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Family of Robert Frank SHAWHAN (238) & Maude LIBBY

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Family of Robert Frank SHAWHAN (238) & Maude LIBBY

471. Arletta Marie SHAWHAN (Robert Frank7, Daniel William6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Arletta Marie was born in Pueblo, Colorado, on August 26, 1901. Arletta Marie died in San Luis Obispo, California, on July 19, 1990; she was 88.
Born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado, in 1918 she moved to San Luis Obispo, CA. Arletta and her first husband owned and operated Dennis Dairy Lunch in San Luis Obispo until 1938; they then ran the Marshall Hotel, also located in downtown San Luis Obispo, until 1958. For relaxation she would often paint; she was also active in the American Legion Auxiliary. In her later years she lived at the Huntington in Morro Bay, CA.
About 1923 Arletta Marie first married Benjamin C. DENNIS. Benjamin C. was born about 1900. Benjamin C. died in Sa Luis Obispo, California, about 1959; he was 59.
They had the following children:

i. Donald E. Donald E. was born in 1925.

ii. Dorothy.
In 1961 Arletta Marie second married Dewey MOORE. Dewey died in 1985.

Family of Walter Brice SHAWHAN (240) & Clara Belle LYON

472. Clara Thelma SHAWHAN (Walter Brice7, Daniel William6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Clara Thelma was born in Enterprise, Kansas, on May 28, 1899. Clara Thelma died in Denver, Colorado, in 1979; she was 79.
On July 28, 1923 Clara Thelma married Ewart Vellenoweth BENNETT, in Hollywood, California. Ewart Vellenoweth was born in Argyke. WI, on December 1, 1898.
They had the following children:

772 i. Doris Elaine (1925-)

773 ii. Donald Vellenoweth (1928-)
473. Mary Gertrude SHAWHAN (Walter Brice7, Daniel William6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Mary Gertrude was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, on December 1, 1891. Mary Gertrude died in Van Nuys, California, on June 16, 1976; she was 84.
Mary Gertrude was a comparatively tall, pretty woman who enjoyed canning fruit, vegetables, and jellies. She also embroidered and was quite active in church groups. She thoroughly enjoyed pizza and, on occasion, a gin gimlet or two.
On June 14, 1914 Mary Gertrude married Ira Warren GULDNER, in Wichita, Kansas. Ira Warren was born in Bushton, Kansas, on November 24, 1890. Ira Warren died in Van Nuys, California, on December 27, 1966; he was 76.
Ira was a frugal, hard-working man of German descent. As a photographer for AP (Associated Press) he had many exciting assignments, including coverage of WWI. He eventually retired from AP after being stationed for many years at the LA Times.
They had one child:

774 i. William Eugene (Bill) (1919-)

474. Harold Robert SHAWHAN (Walter Brice7, Daniel William6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Harold Robert was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, on April 2, 1897. Harold Robert died in California in November 1978; he was 81.
Harold volunteered for the Army during WWI and was sent to France as member of a reconnaissance team which would creep out beyond the trenches into no-man's land at night to detect any enemy activity. In 1918 his unit was hit by a German mustard gas attack; of his 16-man group, he was the only one to survive. The gas burned his face and body badly and seriously scarred his lungs; he was also left temporarily blind, deaf, and dumb. He eventually recovered from his wounds, received a Purple Heart, and returned to Kansas where he married his childhood sweetheart. Due to his lung condition, he was urged by his doctors to move to a more agreeable climate, so he relocated to Los Angeles where he joined the Pacific Telephone Company, from which he eventually retired as a Central Office Technician. As a hobby he loved to do crossword puzzles.
On June 10, 1920 Harold Robert married Lillian Odessa BAKER, in Hutchinson, Kansas. Lillian Odessa was born in Cleveland, TN, on December 4, 1898.
They had one child:

775 i. Harold Robert (H.R.) (1921-)

