, Saltwell, WVA.; m. HUGH NEEPER,

x. . ROBERT LOWE RIGHTER, b. March 13, 1844, Saltwell, WVA.; d. October 24, 1932; m. IDA R. JARVIS, January 27, 1877.

xi. ISAIAH RIGHTER, b. February 1, 1846, Saltwell, WVA.; d. December 15, 1876.
They had the following children:

93 i. James (1838-1926)

ii. Sarah E. Sarah E. was born in Rush County, Indiana, on July 17, 1840. Sarah E. died on July 29, 1844; she was 4.

94 iii. Mary "Mollie" (1842-1926)

95 iv. Amanda (1845-1911)

v. John. John was born in 1847. John died in Sigourney, IA, in 1913; he was 66.

About 1869 John married Josie SANDERS, in IA. Josie was born about 1848.
24. Benjamin Plummer SHAWHAN (Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Benjamin Plummer was born in Mason County, Kentucky, on June 5, 1814. Benjamin Plummer died in Sigourney, Iowa, on May 8, 1852; he was 37.
On May 7, 1837 Benjamin Plummer married Maria Ann LOWE, daughter of Joseph LOWE & Sarah McCAULEY. Maria Ann was born in Harrison County, Kentucky, on December 17, 1816. Maria Ann died in Oskaloosa, IA, on December 6, 1881; she was 64.
They had the following children:

96 i. Joseph Henry (1838-1911)

97 ii. Daniel William (1840-1925)

98 iii. Mary Evalina (1842-)

iv. George Woodford. George Woodford was born in Keokuk County, IA, on January 2, 1846. George Woodford died in 1916; he was 69.

George lied about his age and became a wagoner with Co. B, 3rd Iowa, during the Civil War.

About 1869 George Woodford married Rebecca BUCHER. Rebecca was born about 1849.

99 v. Sarah Elizabeth (1848-1917)

100 vi. Hanna Olivia (1850-)

Family of Agnes (Nancy) SHAWHAN (6) & Isaac WILLIAMS

25. Agnes WILLIAMS (Agnes (Nancy) SHAWHAN4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Agnes was born on December 25, 1795. Agnes died in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania., on February 28, 1879; she was 83.
Agnes married Nathaniel PATTERSON, son of Andrew PATTERSON (-November 1808) & Mary McNEILORMCNEAL, in Mt. Lebanon, St. Clair Township. Nathaniel was born in 1795.
Served as a commissioned officer under Capt. Butler in the War of with the Pittsburg Blues being only 17 when mustered in.
They had the following children:

101 i. Nancy (1817-)

ii. Mary.

Mary married Joseph RAMSEY.

iii. Nathaniel.

iv. Margaret.

v. Andrew.

vi. Isaac.

Family of John SHAWHAN (7) & Margaret "Peggy" McCUNE

26. Margaret Bell SHAWHAN (John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Margaret Bell was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, on November 11, 1797. Margaret Bell died in Pike County, Missouri, on May 18, 1860; she was 62. Margaret Bell was buried in Old Grassy Creek Churchyard, Pike County, Missouri.
Margaret and William had ten more children after arriving in Pike County, Mo. Information about these children can be found in the Sketch for William Reading History, Pike County, Mo., 1883, p. 978.


"She was a person of great tact and determination, and she liked to have her family around her, and they loved her and enjoyed being near her. She and her sister Nancy were very close. Their history intertwines in interesting ways. The sisters were married one day apart; Margaret on January 11, 1812 and Nancy the next day.”35 Years later Nancy would marry Margaret's widowed husband, William Reading (William Reading was Margaret and Nancy's first cousin).
“Before she died, Margaret Shawhan Reading gave her topaz and gold earrings, large loops with a large topaz, a bracelet and belt buckle that matched, to her granddaughter Loucetta Downing, and these–as of 1951–were in possession of Clara Williamson, a granddaughter of Loucetta. The unset topaz which was given to Nancy Smith by her grandmother Nancy Shawhan Smith (Rush, Reading), was said to have been Margaret Shawhan Reading's birthstones, and it was in 1923 upon the occasion of Nancy Smith's (Hinkson, Vanarsdale) last visit, given to her niece and Margaret Shawhan Reading's namesake, Margaret Smith Chandler, and set into a ring for her birthday by her daughter Isobel Chandler Madsen. In 1939, the ring was handed on to Anne Page Chandler.”36


