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Fifth Generation


Family of Robert SHAWHAN (4) & Mary WILLIAMS

11. Jane SHAWHAN (Robert4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1).23 Jane was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on November 19, 1791. Jane died in Pennsylvania on March 19, 1877; she was 85.24
Jane and Nathaniel were married at the home of her father, Robert Shawhan.
On January 1, 1812 Jane married Nathaniel Plummer PEARSON25, son of Jesse PEARSON (August 22, 1762-June 11, 1814) & Mehitable PLUMMER (March 19, 1771-), in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Nathaniel Plummer was born in Newburyport, Essex County, MA, on October 6, 1788. Nathaniel Plummer died in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, on September 19, 1869; he was 80.
Nathaniel served during the War of 1812 as an Ensign in the "Hunting Shirt Company", under Captain James Turbett, 1st Regt., PA Militia, Allegheny County. After the War he managed his father's flour mill in Allegheny County. Key sources are his 1851 request for bounty land and his widow's 1873 pension application based on his service during the War of 1812. The Pittsburgh Gazette of Nov. 8, 1814 listed Nathaniel as the administrator of his father Jesse's will. From file of Merry Anne Pierson: " Still living with Hehetable on 1820 Census. Shows up on 1830 census as Nathaniel Piercon. Children listed are those enumerated with him on the 1830 census. No wife listed. These could be siblings. From his pension documents and Samuel Walker Pearson's letter included with the documents. Lived in Birmingham, near Pittsburgh until spring of 1869, went to Louisville, KY to be near eldest daughter and a son in glass business; died there but was returned to Allegheny Co. for burial."


Notes from “Our Heritage” Genealogy Web Page:26

Farmer by trade some of this genealogy (descendants of Nathaniel Plummer Pearson) is unsourced and unproved. 1812 Pension affidavit for Nathaniel Plummer's wife, Jane. Affidavit given by Samuel Walker Pearson

Fishman, Joel " Tavern Licenses in Allegheny County 1821-1831" Western Pennsylvania Genealogi cal Society Quarterly, 7 # 1 Aug 1980 :9-15
Nathaniel P. Pearson is listed yearly as a tavern licesnsee from 1821-1831.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,Somerset County.

