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Family of John Thomas SHAWHAN (119) & Julia Florence DANIEL

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Family of John Thomas SHAWHAN (119) & Julia Florence DANIEL

304. Thomas Redmon SHAWHAN (John Thomas6, Daniel5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Thomas Redmon was born on November 11, 1879.162 Thomas Redmon died on August 9, 1960; he was 80. Thomas Redmon was buried in Memory Garden Memorial Park, Brea, California.
On June 5, 1901 Thomas Redmon married Annie Rhodes TURNER, in Prowers, Colorado. Annie Rhodes was born on February 10, 1881. Annie Rhodes died on May 15, 1960; she was 79.
They had one child:

567 i. Thomas Lewis (1905-)

305. William Gibbons SHAWHAN (John Thomas6, Daniel5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). William Gibbons was born in Lone Jack, Missouri, on November 13, 1874. William Gibbons died in Kansas City, Missouri, on May 25, 1957; he was 82.
In October 1898 William Gibbons married Lail ALEXANDER. Lail died on December 19, 1941.
They had the following children:

568 i. Sarah Florence "Sally" (1899-1975)

ii. Robert Emerson. Robert Emerson was born on February 26, 1902. Robert Emerson died on March 12, 1972; he was 70.

Robert Emerson married Minnie TUCKER, daughter of TUCKER Dr. & Martha B.. Minnie was born in April .

569 iii. Nancy

570 iv. John Thomas (1907-ca1934)

571 v. Marjorie
306. Walter Randolph SHAWHAN (John Thomas6, Daniel5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Walter Randolph was born on July 18, 1877. Walter Randolph died in Belton, Missouri, on November 24, 1961; he was 84. Walter Randolph was buried in Lone Jack, Missouri.
On April 2, 1905 Walter Randolph married Mamie Ethel CAVE, daughter of Henry Columbus CAVE (August 7, 1856-December 2, 1935) & Rebecca Ann HUNT. Mamie Ethel was born on January 7, 1885. Mamie Ethel died on November 5, 1962; she was 77.
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From: "lujac"
Sorry I have been slow in responding, but have been busy on the Cox line. Jack isn't a Shawhan descendant, and I don't have children for the Spainhour/Shawhan lines. Jack descends from Sarah Spainhour and Joseph M. Cox. I do have one other Spainhour/Shawhan connection though remote.
Mamie Ethel Cave, b. 7 Jan 1885, m. Walter Randolph Shawhan 2 Apr 1905, was the daughter of Henry Columbus Cave b. 7 Aug 1856, d. 2 Dec 1935 Lone Jack and Rebecca Ann Hunt.
Henry Columbus Cave was the son of Nancy Spainhour b. 1834, d. 1919 and William Cave.
I have not been able to locate where Thomas Wallace Spainhower who married Edna Minerva Shawhan fits into the Spainhour family. Will keep searching for his lineage.
They had the following children:

i. Rachel Rebecca. Rachel Rebecca was born on March 16, 1906. Rachel Rebecca died on January 27, 1980; she was 73.

On July 22, 1929 Rachel Rebecca first married Ross MORRISON.

On November 23, 1951 Rachel Rebecca second married John HENDERSON.

572 ii. Henrietta Elizabeth (1906-1978)

573 iii. Lottie Aileen (1916-1982)

574 iv. John Cave (1910-)
307. George Albert SHAWHAN (John Thomas6, Daniel5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). George Albert was born in Lone Jack, Missouri, on December 22, 1879. George Albert died in Kansas City, Missouri, in May 1949; he was 69. George Albert was buried in Lone Jack, Missouri.
On February 2, 1902 George Albert first married Lettie BENNETT. Lettie was born on July 31, 1884. Lettie died on July 31, 1911; she was 27. Lettie was buried in Lone Jack, Missouri.
They had the following children:

i. Bennett L. Bennett L. was born on February 24, 1905.

Bennett L. first married Marguerite CLAWSON.

Bennett L. second married Zola OSGOOD.

Bennett L. third married Barbara C. LYLE. Barbara C. was born on August 29, 1910. Barbara C. died in April 1978; she was 67.

ii. George Albert. George Albert was born on October 30, 1907. George Albert died on December 6, 1964; he was 57.

