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Family of John Laughlin SHAWHAN (32) & America MANN

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Family of John Laughlin SHAWHAN (32) & America MANN

130. John Henry SHAWHAN (John Laughlin5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). John Henry was born in Cynthiana, Kentucky, on March 22, 1840. John Henry died on December 23, 1925; he was 85.
Kentucky 1910 Miracode Index:

John W Shawhan

Enumeration District: 0078 Color: W

Age: 70 Birth Place: Kentucky

Visit: 0164

County: Harrison, Cynthiana

Relation: Husband

Relatives: Daughter Josie 42, Kentucky

Daughter Lizzie 45, Kentucky

Daughter Nanie 37, Kentucky

Son Sam 34, Kentucky

Son Carrol 26, Kentucky

SIL Lizzie Frazier 57, Kentucky
On November 1, 1862 John Henry married Sarah Eliza FRAZIER, daughter of Samuel FRAZIER & Martha SKINNER, in Kentucky. Sarah Eliza was born on May 23, 1844. Sarah Eliza died on February 29, 1904; she was 59.
Harrison County Will Book M, p. 216

Will of Sallie E. Shawhan:

In the name of God, amen. Know all men by these presents that I Sallie E. Shawhan (wife of Jno H. Shawhan) of Cynthiana Ky., knowing the uncertainty of this life and being in sound mind and memory do make and publish and declare this my last will and testament:
It is my will and desire and I do hereby devise and bequeath, after the payment of debts, that all my property real and personal go to my three daughters, Josie Shawhan, Lizzie Shawhan and Nancy Shawhan, but it is also my desire that my said daughters are to furnish my two sons Sam ad Carroll Shawhan a home in the house and lot owned by my sister Lizzie Frazer and myself so long as my said sons remain unmarried. but on the marriage of either of my sons he is to vacate the house. This part of my will is not to be construed as casting any title to said property in either of my said sons.
Witness my hand this 22nd day of Sept. 1903.

Sallie E. Shawhan


M. C. Swinford

Maggie V. Taylor
State of Kentucky

County of Harrison }Sct

I Claude Desha clerk of the County Court for the County and State aforesaid, certify that the foregoing instrument of writting (sic) of date Septmber 23rd, 1903 purporting to be the last will and testament of Sallie E. Shawhan dec’d was on the 28th day of March 1904 produced in Court and proven by the oaths of M. C. Swinford and Maggie V. Taylor the subscribing witnesses thereto to be the last will and testament of the said decedent to be recorded as such, which is done accordingly.
Given under my hand this 14th day of April 1904

Claude Desha, C.H.C.C.

They had the following children:

i. Mattie Redmond. Mattie Redmond was born in 1863. Mattie Redmond died in 1886; she was 23.

ii. Josie. Josie was born in 1867. Josie died in 1947; she was 80.

iii. Elizabeth "Lizzie". Elizabeth "Lizzie" was born in 1869. Elizabeth "Lizzie" died in 1949; she was 80.

iv. Nancy Kirtley. Nancy Kirtley was born in 1871. Nancy Kirtley died in 1958; she was 87.

v. John Langstrough. John Langstrough was born on August 20, 1873.119 John Langstrough died in 1902; he was 28.

vi. Samuel Frazier. Samuel Frazier was born in 1875. Samuel Frazier died in 1957; he was 82.

318 vii. Joel Skinner (1878-1948)

viii. Chas. Miller. Chas. Miller was born in Harrison County, Kentucky, in 1880. Chas. Miller died in 1959; he was 79.

ix. Carroll. Carroll was born in Cynthiana, Kentucky, in 1882. Carroll died in 1949; he was 67.

He is mentioned as pall pearer in an obituary for Ann SHAWHAN, daughter of John Laughlin SHAWHAN (The Cynthiana Democrat September 27, 1945).

Family of John Laughlin SHAWHAN (32) & Elizabeth "Betsey" REDMON

131. Josephine SHAWHAN (John Laughlin5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Josephine was born on September 1, 1842. Josephine died on February 11, 1863; she was 20. Josephine was buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky.
On March 29, 1860 Josephine married John W. URMSTON, son of Thomas D. URMSTON (February 12, 1801-) & Eliza HARCOURT (-1855), in Harrison County, Kentucky. John W. was buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky.
They had one child:

i. John Leslie. John Leslie was born on December 31, 1860. John Leslie died on October 13, 1882; he was 21. John Leslie was buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky.