Personally appeared before the subscriber, one ofthe Justices o f the Peace in and for said county, Samuel W. Pearson a resident now of Buckstown in said Cou nty, and well known to the subscriber who being fuly affirmed according to law, deposeth and saith (myself having reduced the statement to wr iting in his own language) as follows. viz; I was born August 25th 1806 in St. Clair Township, Allegheny County, Penna, about thre e miles distant from Pittsburgh. My father and mother, Jesse and Mehitable Pearson and also m y oldest brother Nathaniel Plummer and my eldest sister Sarah were born in or near Newburypor t , Massachusetts, and removed to Alleghe ny Co., Penna in 1790 or 1791. My eldest brother, Nathaniel P. born Oct. 6, 1788, and Jane Sh awhan, born Nov 19th 1791 were married at the house of her father Robert Shawhan (living abou t 1 mile distant from my father's) on the 2nd day of Jany 1812. I was not present at the wedd ing, nor do I remember who performed the ceremony, but presume it was a Baptist Minister in t he vicinity, but whether it was he or one of the two other clergymen whom I knew for some yea rs afterwards, or a Justice of the Peace, I am satisfied all of them have been in their grave s for many years. I well remember the wedding party coming to my father's on the next day after the wedding to enjoy or participate in what was styled the "infair" accordin g to the custom of that day. I well remember the excitement produced by the news of the War o f 1812. My two elder brothers, Nathaniel P. and Ebenezer born Jun 22nd 1792 volunteered for t hree months I think and were mustered into a company called the Hunting Shirt Rifle Co. comma nded by Captain Torbett. My mother & sisters filled a pretty large contract of making Linen J ackets and knapsacks for the Co. remember the departure of the Co. for the seat of war. The y passed my grandfathers house, and being at school a few rods distant, school was dismissed , and with the other scholars I ran and climbed upon a board fence to see the soldiers pass . The fence broke down and I received a sprain of my left wrist which crippled me for a lon g time, the effects of which I felt for years. I remember when my brother Nathaniel returne d home on furlough to see his wife and first child a daughter born during his absence, Nov 14 , 1812. He returned with a fellow soldier named Cochran, who, entering the house after dark b ehind my brother, was supposed by my mother to be my brother Ebenezer, and she saluted both w ith kisses, causing a hearty laugh. I had in my possession, until last August (when I returne d it to my brother's widow at New Albany Inda ) the original furlough granted to m y brother Nathaniel, designating him as Ensign, and dated in Nov 1812. I have in my possessio n, though not before me at present (they being deposited with other papers relative to my bro thers estate in my Bankers safe in Somerset fifteen miles distant) two letters written by m y brother Nathaniel, one, if not both, directed to my father, dated in Sept and Nov 1812, fro m which it appears they left Pittsburgh for Buffalo or Black Rock in September 1812. I know n othing about his discharge, but think he returned to his Regiment and served out his term o f three months. while my younger brother Ebenezer, re-enlisted for a second term an d returned home in the spring of 1819. My brother Nathaniel's second child was born Feby 6t h 1814 and named Oliver Hazard Perry in honor of the Hero of the Battle of Lake Erie. For some years after the War, and afte r my dads decease in June 1814, my brother Nathl and family lived nearby, he having charge o f our father's flouring mill, and his own Saw mill and afterwards until I was twenty years ol d, my brother lived within a mile of my mother's and I was often at his house sometimes for d ays and weeks living with him. He lived in that vicinity, never at a greater distance than fo ur miles from Pittsburgh, and never out of the County of Allegheny PA until in 1869-from th e year 1837 until 1869 my brother Nathaniel & family resided in Birmingham, now a ward of Pit tsburgh, and while I lived in Pittsburgh a short time, in Wheeling VA 54 miles distant fo r 8 years, in Somerset Pa 68 miles distant for 30 years, and in Washington City from 186 2 until his death, I visited him either on the farm or in Birmingham, sometimes annually or o ftener, and never longer than three years between visits, except from 1862 to 1868 while in W ashington City . I was with him and family in Birmingham, in Nov Dec 1868, for several da ys-he had been in feeble health for of 5 or 6 years-his wife Jane still living and quite stou t and healthy for one so aged. In the Spring of 1869, my brother sold his property, and having survived six of his children, and tw o of the remaining four residing in Louisville, KY, he and his wife went there to live with t heir eldest daughter & husband, who woth his (my brothers) youngest son was engaged in the ma nufacture of glass. On the 20th of Sept 1869, while in Washingtin, DC, I received a Telegra m from his daughter's husband, John Stanger that my brother had died on the day previous, an d that his remains would be taken to Birmingham for interment. On the next day (21st Sept ) I left Washington & arrived in Birmingham on the following morning. I did not see the corps e of my said brother, it being hermetically sealed in a casket. I accompanied the widow & chi ldren to the Cememtery in the County four miles distant and saw as I believe the mortal remai ns of my deceased brother, Nathaniel P. covered with the clods of the valley. In July 187 0 I met the widow and children in Birmingham, and at their request, I obtained letters of Adm inistration on my deceased brothers estate. I have not seen his widow since July 1871, but ha ve heard from her by letters, the latest by 5th July Ult. from her eldest son in Pittsburgh i n which he informed me that from a late letter he learned that his mother would visit Pittsbu rgh in the Spring if she kept her present good health. Her eldest, &, I believe, only brothe r living, Daniel Shawhan, was living near Pittsburgh in 1871. I believe though frail and nea r 80 years old. He was, no doubt, present, a boy, at my brother Nathaniel's wedding. I know o f no other person living that was present. I am satiisfied there was no Church or other publi c record made of his said marriage. I obtained the exact dates of my brother's birth & that o f his widow & their children, and of their marriage & as above cited from the family Bibles o f my father and my brother, many years since. I know that my brother Nathaniel and his wife J ane, now his widow, lived together as husband and wife from the date of their marriage unti l the day of his death, and I believe that she, if living, trmains his widow until the presen t hour. Her former P.O. address was Buchanon P.O. Birmingham, Pa. She at present resides in N ew Albany, Ind but as I learn her son in law Stanger intends removing again to Louisville thi s spring, the latter will be her residence. I have her name to papers in my possession sometimes very imperfectly written "Jane" and sometimes "Jane S. Pearson", using , no doubt, her maiden name as her middle name
Affirmed/subscribed before me March 17, 1873

