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Family of Mary Margaret SHAWHAN (468) & Richard John "Dick" KNEIDL

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Family of Mary Margaret SHAWHAN (468) & Richard John "Dick" KNEIDL

768. Richard Glenn "Rick" KNEIDL (Mary Margaret SHAWHAN8, Glenn Elmo7, Joseph Henry6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Richard Glenn "Rick" was born in Ontario, OR, on March 29, 1951.
On June 10, 1972 Richard Glenn "Rick" married Janice Faye MOORE.
They had one child:

i. Joshua Richard. Joshua Richard was born on July 29, 1980.

769. Willard John KNEIDL (Mary Margaret SHAWHAN8, Glenn Elmo7, Joseph Henry6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Willard John was born in Portland, OR, on June 25, 1954.
On May 30, 1980 Willard John married Debra Fitch STAPLETON. Debra Fitch was born about 1955. They were divorced.
They had one child:

i. Micah John Lee. Micah John Lee was born on June 13, 1982.

Family of Willard Wood SHAWHAN (469) & Vivian MILLER

770. Gertrude Maureen (Trudi) SHAWHAN (Willard Wood8, Glenn Elmo7, Joseph Henry6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Gertrude Maureen (Trudi) was born in Nampa, ID, on March 14, 1942.
Trudi worked at the Stags Leap Winery in Napa Valley, CA.
On August 13, 1966 Gertrude Maureen (Trudi) married Jeffrey Douglas ATCHISON. Jeffrey Douglas was born in 1940.
They had one child:

i. Chad Douglas. Chad Douglas was born on January 28, 1976.

Family of Harry Hubert SHAWHAN (470) & Helen Elizabeth KRUMPECK

771. Gordon Glenn SHAWHAN (Harry Hubert8, Glenn Elmo7, Joseph Henry6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Gordon Glenn was born in Pasadena, California, on July 31, 1948.
Gordon is presently a librarian with Washington County in Oregon.
On April 8, 1978 Gordon Glenn married Joanne BARRETT, in Hillsboro, OR. Joanne was born on September 29, 1951. They were divorced.
They had one child:

i. Michael Douglas. Michael Douglas was born in Hillsboro, OR, on September 6, 1980.

Family of Clara Thelma SHAWHAN (472) & Ewart Vellenoweth BENNETT

772. Doris Elaine BENNETT (Clara Thelma SHAWHAN8, Walter Brice7, Daniel William6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Doris Elaine was born in Glendale, California, on January 30, 1925.
On September 5, 1944 Doris Elaine married John Wesley GIBBS, in Davisville, RI. John Wesley was born in Denver, Colorado, on April 23, 1924.
They had the following children:

i. Susan Carley. Susan Carley was born on April 14, 1947.

ii. Mary Beth. Mary Beth was born on December 21, 1948.

iii. Cynthia Ann. Cynthia Ann was born on February 27, 1952.

iv. John Arthur. John Arthur was born on March 19, 1957.
773. Donald Vellenoweth BENNETT (Clara Thelma SHAWHAN8, Walter Brice7, Daniel William6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Donald Vellenoweth was born in Glendale, California, on April 29, 1928.
On October 24, 1950 Donald Vellenoweth married Elizabeth Ann TONER. Elizabeth Ann was born on May 23, 1930.
They had the following children:

i. Kathryn Leslie. Kathryn Leslie was born on May 19, 1953.

ii. Michael Vellenoweth. Michael Vellenoweth was born on November 10, 1955.

iii. Lisa Murray. Lisa Murray was born on June 30, 1958.

iv. Mary Shawhan. Mary Shawhan was born on January 16, 1960.

Family of Mary Gertrude SHAWHAN (473) & Ira Warren GULDNER

774. William Eugene (Bill) GULDNER (Mary Gertrude SHAWHAN8, Walter Brice7, Daniel William6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). William Eugene (Bill) was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, on January 19, 1919.
During WWII Bill was a pilot in the USAF flying B17s from England to targets in Europe. Afterwards he spent a career with the Los Angeles Police Dept., retiring as a Sgt. in the Detective Group of the Division. He then entered a second career, with the Civil Liabilities Section of the City Attorney's Office. Since his second retirement, and his wife, Nellie, have traveled extensively around the world. has also worked part-time as a model doing TV commercials.
On October 12, 1941 William Eugene (Bill) married Nellie Catherine HUGHES, in Hollywood, California. Nellie Catherine was born in Denver, Colorado, on January 20, 1922.
Since retiring from her Production Management, Quality Control position, Nellie has pursued her life-long pastimes of sewing and bowling -- i.e. when she's not traveling with her husband. She is known for her hand-hooked rugs.
They had the following children:

i. Billie Jean 'B.J.'. Billie Jean 'B.J.' was born in Los Angeles, California, on November 28, 1945.