George Albert married Linnie Lucille MUNRAY.
George Albert second married Aileen LONG.
They had one child:

575 i. Marion (-1983)

308. Annie Florence SHAWHAN (John Thomas6, Daniel5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Annie Florence was born in Lone Jack, Missouri, on April 11, 1883. Annie Florence died in Warrensburg, Missouri, on September 2, 1978; she was 95.
On December 21, 1910 Annie Florence married William Jasper FROST. William Jasper was born on November 12, 1881. William Jasper died on February 18, 1938; he was 56.
They had the following children:

576 i. Martha Frances (1911-)

577 ii. Mary Florence (1913-)

578 iii. Frank Shawhan (1916-)

579 iv. William Redmon (1919-)

580 v. W. John (1920-)

309. Julia Bell SHAWHAN (John Thomas6, Daniel5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Julia Bell was born on November 30, 1883. Julia Bell died on September 2, 1978; she was 94.
Research: Birth and death dates: November 30, 1889; December 2, 1959 {Krusor, p. 99}
On December 19, 1930 Julia Bell married Elvin V. HALL. Elvin V. died in April 1958.
They had one child:

581 i. Roy V. (1931-)

310. John Daniel SHAWHAN (John Thomas6, Daniel5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). John Daniel was born in Pink Hill, MO, on March 10, 1871. John Daniel died in Lone Jack, Missouri, on November 8, 1939; he was 68. John Daniel was buried in Lone Jack, Missouri.
John died after being severely injured in a tractor accident.
On November 2, 1898 John Daniel married Mary Elizabeth BRIERLY, daughter of Henry BRIERLY & Lucretia BRIDGES, in Strasburg, MO. Mary Elizabeth was born in Strasburg, MO, on July 11, 1875. Mary Elizabeth died in Lee's Summit, MO, on September 16, 1972; she was 97. Mary Elizabeth was buried in Lone Jack, Missouri.
They had the following children:

582 i. John Henry (1899-)

ii. James Brierly. James Brierly was born in Lone Jack, MO, on February 8, 1902. James Brierly died in Lone Jack, MO, in 1998; he was 95.

James was a very active member of the Jackson, Missouri Historical Society, recalling the early days when annual Lone Jack picnic attracted people from miles around. He and his wife, Mildred, often chaired this picnic, commemorating the August 16, 1862 Civil War Battle of Lone Jack. The celebration includes a march to the old cemetery where some 160 men of the Blue and Grey are buried in two long trenches. Politicos from the area often attended these gatherings -- Harry Truman is remembered as being present for such get-togethers.

On November 22, 1934 James Brierly married Mildred Janette LEINWEBER, daughter of Martin LEINWEBER & Lulah RITTER, in Lee's Summit, MO. Mildred Janette was born in Lees Summit, MO, on May 25, 1907.
Mildred's ancestors were actively involved in the bitter fighting which engulfed western Missouri prior to and during the Civil War. Mildred has many mementos from the Shawhan distilleries and other family heritage. She has also extensively researched the Shawhan Family, particularly the descendants of Daniel "Casher" Shawhan -- the ancestor of those Shawhan family members who left Kentucky and settled in the Lee's Summit and Lone Jack, MO locale after the Civil War; she has authored a booklet documenting her genealogy findings. Mildred was a math teacher before retiring. She and her husband, James, were very active in the historical societies of the area, recalling the Civil War days of the Anderson and Quantrill raiders who made several sorties in the area; most of the inhabitants in this vicinity were strongly pro-South and supported Quantrill and other wearers of the grey accordingly. After the War, this region was again a battleground, this time between lawmen and such bandit gangs as those of Jesse James and the Daltons. Cole Younger and his brothers were farmers in Lee's Summit before they decided to join up with the James brothers in the late 1860s. The Shawhans have contributed to the lore of the area by making Lone Jack famous for its Shawhan Whiskey Distillery and the tobacco produced by the family; Mildred has been the source of several articles in Kansas City newspapers recalling that history.

iii. Mary Elizabeth. Mary Elizabeth was born in Lone Jack, MO, on April 2, 1904.