On January 12, 1816 Margaret Bell married William READING, son of George READING Jr. (December 8, 1761-August 4, 1846) & Nancy McCUNE (November 25, 1770-October 20, 1843), in Bourbon County, Kentucky.37 William was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, on October 9, 1792. William died in Pike County, MO, on September 2, 1868; he was 75. William was buried in Old Grassy Creek Cemetery, Pike County, Missouri. Just north of Louisiana, Missouri. William served in War Of 1812, in 1812; he was 19.
Notes on William READING:38

William Reading (deceased, whose portrait appears in this work). Among the pioneers of Pike county who by their own energy and strict attention to business won a high position in society, there are none more worthy of space in history than the subject of this sketch. He was born in Bourbon county, Kentucky, October 9, 1792, where he was reared on a farm and educated in the subscription schools of the time. He was married January 11, 1816, to Miss Margaret Shawhan, a native of Bourbon county, Kentucky, born February 11, 1787. In 1820 he immigrated to Pike County, Missouri, where he settled in Buffalo township, on the farm where his youngest son (Lafayette) now lives. He purchased the claim of a man by the name of Yedder, and afterwards entered the land. He, from time to time, purchased other lands until he became one of the largest land-owners in the county, having a landed estate of over 2,000 acres. He was a man of liberal views, and by honest and upright dealing won a large circle of warm and true friends. After living in Pike county about fourteen years he persuaded his father and mother to leave their home in Kentucky and come and settle in this new and prosperous young country. George Reading, his father, was born December 8, 1761, and Nancy, the mother, was born November 25, 1771. Settling on a part of our subject's farm, where he lived until the death of his wife, which occurred in 1842, he then went to Clark county, Missouri, where he died at a ripe old age. William and Margaret Reading were the parents of eight children, all of whom have grown up and held high positions in society. Probably no family in the county are held in higher esteem than the Reading family. He and his wife were members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. He always took an interest in educational matters, and gave his children all the advantages possible in that early day. His wife died in 1860, and our subject followed eight years later.


In 1820, the Reading family moved from Bourbon County, Kentucky to Pike County, Missouri. They traveled via keel boat, by way of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Before making the trip with his family, William had already scouted the land that he wished to purchase. William chose choice farm land and eventually became the largest land owner in Pike County, owning over two thousand acres of land. As with the custom of the day, he was a slave owner. He kept the land until his death and offered portions of it to his wife's family.39

William's will is dated May 25, 1864 and proved Sept. 9, 1868.40
Bowling Green

Bowling Green was laid out two years before Missouri became a state; and it was named the official

county seat of Pike County before the town itself was legally incorporated. John Walter Basye, a

native of Bowling Green, Kentucky, was the first white settler in this area. (Although there are

legends that Bowling Green was at one time an Indian reservation, more recent research claims that

the area was merely an Indian hunting ground abounding with buffalo.) Basye first settled in

Louisiana, Missouri, but purchased land in the Bowling Green area on December 23, 1818, only

nine days after the county was formed. In addition to Basye, other early settlers of the Bowling

Green area included the Thorntons, Culbertsons, McPikes and Readings, all of whom arrived from

Bowling Green, Kentucky. This group became known as the "Bowling Green crowd" and

therefore the town they helped form was eventually named Bowling Green. When these pioneers

arrived, they found a prairie on two sides of town, a timberline on another, and hills and forest on

the remaining side. Bowling Green had no swamps or lagoons, because it was 400 feet above the

Mississippi River and 12 miles from it. Because the topography and the climate were well-suited to

farming, the settlers quickly began crops of wheat, potatoes, flax, tobacco, corn and even cotton.

As more settlers came to the area, Bowling Green began to grow and the first school was organized

there in 1825 by Edmond Basye.
One of the best guarded "secrets" about Bowling Green was that it was not incorporated on the plat

maps as a town until 1826. By that time, it already had a name and had served as the county seat for

over three years! Resulting confusion about exactly when Bowling Green should celebrate its

birthday has been perpetuated in more recent history. In 1923 the town celebrated its centennial with

festivities and gay events. Many people chose to ignore the fact that they were actually celebrating

100 years of Bowling Green as the county seat and not 100 years of Bowling Green's founding as

an incorporated town. In 1973 as the town prepared to celebrate its sesquicentennial birthday, this

fact was brought to light. Still the town went ahead with the celebration, although there remained

some who contended it was three years too early.
Bowling Green is the second largest town in the county (with over 3,000 residents) and the largest

in Cuivre township. Contrary to most other Pike towns, it has shown steady growth in the last

several decades. It played host to Pike's first county fair in the middle 1800's (and continues to host

the annual Pike County Fair in July each year), was the site of the first official county courthouse,

and has played an important role in the history of the county ever since it was first settled in 1818. It

has modern stores and businesses both around the square and along both highways, which serve a

large area of Pike and adjoining counties.
Bowling Green's numerous churches provide spiritual guidance for its citizens. For recreation its

residents have available the Bowling Green Lake and the City Park, which includes two ball parks,

two tennis courts, horseshoe pits, a swimming pool and picnicking facilities. The town benefits

from numerous service, fraternal and civic clubs and organizations.