After many years in the telephone business, "B.J" became the Communications Director for the "Ask Mr. Foster" Corp. where she is responsible for the telecommunications needs of the organization's several hundred locations. A devoted traveler, she is also a of antiques (Depression Glass a speciality). "B.J" is likewise a cat lover.
On November 15, 1976 Billie Jean 'B.J.' married John FRAZIER, in California. John was born on May 30, 1934. They were divorced.

1042 ii. Kathleen Ellen (1943-)

Family of Harold Robert SHAWHAN (474) & Lillian Odessa BAKER

775. Harold Robert (H.R.) SHAWHAN , Jr. (Harold Robert8, Walter Brice7, Daniel William6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Harold Robert (H.R.) was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, on October 18, 1921.
H.R. grew up in Glendale, CA and graduated from Pomona College in with a music degree and as a member of the track team. He then the Navy and was assigned as a Gunnery Officer to LST 280 which participated in the June 6, 1944 D-Day invasion of Normandy. His ship was hit by one of a spread of four torpedoes fired by a German sub, but limped back to England. He was then reassigned to an LST in the Pacific, where he trained for the invasion of Japan and weathered a terrible typhoon. After the War, he moved to New York City and earned a Master's Degree in music from Columbia University. After many years as a Math and English teacher, he became a junior high school principal before retiring to enjoy his favorite pastimes of playing the piano and organ. He's also pursuing a life-long desire to acquire books dealing with early American history, a natural entry into his delving into the heritage of the Shawhan Family. He and his son, Peter, have been very helpful in tracing their family tree limb.
On December 6, 1944 Harold Robert (H.R.) married Phyllis Ann RATHBUN, in San Jose, California. Phyllis Ann was born on April 2, 1923.
A retired kindergarten teacher, Phyllis is now catching up on all of the reading she has always wanted to do. She also continues her love of music, dating from her personal history as an amateur singer.
They had the following children:

1043 i. Stephen Scott (1958-)

1044 ii. Peter Bryce (1953-)