132. Mary E. SHAWHAN (John Laughlin5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Mary E. was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, in 1845. Mary E. died in Bourbon County, Kentucky, in 1895; she was 50. Mary E. was buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky.
On June 20, 1866 Mary E. married James K. MEGIBBEN, son of William MEGIBBEN (June 4, 1808-July 1, 1848) & Emily GELVIN (May 26, 1811-November 5, 1857), in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Married in her father’s home in the presence of Thomas J. Megibben, Joseph Lail Shawhan, and H.W. Shawhan. James K. was born in Clermont County, Ohio, on May 15, 1844. James K. died in Bourbon County, Kentucky, in 1899; he was 54. James K. was buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky.
History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & County, Chicago, 1882, p. 672
JAMES K. MEGIBBEN, distiller and farmer; P.O. Lair's Station; was born in Clermont County, Ohio, May 15, 1844, to Wm. and Emily (Gelvin) McGibben. His father died when he was but an infant; was taken care of and supported by his older brother. In 1854, at the age of ten years, he came to Harrison County and began to work for himself by doing such work as his strength and age allowed, principally on a farm; at the age of nineteen began working in the distillery of John Shawhan, and continued the same until 1866, when he married and began farming, in the partnership of his brother, T.J. Megibben; followed the same for about one year, when he, with his father-in-law, J.L. Shawhan, bought a distillery in Scott County, near Stamping Ground. In 1868 he sold out his business in Scott County and became a partner in the distillery business with his brother. In 1868-9 he built the distillery known as "Excelsior No. 38." He is now the owner of an interest in two large distilleries, and is building a large distillery and flouring mill at Lair's Station; has a farm of about 350 acres of the best land of Harrison County, pleasantly situated at Lair's Station Pike. Upon his farm he has a fine brick resdience, which is spoken of as one of the finest residence of Harrison County. In 1866 he married Miss Mary E. Shawhan, a native of Harrison County. He is a Democrat. He has been a prominent member of the order of A.F. & A.M. at Cynthiana for a number of years. He is a thorough and energetic businessman, always first in any public enterprise, and is well worthy of the high esteem in which he is held.

This old house called "Boscobel" is located on the old Lair Pike about five miles from Cynthiana and within sight of Lair Station. (Both front and rear of the house are pictured here.) The stone part was built by John Lair in the late 1790's. Since then over the years, Boscobel has been owned by J. Wesley Lair, T. J. Megibben, Orah Ballinger, T. J. Craycraft and the Sidney Cummins family, in that succession.

John Lair emigrated from Virginia to Kentucky in 1791 with his brothers, Andrew and Mathias. All three were Revolutionary soldiers. Andrew was one of the founders of Logan's Fort, now Stanford, Ky. Mathias and John came on to Harrison County and, on their 2,000-acre claim, built their log cabins near the ruins of Hinkson's or Ruddle's Fort on the South Licking River. Near the site of his log cabin Mathias soon built his imposing manor house "The Cedars," now partly standing. And John built Boscobel out of stone and near his original log cabin. Both are now approached from the Old Lair Pike.
While John Lair and his wife, Sally Custer Lair, were living in the log cabin they were continually harassed by Indians. A short log in the floor was left loose so that in case of an Indian surprise they could creep into the small cellar made as a hiding hole. One day when the horses started running and snorting, as they did when they sensed Indians, Sally Lair was alone in the cabin with her baby. She took the child into the cellar and, fearing that he might cry and betray their hiding place, she nursed him during the entire time she was in hiding while the Indians overhead danced about and ate everything they could lay their hands on.
Soon John Lair began building the stone house Boscobel. It had three rooms on the ground floor, an outside kitchen and a hall with extremely narrow stairway which led up to the three upper rooms, all of which are intact today. And here the John Lairs reared their children.
Near the house is the family graveyard. Besides the family graves, there is the grave of "the wandering woman," not unusual in those days, we are told. According to the family, she wandered in from nowhere, and John Lair allowed her to occupy a vacant cabin, gave her a garden plot, had it plowed and gave her a pig and a cow. When the other cows in the neighborhood went dry, the slaves said she was a witch woman and had dried up their cows. They even said they peeped through her window one night and saw her milking her dish rag and that she was filling her bucket with foaming milk. They wanted to run her off, but John Lair protected her and, when she died, had her buried with the family.
John Lair's son, John Wesley Lair, married Catherine Smiser from the George Smiser house still standing just across the river. And here they reared their children, John A, Helen, Mary, Arabella.

