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William "Billy" McCune SHAWHAN

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30. William "Billy" McCune SHAWHAN (John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). William "Billy" McCune was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, on October 2, 1803. William "Billy" McCune died in Sidney, Illinois, on May 2, 1875; he was 71.
Soon after his second marriage, Billy set his slaves free and moved from Kentucky to Rush Co., Indiana where he became a prominent farmer. However, he was so upset at the accidental death of his son, John, after a fall from a tree, that he ceased farming and moved into town, gradually disposing of his land holdings and then eventually located in Pike Co., IN. He subsequently left Indiana and went to Champaign, Illinois, taking his entire family and securing farms for them.

Deed Bk. 47, pp. 197-198


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Champaign County, Illinois

History of Raymond Township

This township constitutes what is known as town 17, range 10 and is bounded on the north by Sidney, on the east by South Homer, on the south by Douglas county, and on the west by Crittenden township. An extensive marsh caused by the Embarras Slough, extends from east to west through the entire township. The surface south of this marsh is generally level; but to the north it is somewhat rolling. The excellent system of graded roads here has done much to carry off the surplus water, and what was once a marsh is now capable of being cultivated almost any season.
The soil is rich, deep, inexhaustible, and entirely destitute of timber; but what nature has failed to do the enterprising citizens of that township are rapidly supplying, in the shape of artificial groves, which, in time to come, will be a living monument of their industry and forethought.
The only stream in the township is the Embarras, referred to above. This stream enters about the middle of the eastern line, and flows westerly and north-west entirely across the township, uniting with the west fork of the same stream in Crittenden township. With the exception of unusually wet seasons this stream is dry a part of the year.
Within the limits of the present township of Raymond was made during the summer of 1853, by a man from Indiana, by the name of John Starkey, who settled upon the Shawhan farm, in the western part of the township. Mr. Starkey was only a "squatter," however, and selling his improvement to William Shawhan, in 1855, he removed to other parts. The man who made the second attempt to form a settlement was well suited to the task. William Shawhan was a man of irreproachable character, fearless and industrious. He was respected by all who knew him. He died a few years since, mourned as one whose place no other could fill.
The first permanent settler was soon followed by others, among whom were J. R. Southworth, Joseph Bougard, Simeon Minor, Samuel Brown, Stewart Wishard, William and David Mortiner, J. W. Churchill, B. Shackleford, A. J. Paine, John Dundon, N. Raymond, B. Dillworth, Caleb Taylor, William Wilson, Martin Plymire, David Danforth, Thos Chaplin, John Warner, and many others who might be named as having added very materially to the development of this township.
The eastern half was formerly a part of the celebrated Alexander estate, which was first settled by a man named Sullivant. For many years this section went by the name of the "Red-root" district, but was changed by Sullivant to "Broad-land," which name it still retains. The township at one time formed a part of Sidney township, but was separated from that and received the name it bears in honor of N. Raymond, the first supervisor. The first public meeting of any kind in the township was held in Mr. Shawhan's cabin, on the 13th day of April, 1857, for the purpose of electing school officers. 'Twas a glorious meeting, each man in attendance receiving an office! The following were their names, and the offices to which they were elected: viz., J. R. Southworth, S. Minor, and S. Wishard were elected trustees, and William Shawhan had the office of town treasurer assigned to him.
The first birth is supposed to be a child of Mrs. Starkey.
The first marriage took place between Robert Myers and Miss Helen Shawhan, daughter of William Shawhan, on the 29th day of October, 1857.
The first death in Raymond was that of Mrs. Myers, about two years after her marriage.
Of this township are in a flourishing condition. In 1857 Addie Kuble was employed to teach a school in an old log cabin which stood near where William Martinie lives. By reference to the treasurer's book we learn that she received upon schedule No. One the sum of twenty dollars. The second money was paid to Miss Addie Southworth, on schedule No. Two.
Was erected in 1859, by J. R. Southworth. The building was one of peculiar shape, being an exact octagon, containing a door and three windows. The roof terminated in a point in the center, where was placed the chimney. Miss Sarah Mulligan had the honor of being the first teacher of this school.
Received at least a share of the attention of the earlier settlers. In 1856 or 1857 William Shawhan succeeded in inducing Elder McKinney to come and hold services in his house. The meetings were afterwards transferred to the "Round Top" school-house. Rev. Barthlow and Shawhan were among the pioneer preachers. The first church organization in the township was effected in the "Round Top" school-house, by Rev. McCorkle, of the Christian Church. This organization was short-lived. An organization was also effected by the same minister in 1874, which, under the eloquent preaching of different ministers, has gradually continued to decline.
Organized a class at North Raymond school-house in 1870, with Rev. Morey as the pastor. Among the first members were the Wilsons, the Dundons, the Deans, the Tremains, and others. This class is still in a flourishing condition.
Organized in Fair View school-house in 1876. They at once erected a very neat house of worship, which is the only one in the township.
Was opened by Charles Seltzer, in the interests of the Grange fraternity, but having since discontinued, David Martinie is the only merchant doing business in the township at present.
In 1870 a post-office was established at the residence of J. R. Southworth, his son Frank being the post-master. Discontinued in 1874.
At the first election, after the township was separated from Sidney, the following officers were elected: Supervisor, N. Raymond; Clerk, J. W. Churchill; Assessor, S. D. Porterfield, and N. Raymond as Collector. At the above meeting the following resolution was adopted.
Resolved, That the legal voters of Raymond township are opposed to the annexation of the eastern half of the J. T. Alexander farm to the said township.
The population of Raymond consists largely of thrifty Germans and no less enterprising native Americans. Although the Alexander farm was but recently subdivided into small farms, so rapidly has the stream of immigration poured into its boundaries, that but few farms are left unsold.
A railroad grade passes the township, which, if ever completed, will be an outlet for the immense crops annually produced in this section.
Great interest is being taken in improvements, such as the erection of good, substantial residences and barns, and there may be already seen several large and elegant dwellings within the township.
Efforts have been made to establish a post-office at Martinie's store, with the intention of building up a village. It already contains a store, by Mr. Martinie, a blacksmith shop, by Mr. Gibson, a carpenter shop by Mr. Lanan, a good school-house, which is also used as a church, and also a physician; the last of these, Dr. Ratts, though a young man, is building up a good practice.
For the above facts we are indebted to S. Brown, J. Bougard, J. Dundon and wife, J. R. Southworth, Mrs. Wilson, and others.
On October 15, 1825 William "Billy" McCune first married Rhoda "Rhody" REDMON, daughter of Thomas REDMON (before 1775-May 1824) & Nancy FLOWER (circa 1775-after May 1824), in Harrison County, Kentucky. Rhoda "Rhody" was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, about 1806. Rhoda "Rhody" died in Harrison County, Kentucky, in 1834; she was 28.