Saml W. Pearson


J. P.
They had the following children:

57 i. Hannah (1812-)

58 ii. Oliver Hazard Perry (1814-)

iii. Charles C. Pierson. Charles C. Pierson was born in St. Clair Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1829.27

Note from Merry Anne Pierson: "1830 Census enumeration. Father is listed as Nathaniel Piercon. He's really PEARSON> St. Clair TWP, 1850 Census glassblower."

59 iv. Elizabeth P. (1826-)

60 v. Patterson H. (~1820-)

61 vi. Jesse (~1822-)
12. Mary SHAWHAN (Robert4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1).28 Mary was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on April 26, 1795. Mary died in Pennsylvania on August 12, 1849; she was 54.
Mary may have died during the cholera epidemic which scourged the western part of Pa. in 1849. The particulars of Oliver's birth and why he retained the Shawhan name are . Proof of his being the son of Mary is based on a Record of Deeds in which heirs of Mary convey property to "her son Oliver Shawhan". (see Boro of Birmingham, Allegheny Co., PA, Deeds, Vol. 88, pg. 21, Sept. 7, 1849).

62 i. Oliver O. (1828-1903)

13. Daniel SHAWHAN (Robert4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1).29 Daniel was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on March 5, 1797. Daniel died in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on January 10, 1881; he was 83. Daniel was buried in Chartiers Cemetery, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
During the 1898-1905 time frame, Daniel's heirs obtained detailed lot maps showing the location of the property to which they were entitled. The property, encompassing several lots, was located in Scott Twp., Allegheny Co, Pa.; one set of lots was situated between Bell Avenue and Bent Alley, adjacent to the Pittsburgh, Chartiers, & Youghiogheny RR. Other lots were off of Shawhan Avenue, near Ridge and Northside Avenues. These were in the vicinity of East Carnegie, Pa. Daniel and other Shawhans are buried in this same area, in Chartiers Cemetery. Many other Shawhans, also descendents of Robert, are buried in South Side Cemetery, a short distance east of Carnegie. "The History of Allegheny County" (1889) states that Daniel owned the property left to him by Robert who in turn received it from his father, Daniel (1738-1791); it described the property as being near Mount Lebanon Church. The same article identifies Daniel as being both a farmer and also one engaged in the coal business, having had coal discovered on his land.
On December 23, 1834 Daniel married Margaret CALDWELL, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Margaret was born on November 22, 1812. Margaret died in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on January 19, 1897; she was 84. Margaret was buried in Chartiers Cemetery, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
They had the following children:

63 i. Imogene (1835-1923)

64 ii. Georgia Montgomery (1837-1907)

65 iii. Williametta (Willie) (1848-1929)

iv. Daniel Theodore. Daniel Theodore was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on April 3, 1840. Daniel Theodore died in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in January 1841; he was <1.

v. Robertine (Robbie)30. Robertine (Robbie) was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on October 22, 1852. Robertine (Robbie) died in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on September 19, 1925; she was 72. Robertine (Robbie) was buried in Chartiers Cemetery, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Robbie never married. In her will, dated Oct. 16, 1925, she mentions several religious groups plus nieces and nephews.
vi. Robert William. Robert William died in August in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Robert William was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on December 28, 1842.

vii. Gertrude. Gertrude was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on April 6, 1845. Gertrude died in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on June 21, 1846; she was 1.

viii. Daniel. Daniel was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on August 27, 1848. Daniel died in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on October 12, 1848; he was <1.
14. John SHAWHAN (Robert4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1).31 John was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on October 24, 1799. John died in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on February 17, 1859; he was 59.
John was a carpenter.
About 1823 John married Eliza Mary SHELTON, in Pennsylvania. Eliza Mary died after 1859; she was 60. Eliza Mary was born in 1799.
They had the following children:

i. Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1825.