Fanny and Lida. Before the Civil War they enlarged Boscobel, because the five young daughters having beaus made a large parlor almost a necessity. The new section was built of frame and included a large hallway opening into an ample parlor and a circular stairway in the hall leading to one large room above. Wesley Lair died during the Civil War. In 1867 his wife sold Boscobel and the 227 surrounding acres to T. J. Megibben, and moved to town to the present Jack Magee house. the second from the hotel on Main

St. Here her daughter, Helen, married Cynthiana's eloquent attorney, A. H. Ward, and here their first daughter, Maud (Mrs. W. T. Lafferty), was born. Their other children were Harry, Kitty, Paul and Ash Ward.
T. J. Megibben, who purchased Boscobel from the Lairs, was at one time the largest landowner in the county. He was part owner of six distilleries and 2,800 acres of land. He had a younger brother, James K., who was in business with him, and who became the next occupant of the old house, Boscobel after the Lairs. In 1866 James K. Megibben married Mary E. Shawhan (sister of Mr. Jim Shawhan) who lived in the columned brick mansion now the Jett place) just across the road from Boscobel, and they moved into Boscobel in 1867. Here the first two of their eight children were born-Charlie and Lela.
After the Jim Megibbens, the next occupants of Boscobel during the T. J. Megibben ownership, were the Tyce Hutsells. Tyce Hutsell was manager of the Megibben race horses and married Ada Shawhan (sister of Mrs. Jim Megibben). They had two children, Jack and Ada Mae, Jack born in Lexington and Ada Mae (now Mrs. Charles L. Robinson) at Boscobel. According to Perrin's History the. Megibbens had 50 racehorses and 100 trotters and roadsters. Outstanding among the racehorses were Huntress and Spring Bok. Spring Bok ran a dead heat in one of the California Derbys, winning half of the $60,000 stake. A short time after this, Spring Bok killed a man on one of the Clarence LeBus farms, literally pawing him to death, it is said. Jim Megibben's son, Will, at the age of 17, one day took eight of their horses to the Latonia track and won eight races.
Boscobel was also occupied for a time during the, T. J. Megibben ownership by John Carter.
The next occupants of the old place were the Orah Ballingers Orah had previously kept the Lair store, post office and depot, all in one building and lived in the large frame house still standing on the hill at Lair, known as Hillside Retreat, which he sold along with his business to the late J. T. Wornall in 1896, and came to Boscobel to live. Here their children, Marguerite (Mrs. Clyde Abbott), and Roy, were born. Miss Fanny Zoller, a sister of Mrs. Ballinger, was then teaching school at Lair and often visited at Boscobel although she continued to live at Hillside Retreat with the Wornalls. In 1904 Orah Ballinger sold the place to T. J. Craycraft and moved to town where Orah became cashier of The Harrison Deposit Bank. They later moved to Cincinnati where he was first with the American National, then the Fifth-Third Bank.
William David then John Lowe and finally a Rankin family, lived in the house, each for a short period while it was still owned by Orah Ballinger.
When the Sidney Cumminses moved to Boscobel their sons, John and Joe, were three years and three months old, respectively. Their daughter, Katherine, was born there. It was the Cumminses who built the porch on front of the house in 1938. After their three children were grown, the Cummins family moved to town in 1941, but the place has been in tile family ever since.
The people who have lived in the place since 1941 are, first the Wallace Sosbes next the Sterling Wagoners, then the Virgil Feebacks and last the Donald Frymans. The present owners are Joe Cummins and Mrs. M. J. Dermody (Katherine Cummins). The house, however, is now unoccupied.
John and Joe Cummins say they often wondered, while living there and have often wondered since. just why so many tramps always stopped at Boscobel rather than the other houses nearer the road and railroad. We think the wandering woman of early Boscobel is the answer. Passing tramps today may never see the tombstone of the wandering woman in the family graveyard, but she probably started the word 150 years ago, which has passed on from wanderer to wanderer on down through the years, a legend which is still a part of Boscobel.120
E-mail: Subject: Megibben Family History

Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 14:07:28 -0400

I'm still having problems transmitting the Megibben family history to you. I know I'm doing something wrong...but I have'nt figured it out yet.Till I do figure it out, I'm senting you my

direct line descent via e-mail, starting with my g.g.g. grandfather William Megibben.