Notes for RHODA REDMON:61

William Shawhan and Rody Redmon, bond 15 Oct 1825, surety Robert Rankin. Consent of Nancy Redmon for the marriage of "my daughter Rody," witness Robert Rankin. Date of marriage not recorded. Harrison Co Marriage Bonds

Marriage in Paris Kentuckian-Citizen, March 28, 1944.
They had the following children:

i. John Thomas. John Thomas was born in Kentucky on January 17, 1827. John Thomas died in Rush County, Indiana, on October 21, 1846; he was 19.

John fell 70 feet from the top of a hickory tree to his death.
122 ii. Charles Redmon (1828-1899)

123 iii. Daniel McCune (1830-1923)

124 iv. Joseph Henry (1832-1914)
On October 31, 1839 William "Billy" McCune second married Nancy REDMON, daughter of Thomas REDMON (before 1775-May 1824) & Nancy FLOWER (circa 1775-after May 1824), in Cynthiana, Kentucky. Nancy was born in Harrison County, Kentucky, on October 1, 1810. Nancy died in Champaign County, Illinois, on December 12, 1893; she was 83.
They had the following children:

i. Margaret Ann. Margaret Ann was born in Rush County, Indiana, on September 17, 1840. Margaret Ann died on March 9, 1916; she was 75.

About 1860 Margaret Ann first married David FRAME. David was born about 1838.

After 1860 Margaret Ann second married William HIGGINBOTHAM. William was born about 1840.

125 ii. Mary Helen (1842-1865)

iii. George Washington. George Washington was born in Rush County, Indiana, on January 6, 1843. George Washington died in Rush County, Indiana, on March 31, 1843; he was <1.