About 1845 Elizabeth married George POWELL, in Pennsylvania.

66 ii. Robert R. (1828-1905)

15. Joseph SHAWHAN (Robert4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1).32 Joseph was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on November 12, 1801. Joseph died in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on November 16, 1880; he was 79.
On June 24, 1824 Joseph married Matilda DAVIS, in Pennsylvania. Matilda was born about 1803. Matilda died in April in Pennsylvania.
They had the following children:

i. Margaret. Margaret was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1828.

ii. Joanna. Joanna was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1830.

iii. Matilda. Matilda died in April in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Matilda was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1832.

iv. Joseph M.33 Joseph M. was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1836. Joseph M. died in The Wilderness, Virginia, on May 8, 1864; he was 28.

A Sgt. in the Union Army during the Civil War, Joseph was KIA, on May 8, 1864, while serving in Co. C, 155th Pennsylvania Regiment at the Battle of the Wilderness, at Laurel Hill, VA. A 1910 publication, "Under the Maltese Cross", covering the campaigns of the 155th described his death as he led his company into action. "Forty (his nickname) was much beloved by his superior officers and the ranks of the Company for his soldierly, manly qualities".

v. Elmira. Elmira was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1841.
16. Robert Perry SHAWHAN (Robert4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Robert Perry was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on April 9, 1807. Robert Perry died in Pennsylvania about 1880; he was 72.
Robert was a glass blower.
About 1830 Robert Perry married Mary PLUNKETT, in Pennsylvania. Mary was born in Pennsylvania about 1801.34 Mary died in Pennsylvania on May 18, 1882; she was 81.
They had the following children:

i. Amelia. Amelia was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1831.

67 ii. Francis (Frank) (1841-1895)

iii. Margaret B. Margaret B. was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1845.

iv. Ellen. Ellen was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1847.

v. Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1841.

vi. Mary. Mary was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1848.

Family of Daniel SHAWHAN (5) & Mary McDOWELL

17. Elizabeth Ann SHAWHAN (Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Elizabeth Ann was born in Mason County, Kentucky, on October 27, 1793. Elizabeth Ann died in Rush County, Indiana, on March 11, 1884; she was 90. Elizabeth Ann was buried in Old Fairview Church Cemetery, Rush County, Indiana.
On April 13, 1815 Elizabeth Ann married Mathew K. PRINE, son of Henry PERRINE (1749-December 10, 1823) & Elizabeth HOUSTON (1759-December 10, 1843), in Fleming County, Kentucky. Mathew K. was born in Maysville, Fleming County, Kentucky, on April 17, 1791. Mathew K. died in Fayette County, Indiana, on October 9, 1860; he was 69. Mathew K. was buried in Old Fairview Church Cemetery, Rush County, Indiana.
They had the following children:

68 i. Daniel Shawhan (1816-1896)

ii. Henry Houston. Henry Houston was born in Kentucky in 1818. Henry Houston died in IA in 1902; he was 84.

Henry followed his brother Daniel to Iowa, taking up farming near Oskaloosa, specializing in blooded race horses other than farm stock.

About 1842 Henry Houston married Elizabeth FOX. Elizabeth was born about 1820.

iii. Mary. Mary was born in Kentucky in 1820.

About 1842 Mary married Andrew NELSON. Andrew was born about 1820.

69 iv. Miles Kenneth (1821-1900)

v. John Lewis. John Lewis was born in Kentucky in 1823. John Lewis died in IA in 1875; he was 52.

vi. Joseph Fleming. Joseph Fleming was born in Indiana in 1825. Joseph Fleming died in Sigourney, IA, in 1857; he was 32.

