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First Generation


1. Charles MULHERIN Sr. [1] Born about 1710 in Ireland. Charles died in Abbeville, South Carolina before 1789; he was 79.
NOTE: The Mulherin family line is graciously contributed by Frank Neher on May 29, 2000. Unless otherwise notated, all references are taken from this genealogy. Thanks, Frank!--REF



Charles Mulherin was born about 1710 in Ireland. He migrated to PA and then to SC. He received Bounty Land for Revolutionary War service in the militia. His wife is . The Mulherins were of devoutely religious lineage and were hereditary stewards of the early Irish Christian Church, apparently Catholic. Their native county was Rascommon.

Will: Box 65 Pack 1566, Abbeville Dist. Proved 7 Apr 1789.Executors Jno.Jr., Andrew Logan, Wit: Zachary Meriwether, Wm. Heard. Children: Jean(Jane), Jas., Jno. Mulherin, Sarah Askins, grand daughter Elizabeth Askins, daughter to Sarah and George Askins. "Bequeath to Margaret, Sarah, daughters to Jno. Logan, to Jno. Logan Sr, to Jno Logan, Jr." (Abstracts of Old Ninety Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds on file at the Old Abbeville Courthouse by Pauline Young, Southern Historical Press, 1977 reprint).

2 i. Charles (~1730-1789)

Second Generation


Family of Charles MULHERIN Sr. (1)

2. Charles MULHERIN Jr. Born about 1730 in Ireland. Charles died in Abbeville, South Carolina on March 7, 1789; he was 59.
Notes for CHARLES MULHERIN, JR.: [1]

Ref: John Ruddell of the Shenandoah Valley by H.Smutz

Charles, Jr. served in the militia in the Revolution from SC, possibly as a sargeant. He received Bounty Land in SC for his sevice. The land for both he and his father was in District 96, Abbeville, SC.
His will was dated March 17, 1789 and appraisers were appointed Apri l7, 1789. This will disposed of both Bounty Land tracts, therefore Charles Sr. must have already died. The grants were dated 1787.Charles Sr received 183 acres and Charles Jr received 200 acres all in District 96, "on the shores of Twelve Mile River." Griffith and Allied Families by Loraine Harting, 3 Apr 1985.
James, John, Jane and probably William Mulherin moved to Davisdon County TN in an area near Nashville. This was land the Indians claimed so it was not too safe. William was killed by the Indians.

i. James. Born in 1753 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. James died in Davidson, Tennessee on April 30, 1826; he was 73.

Notes for JAMES MULHERIN: [1]

Will probated May term of Court 1856 Maury Co., TN Book F p. 98.

James first married HACKNEY.

On July 15, 1815 when James was 62, he second married Margaret (Dickey) SAMPLE.

3 ii. Sarah (1755-)

4 iii. John (1758-1850)

iv. William. Born in 1759 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. William died in Tennessee in 1783; he was 24.


William killed by Indians.
5 v. Jane (1761-1833)

Third Generation


Family of Charles MULHERIN Jr. (2)

3. Sarah MULHERIN. Born in 1755 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Sarah married George ASKINS.
They had one child:

i. Elizabeth. Born in District 96, Pendleton, South Carolina. [1]

4. John MULHERIN. Born on January 15, 1758 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. John died in Paynesville, Pike County, Missouri on February 20, 1850; he was 92.
Notes for JOHN MULHERIN: [1]

DAR Patriotic Index, pg. 487. 1800-1810 Census Bourbon Co; John Ruddell Gone; Pike Co., MO Marriage records; John Ruddell Rev. War Pension Application Griffith & Allied Families by Loraine Harting, 4/3/1985