On August 8, 1923 Mary Elizabeth married Victor Porter GRUBB, son of Andrew GRUBB & Dora PORTER, in MO. Victor Porter was born in Oak Grove, MO, on August 10, 1904. Victor Porter died in Oak Grove, MO, on March 25, 1977; he was 72.

iv. Lucretia Perry. Lucretia Perry was born in Lone Jack, MO, on December 23, 1907. Lucretia Perry died in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, on October 19, 1993; she was 85. Lucretia Perry was buried in Lone Jack, Missouri.

Headline: Obits

Publication Date: October 20, 1993

Source: The Kansas City Star

Page: C4

Subjects: Missouri

Region: Obituary

Obituary: LUCRETIA MOORE Lucretia Shawhan Moore, 85, Lee's Summit, died Oct. 19, 1993, at the home. Cremation. Mrs. Moore was born in Lone Jack in Jackson County and lived in Chicago before moving to Lee's Summit in 1969. She was a bookkeeper for the Bache Brokerage House in Chicago, retiring in 1969. She was a member of the Lone Jack Christian Church. Her husband, Frank Moore, died in 1961. Survivors include a brother, James B. Shawhan, Lee's Summit.
About 1930 Lucretia Perry first married Winifred MILLER. Winifred was born about 1906. Winifred died before 1953; he was 47.

On October 17, 1953 Lucretia Perry second married Frank Dean MOORE. Frank Dean was born in Covington, Kentucky, on December 15, 1879. Frank Dean died in Chicago, Illinois, on August 8, 1961; he was 81.

583 v. Harold Lee (1916-1992)

Family of John Erskine SHAWHAN (121) & Mary Ann JOURDAIN

311. John Erskine SHAWHAN Jr. (John Erskine6, Joseph5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). John Erskine was born in Plattsburg, MO, in 1859. John Erskine died in Chicago, Illinois, in 1904; he was 45. John Erskine was buried in Weston, Missouri. Occupation: Businessman, Stock Broker, And Banker In San Francisco, CA.
Marriage date and location confirmed in San Francisco marriage records listing. "Shawhan, J. Jr. Crosette, Mattie 1880M-3846"
John Erskine SHAWHAN 2nd. Born in 1859 in Plattsburg, Missouri. He was a businessman, stock broker, and banker in San Francisco, California; the Chairman of the Governing Committee of the Stock Exchange, an investor in the Silver Mines in Nevada; "established the Board of Trade house; was a partner in R.B. Hawley & Co. in Chicago in 1884;" and involved in a land and cattle syndicate in Texas. He married Mattie Crossete in 1880. She was born in about 1860. He "died as a pauper in Chicago, Illinois." They had issue.60
John Erskine SHAWHAN married (2) February 4, 1901, Emma Alberta Chene and had issue. He died in 1904 and is buried in Weston, Missouri.60