Joseph was born "enroute", while the Daniel III Shawhan family, including the Prines, were migrating from Kentucky to Indiana. He became a school master in Sigourney, Iowa.
About 1847 Joseph Fleming married Paulina LOWE, daughter of Joseph LOWE & Sarah McCAULEY, in IA. Paulina was born in Virginia about 1826.
Relatives recall visiting Paulina and sleeping on two featherbeds, on top of the other.

vii. Harriet Ann. Harriet Ann was born in Indiana in 1827. Harriet Ann died in IA in 1856; she was 29.

About 1848 Harriet Ann married Albert MINOR, in IA. Albert was born about 1825.

viii. Martha Ann. Martha Ann was born in Indiana in 1830. Martha Ann died in IA in 1903; she was 73.

Martha is remembered as someone who delighted in playing tricks on relatives, often disguising herself and asking for accommodations. When she traveled, so as not to have to carry too much luggage, she would wear four dresses, one on top of the other.
About 1852 Martha Ann married John HOOD, in IA. John was born about 1826.
John was an extensive landowner in Lucas Co., IA.

70 ix. Matthew Loeper (1833-1900)

18. Joseph SHAWHAN (Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Joseph was born in Mason County, Kentucky, on September 23, 1796. Joseph died in Pike County, Indiana, on January 14, 1881; he was 84.
Joseph migrated to Gibson Co., IN in about 1822 and purchased some of the finest farm land available, in Clay Twp. In 1833 he sold the farm to his cousin, William McCune Shawhan, and bought a bigger property nearer Petersburg, Indiana. He and his family turned this farm into one of the more prosperous in the entire county. He became quite wealthy and was appointed a Lt. Colonel in the Indiana Militia.
On July 30, 1821 Joseph married Elizabeth HILLMAN, daughter of Daniel HILLMAN & Heathy CRAIG, in Mason County, Kentucky. Elizabeth was born in Mason County, Kentucky, on March 20, 1796. Elizabeth died in Pike County, Indiana, on August 9, 1851; she was 55. Elizabeth was buried in Shawhan Cemetery, Madison Township, Pike County, Indiana.
There has been some confusion regarding Elizabeth's maiden name. The truth is she was a Hillman, being a daughter of Daniel and Heathy (Craig) Hillman. Her parents died when Elizabeth was young and she raised by her older sister, who had married James Lounsdale; hence there are a few people who say that she was a Lounsdale.


From web site (

Indiana, Pike County, Madison Township, Shawhan Cemetery

(Located abt 2 miles SW of Bowman near Rd 350 N Shawhan Farm.)
(S)HAWHAN, Elizabeth Hillman. - 3-21-1797 - 8-9-1851 - wife of Joseph Shawhan

GREEN, Mary. - 5-8-1853 - 8 yr - dau of Napoleon Bonapart & Elizabeth Shawhan Green

GREEN, Robert M. Blanch. - 11-29-1855 - 7-29-1856 - 1 yr

(S)HAWHAN, James. - b - 1-26-1855 - 11 yr 11 da - son of Joseph Jr. & Margaret Brown Shawhan

PATTERSON, John M. - 5-13-1863 - 3-22-1864 - son of Orice K. & Sarah Shawhan Patterson

?, Charles

Additions & Corrections

(S)Hawhan, Margrate. - d - 11-3-1856 - 26 yr 5 mo 27 da - consort of Joseph. ( from Larry Willis )

(S)Hawhan, Millard. - d -1-2-1857 - 2 mo 6 da - (from Larry Willis )

Green, Daniel. - b -5-28-1852 - d -12-16-1852 - s/o B.& E. Green - ( from Larry Willis )

They had the following children:

i. John Hillman. John Hillman was born in Pike County, Indiana, on February 25, 1822. John Hillman died in Pike County, Indiana, on October 8, 1872; he was 50.

On January 6, 1859 John Hillman married Elizabeth HUDSON, in Pike County, Indiana. Elizabeth was born about 1827.