Family of Leslie Lyon SHAWHAN (475) & Ruth Haynes MILLER

776. Jack Vernon SHAWHAN (Leslie Lyon8, Walter Brice7, Daniel William6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Jack Vernon was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 19, 1922. Jack Vernon died in Omaha, NE, on July 6, 1981; he was 59.
Memories (By Juliann Elizabeth Rankin-Clarke, niece); Jack Vernon Shawhan was born in the Pacific Hospital in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California. He was the youngest son and child born to Leslie Lyon Shawhan and Ruth Haynes (Hendrick) Shawhan. Jack Sr. stood over foot, was very thin and quite handsome. From the time I was a small child I was always in love with my Uncle Jack, known as "Buster" to his family. I would always follow him around wherever he went and he called me his special girl. My uncle had a doll named Timmy when he was a child. By the time I came around, the doll was in sad shape, battered and without clothes. My uncle let me play with the doll and would sometimes get to take it home. I never wanted to return it, upon my Grandmother's insistence. I believe the doll was passed on to his eldest son, Jack Jr. My uncle also had a dog named Spot that looked just like the dog that was pictured with its head tilted listening to an old victrola. When my Uncle Jack went off to war, and Timmy became my close companions -- we missed him. My grandmother and mother would read his letters whenever they arrived. He sent me a Geisha doll from Japan. It had a red, yellow and white kimono and in a wooden box. I shared my doll at school with my classmates. After my uncle returned from the war, he met Joy Agnes Hoffman while she working in a cafe next to the Manchester Theater in Los Angeles. The were married October 8, 1947 and lived above the theater in a small apartment. I remember being invited to spend the weekend shortly their marriage. Everyone was concerned about my accepting my uncle's new special girl. The only thing I can remember about that first is my aunt sending me to the store for Maxwell House coffee. But whatever happened I was to become as adoring of my Aunt Joy as I had always been of my Uncle Jack. Their first son , Jack Jr.(nicknamed Sneezy) was born in Omaha, Nebraska, where Aunt Joy's parents lived. Shortly after, they moved to a small house in Los Angeles. Then Tim was born. One Christmas Eve my mother was watching the boys while my uncle and aunt went off to Sears and Roebuck Co. to pick up bikes and wagons they had gotten the boys for Christmas. While they were away, there was a fire and their house and everything in it burned to the ground. It was a very sad time for all of us. My aunt and uncle moved into a new tract home very near our house in Pico Rivera. We spent lots of time together. I can remember many visits, always with my dad, uncle and aunt sitting at the kitchen table talking about old times interlaced with lots of laughing. I loved to hear the family stories of days gone by, a way of transferring the oral history of family down through the generations. My Aunt Joy would sometimes go swimming with me at the Montebello Plunge. She loved the water and a very good swimmer. My aunt was Bohemian, a strong woman with a very strong presence. She had a wonderful figure and wore two piece suits which were somewhat racy in those days. My aunt was also an expert diver. She would dive from the high board and everyone in the pool would stop to watch her, as she performed each dive. She had long brown hair, that hung past her waist, that she wore, in either one thick braid, or two braids wrapped on her head. Uncle Jack and Aunt Joy had four sons - Jack Jr., Tim, Tom and Brad. They were all very lively and when they came to our house to visit, the car would pull up in front of our house, the car doors flew open and the four boys would come running, shouting for "Aunt Betts and Uncle Sid". My mother always adored the boys. All four grew into very handsome men, all over 6 foot tall. Sometime in the fifties, my uncle came down polio. There was an epidemic of polio throughout California and the nation. It was a long struggle -- he spent some time in an iron lung. The recovery was slow and very hard on the family. Then as if that not enough, Brad, their youngest son swallowed a bottle of aspirin. They almost lost him. He recovered but one side of his body was slightly paralyzed. When he was young and would smile, his mouth and eye would drop. I can still picture him that way and hear my mother saying how it made her heart ache. As an adult, Brad doesn't seem to have any of the physical effects left. After this, Uncle Jack and Joy decided to move to Omaha, Nebraska, where my aunt came from, to closer to her family. So in the middle fifties, they moved. On the trip back, they experienced a terrible flash flood, but managed to escape with little damage to themselves and their possessions. My mother missed them enormously. We all did. My uncle and aunt bought some land and built their own home. They lived in the basement for years, building and paying for it as they went. I can still picture Uncle Jack, who always got up before work, about 4 A.M., sitting at the kitchen counter drinking coffee, smoking and reading the paper. Over the years, we would visit when we could, which was not very often. I visited them with my own family a couple of times. My sons were not that much younger than my cousins, and the boys had lots of fun together. My last visit to see my uncle and aunt was when my Jack was dying of brain cancer. My sister and I drove my mother and sister's two daughters back to Omaha. Although, it was a sad time, it was a happy time too; we were all together and it was a time to reminisce and listen to the family stories that my aunt, uncle and mother shared -- and as always, lots of laughter and love. My Uncle Jack died July 6, 1981 and my aunt died also of brain cancer on January 27, 1986, she was living with her son Tom and his family at the time. I am very grateful for all the wonderful memories I have of them both.
On October 8, 1947 Jack Vernon married Joyce Agnes HOFFMAN, in Los Angeles, California. Joyce Agnes was born in Denver, Colorado, on June 9, 1924. Joyce Agnes died in Brownsville, Texas, on January 25, 1987; she was 62.
They had the following children:

1045 i. Jack Vernon "Buster" (1948-)

1046 ii. Timothy John "Tex" (1950-)

1047 iii. Thomas Ray "Moose" (1952-)