126 iv. George Redmon (1844-1925)

127 v. James Knox (1846-1891)

vi. William Thomas. William Thomas was born on November 15, 1848. William Thomas died on June 30, 1936; he was 87.

After the death of his father in 1875, William and Maude went to Rolla, Missouri where he became postmaster during the Cleveland Administration. He later moved to St. Louis where he operated a cigar store for several years until after Maude's death; he then stayed with his widowed niece, Mrs. Nancy Free, until his death.

About 1872 William Thomas married Maude. Maude was born about 1850.
31. Susan SHAWHAN (John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Susan was born in Kentucky in March 1806.51
Susan married Frances Or Aaron ALLISON. Frances Or Aaron was born in 1799. Frances Or Aaron died before 1850; he was 51.
They had the following children:

128 i. Amanda M. (1824-ca1905)

129 ii. Margaret (1826-)
32. John Laughlin SHAWHAN (John4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). John Laughlin was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, on April 15, 1808. John Laughlin died in Harrison County, Kentucky, on December 30, 1868; he was 60.
On August 16, 1829 John Laughlin first married America MANN, daughter of Mr. MANN (-before August 16, 1829) & Polly. America was born in 1808. America died in 1840; she was 32.
They had six children, all but one son (John Henry [6] Shawhan) died before their mother. {Madson, p. 25}


America Mann to John Shawhan Marriage Consent
To the Clk of the Bourbon Cty Court

Sir this is to certify to you that I am intirely [sic] satisfied that my Daughter America Mann may be joined with John Shawhan in the Bonds of Matrimoney [sic] and I wish you to grant him the Licence [sic] for the same as tho I was present my self and __ this shall keep you indemnified forever as I am a widdow and cannot convenently come my self your complience will much oblige me.

Polly {her mark} Mann

August the 12th 1829

Witness present

John Shawhan Sr

John Shawhan/America Mann Marriage Bond
Know all men by these presents that we John Shawhan & Jno Shawhan Senior are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the just and full sum of fifty pounds current money for the payment of which to said commonwealth we and each of us bind ourselves our heirs executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 12 day of Augt 1829 The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas John Shawhan hath this day obtained a license to marry America Mann of Bourbon County. Now if there is no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage then the above obligation shall be void else remain in full force.
John Shawhan {Seal}

John Shawhan Sr {Seal}


Jo Y? Mills

They had one child:

130 i. John Henry (1840-1925)

On April 22, 1841 John Laughlin second married Elizabeth "Betsey" REDMON, daughter of Charles REDMON (December 10, 1779-1851) & Mary RYBOLT (March 6, 1785-January 6, 1856). Elizabeth "Betsey" was born in Harrison County, Kentucky, on November 22, 1819. Elizabeth "Betsey" died in Harrison County, Kentucky, on April 16, 1906; she was 86.
Will of Elizabeth Redmon Shawhan:

Harrison County Will Book M, pp. 270-271

Know all men by these presents. That I Elizabeth Shawhan of the town of Cynthiana County of Harrison State of Kentucky, being in good health and sound and disposing mind and memory do make publish and proclaim this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me at anytime heretofrom made.
And as to my worldly estate and all the property, real, personal or mixed of which I shall (illegible) or to which I shall be entitled at the time of my deceased, I devise, bequeth and dispose thereof in the manner following, towit:
First, my will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid out of my estate as soon after my decease as shall be convenient by my herein after named executor Jas. L. Shawhan. If there shall be any surplus of personal property after paying aforesaid debts and expnses each and all of my children or their personal or several descendants are to share it equally. One share to each of my children or to the issue of each of my children. The fifty two and one half acre of land lying west of Cynthiana on or near the Leesburg Pike the title for which I hold in (illegible) simple and is my undivided estate, I give devise and bequeath to my belved children or to their bodily heirs, with the conditions herein after stated.
To Mary Megibben. One share. To each of the two children of my son Dan B. Shawhan, one share; that is, one share to Bradley Shawhan, and one share to Bessie the sister of Bradley. But to my son Dan B. Shawhan is to have for his personal use all the profits income or advantage that may result from thes two share devised, to his children and this income profit or advantage is never to be subjected by law to any payment of any debt of said Dan: whether the debt is made before or after his receiving said profit. To Bettie Kellar one share. To Joseph Shawhan, one share. To Sam’l Robinson, one share to be held by Jas. L. Shawhan in trust for Samuel R. until said Samuel becomes of age. If Sam’l Robinson dies before arriving at 21 years of age, this share is to be divided equally among my surviving heirs or bodily heirs. To Annie T. Whaley, one share. To William Shawhan, one share.
To Jas. L. Shawhan, one share. To my grandchildren John Hutsell and to his sister Ada Hutsell each one half share that is together one share. This last share is left in trust of Jas. L. Shawhan untill the elder of the children arrives at the age of 21 years when Jas. L. Shawhan is to pay over to each of said children as each becomes of age the amount due from this bequest.
The land herein before devised may be sold and the proceeds of the sale to be divided on the same conditions and limitations as I have herein before given for the land by shares. All the aforesaid shares are to be share and share alike and equal. Where no conditions or limitations are put on the landed share none are devised on the money, should the land be exchanged for money. But where conditions are directed on land share the same conditions are to attach to the money value.
Fourth. Should either of the Hutsell grandchildren die without children the surviving one is to heir the full 1/2 one half share. Should both de without children the one share herein before bequeathed to them is to revert to my children or their bodily representations and to be divided equally according to the number of my children.