William Megibben, b. 4 June 1808, near Brownsville, Pa. Moved to Clermont Co., OH. There he met Emily Gelvin, born 26 May 1811, in Clermont Co., OH. They were married on 20 May 1830. William by trade was a farmer. He died 1 July 1848 and is buried near Neville, Clermont Co., OH. Emily died 5 November 1857 and is buried near Neville, Clermont Co., OH (burial location unk.). They had eight children; 5 boys and 3 girls. They are: Thomas Jefferson Megibben (1831-1890), William

Megibben, JR., (?-?), John W. Megibben (?-?), Jeremiah Megibben (1842-1869), James K.

Megibben (1844-1899), Martha Megibben (?-?), Elizabeth Megibben (?-?) and Eliza Megibben

Note: All five brothers moved to Cynthiana, Ky, starting with Thomas Jefferson Megibben, on 6 January 1849. They are buried in our family section at Battle Grove Cemetery. I have never found any information on the three sisters.

Bob, the next info will be on my g.g. grandfather/grandmother James K. and Mary E. (Shawhan) Megibben. I'm sorry to have to sent it this way.


Subject: Megibben Family History-2

Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 08:53:32 -0400

This is a continuation of my direct line of descent started yesterday . James K. Megibben, b. 15 May 1844, in Clermont Co., near Neville, Ohio. He was the 4th son of William Megibben and Emily (Gelvin) Megibben. At the age of 10, (1854) he was sent to live with his oldest brother Thomas Jefferson Megibben, in Harrison Co., KY. At the age of 19, he started working in the distillery of John Shawhan. He met Mary E. Shawhan, b.1845, and they were married on 20 June 1866.
NOTE: The Marriage Certificate shows that James K. Megibben and Mary E. Shawhan were married at the home of Mary's father John L. Shawhan, in the presence of Thomas J. Megibben, Joseph Lail (?) Shawhan and H.W. Shawhan.
James K. Megibben and Mary E. (Shawhan) Megibben, later lived on a 350 acre farm at Lair's Station, Harrison Co., KY. James K. was a distillery/flour mill owner, businessman and thoroughbred horse, cattle and sheep breeder. Mary E. died in 1893 and is buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Section I. James K. died in 1899 and is buried next to his wife. James K. and Mary E. (Shawhan) Megibben, had five children; 3 boys and 2 girls. They were: John William "Will" Megibben (19 May 1867-25 August 1933), Charles K. Megibben (1870-1948), Lelia May Megibben (1872-1892), Elizabeth Megibben (?-?), and Todd Megibben (?-?).
NOTE: Next to the gravestone of James K. and Mary E., are several others that indicate they may have had other children. One stone reads "Mary E.-James K. Infant 1889". Two others read "Thomas J. 1881-1901", and Lissie L. 1877-1900" It should be noted however, that Lissie L., could be Elizabeth whose name appears above.


Subject: Megibben Family History-3

Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 10:02:08 -0400

This is the third installment of my direct line of descent. Know it must be getting boring for

you. Well, here goes.

John W. Megibben, b. 19 May 1867, son of James K. and Mary E. (Shawhan) Megibben. He was born in Cynthiana, Harrison Co., KY and in the mid-1880's attended Washington and Lee college in Lexington, Va. By trade he was a horseman and overseer of a race horse farm and stables. He married Rowena Lair Reynolds on 20 September 1894.
NOTE: The Marriage License states; they were married in the home of her father, in the

presence of Mrs. Bettie Keller and Jinnie Shawhan. Her parents were Samuel T. and Sarah Lair Reynolds. For reasons I don't know...John Williams Megibben, used his middle name and folks called him "Will".

John William Megibben died in Cynthiana, Ky on 25 August 1933 and is buried in Battle Grove Cemetery. Funeral records show that the Pall Bearers were; Sam or Saw Shawhan, Carroll Shawhan, James W. Megibben, Robert Megibben, R.B. Whaley (funeral director), Dr. C.L. Swinford, W.B. Redmon, Frank M.C. Swinford and William King. John William Megibben's wife Rowena Lair never remarried and died on 7 October 1960, in Cynthiana, Ky. She is buried next to her husband

in Battle Grove Cemetery. Funeral records show her Pall Bearers were; Leslie Price, Eugene O. Monson, Freeman Tussey, Mathew Campbell, Harry T. Taylor, Eugene Durbin and Dr. C.L. Thornberry.

John William and Rowena Lair (Reynolds) Megibben, had three children. 1 boy and 2 girls. They were James Reynolds "Buck" Megibben, ( 19 August 1896-1 September 1961), Mary E. Megibben (?-19?) and Sarah L. Megibben (?-19?).
They had the following children:

319 i. John William “Will” (1867-1933)

320 ii. Charles K. (1870-1948)

iii. Todd.

iv. Lelia May. Lelia May was born in 1872. Lelia May died in 1892; she was 20.

v. Elizabeth.