71 ii. James (1823-1904)

72 iii. Daniel (1825-1896)

73 iv. Joseph (1825-1908)

74 v. Sarah (~1827-)

75 vi. Elizabeth (1828-1917)

76 vii. Mary (1832-1899)
19. Mary (Polly) SHAWHAN (Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Mary (Polly) was born in Mason County, Kentucky, on October 2, 1797. Mary (Polly) died in E. Sigourney, IA, on February 12, 1880; she was 82.
Mary and John probably migrated from Kentucky to Marion Co., Indiana in about 1825. In 1848 she and her children lived with her parents in Rush Co., IN. Mary is remembered by her family members as always being beautifully dressed and very charming, with a keen zest for living.
In 1817 Mary (Polly) married John LIGHTFOOT, in Fleming County, Kentucky. John died in Kentucky. John was born in Kentucky about 1795.
John drowned while operating a saw mill.
They had the following children:

77 i. Pauline (~1819-)

ii. Daniel. Daniel was born about 1822.

78 iii. John (~1823-)

20. Sarah SHAWHAN (Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Sarah was born in Fleming County, Kentucky, on November 23, 1803. Sarah died in Sigourney, IA, on January 25, 1855; she was 51.
This family migrated to Indiana in about 1825 where they remained for a short time before settling in Pike Co., MO.
On June 25, 1821 Sarah married Elijah Henry McCLENAHAN, son of Elijah McCLENAHAN & Elizabeth KEMP, in Pendleton County, Kentucky. Elijah Henry was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, on March 19, 1798. Elijah Henry died in Peoria, Illinois, on April 9, 1886; he was 88.
Subject: The Camp family

Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 09:39:39 EDT

Dear Mr. Francis,
Thank you for the information on James Camp. I was able to discover that he married Mary McClenahan in Keokuk County, Iowa, on October 19, 1868.To find this information, I began tracing the McClenahan family. I found some conflicts in the information you had about them. I know this is not the focus of your family history study, but I can give you a little more information about the Elijah McClenahan and his two wives and twenty some children. I found a biographical article about him published in Keokuk County, Iowa, in 1880. He was born in Kentucky, June 3, 1811. At the age of 16 he moved to Shelby County, Ohio. In 1831, he moved to Illinois. In 1855 he moved to Keokuk. He was married to Sarah Emery and Elizabeth Wilson. He died in Keokuk April 9, 1886. I found the probate information that lists his children, so am pretty certain this information is correct. It lists a daughter Mary Camp of Des Moines.
According to information I found, this Elijah McClenahan was the son of Elijah McClenahan and Elizabeth Kemp. They were married September 21, 1793 in Bourbon, Kentucky. Another source states his parents were Major Elijah McClenahan and Sally Shawhan. Could this just be two wives? The Elijah McClenahan that married Elizabeth Kemp in Kentucky parents are listed as John Finney McClenahan and Sarah Armstrong.
The 1850 Illinois Census for Stark County might explain the confusion. It lists two McClenahan families in the same area. Elijah and Sarah and their 10 children. (This matches with the Keokuk family.) and Henry and Sarah McClenahan. Henry and Sarah are both from Kentucky and their 3 children are from Indiana. Elijah is 38 and Henry is 52. I believe Henry is the Elijah Henry of your report and his wife is Sarah Shawhan. This Sarah is from Kentucky and is 46 years of age.
My interest is in the Camp family, so I did not follow this up any further. The Keokuk information and family members can be verified. The Ohio Census information I looked up myself. The other information, however, comes from geneology reports on the net so I cannot vouch for the accuracy.
Again, thank you for providing a clue to my family history. I read some of your material and am amazed at the scope of your project. I have been puttering with my family's history for five years now and have a room full of notes, but am no where near pulling them all together. My maiden name is Vance; and like your family they came over pre-revolutionary war from Ireland. They were scotch-irish and settled in the Shenandoah Valley in the Winchester area.
Donna Sorys
They had the following children:

i. Polly (Mary). Polly (Mary) was born about 1822.

Polly (Mary) married John BRINK.

ii. Henrietta. Henrietta was born about 1824.

79 iii. Elizabeth (~1825-)

iv. Daniel. Daniel was born about 1827.

Daniel died young, per MPL (Marie Perrin Lemley).
80 v. Elijah (~1829-)

vi. George. George was born about 1831.

George married Mias ESTERTON.

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