And the man who built a $50,000 stable and became bankrupt before his house was finished.
It is true, as every old-timer remembers, and a more mammoth deacon’s folly could not be found in all the fifty-four counties of the Golden State.
John E. Shawhan was his name. He liked horses, was a bit of a sport and a good deal of a stockbroker. Long years he worked hard and was poor.
One morning he woke up and looked upon a world that was paved with gold—for him at least. At night he was poor, in the morning a millionaire.
Virginia consols were the making of his millions. It was in the days when the ascent from tramp to Croesus was often sudden and unexpected. He bought largely when stocks were low. The market shot up like a skyrocket, and he became rich so fast that it made him dizzy.
All at once he bought a valuable lot on the north side of California street, just west of Jones, and he started in to build himself a palatial residence.
Perhaps it was the dizziness in his head, perhaps it was—but no matter what the cause, he did start at the wrong end of his lot to build that palatial residence. He began on the stable, and finished it entirely before he had the plans completed for his home.
Oh, it was a beautiful stable. There were marble drinking-troughs for the horses and stalls of polished oak and birdseye maple. The floors were of inlaid hardwoods and finely polished.
It was all very magnificent, all but the feed, and that was common bay and oats and dried alfalfa and mixed feed of the same sort that an ordinary carthouse gets.
Mr. Shawhan grieved greatly that money could not buy some more costly feed for his expensive animals—some sort of horse manua or ambrosia, made to the equine palate acceptable. But his regrets were in vain. His splendid horses, housed in such a palace of beauty and wealth, had to drink everyday Spring Valley water and eat oats there were only 60 cents a bushel.
Mrs. Shawhan had a private boudoir in the stable, carpeted with the costliest of imported rugs and hung with tapestries that were worth a week’s wages a yard.
And the carriages! No one in all the world ever had so many carriages or such find ones. Money could buy no better ones, and he had as many different kinds as there was room in his palatial stable to accommodate.
The harness would have been more useless, but scarcely more expensive, had it been made of solid gold.
One day in 1875, when the beautiful stable was all finished and its magnificent vehicles housed therein and its high-stepping and high-priced horses were all standing in their birdseye maple stalls, Mr. and Mrs. Shawhan gave a reception at their “equestrian home” to representatives of the local press. They were received in Mrs. Shawhan’s boudoir, and many baskets of champagnes were discussed among them.
The hostess herself showed the gentlemen of the press through the rooms of the second story of the “equestrian home,” while Mr. Shawhan himself led the way into the birdseye-maple stalls and showed off the high-stepping stock and its expensive stabling.
Mrs. Shawhan had a beautiful whip for every different set of harness. They were mostly gold-butted, or, if not gold, then the handles were made of some more rare or precious stuff. She was very proud of her whips and took great delight in their ostentatious display to the members of the plebeian press.
Then there was a spin out to the park for the visitors behind Mr. Shawhan’s blooded stock. And in the morning, behold, the papers contained more or less glowing accounts of what a fool Shawhan was with all his vulgar wealth.
The next event was the downfall of Virginia consols. Never did stocks fall so rapidly. Never did a Croesus become a pauper so quickly as Parvenue Shawhan became a bankrupt.
In after years the Shawhans went to Nevada, and eked out a vicarious living. Mrs. Shawhan got a divorce from her husband. Not long ago the builder of that magnificent stable died a very poor man.
The house on the front of the lot that the Shawhans, in their haste to get a finer stable than anybody else had, forgot to build, was erected a few years ago by a man named Finnigan.
Mr. Finnigan was once a hostler at the What Cheer House, but in a sudden rise in stocks made him rich. And he built a residence in front of Shawhan’s stable, but it is unoccupied now, while the stable itself is given over to a private school for the training of youths in grammar and football, or whatever it is that is necessary to know in order to begin a course at the university.
Anderson’s Academy, the place is called. The stalls have been taken down, and the marble drinking troughs are no more. A few alterations have been made in the exterior, such as the building of a porch and stairway where the big sliding doors were, and nobody would ever believe that such an ornately constructed building was ever designed for a stable.
In 1880 John Erskine first married Mattie CROSSETTE, in San Francisco, California.
They had the following children:

i. Mary Bartlett. Mary Bartlett was born in 1882. Mary Bartlett died in 1933; she was 51.

Mary Barlett SHAWHAN. Born in 1882 and died in 1933. She married (1) Ross Moore in about 1903 and (2) Allen S. Hoar after 1904. He was a career U. S. Naw officer.60
Mary Bartlett first married Ross MOORE.

Mary Bartlett second married Allen S. HOAR USN.

584 ii. Louis F. (Shawhan) (1886-1929)
On February 4, 1901 John Erskine second married Emma Alberta CHENE.
They had the following children:

i. Floi Tait. Floi Tait was born in 1902.

Floi Tait married Sebastian.

ii. John Erskine. John Erskine was born in 1908.