1048 iv. Brad Eugene (1954-)
777. Clara Elizabeth (Betty) SHAWHAN (Leslie Lyon8, Walter Brice7, Daniel William6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Clara Elizabeth (Betty) was born in Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas, on October 19, 1920. Clara Elizabeth (Betty) died in Los Angeles County, California, on May 22, 1990; she was 69.
Clara Elizabeth "Betty" Shawhan was the middle child and only of Leslie Lyon Shawhan and Ruth Haynes (Miller) Shawhan. At nine old, her family had moved from Kansas to Los Angeles, California. She grew up during the depression years, so faced some hard times in her early years. But she always said there was lots of love and laughter and music while growing up. She adored her father and he did her, but the relationship with her mother was strained at times. She always regretted they did not have a closer relationship. Betty was always very close to her brothers and loved them both very much. Their nickname for her was "Betty Jack." After her brothers' deaths, she continued to grieve for them. At 16 years old, she fell in love with Sidney Walter Giles and married him on the 3rd of April 1937 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California. Sidney was the older brother to Leonard Giles who was a high school friend of Betty and introduced them. Two years later, her first daughter, Juliann Elizabeth Giles was born in 1939 and five years later in 1944 her second daughter, Patricia Ruth Giles was born. Betty toyed with the ideas of becoming a professional roller skater or a singer. She was very talented in both areas, but they were not very conducive professions for raising a family. Betty worked several jobs during her life time, as a waitress, at NutriLite Vitamin Company, at Angelus Paper Box Company as an operator, at U.S. Porcelain doing street signs and enameled products, and finally at Thermador, building air conditioners. At her last job, she sustained a serious back injury that was to bother her the rest of her life, even after two back surgeries. On May 22, 1990, Clara Elizabeth (Shawhan) Giles died in the Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Bellflower, California from a blood clot that formed one day after knee surgery.
Memories (By Juliann Elizabeth Rankin-Clarke, daughter): My mother as a young girl must have been very popular. She was very beautiful with dark hair and green eyes and had a wonderful personality. Everyone ever met loved her and coveted her friendship. To me, she was much more than a mother, she was always my best friend. When I was young the things I remember are my mother's singing and dancing, she had a beautiful voice and she loved to dance. Each year, she always took me to see the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus when it would come to town. We would always watch the train come in, then the parade of circus animals and performers walking to the vacant lot where the elephants would set up the "Big Tent." On Saturdays, we sometimes would catch the Red Car that would take us to downtown L.A. and go shopping, eat lunch at Clifton's Cafe and take in a movie. I also remember her tucking me in at night and saying, "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite." or instructing my sister and I to make a wish whenever we spotted a falling star in the sky or upon seeing a white horse by making a fist and licking our thumb, then placing it the palm of our other hand and then tapping the open palm with the closed fist. I remember my Birthday parties, going to the zoo, and wearing beautiful Halloween costumes she had made and making pictures from cloud shapes floating in the sky; or lying in bed on Sunday morning with my parents, reading the Sunday comics and sometimes she would have us keep our heads fixed and move our eyes to each corner the room, for a sort of eye exercise game. My mother made-up this to help my sister exercise her eyes. My sister's eyes were crossed at birth and she had a corrective operation at age three. After that, eyes were weak and needed to be strengthened. My mother was also very artistic and could color pictures with crayons wonderfully and had a talent for writing poetry. She loved pistachio ice cream, watermelon, and chili dogs. My mother loved life and she taught my sister and I do the same -- to appreciate each day and all that it held. She was not one to love yard work and so my dad took care of the yard and my mother the house. And like her mother before her, the house was spotless. She also liked to redecorate the house, rearranging the furniture about every four months, so everything was constantly changing. As a family, we also spent time at the beach, although my mother never got in the water, she was afraid of it. All my friends high school loved to come to my house - my parents were fun to be around. The family took summer vacations at Glacier Lodge near California. My mother loved to fish and also enjoyed playing cards games with family and friends. She also like to bowl and for some years was on a bowling team. The most important thing in my mother's life was her family. She was a great role model for my sister and I. All the major holidays were spent together even after my sister and I were married and had children of our own and even after I had moved Northern California. She always took a great interest in everything that happened in my life and my sister's and she was the same with my sons and my sister's daughters. She always made me feel important and special and very protected. Once I and another student had been lost on a University wilderness outing for three days. And although, I was cold and hungry when the rescuers found me, I had not been afraid. I knew that my mother would find me no matter how far away or how lost was, she would come and would not give up until I had been found. My mother had a saying, she repeated to my sister and I whenever we were doubting our own ability. She would say, "Remember you are a Miller, you can do anything." (Having now started researching the Shawhan of the family, I think some of the Shawhan genes, must have also us the necessary courage when needed). It is this courage that has made life bearable without my mother, but I miss her everyday of my life and cherish my fond memories of her.