There is a Marriage Bond in Bourbon Co, KY between John Mulherin and Elizabeth Ruddell. Capt. Isaac Ruddell was bondsman-gives consent to marriage of "My daughter Elizabeth" John Ruddell witness. Jan 3l , 1789.
They lived in Bourbon County, KY until 1818, when they moved to Pike County, MO. John must have helped his father-in-law, since they were partners in a mill and other affairs. At one time they manufactured a species of brandy from pumpkins. Their children were born in KY.
John was an Elder and possibly a lay minister in the Clarksville Christian Church. He operated the first steam mill in Pike County, MO.
On January 31, 1789 when John was 31, he married Elizabeth RUDDELL, daughter of Isaac RUDDELL Captain (~1730-1812) & Elizabeth BOWMAN (~1731-~1814), in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on August 26, 1776 in Virginia. [1] Elizabeth died in Clarksville, Pike County, Missouri on October 25, 1854; she was 78.

Elizabeth was captured by Indians at the raid of Ruddle's Station in 1780 by British and Indians led by Capt Bird and Simon Girty. As a small girl she was marched to Detroit with her family and held captive for about three years.

They had the following children:

i. Charles. Born in Ruddle’s Station, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

6 ii. Sarah (1795-1849)

7 iii. Stephen R. (1799-1851)

8 iv. Jane (1801-1866)

v. Polly Mary. Born on March 12, 1806 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Polly Mary died on August 29, 1865; she was 59.

vi. Rebecca. Born on May 6, 1808 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Rebecca died in Pike County, Missouri on November 13, 1864; she was 56.

vii. John D. Born in 1810 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. John D. died in Pike County, Missouri on September 15, 1851; he was 41.

viii. William B. Born in 1812 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. William B. died in Calumet Twp., Pike County, Missouri.

ix. Elizabeth. Born on April 22, 1819 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Elizabeth died in Pike County, Missouri on June 12, 1856; she was 37.

5. Jane MULHERIN. Born on January 25, 1761 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Jane died in Boone County, Kentucky in 1833; she was 71.
Notes for JANE MULHERIN: [1]

Jane died in l833 in an epidemic of Cholera which claimed many lives . She was referred to as the beautious Jane Mulherin. James, her second husband, was a first cousin to Cornelius.

In 1782 when Jane was 20, she first married Cornelius RUDDELL, son of Isaac RUDDELL Captain (~1730-1812) & Elizabeth BOWMAN (~1731-~1814). Born about 1759 in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Cornelius died in French Lick, Nashville, Tennessee on July 2, 1787; he was 28.

Cornelius was killed by indians while hunting wild turkey.

They had the following children:

9 i. Polly (1784-)

ii. Nancy. Born on March 27, 1786 in Davidson, Tennessee.

On February 21, 1805 when Nancy was 18, she married Isaac/Charles COOK. Born about 1785.

Jane second married James RUDDELL, son of Archibald RUDDELL (1727-~1787) & Elizabeth BEGGS (~1730-~1787). Born on August 20, 1758 in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. James died in Boone, Kentucky about 1840; he was 81.
Notes for JAMES RUDDELL: [1]

Will dated 20 Aug 1835 probated Jan 1840, Boone County, KY will book D. P 33.

John Ruddell of the Shenandoah by Smutz.

His pension papers in the appendix of above referenced book, show that he was one of the garrison at Ruddell's Station when it was captured in 1780 . He stated in his application that in 1777 he served six months in the Shenandoah militia under Col. Abraham Byrd: 1779-80 he served in the KY Co., VA militia under Capt Isaac Ruddell, was captured 24 June 1780 and remained a prisoner of war until the fall of 1783, and later that fall returned to Ky and became a resident of Fayette County. Children were listed in the Haynes Family Bible.