Champ Clark's home Honey Shuck, is located in Bowling Green and an organization formed by

Judge William L. Hungate is in the process of restoring it. It has been declared a National Historic

The current Bowling Green Junior High School is located on the grounds where Pike College

originally was built. Pike College was attended by many Pike County young men and women from

the time it was founded in 1881 until 1922 when the building burned to the ground.
PENO TOWNSHIP (where William Reading settled)

Peno township is in the northern part of Pike County, bounded on the north by the Salt River,

on the east by the Salt River and Buffalo township, on the south by Cuivre River and Spencer

townships, and on the west by Spencer township and Ralls County.

As early as 1816 a few pioneers had made their homes in Peno township. The earliest white

settler actually came in 1799. William Spencer came to the salt springs located at what was later

known as Spencer Lick for the purpose of manufacturing salt to be shipped to St. Louis at six to

eight dollars a barrel. While the business was successful, the enterprise was abandoned when

unfriendly Indians in the area became a threat to his safety and Spencer left the area. The salt

springs were located at the edge of Ralls County, adjacent to the northwest portion of Peno

In the southern part of Peno township, the surface is broken and abrupt, while on the east the

rugged hills disappear and the topography is rolling and gently undulating with many smooth

valleys. The valleys and tablelands are productive, and once yielded tobacco, corn, wheat, oats

and other cereals. The hills are utilized for grazing and the scenery is diversified. In some place,

the rugged hills form an unbroken chain, but behind these hills are the uplands and valleys. The

State of Missouri has set aside a portion of this rugged part of the township as a conservation

area called Ranaker Wildlife Area.
Peno township is abundantly supplied with water. The principal streams are Peno and Sugar

Creeks, and the Salt River separates this township from Salt River township. Artesian wells

once supplied the town of Frankford with water, and Haw Creek supplied a source of water for

the community of its namesake. Mineral springs were found near Frankford and, at one time, a

sanitarium was established there. Limestone and porous rock have been eroded by the

underground waters, and an immense cave, nearly three-fourth of a mile long was discovered

running under the hills of Frankford in the late 1800's.
The principal industry of this township since its beginning has been agriculture. Cattle, hogs,

soybeans, wheat, corn and other cereals were raised there, and the Short Line Railroad (also

known as the St. Louis, Hannibal and Keokuk) ran entirely through the township from north to

south affording shipments to larger markets.

While Frankford is the only town in this township, which grew to any size and is the only one

still in existence in 1980, other towns, which played a part in Peno township's history, were

Haw Creek and Reading.
Reading, Pike County, Missouri

Reading, located in the southeastern section of Peno township, was a trading point named for

William Reading (1792-1868). Reading came from Kentucky to Pike County in 1820, settling

on Grassy Creek and eventually becoming one of the largest landowners in the county, acquiring

over 2,000 acres of land. His son, John Reading, was one of the first postmasters at Reading,

whose post office is now defunct.

Reading Station, Pike County, Missouri

Reading Station, still listed on plat maps of Pike County, is located in northern Buffalo

township. It once had a station for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, located about

three miles southwest of the Reading Post Office. In that vicinity were several homes and a

store. The small community of Reading has slowly faded away over the years.
They had the following children:

102 i. Margaret Ann (1817-1876)

103 ii. Rebecca (1819-)

104 iii. John Shannon (1821-1899)

105 iv. Nancy (1822-1876)

106 v. Elizabeth (1825-1910)

vi. George. George was born on February 11, 1827. George died on July 2, 1831; he was 4.41

107 vii. William "Billie" (1829-1920)

viii. Daniel. Daniel was born on May 23, 1831. Daniel died on May 31, 1831; he was <1.

ix. Joseph. Joseph was born on November 17, 1832. Joseph died on October 1, 1834; he was 1.

x. daughter. daughter was born on October 18, 1835.42 daughter died on October 18, 1835; she was <1.

108 xi. Jay (1837-1914)

109 xii. Lafayette (1842-1922)

xiii. Niel43.

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