312. James McCune SHAWHAN (John Erskine6, Joseph5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). James McCune was born on September 16, 1863. James McCune died on June 28, 1911; he was 47.
James McCune SHAWHAN. Born September 16, 1863 and died June 28, 1911. He married Ada Romer July 25, 1885, at Trinity Episcopal Church in San Francisco, California. She was born March 20, 1865 in San Francisco, California and became a well known artist in the San Francisco Bay area and had exhibits in the Bohemian Club and the Mechanic's Institute. She died September 17, 1947 at her daughter's home in Oakland, California. They had issue.60
On July 25, 1885 James McCune married Ada ROMER, in San Francisco, California. Ada was born in San Francisco, California, on July 25, 1865. Ada died in Oakland, California, on September 17, 1947; she was 82.
SHAWHAN, Ada Romer (1865-1947). Portrait and still lite painter. Born in San Francisco on March 20, 1893. Shawhan was a member of a pioneer family whose father arrived in the Gold Ftush. Her most famous work was a large canvas of the heads of 40 painters, writers and musicians who were her contemporaries before 1906. She died at her daughter's home in Oakland in 1947. Works held: Bohemian Club (portrait of George Bromley). Exhibited: Mechanics' Inst., 1897 (floral still life). 1 SF Examiner, Sept. 18, 1947 (obit). [Source: “Artists in California, 1786-1940” by Edan Milton Hughes, San Francisco: Hughes Publishing Company (no date), p. 421.]
They had the following children:

i. Violet Romer. Violet Romer was born in San Francisco, California, on March 14, 1886. Violet Romer died in Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York, in 1970; she was 83.

D.A.R. #299818

From "Shawhan-Shaughen Genealogy," p. 42: "Violet Romer Shawhan…who has carried on the traditional fame of the Shawhan's (quoting from the London Graphic) 'Some of the most graceful and delicate dancing that has ever been seen on the London Stage, an artist to her fingertips' and also from the Hippodrome in London 'Violet Romer must have come into the world to the strains of Mendolssohn's Spring Song, etc.'"

It was Violet Romer Shawhan who established the Revolutionary record of Daniel Shawhan, the Bourbon County, Kentucky. pioneer, with D.A.R. ("Shawhan-Shaughen Genealogy," p. 43)

Violet Romer SHAWHAN. Born March 14, 1886, in San Francisco California. She was a dancer of international reputation. The London Graphic said she performed "some of the most graceful and delicate dancing that has ever been seen on the London stage, an artist to her fingertips." When appearing at the Hippodrome in London she was recorded that "Violet Romer must have come into the world to the strains of Mendelsohns' Spring Song". She lived in Oakland, California with her mother, and later in Mt. Vernon, New York with her brother Romer. She died unmarried in Oakland, California in March 1970. DAR # 299818, Belle Terre, Port Jefferson. Long Island New York 1937.60

ii. Romer. Romer was born on August 29, 1888. Romer died in June 1970; he was 81.

Birth & death dates taken from social security death records.

He served as Capt. Air Service World War I, Ass't Operating Officer on staff Gen'l Wm. Mitchell Chf. of Air Service (See Liberty Mag. 3/3/28 a combat report, etc.) and Pershing Army Citation; also Croix de Querre, Distinguished Service Medal; also serving in World War II. ("Shawhan-Shaughen Genealogy," pp. 43-44)

ROMER SHAWHAN. Born July 29, 1888 in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California. He was a Lieutenant and fighter pilot in the Air Service in WW 1 (August 4, 1917-February 13, 1918) and a Captain and Assistant Operations Officer on the staff of Gen. William "Billie" Mitchell. He was awarded the Pershing Army Citation, the Croix de Guere, and the Distinguished Service Medal. He also served in served in WW 2, (December 19, 1940-October 27, 1945), as a pilot in the 147th Aero Squadron. He was discharged as a Lt. Col. U.S.A.F. in August 1945 from Wright-Patterson AFB.

He was a graduate of Columbia University School of Architecture, and l'Ecole des beaux Arts in Paris. He was a supervising architect and district manager of the PWA Housing Program in New York City. He had numerous exhibits of his "expressionistic paintings" in New York. He married his "childhood sweetheart" Zayda Justine Zabriskie in New York City, in May, 1936 as her third husband. She was the daughter of Christian Brevoort Zabriskie, who had been president of the Pacific Coast Borax and an executive of several railroads. They made their home in Mount Vernon, New York. She died August 4, 1956 in New York and he died in July 16, 1970 at the Veteran's Hospital in Washington, D.C. They are both buried at Mountain View Cemetery Carson City Nevada. No issue.60

Architect, Aviator, Author, Artist

Biographical Sketch by Joseph P. Moore

ROMER SHAWHAN, World War I flyer in America's First Pursuit Group and Assistant Operations Officer on the staff of the late William ("Billy") Mitchell, A.E.F., and a Lt. Colonel in the Army Air Force during World War II, likes to think that the letter "A" symbolizes many facets of his colorful career. His art exhibition sponsored by the Art Department of the Bronxville Women's Club stamps him unmistakably as an artist of great sensitivity and gives still another meaning to the letter "A" in addition to those of architect, aviator, author and advertising executive.