Subject: Deposition of James Ruddle

Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 14:27:07 EDT


Harrison Co KY suit 4911. Daniel Barton vs William E Boswell Taken 28 and 29 July 1812
Also the deposition of James Ruddle of lawful age and being first duly sworn, deposith and saith. that he was at the settlement of Ruddle's station in 1779 in company with a number of others. He says that sd station was much recounted by adventures to this country. He further says that the settlers of Ruddle's station hunted frequently over on these waters and he has often heard them speak of having been over to Lee's lick and McFalls lick on Mill creek before he came over himself which was in 1780. He says that Mill creek was well known in sd station from the first settlement. He says that he was taken prisoner by the Indians at Ruddles station in 1780 and he and other prisoners were taken down upon the south side of the south fork of Licking and crossed Mill creek near where the widow Coleman now lives and that creek was well know by that name to them. He says that after his return from the Indians to Kentucky which was some time in the year 1783. He knew and hunted this fork of Mill creek called the south fork. The other principal fork the north fork. And he believes they were generally known after his return as aforesaid by those names.
Question by comptfs. Have you not been much accustomed to the woods and as a woodsman and among woodsmen would not this be called the south fork and the other principal fork the north fork of Mill creek? Ann. I have been much accustomed to the woods and I think the forks would be distinguished as before stated. Question by same Have you known on the north side of the Kentucky River any other creek by the name of Mill creek? Ann. I do not and have not known of any other. Question by the defts Which did you call the main fork, the one now called the north fork or the south fork? Ann. From my first acquaintance, I called this south fork the main fork. Question by same Whether or not did you ever hear of this fork called the south fork before 1782. Ann I do not know that I heard them to be distinguished that early. Question by Will E Boswell When were you acquainted with Hinkson's station and at what time? Ann. I raised corn there in the year 1779. Question by complts What kind of oak do you call the trees which this corner is made? Ann. A large red oak & white oak & black oak The black oak & white oak growing together at the root and now blown up & a buckeye marked SM marked also as a corner. Question by defts. Did you ever see these corner trees before today? Ann. I did not. Question by same Whether or not could you tell the kind of trees as well as if they were standing considering their decayed state. Ann. The large red oak and white oak are known to me but the black oak is not. And further this deponent saith not. Jas Ruddle.
Carolyn Kent
They had the following children:

i. Elizabeth. Born on August 23, 1789 in Fayette County, Kentucky.

ii. Archibald. Born on October 7, 1791 in Fayette County, Kentucky. Archibald died in Kentucky before 1835; he was 43.

10 iii. Charles (1791-1886)

iv. George. Born on April 23, 1793 in Fayette County, Kentucky.

v. Sarah. Born on April 23, 1795 in Fayette County, Kentucky.

Sarah married John KILGORE.

vi. Margaret Herd. Born on November 5, 1796 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Margaret Herd died in Hamilton, Indiana on January 18, 1882; she was 85.

vii. James. Born on September 25, 1798 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

viii. Rebecca. Born on April 14, 1802.

ix. Cornelius. Born on July 4, 1804 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Fourth Generation


Family of John MULHERIN (4) & Elizabeth RUDDELL

6. Sarah MULHERIN. Born on January 17, 1795 in Ruddle’s Station, Bourbon County, Kentucky. [1] Sarah died in Pike County, Missouri on May 14, 1849; she was 54. Buried in Ramsey Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Pike County, Missouri.
On September 11, 1816 when Sarah was 21, she married Mordicae AMOS, son of Thomas AMOS (1765-~1830) & Catherine DEVORE (1761-1854), in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on October 5, 1795 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Mordicae died in Pike County, Missouri on August 25, 1878; he was 82. Buried in Ramsey Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Pike County, Missouri.
The connection between Mordecai Amos and Thomas Amos is speculative. It is based upon Thomas Amos’ will which mentions a son named Mordecai.--REF


Notes for MORDICAE AMOS: [1]

Family moved from KY to Pike Co., Mo about 1823. 1850 MO census, Calumet, Pike, Co shows Mordicae, Benjamin, in St Louis Co. (John Ruddell of the Shenandoah Valley by H. Smutz; R. C. White; Griffith and Allied Families by Loraine Harting, 3 Apr 1985.)

They had the following children:

i. Catherine. Born in 1823 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Catherine died in Pike County, Missouri on August 23, 1874; she was 51. [1] Buried in Ramsey Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Pike County, Missouri.