475. Leslie Lyon SHAWHAN (Walter Brice7, Daniel William6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Leslie Lyon was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, on February 13, 1894. Leslie Lyon died in Los Angeles, California, on May 31, 1956; he was 62.
MEMORIES (By Juliann Elizabeth Rankin-Clarke, Granddaughter) Leslie Lyon Shawhan was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, where he spent his He was a very handsome young man. Leslie became a printer and married Ruth Haynes Miller, in 1914 in Hutchinson, Kansas. His first son, Robert Leslie Shawhan was born in 1916. In 1918, Leslie Lyon Shawhan served in World War I in France as a Captain in the United States Army. After the war, he returned to Hutchinson, Kansas, where his daughter, Clara Elizabeth Shawhan was born in 1920. Shortly after her birth (nine weeks) the family moved to Los Angeles, California. and his family were the first of the Shawhans to move to California but by 1922, his grandfather Daniel, grandmother Mary, father Walter, mother Clara, uncle Robert Frank, brother Harold Robert, sister Mary Gertrude and sister Clara Thelma all were living in California. Also in 1922, Leslie's son, Jack Vernon Shawhan was born. In Los Angeles, Leslie Shawhan went into the produce business, supplying produce for the local markets. But by 1929 the Great Depression had started and hard times lay ahead. The Great Depression lasted until 1939 and during this time Leslie held many different jobs as a handy man, general work for people -- i.e. fixing roofs, electrical repairing laying linoleum. During the 1940's Leslie spent some time in the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Prescott, Arizona with tuberculosis. Upon his recovery, he returned to his family in Los Angeles and lived to the age of 62. He died in 1956, at which time, lived at 3511 So. Hoover Street, L.A., and did general work for of Lebanon Hospital. The house where he lived is no longer standing, it became the property of University of Southern California (USC) and a tennis court now covers the area.
My memories of my grandfather Leslie are very vivid, as he spent much of his time with us. My mother and her father were very close. My grandfather was a great storyteller and he would talk of the old days of family and friends and old times. When I was small I had a lot of ear aches and my grandfather would blow his warm pipe smoke into my ear to ease the pain and rock me. I also remember watching with fascination as he would hand roll his own cigarettes by taking out a cigarette paper and very carefully pouring Bull Durham tobacco from a cloth sack with a draw string. He would pull the string with his to close the sack and with both hands holding the paper, pat the tobacco with both index fingers and roll the paper and lick it I still have a pot holder that my grandfather made while recovering from tuberculosis in Prescott, Arizona. My grandfather and loved music. My grandfather played the banjo, I still have his banjo, and both my grandfather and grandmother sang. I was told by my Mother that grandpa and grandma had both sang and played music in a vaudeville show on the famed Orpheum Circuit of the Midwest for a short time in their early years.
On December 19, 1915 Leslie Lyon married Ruth Haynes MILLER, in Hutchinson, Kansas. Ruth Haynes was born in Cloverport, Kentucky, on March 12, 1892. Ruth Haynes died in Los Angeles, California, on January 7, 1952; she was 59.
MEMORIES (By Juliann Elizabeth (Giles) Rankin-Clarke, Granddaughter) Ruth Haynes (Miller) Shawhan was born 12 March, 1894, the tenth child of eleven children born to Lewis Miller and Elizabeth Ann (Hendrick) Miller. My grandmother was 13 years old in 1905 when the family moved from Cloverport, Kentucky to Hutchinson, Kansas. But she always pined for her "Old Kentucky Home," she loved so dearly. She described it in her records, "Where I lived until I was 13 yrs old." "Breckinridge County, Kentucky, Cloverport (originally Joesville) was the nearest town. I lived on a farm on Hardin Road, near the estate of Captain William Hardin, whom Hardinsburg, Kentucky is named after. Cloverport was 4 miles from our farm. My father had about 600 acres of good land called bottom land on the Ohio River. My father raised tobacco as the main cash crop, corn, wheat, sweet potatoes and all our garden vegetables. My father made his own molasses, own sugar or corn sugar and maple syrup and maple sugar. He raised fine hogs, geese, beef cattle, horses and a few milk cows. The farm had fine grazing land for the horses and cattle and my father also raised maze and alfalfa for food for the livestock. Our farm had its own natural springs with water ice cold. Had a large fruit orchard. Had black walnut trees, berries (black, dew, and goose), hickory nuts, beech nuts, hazel nuts, black and red Haw's berries, persimmons, wild grapes, wild plums, ginseng roots, yellow root, wild peppermint, wild spearmint, sassafras root, papaw, a fruit that looks a little like a banana, and green onions. There were plenty of wild rabbits and squirrels. Lots and lots of flowers in the front yard of the and the dogwood trees and wildflowers and ferns were beautiful in the summer. Coal was lying around on the farm. There was an old Indian burial ground and lots of flints all over the farm. A nice country home for 11 children. Four miles from Cloverport, Kentucky are the Breckinridge Tar and White Sulphur Springs, a health resort in the summer. This is only 2 miles from my father's farm and where I went to picnic in the summertime and my name was written on the big rocks when I was a little girl. I loved the tar water and the moss that grew there and the ferns. My dad and mother loved to go there." Ruth Haynes Miller had a very close and loving family. She was especially close to her younger sister Pearl. In 1914 she married Leslie Lyon Shawhan. Leslie was a good friend of two of her brothers, Raymond Lewis Miller and Virgil Scott Miller. Ruth and Leslie's first son, Robert Leslie was born in 1916. By 1918, Leslie had returned from the "Great War" WWI and in 1920 shortly after their daughter, Clara Elizabeth's birth, family moved to Los Angeles, California. In Los Angeles, Ruth worked off and on as a nurse practitioner. From the late 1920's until her death in 1952 of pancreas cancer, my grandmother spent much of her time researching her genealogy and trying to prove the connection to "Heirs of the Joseph Ball Estate." I have all of my grandmother's research in my possession. "The Ball Estate," as it was always referred to by my grandmother, Ruth Haynes (Miller) Shawhan, and relatives, was that of a Joseph Ball who died intestate in Pennsylvania in 1821. Mere mention of the "estate" at any Miller family gathering would spark endless lively discussion. When the estate was finally settled, all would agree, their "ship would come in" and they would all be rich. They were relying, it is believed, on J. W. Compton's report dated 10 September, 1897. Mr. Compton had been hired by a number of heirs to investigate the Joseph Ball estate. Apparently my relatives failed to realize, or perhaps did not know, that the liquid assets of the estate had dwindled to practically nothing and that distributions of the little that did remain had probably already been made. Joseph Ball was not a direct ancestor but was rather the nephew of a direct ancestor. Memories of my are many. I spent lots of time with her. My grandmother had red hair and a temper to match. I was never the receiver of her outbursts of anger, but most often it was my grandfather or my mother. My mother's relationship with her mother was strained at times, as my grandmother always thought my mother favored my grandfather and she was somewhat jealous of their close relationship. I would stay with my grandmother for at a time. I remember the softness of her skin, when she would hold and her smell of lavender. She also used Mavis talcum powder in the red can and Jergens hand lotion. When ever I smell either of these scents I think of my grandmother. I remember lots of love and lots of music whenever we were all together. My grandmother worked for a time at Exposition Park in the basement of the Los Angeles Museum where the stereoscopes for viewing the stereographs were housed. Sometimes I would go with her. It was a short walking distance from her home at 3569
They had the following children:

776 i. Jack Vernon (1922-1981)

ii. Robert Leslie. Robert Leslie was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, on August 10, 1916. Robert Leslie died in Los Angeles, California, on December 1, 1981; he was 65.

MEMORIES (By Juliann Elizabeth Rankin-Clarke, Niece) Robert Leslie Shawhan was born in Hutchison, Kansas, the first child of Leslie Lyon Shawhan and Ruth Haynes (Miller) Shawhan. At the age of four, he with his family to Los Angeles, California. His nickname given him by his parents was Sonny, Bobbie or Bob. Robert Leslie was born mentally retarded. He lived with his mother and father until their deaths and then on his own until the last few years of his life, which were in a care facility. Robert Leslie for many years worked at Ralphs Market, bagging groceries and stocking shelves. My memories of my Uncle Bob are special. I spent lots of time with him when I was growing up at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. At night, before we to bed, Grandma would give us graham crackers and milk. Then in the living room, Uncle Bob would get into the old murphy bed and I would sleep on the couch. We would start to laugh and keep in up until my Grandma would yell out from the bedroom to be quiet and go to sleep. This would be repeated over and over at each of my visits. I remember my mother always saying that, "If God made Angels on earth, then her brother Bob was one." Everyone loved my Uncle, he was very sweet, and lovable. We spent all our holidays together as one big extended family .I also remember my Uncle Bob cutting the arm of his wooden rocking chair with his pocket knife. When my Grandmother found out scolded him. After my Uncle's death, the rocking chair came to my mother. My father filled in my Uncle knife marks, but you can still see the discoloration where the marks were. When I am at home and sometimes sit in the rocking chair looking at the arm, fond memories return of my Uncle Bob.