If a majority of children shall think it best to sell the land as a whole and divide the money as herein before directed as to the land.

I hereby nominate my son Jas. L. Shawhan as my executor to carry out the conditions of this will and name him as trustee for the share of Sam’l Robinson and the share for the two (2) Hutsell children. The said trustee will pay over annually to Sam’l Robinson on the profits from his same share. I testimony whereof I said Betsy have to this my last will and testament subscribed my nam and affixed my seal this 13th day of March A.D. 1891
Elizabeth Shawhan
Signed, sealed, published, and declared by said Betsy Shawhan as and for her last will and testament in the presnce of us: who at her request and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names witness. Day and date herein before written

N. F. Smith (seal)

Elizabeth Redmon (seal)
They had the following children:

131 i. Josephine (1842-1863)

ii. Charles R. Charles R. was born in 1843. Charles R. died in 1865; he was 22.

Research: A "Charles Shawhan" is listed as serving in the Ky., 9th Cav., Co. C.K. A "Charles R. Shawhan" is listing as having served as a SGT in the Ky., 11th Cav., Co. G, CSA. ("The Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1868," Vol. 2. Editor, Janet Hewitt. Broadfoot Press, Wilmington, N.C., 1995)

132 iii. Mary E. (1845-1895)

133 iv. Daniel Bell (1847-1912)

v. Margaret. Margaret was born in 1849. Margaret died in 1855; she was 6.

134 vi. Joseph (1851-1926)

135 vii. America (1853-1886)

136 viii. Elizabeth Lillian (1855-1911)

137 ix. Ada Minerva (1857-1912)

138 x. Annie (1859-1945)

139 xi. William Laughlin (1861-1940)

xii. James Lee. James Lee was born on January 18, 1864. James Lee died on April 3, 1960; he was 96. James Lee was buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky.

Headline: Obits

Publication Date: February 01, 1993

Source: The Kansas City Star

Page: B3

Subjects: Missouri

Region: Obituary

Obituary: James L. Shawhan James L. Shawhan, 48, rural Centerview, Mo., formerly of this area, a former Raytown and Kansas City police officer, died Jan. 30, 1993, in Cass County. Services will be at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Langsford-Cox Chapel; burial in Lone Jack Cemetery in Jackson County. Friends may call from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday at the chapel.

Mr. Shawhan was a Kansas City police officer for 16 years, retiring in 1987. Earlier he was a police officer in Raytown and in Sedalia, Mo. He was an Army veteran of the Vietnam War. He was born in Lone Jack and lived in this area most of his life. He moved to Centerview six years ago. Survivors include a son, Steve Shawhan, Independence; three daughters, Angela Smith, Lone Jack, and Laura Shawhan and Lisa Shawhan of Webster City, Iowa; a brother, Norman Dean Shawhan, Kansas City; and three grandchildren.