On October 19, 1837 when Catherine was 14, she married John GRIFFITH, in Pike County, Missouri. Born in 1815 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. John died in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1850; he was 35. [2]
Notes for JOHN GRIFFITH: [3]

Census-Birth-Death: 1850 census Pike Co. MO shows Joel, John, Nancy and mother Catherine.

Griffith and Allied Families by Mrs. Loraine Harting, Dayton, WA. 3 Apr

l985.Marriage Record: Automated Archives Pike Co, MO Marriage Records . Shows (Katherine Amos)

ii. Thomas Booth. Born in 1824 in Pike County, Missouri. [1] Thomas Booth died on October 22, 1886; he was 62.

In 1853 when Thomas Booth was 29, he married Mary Jane HERNDON, in Pike County, Missouri. Born on February 23, 1836. Mary Jane died on April 10, 1891; she was 55.

iii. Benjamin F. Born on August 11, 1833 in Pike County, Missouri. [1]

Notes for BENJAMIN F. AMOS: [3]

In 1852 Benjamin went to California where he engaged in mining for about eight years with good success. They had 10 children eight of whom are listed.
On August 28, 1861 when Benjamin F. was 28, he married Eliza FIELDER [2], in Pike County, Missouri.

iv. Mordecae. Born in 1835 in Pike County, Missouri.

v. Sarah Ann. Born in 1837 in Pike County, Missouri.

Sarah Ann married James GALLOWAY.

vi. Elizabeth. Born in 1824 in Pike County, Missouri.

On December 5, 1837 when Elizabeth was 13, she married Robert McCOY, in Pike County, Missouri.

7. Stephen R. MULHERIN. Born on September 8, 1799 in Ruddle’s Station, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Stephen R. died in Clarksville, Pike County, Missouri on May 8, 1851; he was 51. [1] Buried in Pike County, Missouri.
On April 22, 1819 when Stephen R. was 19, he married Susan DUKE [4], in Clarksville, Pike County, Missouri. Born on November 8, 1796 in Kentucky. Susan died in Pike County, Missouri on January 26, 1873; she was 76. Buried in Pike County, Missouri.
They had the following children:

i. John M. Born on March 3, 1820 in Pike County, Missouri. John M. died on December 9, 1893; he was 73.

John M. married Ann WATTS.

ii. Eliza Jane. Born on July 23, 1821 in Pike County, Missouri. Eliza Jane died in Missouri in 1863; she was 41.

iii. James H. Born on October 23, 1823 in Pike County, Missouri. James H. died on April 7, 1873; he was 49.

James H. married Frances “Fanny” SANFORD [5].

iv. William. Born on October 7, 1825 in Pike County, Missouri. William died in 1908; he was 82. [5]

William married Mary E. [5].

v. Elizabeth M. Born on October 3, 1827 in Pike County, Missouri. Elizabeth M. died on December 27, 1853; she was 26.

vi. Mary D. “Dolly”. Born on June 8, 1829 in Pike County, Missouri.

Mary D. “Dolly” married Alfred COOPER [5].

vii. Clarissa R. Born on January 20, 1831 in Pike County, Missouri. Clarissa R. died in Calumet Twp., Pike County, Missouri on November 1, 1856; she was 25. Buried in Calumet Twp., Pike County, Missouri.

Clarissa R. married GRIFFITH.

11 viii. Hendly Kissinger (1833-1917)

ix. Sarah Ann. Born on October 12, 1835 in Pike County, Missouri.

Sarah Ann married W. G. DUDLEY [5].

8. Jane MULHERIN. Born on September 16, 1801 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Jane died in Paynesville, Pike County, Missouri in 1866; she was 64.
On August 2, 1817 when Jane was 15, she married Benjamin F. BARTON, son of Joshua BARTON (1754-1812) & Mary AMOS (1763-~1840), in Adams, Ohio. Born on January 31, 1790 in Baltimore County, Maryland. Benjamin F. died in Paynesville, Pike County, Missouri in 1866; he was 75. Buried in Family Farm, Pike County, Missouri.
Subject: Barton Family connections - Interesting migration pattern.

Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 00:31:56 EST




Found your site the other day and found very interesting relationships and migration patterns. I'm sure you'll start to see the relationships right away. Thought you might be interested.

My ggg-grandfather was Benjamin F. Barton b. 1790 Baltimore, MD. d. 1866, Paynesville, Pike County, MO. His wife, Jane H. (Mulherrin) Barton of Pike County, MO. His brother was early settler in Pike County, IL, Thomas Barton. Mentioned in Pike County History by Jesse Thompson, 1967. Also this Barton family mentioned in Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly, Fall, 1977 and Spring 1979
Benjamin is the son of Joshua Barton, b.1754, Baltimore, MD d. 1812, Bourbon, KY. My Barton line through Benjamin's son, Mordecai Amos Barton of Pike Co.,IL. b. 1831 d. 1916.
Joshua Barton's wife was Mary Amos (1763-abt 1840, Bourbon, KY) , daughter of Nicholas Day Amos b. 1742, Baltimore, MD. d. 8 Aug. 1815, Bourbon, KY.
Jane (Mulherrin) Barton b. 1801, Ruddle's Station, Bourbon, KY d. 1866, Pike Co, MO. the daughter of John Mulherrin and Elizabeth Ruddell. Elizabeth b. 1776 d. 25 Oct. 1854, Clarksville, MO, the daughter of Isaac Ruddell and sister of Steven Ruddell. John Mulherrin b. 1758, Lancaster, PA m. 31 Jan. 1789, Bourbon, Ky. d. 20 Feb 1850, Paynesville, Pike, MO. Son of Charles Mulherrin b. abt 1730, Ireland d. 7 Mar. 1789, Abbeyville, SC.
I not really in search of a whole lot more information than is currently available on your site, just thought this would be of interest.

Greg Sippel

Overland Park, Kansas
They had the following children:

i. Abraham Ruddle. Born on September 2, 1822 in Licoln County, Missouri. Abraham Ruddle died in Elsberry, Lincoln County, Missouri on January 2, 1917; he was 94.

ii. Elizabeth R. Born about 1825 in Pike County, Missouri. Elizabeth R. died in Macon, Missouri about 1853; she was 28.

iii. Sarah Jane. Born on September 26, 1829 in Pike County, Missouri. Sarah Jane died in Pike County, Missouri on September 15, 1905; she was 75.

iv. Mordicai Amos. Born on March 31, 1831 in Paynesville, Pike County, Missouri. Mordicai Amos died in Pike County, Illinois on April 25, 1916; he was 85.

On March 10, 1853 when Mordicai Amos was 21, he married Mary Frances BEAUCHAMP, in Missouri. Mary Frances died on October 4, 1910.

v. Benjamin Franklin. Born on March 8, 1835 in Paynesville, Pike County, Missouri. Benjamin Franklin died in Pike County, Missouri on September 28, 1912; he was 77.

vi. Anemia (Amelia). Born in 1837 in Pike County, Missouri. Anemia (Amelia) died before 1866; she was 29.

vii. Eliza Ann. Born in 1839 in Pike County, Missouri. Eliza Ann died before 1866; she was 27.

viii. Julia Frances. Born in 1844 in Pike County, Missouri. Julia Frances died on February 23, 1884; she was 40.

On February 15, 1870 when Julia Frances was 26, she married John B. JEANS.

ix. Martha. Born in 1847 in Pike County, Missouri. Martha died after 1870; she was 23.

Family of Jane MULHERIN (5) & Cornelius RUDDELL

9. Polly RUDDELL. Born on August 2, 1784 in Davidson, Tennessee.
On April 25, 1808 when Polly was 23, she married David McFALL. Born about 1784.
They had one child:

i. Polly. Born about 1809.