777 iii. Clara Elizabeth (Betty) (1920-1990)

Family of Henry Clay (Harry) CALDWELL (241) & Ella THOMPSON

476. Esther CALDWELL (Henry Clay (Harry)7, Sarah Elizabeth SHAWHAN6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Esther was born in Ridgeland, WI, in 1904.
About 1926 Esther married Dr. Chester KURTZ. Dr. Chester was born about 1900.
They had one child:

i. John Caldwell. John Caldwell was born about 1930.

477. Ruth CALDWELL (Henry Clay (Harry)7, Sarah Elizabeth SHAWHAN6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Ruth was born in 1904.
About 1926 Ruth married Dr. Mark FOSTER. Dr. Mark was born about 1900.
They had the following children:

778 i. James (~1930-)

ii. Mark. Mark was born about 1932.

About 1953 Mark married Cathy. Cathy was born about 1932.

779 iii. Thomas (~1934-)

Family of George Raymond CALDWELL (242) & Ivy Pearl LACY

478. Hazel CALDWELL (George Raymond7, Sarah Elizabeth SHAWHAN6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Hazel was born in Kansas on June 19, 1909. Hazel died in Clay Center, Kansas, on February 23, 1997; she was 87.
On June 15, 1932 Hazel married James GLENN, in Kansas. James was born about 1907. James died in Kansas in April 1968; he was 61.
They had one child:

780 i. Janice Marlene (1933-)

479. Glen CALDWELL (George Raymond7, Sarah Elizabeth SHAWHAN6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Glen was born in Kansas on September 7, 1912. Glen died on July 5, 1981; he was 68.
On October 2, 1935 Glen married Esther BERGMEIER, in Kansas. Esther was born in Kansas about 1914.
They had the following children:

781 i. Barbara (1936-)

782 ii. Lowell Raymond (1939-)

iii. Joyce. Joyce was born in Kansas on May 1, 1942.

On March 11, 1962 Joyce married Lloyd WIESE, in Kansas. Lloyd was born in Linn, Kansas, about 1941.

783 iv. Judith (1942-)

480. Floyd CALDWELL (George Raymond7, Sarah Elizabeth SHAWHAN6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Floyd was born in Kansas on September 11, 1914. Floyd died in Kansas on January 2, 1994; he was 79.
On March 17, 1937 Floyd married Nina BEESON. Nina was born on September 15, 1916.
They had the following children:

784 i. Gary Floyd (1940-)

785 ii. Larry Gene (1942-)

786 iii. Doyle Lee (1954-)

481. Helen CALDWELL (George Raymond7, Sarah Elizabeth SHAWHAN6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Helen was born in Kansas on January 12, 1917.
On April 25, 1941 Helen married Robert RUNDLE, in Kansas. Robert was born on August 21, 1916.
They had the following children:

787 i. David Charles (1946-)

788 ii. Roberta Joy (1948-)
482. Florence CALDWELL (George Raymond7, Sarah Elizabeth SHAWHAN6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Florence was born in Kansas on April 25, 1920.
In 1943 Florence married Carl GINGLES, in Kansas. Carl was born about 1919.
They had one child:

789 i. Brenda Pearl (1946-)

483. George Raymond CALDWELL Jr. (George Raymond7, Sarah Elizabeth SHAWHAN6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). George Raymond was born in Kansas on November 1, 1923.
On August 23, 1944 George Raymond married Marjorie Arlene BOWERSOX, in Kansas. Marjorie Arlene was born in Hellis, Kansas, on March 15, 1928.
They had the following children:

i. Anthony Ray. Anthony Ray was born in Concordia, Kansas, on April 22, 1945. Anthony Ray died on February 11, 1961; he was 15.

Tony died in a hunting accident.
790 ii. Allen Lynn (1947-)

791 iii. Barry Kent (~1950-)

iv. Donna Lou. Donna Lou was born on March 4, 1952.