Kentucky 1910 Miracode Index:

James L Shawhan

Enumeration District: 0078 Color: W

Age: 45 Birth Place: Kentucky

Visit: 0310

County: Harrison, Cynthiana

Relation: Husband

Relatives: Wife Bettie 41, Kentucky
James Lee married Betsy MARTIN. Betsy was born on December 21, 1868. Betsy died on July 16, 1941; she was 72. Betsy was buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky.

Family of Jane "Jennie" SHAWHAN (8) & William BECKETT

33. Mary “Polly” SHAWHAN (Jane "Jennie"4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Mary “Polly” was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, circa 1796.
Mary “Polly” married Josiah THOMAS.
They had one child:

140 i. Eli R. (1835-1894)

34. Luke (Shawhan) BECKETT (Jane "Jennie" SHAWHAN4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Darby1). Luke (Shawhan) was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, in 1799. Luke (Shawhan) died in Camp Point, Adams County, Illinois, on July 9, 1877; he was 78.
Subject: Shawhan & Beckett - Clark Co., IN

Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 06:59:45 -0500

From: "jeannie.carlisle"


Mr. Francis,
Do you have information on Luke Shawhan Beckett? Our records of our family show that Luke went by both names but I am not positive of this. I descend from his granddaughter, Nancy Ann Beckett a daughter of Miles W Beckett and Rebecca Marcy. They lived in Clark County, IN.
Thanks for any assistance you may be able to help with.


Jeannie Carlisle

Office Manager

Purdue Cooperative Extension Service, Scott County

Court House, Suite G-30

1 E McClain Avenue

Scottsburg, IN 47170-1889

812.752.8450 Phone

812.752.8452 Fax


From Camp Point, Iowa newspaper obituary, July 13, 1877.

Last Monday evening Luke Beckett, an old man, aged 78 years was in town and purchased a package of coffee and a little bundle of dry goods and started for the residence of his brother James Beckett, about two miles north-east of town going up the C. B. & O railroad track.
Passenger train No. 104 with engine No. 26, Irwin Alexander, engineer, left the station at 7:00 p.m., five minutes behind time. Just after turning the curve at Callahan's residence the engineer saw an object on the track but was unable to determine what it was until within about 800 feet, when he saw it was a man lying upon the track near the west rail, with his feet towards the engine. At this moment the man apparently made an attempt to get up, getting on his knees but not raising his head from the ground and swaying his body back and forth. The engineer reversed his engine and applied his air brakes, but was unable to stop until after striking the man and passing a little over the length of the train, the train having a speed of about 80 miles an hour. On going back the train men found the body of Mr. Beckett in the ditch, badly crushed and mutilated, the pilot having struck him and whirled him around and the forward _________ of the engine passed over his legs. The left leg was severed at the ankle and below the knee and the right leg above the knee. The base of the skull on the right side was crushed and many other bruises were found on the head and the right arm broken.
The accident occurred near the "bell post" just south of the second crossing north of town. There was a small ditch at the old man's feet where he was lying made by taking out an old tie to replace it with a new one, and the supposition is that Mr. Beckett stumbled in this ditch and fell, striking the west rail with his head knocking him senseless, and he was just recovereing from the effects of the fall when the engine struck him.
The body was lifeless when found and was placed on the train and taken to Keokuk Junction. Coroner Seehorn was notified and came out Tuesday morning to hold an inquest. The following gentlemen were empanneled as a jury, R. H. Downing, foreman, Wm. Hanna, L.A. Martin, Geo. E. Ross, H.E. Selby, W.A. Strickler, Joseph McCrary, Philip Cain, Jos. Robertson, H. G. Miller, D. G. McFarland and Solomon D. Rosson. After viewing the remains the foreman examined Joseph S. Beckett, who testified that the body was the remains of Luke Beckett, his brother.
Irwin Alexander, engineer, testified as follows: "Left Camp Point a little behind time; when about 1 1/2 miles this side saw an object on the track, couldn't tell what it was until within the distance of one and a half telegraph poles. Was running about 80 miles an hour."
Luke (Shawhan) married Nancy McCOMB. Nancy was born in Kentucky about 1796. Nancy died on January 20, 1870; she was 74. Nancy was buried in Mt. Moriah Church Cemetery, Henryville, Clark County, Indiana.
They had the following children:

i. Daniel.

ii. John.

141 iii. Miles W. (1826-1898)

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