Family of Jane MULHERIN (5) & James RUDDELL

10. Charles RUDDELL. Born on October 27, 1791 in Fayette County, Kentucky. Charles died in March 1886; he was 94.
Charles married Mary COLIER, daughter of James COLIER & Edna ROLLINS.
They had one child:

i. James C. Born on September 18, 1819 in Grant County, Kentucky.

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 7th ed., 1887, Gallatin Co. JAMES C. RUDDELL, of Glencoe, Gallatin County, Ky., was born in Grant County September 18, 1819. His father, Charles Ruddell, a native of Bourbon County, Ky., was born October 8, 1791, was a farmer and gunsmith, and served in the war of 1812 under the command of Col. Boswell; he took part in the battle of Fort Meigs, and at the time of his discharge was second lieutenant. He represented Grant County in the Legislature from 1833 to 1836, and was one of the first magistrates of that county, and was sheriff for several years, also constable and county surveyor. He died in March, 1886. He married Mary Colier, of Grant County, Ky., daughter of James and Elna (Rollins) Colier, natives, respectively, of Montgomery County, Ky., and Maryland. Six sons and five daughters were born to them, the subject of this sketch being the eldest. His grandfather, James Ruddell, of Culpeper County, Va., first settled in Bourbon County, Ky., in what was known as Ruddell's Mills, where he was captured by the Indians. He took part in the Revolution and many of the Indian wars in Kentucky. He died in Boone County. James C. Ruddell was educated in Grant County, and in early life was engaged in blacksmithing and the manufacture of trusses and lung supporters. February 2, 1840, he married Elizabeth Millikin, of Montgomery County, Md., daughter of James and Mary (Vincee) Millikin, who bore him on son and four daughters, viz: Charles J., Mary A., Lula V., Mary R. and Elizabeth H. Mrs. Ruddell died May 27, 1849, a member of the Christian Church. January 10, 1850, Mr. Ruddell married Cynthia A. Burges, of Harrison County, daughter of James and Ann (Webber) Burges. Two sons and seven daughters blessed this union: Dorothy A., Burges, Effie (deceased), Sallie (deceased), Thomas, Martha, Lenora, Etta (deceased) and Lucy. Mr. Ruddell is a Democrat, and was county surveyor of Crawford County, Ill., two years. He entered as a lieutenant in the Confederate Army; was in the battles of Princeton, Middle Creek, and was taken prisoner at Mount Sterling, first confined in prison at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Ind., then at Johnston's Island, where he was discharged. He settled in Glencoe, Gallatin County, in 1859, where he owns a house and lot. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and of the Christian Church.
On February 2, 1840 when James C. was 20, he first married Elizabeth MILLIKIN, daughter of James MILLIKIN & Mary VINCEE. Elizabeth died on May 27, 1849.

On January 10, 1850 when James C. was 30, he second married Cynthia BURGES, daughter of James BURGES & Ann WEBBER.

Fifth Generation


Family of Stephen R. MULHERIN (7) & Susan DUKE

11. Hendly Kissinger MULHERIN. [6] Born on January 18, 1833 in Pike County, Missouri. Hendly Kissinger died on November 12, 1917; he was 84.
On February 5, 1861 when Hendly Kissinger was 28, he married Elizabeth M.. Born on July 27, 1841.
They had the following children:

i. Stephen A. Born on November 6, 1862. Stephen A. died on March 16, 1863.

ii. Laura Frances. Born on January 20, 1864.

iii. Mary L. Born on October 29, 1865.

iv. Samuel D. Born on October 29, 1867.

On September 17, 1889 when Samuel D. was 21, he married Ida M. DAMRON. Born about 1867.

v. George W. Born on August 22, 1869.

vi. Robert D. Born on March 10, 1871. Robert D. died on July 12, 1880; he was 9.

vii. Isaac. Born on October 31, 1873.

viii. Benjamin A. Born on December 30, 1874. Benjamin A. died on September 13, 1876; he was 1.

ix. Clara L. Born on December 5, 1876.

x. Archie L. Born on May 6, 1881.

xi. Joseph Patton. Born on April 12, 1885.