On April 3, 1937 Clara Elizabeth (Betty) married Sidney Walter GILES, son of Wesley Sherman GILES & Clara PEARSON, in Los Angeles, California. Sidney Walter was born in Manitoba, Canada, on May 20, 1916.
Sidney Walter Giles was the second son of Wesley Sherman Giles and Clara Pearson. At 4 years of age his mother died of throat cancer and his father took Sidney and his younger brother Leonard from Canada to the United States to find work. The oldest child James and baby sister, Audrey were left with relatives in Canada to raise and they took their mother's maiden name of Pearson. When they first came to the United States, they lived in Los Angeles, California with Uncle Jim (Sidney's uncle on his father's side) and Aunt Lil. Growing up without a mother, Sidney and his brother Leonard lived in several boarding houses. First with a Mrs Thurman, and then with Wilma and her family. She was like a mother to the boys, raising them along with her own children. As a young man Sidney worked in the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) at Mount Baldy, California, Jackson Hole, Wyoming and finally Red Bluff, California. After meeting Clara Elizabeth Shawhan and marrying on April 3 1937, he started working Packard Bell, as a cabinet refinisher. During WWII, he worked at the shipyards for Cal Ship in Long Beach as a plumber. Because he built war ships and it was considered a defense job he was given a for a time. Eventually he was drafted in the Army. He was inducted at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro and served basic training at Camp Lee, Virginia. His Quartermaster unit was ready to go to China when the ended. This was all in a matter of three months or so. My father's return from the army is one of my most vivid memories. He came in on troop train with hundreds of other soldiers to the Los Angeles train depot. There were mobs of people, hugging and crying and trying to find their loved ones. Sidney then went to work for C.B. VanVorst, a mattress company, driving trucks and retired in 1980 after 35 years. As a small child, I always remember my father working in the garage cars. He was one of those exceptional people that could do anything; fix jewelry, appliances, cars and anything around the house. My always did everything himself and still does to this day. When anything needs repair my father is always called upon by my sister I and now our children and even his neighbors ask for help. He has always been very hard working. My father was also very talented with inventing a solution to any repair problem. My dad loved the beach, and I remember many a trip to Huntington Beach. He also loved to hunt and fish. I did not go on his hunting trips but did lots of trout fishing with my dad and even surf fishing at the ocean. On our yearly summer vacation, our camp site was the envy of everyone around. My father would build us a wash basin and anything else we needed to our camp life comfortable. People would come to see our camp site and marvel at all the ingenuity he had applied. My father is a wonderful gardener. His garden has always been very beautiful. The roses are exceptional and he enjoys puttering around as I do. He also enjoys growing tomatoes, lemons and different herbs. Recently, to the whole family's dismay, he had to cut down the diseased avocado tree that provided the family and friends with the best avocados around for thirty some odd years. My father has rescued many a sickly plant from my yard and taken it home and nursed it into a healthy thriving specimen. He really has a green thumb, mine is a few shades lighter!! Everything in his garden has always been very neat and tidy, no weeds hanging around!! Since my mothers death, my father has lived alone. has lots of friends and still belongs to a couple of senior citizen groups that he and mom had joined in retirement. He takes care of his home and yard himself at age 83. Still doing most of all the repairs and maintenance on his car and house. His house is spotless, yard always well manicured, and he is a wonderful cook, especially with bakery goods. The ladies in club always want my father to bake or some other goody for their functions. This is another thing my father and I enjoy together, cooking. Sometimes when we are visiting together we have baking contests with pies and we also try new out on the rest of the family. We have lots of fun together; my visits my husband and I a couple of times a year. And I try to go to L.A. as often as I can. We all get together for the major holidays for the last seven years have spent a family vacation together each summer.
They had the following children:

1049 i. Juliann Elizabeth (1939-)

1050 ii. Patricia Ruth (1944-)

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