133. Daniel Bell SHAWHAN (John Laughlin5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Daniel Bell was born in 1847. Daniel Bell died in 1912; he was 65. Daniel Bell was buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky.
Daniel Bell married Emma GIBSON. Emma was born in 1853. Emma died in 1919; she was 66. Emma was buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky.
They had the following children:

i. Daniel Bradley. Daniel Bradley was born in 1870.

On April 30, 1901 Daniel Bradley married Louise SMISER, daughter of John Harmon SMISER (July 27, 1837-1902) & Mary K. EWALT, in Church Of The Advent, Cynthiana, Kentucky.121 Louise was born in 1874. Louise died on February 4, 1904; she was 30.122

ii. Bessie. Bessie was born in 1877. Bessie died in 1963; she was 86. Bessie was buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky.

Research: Excerpt from "Kentuckian," Paris, Kentucky newspaper: Miss BESSIE Shawhan of Cynthiana is the guest of Miss Robert of Hotel Fordham. March 23,1895

NOTE: There may be only one husband for Bessie Shawhan. There is no mention of "James Brown" in "Shawhan-Shawhan Genealogy."

After 1900 Bessie first married James Brown SIMPSON.123 James Brown was born in 1872. James Brown died in 1963; he was 91. James Brown was buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky.

Bessie second married Dave VEATCH.

Research: "Shawhan-Shaughen Genealogy" lists "Bessie m. Dave Veatch," p. 40

iii. Charles R. Charles R. was born in 1875. Charles R. died in 1875; he was <1. Charles R. was buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky.

At the Cynthiana Battle Grove Cemetery, a gravestone sits next to Daniel B. and Emma G. Shawhan’s gravestones marked CHARLES R. SHAWHAN 1875-1875. This MAY be their son. The stone is identical in shape and lettering with the others.

134. Joseph SHAWHAN (John Laughlin5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Joseph was born in 1851. Joseph died in 1926; he was 75.
Joseph married Ann WOODWARD. Ann died on October 31, 1933 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ann was buried on November 2, 1933 in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky.
Mrs. Annie Woodward Shawhan, widow of Joseph Shawhan, died Tuesday at her home in Cincinnati.. She formerly lived here. Mrs. Shawhan is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Will Fisher, of Cincinnati and two sisters, Miss Eunice Woodward and Miss Lizzie Woodward, of this city. Funeral services will be held in Cincinnati and the burial will be in Battle Grove cemetery this morning at 11 o'clock.124
They had the following children:

i. Mrs. Will Fisher.

Mrs. Will Fisher married Will FISHER.

ii. daughter 2.

135. America SHAWHAN (John Laughlin5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). America was born in 1853. America died in 1886; she was 33.
Circa 1874 America married Thomas ROBINSON.
They had one child:

i. Samuel J. Samuel J. was born in 1875. Samuel J. died in August 1908; he was 33.

136. Elizabeth Lillian SHAWHAN (John Laughlin5, John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Elizabeth Lillian was born in 1855. Elizabeth Lillian died in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky, in 1911; she was 56.
Elizabeth Lillian married James F. KELLER, son of Noah KELLER & Elizabeth Hamilton REMINGTON. James F. was born in 1850. James F. died in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky, in 1890; he was 40.
They had the following children:

i. Frank. Frank was born in 1874. Frank died in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky, in 1890; he was 16.

ii. Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born in 1873. Elizabeth died in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky, in 1958; she was 85.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 18, page 188: Mrs. Elizabeth Keller Howe. DAR ID Number: 17498 Born in Cynthiana, Kentucky. Wife of William Wallace Howe. Descendant of William Hamilton and of John Hamilton, of Pennsylvania. Daughter of James P. Keller and Elizabeth Shawhan, his wife. Granddaughter of Noah Keller and Elizabeth Hamilton Remington, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of Greenup Remington and Sarah Hamilton, his wife. [p.188] Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of John Hamilton (1766-1863) and Rachel Cook, his wife. Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of William Hamilton and Mary Bitener, his wife. William Hamilton served in the Pennsylvania militia and his name is found among those who received depreciation pay, 1781. He was born in Tyronc Co., Ireland, and died in Washington Co., Penna. His sons, Daniel, David, Samuel and John, also served in the militia. Also No. 15554.

Elizabeth married William Wallace HOWE. William Wallace was born in 1863. William Wallace died in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky, in 1935; he was 72.

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