1. Frank Neher, “Mulherin Genealogy,” May 29, 2000,

2. Frankn.ged, Date of Import: Jan 21, 2000

3. Frank Neher, “Descendants of William Amos,” May 26, 2000

4. Last name is questionable. (Ruddell Genealogy sent by Mary Zollman)

5. Source: Nick Bane, Las Vegas, Nevada

6. Henry?

Elizabeth M. (1841 - ) spouse of 11


Benjamin F. (1833 - ) child of 6

Catherine (1823 - 1874) child of 6

Elizabeth (1824 - ) child of 6

Mordecae Jr. (1835 - ) child of 6

Mordicae (1795 - 1878) spouse of 6

Sarah Ann (1837 - ) child of 6

Thomas Booth (1824 - 1886) child of 6


Elizabeth child of 3

George spouse of 3


Abraham Ruddle (1822 - 1917) child of 8

Anemia (Amelia) (1837 - <1866) child of 8

Benjamin F. (1790 - 1866) spouse of 8

Benjamin Franklin (1835 - 1912) child of 8

Eliza Ann (1839 - <1866) child of 8

Elizabeth R. (~1825 - ~1853) child of 8

Julia Frances (1844 - 1884) child of 8

Martha (1847 - >1870) child of 8

Mordicai Amos (1831 - 1916) child of 8

Sarah Jane (1829 - 1905) child of 8


Mary spouse of 10


Susan (1796 - 1873) spouse of 7


David (~1784 - ) spouse of 9

Polly (~1809 - ) child of 9


Archie L. (1881 - ) child of 11

Benjamin A. (1874 - 1876) child of 11

Charles Sr. (~1710 - <1789) 1

Charles Jr. (~1730 - 1789) 2

Charles child of 4

Clara L. (1876 - ) child of 11

Clarissa R. (1831 - 1856) child of 7

Eliza Jane (1821 - 1863) child of 7

Elizabeth (1819 - 1856) child of 4

Elizabeth M. (1827 - 1853) child of 7

George W. (1869 - ) child of 11

Hendly Kissinger (1833 - 1917) 11

Isaac (1873 - ) child of 11

James (1753 - 1826) child of 2

James H. (1823 - 1873) child of 7

Jane (1761 - 1833) 5

Jane (1801 - 1866) 8

John (1758 - 1850) 4

John D. (1810 - 1851) child of 4

John M. (1820 - 1893) child of 7

Joseph Patton (1885 - ) child of 11

Laura Frances (1864 - ) child of 11

Mary D. “Dolly” (1829 - ) child of 7

Mary L. (1865 - ) child of 11

Polly Mary (1806 - 1865) child of 4

Rebecca (1808 - 1864) child of 4

Robert D. (1871 - 1880) child of 11

Samuel D. (1867 - ) child of 11

Sarah (1795 - 1849) 6

Sarah (1755 - ) 3

Sarah Ann (1835 - ) child of 7

Stephen A. (1862 - 1863) child of 11

Stephen R. (1799 - 1851) 7

William (1825 - 1908) child of 7

William (1759 - 1783) child of 2

William B. (1812 - ) child of 4


Archibald (1791 - <1835) child of 5

Charles (1791 - 1886) 10

Cornelius (~1759 - 1787) spouse of 5

Cornelius (1804 - ) child of 5

Elizabeth (1776 - 1854) spouse of 4

Elizabeth (1789 - ) child of 5

George (1793 - ) child of 5

James (1758 - ~1840) spouse of 5

James Jr. (1798 - ) child of 5

James C. (1819 - ) child of 10

Margaret Herd (1796 - 1882) child of 5

Nancy (1786 - ) child of 5

Polly (1784 - ) 9

Rebecca (1802 - ) child of 5

Sarah (1795 - ) child of 5


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