Family of Adeline (Addie) Shawhan CALDWELL (243) & James BARCLAY

484. Jessie Lysle BARCLAY (Adeline (Addie) Shawhan CALDWELL7, Sarah Elizabeth SHAWHAN6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Jessie Lysle was born on June 17, 1906. Jessie Lysle died on April 3, 1987; she was 80.
On April 3, 1964 Jessie Lysle first married Clee LLOYD. Clee was born about 1906. Clee died on July 20, 1981; he was 75.
On October 8, 1930 Jessie Lysle second married Albert JAMES. Albert was born on February 10, 1906. Albert died on February 22, 1960; he was 54.
They had the following children:

792 i. Veryl Richard (1936-)

793 ii. Alice Jane (1941-)

Family of Della May CALDWELL (244) & Albertus "Bert" DODSON

485. Dorothy Gertrude DODSON (Della May CALDWELL7, Sarah Elizabeth SHAWHAN6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Dorothy Gertrude was born in near Clay Center, Kansas, on September 28, 1913.
After eleven years of teaching, Dorothy married Howard Dale Gerardy

and lived with him on the farm which had been in his family since

On May 15, 1941 Dorothy Gertrude married Howard Dale GERARDY, in Kansas. Howard Dale was born in near Fact, Kansas, on May 17, 1911. Howard Dale died in Kansas on July 23, 1995; he was 84.
They had the following children:

794 i. Robert Dodson (1942-)

ii. Harlan Dale. Harlan Dale was born in Kansas on April 11, 1944.

After two years at Emporia State Univ., Harlan left school and joined

the US Navy where he became a jet pilot. During the Vietnam War he

made three tours to the Gulf Of Tonkin, serving aboard the

the Ranger, and the Midway. After his discharge he returned to school

and graduated from New Mexico State Univ. at Las Cruces, NM. He and

his wife now live in Gruver, Texas where he operates a flying
On November 26, 1986 Harlan Dale married Carolyn Sue SCROGGS. Carolyn Sue was born about 1965.

795 iii. Marc Edward (1947-)

486. Charles Merrill DODSON (Della May CALDWELL7, Sarah Elizabeth SHAWHAN6, Benjamin Plummer5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Charles Merrill was born in near Clay Center, Kansas, on February 4, 1919.
Charles traces his Caldwell ancestry back to John Caldwell who

migrated from Scotland in the late 1700s, becoming a minister in Ohio

County, VA/WV. Family members moved westward, to Iowa in 1836, in

Indian Territory, occupied by the Blackhawk tribe; they operated a

ferry across the Des Moines River. In the 1880s the Caldwells

to the prairie country, near Idana, KS. His Dodson ancestors migrated

from So. England to the American Colonies in 1687, locating in

Richmond, VA. They too moved west, first to Lewis Co., VA/WV, and

subsequently, in 1896, to Kansas. Charles was born on a farm near

Center, KS, in which his father grew wheat and raised shorthorn

to be shipped to the Kansas City stockyards. As a member of 4-H,

Charles raised fat calves which he showed at area fairs. he also

baseball. In 1930 he survived scarlet fever. The Depression hit in

1933, but Charles family was able to manage without money due to

farm produce -- chickens, eggs, beef, pork, and vegetables. Charles

attended Kansas State University, taking a Milling Science course,

when WWII broke out he enlisted in the US Navy on Jan. 20, 1942. He

trained at Great Lakes and at Chicago's Navy Pier, spending a total

three years and eight months in the service, eighteen months of which

were spent in the South Pacific as an airplane carburetor specialist,

working on engines for Avenger TBM torpedo planes and PT boats; in

addition to fighting the ravages of malaria, he also survived Pacific

Island snakes -- pythons, corals, and bushmasters. In civilian life

has worked as a flour miller in a number of different mills, retiring

as Plant Supt. from Archer Daniel Midland in 1981. He enjoys hunting,

fishing, golf, woodwork, and gardening. He's had both knees replaced

and has also overcome cancer. Charles has been very helpful in

detailing the family lines of the Caldwell/Shawhan tree limb

photos and other pertinent information. He also produced an ancestral

book, tracing his Caldwell/Shawhan/Dodson lineage, for private

distribution among his family members.
On December 26, 1944 Charles Merrill married Charlotte Andree BERGSTROM. Charlotte Andree was born on October 10, 1921.
During WWII Andree worked as a secretary at North American Aviation

Kansas City, KS, where they built B-25 two-engine bombers -- the type

that General Doolittle used to bomb Japan early in the War. She has

since worked as a medical secretary.

They had the following children:

796 i. Charles Bertus "Chuck" (1945-)

797 ii. Marilyn Diane (1949-)

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