Mr. Shawhan's paintings, depicting abstract fantasies in a variety of media, will seem very new in approach against a background of contemporary art expression, but, in effect, they bridge a gap in his life of almost 50 years to a similar period of art activity while studying at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. At that time, Mr. Shawhan developed an impressionistic technique which was, of course, contemporary to his time. Apparently, he has never lost the facility which made those earlier paintings so acceptable.

Currently, his work exhihits a delightful and fantastic--almost playful--foray into the world of imagination. His subject matter is almost indefinable, yet with the same magical quality for picture creation which we have all experienced when looking into the dancing flames of a fireplace late in the evening.

As abstractions, the paintings, exhibit a fine sense of color and extraordinary design capabilities. They frequently move slightly in the direction of representation but never so strongly that two people looking at the same picture might not enjoy several different concepts of the artist's intention.

This is essentially decorative painting and will strike a responsive chord among those of us who like to look at beautiful things without having to feel that the mystery of abstraction is so burdensome that it kills the sense of enjoyment. These are pictures to be enjoyed. They express art with a sense of humor. They seem to say let's have good lime and enjoy ourselves without attempting to solve the problems of the world with various media on paper or canvas.

Commenting on the "meaning" behind his paintings, Mr. Shawhan has this to say: ''My paintings are not ‘message’ pictures. There is no effort to disassemble established art forms nor is there any effort to originate a new art form. The personal joy I derive from color and line and form and the proper combination of these into what I like think are delightful compositions, is the whole of my story. These paintings are playful and, I hope, happy. At most, they may express the kind of exhilaration even the most sophisticated of US can derive from the lilting airs of it Strauss waltz."
Romer married Zayda Justine ZABRISKIE, in New York, New York. Zayda Justine died on August 4, 1956 in Mt. Vernon, New York.
Found in Orange Co. Lib. Orlando, Fl. April l6, 1997 by Bernerd O’Neil

Obituary in New York Times. Aug. 6, 1956. P23, Col.3.:

SHAWHAN, Zayda Zabriske on Aug. 4, 1956 at 108 Forster Ave. Mt. Vernon, MY. Beloved wife of Romer Shawhan. Mother of: Frank H. Buck Jr Christian B. Buck Edward Z. Buck Margaret Buck Putnam Services at Ferncliff Chapel of the Lillies, Secor Road, Hartdale, N.Y. Internment at Carson city, Nev.

(Note. Romer Shawhan was her 3rd husband, her children were by her 2nd husband Representative Frank H. Buck of California) They lived in Belle Terre, Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY. [BLO. 1997.]

From New York Times, May 17, 1936, Section II, p. 5, column 8:

“Mrs. Zabriskie Wed to Romer Shawhan”

Ceremony Takes Place in the Marriage Chapel of the Municipal Building

Mrs. Zayda Justine Zabriskie of San Francisco, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Christian Brevoort Zabriskie, was married to Romer Shawhan of New York yesterday in the marriage chapel of the Municipal Building. Deputy City Clerk Philip A. Hines performed the ceremony.

The bride’s father, who died last February, for many years was president of the Pacific Coast Borax Company, an official of several other corporations and a railroad executive.

Mr. Shawhan is the son of Mrs. James McCune Shawhan of Belle Terre, Port Jefferson, L. I., and the late Mr. Shawhan. He was graduated from the Columbia University School of Architecture and l’Ecolé des Beaux Arts in Paris. During the World War he attained the rank of captain and served as a pilot in the 147th Aero Squadron.

Mr. Shawhan has long been a supervising architect and is now district manager of the PWA Housing Division program in New York.

The bride had been married twice previously. In 1911 she was married to Representative Frank H. Buck of California. They were divorced and subsequently she was married to Mark Daniels. This union also ended in divorce. The couple will make their home in Belle Terre, Port Jefferson.

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